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Chloe is shocked as Kristen announces herself as the new boss of Basic Black. Brady tells her to get out but Kristen assures that she is in charge now and says they can call Gabi if they don’t believe her.

Sonny goes to the DiMera Office and tells Gabi that they need to talk as it’s an emergency about business. Sonny explains that he had his eye on a small but promising company in London and the deal was all but done until someone swooped in and took it from him. Sonny thinks that person was Gabi.

Jake doesn’t like that Ava feels he’s not serious about this relationship and he really doesn’t want her feeling like an also ran because she’s not. Jake repeats that Gabi is not the love of his life and Gwen certainly wasn’t either, but maybe Ava could be. Ava asks if Jake is saying he wants to marry her. Jake wants her to believe as much as he does, that he’s serious about this relationship and that they have a future. Ava asks if he doesn’t think rings are silly. Jake says no and tells Ava that she’s his first and only choice as he doesn’t want to be with anyone else but her.

The tattooed young man grabs Nicole and pulls a gun on her while Eric tells Nicole to stay calm and that everything be okay. The man questions Eric and Nicole knowing each other and asks if she’s his wife or something. Eric responds that she is his friend. Eric says they don’t want any trouble and asks him to just let Nicole go. He warns Eric to tell Nicole to give him her purse or he will shoot her now.

Ava tells Jake that he doesn’t need to buy her a diamond ring just because she was feeling insecure. Jake says he doesn’t have to but he wants to. Ava asks if he wants to get married. Jake says eventually, but he doesn’t want there to be any pressure as it could be a year or two from now, whatever she’s comfortable with. Ava asks if this would be an engagement ring. Jake confirms it’s a way to signal to the world that they plan to be husband and wife and telling each other they are in it for the long haul. Ava asks if he’s sure this is what he wants. Jake assures that she is and suggests they make it official.

Sonny asks Gabi if she bought the company or not. Gabi says she’s never even heard of it. Sonny argues that Gabi is trying to make a good impression as CEO by snatching a promising acquisition out of her biggest rival’s hands. Gabi tells Sonny to go as he’s wasting her time and she’s busy. Sonny says he will leave after she admits that she got up early and closed the deal this morning. Gabi reveals that she was dealing with Kristen DiMera this morning because she’s out of prison as the Governor granted her a pardon. Sonny calls that shocking. Gabi adds that she walked in and found Kristen sitting in her chair. Sonny asks if Kristen is after her job. Gabi says that’s what she thought, but she actually wanted back in at Basic Black. Gabi notes that she and Li agreed that it wasn’t worth fighting her about it, so Kristen is Brady and Chloe’s problem now.

Kristen informs Brady and Chloe that Gabi approved of her new position. Brady questions why she would do that. Kristen explains that Gabi owed her from the last shareholders meeting when EJ and Chad tried to boot Gabi out, so now she’s just showing her gratitude. Chloe takes that as Kristen didn’t give Gabi a choice. Brady tells Kristen that he and Nicole run Basic Black and have multi-year deals, so it would cost DiMera a fortune to buy them out and the board would never go for it. Kristen says that Brady and Nicole are still co-CEOs, but she’s their boss because she is DiMera’s new executive in charge of Basic Black. Brady questions what that means. Kristen responds that Brady, Nicole, and Chloe will all have to report to her.

Eric tries to get through to the man, telling him to just lower the gun and walk away with no harm, no foul. The man accuses Eric of lying to him, just like at the Pub. Nicole questions what he’s talking about. He explains that Eric caught him taking tips and acted like he wanted to help him. Eric says he does but the man asks why he followed him then. Eric tries to explain that he didn’t and had just gone for a run but he doesn’t believe him. He accuses Eric of tailing him and believes that as soon as he lets Nicole go, he will call the cops. He mentions that he’s been to prison before and he’s not going back. Eric says he doesn’t want him to go to prison and he’s just trying to help him. Nicole tells him that Eric is telling the truth. The man continues to demand Nicole’s purse or he will blow her away. Eric understands he needs the money which means he doesn’t have a job. Eric understands no one will hire him with a record and he can’t keep food in the house or a roof over his head otherwise. Eric tells him that there is a solution and no one has to get hurt. Eric swears that he won’t call the cops and he just wants him to put the gun away and let Nicole go. Eric repeats that there will be no cops and asks him to just hand over the gun. He lowers the gun which relieves Nicole. Eric asks him to then hand it over, but he instead shoves Nicole down into Eric and runs off.

Ava tells Jake that they haven’t even said “I love you” and he wants to get engaged. Jake then tells Ava that he loves her which she questions. Jake says he was trying to tell her at the apartment but he didn’t want to scare her off. Ava responds that she loves him too as they kiss. Ava jokes that this is new to her so she doesn’t know what to say or do. Jake says if she’s on board, all she has to do is nod her head and he’ll go to the jewelry store to surprise her with a diamond. Jake says he’ll be right back, kisses her, and heads to the store.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Sarah worries to Maggie about what if she killed Abigail. Maggie argues that she was her cousin and she loved her, so there is no way she would have ever hurt her. Sarah says not in her right mind, but they both know she’s not. Maggie argues that her medication is working and her hallucinations are under control. Maggie promises that everything is going to work out but Sarah complains that they don’t know that. Sarah admits she’s so scared. Maggie insists that she is not to blame and none of this is her fault. Sarah agrees that this is all on Kristen and Gwen.

Gwen shows up at Xander’s door at the Salem Inn and says she needs to talk to him. Xander says he has nothing to say. Gwen says it won’t take long and promises it’s really important, so he allows her in. Xander tells her to turn around while he puts some clothes on. Gwen jokes that it’s nothing she hasn’t seen before.

Brady tells Kristen that they aren’t impressed with her title. Chloe argues that obviously Gabi gave it to her to get her off her back. Brady states that he and Nicole still run what’s important around here. Kristen says it will be subject to her approval. Brady declares that he’s done with this and they are going to get some coffee. Kristen stops them and says they aren’t done yet as she has a very important announcement. Brady asks what it is. Kristen announces she has made her first executive decision and then tells Chloe that she’s fired. Chloe argues that Kristen can’t fire her. Brady backs her up, noting that there are contracts that say he and Nicole have final say on all personnel decisions. Kristen says she was just having a little fun and was creating the future she wants where Chloe is just a bad memory. Chloe reminds Kristen that she has no power to force her out. Kristen threatens to make Chloe’s life so miserable that she will want to quit.

Sarah tells Maggie that she’s also stressing out because she and Xander ran in to Gwen last night. Maggie can’t believe she was pardoned. Sarah complains that Gwen caused so much pain and suffering just because she wanted to hold on to Xander. Sarah worries about if Gwen goes after Xander again. Maggie says she would be a fool because she knows he loves Sarah. Sarah says she should’ve just married Xander when she had the chance since they wanted to finish the wedding while she wanted to go to the police station to answer their questions. Maggie understands Sarah wanted to do whatever she could to help. Sarah responds that everyone wants to know if she killed her cousin and she can’t tell them. Maggie encourages that she’s sure she didn’t. Sarah reminds her that Lucas saw her at the crime scene on the night of the murder. Maggie reminds her that Lucas was drunk. Sarah talks about how it was a real specific memory of her running down the stairs upset and dropping something which could’ve been the murder weapon. Maggie calls it impossible but Sarah says it’s not. Sarah reveals to Maggie that during one of her hallucinations, she threatened Chanel with a knife so what if she did the same to Abigail and stabbed her, thinking she was Kristen. Maggie points out that Sarah has been fully cooperating with the police and no one has accused her of a crime, so she needs to live her life and have her wedding like she planned. Maggie states that she’s available. Sarah starts to argue but Maggie tells her that she needs to be happy and there’s no reason she can’t be. Maggie suggests Sarah go find Xander and they will have a do over, so she will be married within the hour. Maggie asks how that works to relieve her stress. Sarah calls it perfect and thanks her as they hug. Maggie says she loves her as Sarah then goes to find Xander.

Xander asks Gwen what is so important. Gwen asks if he read the story today in the Intruder. Xander confirms he saw the story about her and the rest of the criminals being released from prison and it made him sick. Gwen clarifies that she meant the article about Sarah brought in for questioning about Abigail’s murder. Xander argues that she wasn’t brought in as she went voluntarily to help the police figure out who killed her cousin. Gwen argues that the story implied that Sarah’s a suspect. Xander points out that it’s The Intruder and he’s surprised they didn’t imply that she was an alien. Xander tells Gwen to ignore what she read because Sarah is innocent. Gwen asks if he’s sure since she’s been suffering from hallucinations. Xander questions how she knew about that. Gwen says Sarah told her when she came to visit her in prison. Gwen asks if it’s true that Sarah sees Kristen everywhere, wanting to kill her. Xander remarks that she has some nerve bringing that up when it’s all her fault. Gwen agrees and claims that she would feel so terrible if she’s the reason that Sarah snapped and killed Abigail. Gwen points out that she is free and her sister is dead. Gwen wishes she could’ve been there to help and says she would’ve done anything in her power to save Abigail.

Eric checks on Nicole, who says she is okay. Nicole tells Eric that she’s so sorry as the man got away and it’s all her fault. Eric tells her it’s not her fault. Nicole points out that he could’ve gone after him but he stayed here to help her. Eric assures he wasn’t going to leave her here alone. Nicole thanks him and talks about how the man came out of the bushes and she was so scared. Nicole cries that she doesn’t know what would’ve happened if Eric didn’t come around when he did. Eric hugs her and tells her it’s okay as he’s here and not going anywhere. Rafe then approaches and sees them. Rafe, looking disgusted, orders Eric to get his damn hands off his wife.

Chloe doesn’t know what Kristen thinks she will accomplish by trying to force her out. Brady adds that Kristen would only be hurting the company because Chloe is a very valuable asset. Kristen remarks that Brady’s always been blind to Chloe’s shortcomings. Brady argues that they need Chloe here which Kristen disagrees with, saying she’s just in the way. Chloe says that’s in the way of Kristen trying to get Brady back and it’s obvious that this is all about Kristen’s sick obsession with Brady. Kristen accuses Chloe of moving in on her family and asks if she actually thinks she can replace her. Chloe questions if Kristen thinks getting her to quit will give her another shot with Brady. Chloe tells Kristen that any stunt she pulls won’t change a thing because her and Brady will be together and there’s not a damn thing Kristen can do about it. Chloe then kisses Brady in front of Kristen.

Sonny comments that it must be hard for Gabi, knowing Jake and Ava are together. Gabi admits that at first, she was angry and disgusted at the thought of Ava being in his bed but the more she thought about it, the more she realized that she and Jake were never really right for each other. Sonny questions why she invited him back to DiMera then. Gabi says just because they weren’t right as a couple doesn’t mean he’s not right for business as they make a good team. Gabi adds that Jake isn’t the only one who has moved on since she is with Li Shin now. Sonny at first thinks she means Li’s father, Mr. Shin, but Gabi clarifies and then Sonny acknowledges that Li is hot and asks how long that’s been going on. Gabi says it’s been a little over a month. Sonny asks if she really thinks it’s a good idea to get involved with someone she’s in business with. Gabi says she can’t help that she’s attracted to driven, ambitious men. Gabi adds that Li is her equal so there is no ulterior motive, they are just colleagues who enjoy each others’ company outside of the office. Sonny asks if it’s serious. Gabi responds that she likes him and they are having a fun time. Gabi admits that Li is not the love of her life, as there was only one of those and that was Stefan. Gabi declares there will never be another love like that for her again.

Jake returns to Ava in the town square and says he picked out the most beautiful ring they had and hopes that she agrees. Jake presents the ring to Ava, but she says she’s sorry as she cannot accept that.

Gwen cries that it’s all her fault. Xander tells her to pull it together. Gwen talks about Abigail’s children and how their lives are never going to be the same and she did this to them. Gwen calls herself a monster. Xander hugs her as she cries until Sarah walks in. Sarah questions why Gwen is here and why Xander isn’t wearing a shirt. Xander explains he just got out of the shower and answered the door, having no idea it was Gwen. Sarah asks why he didn’t tell her to go to Hell and slam the door in her face. Xander tells her that Gwen said she had something very important to tell him. Gwen tells Sarah that she read about her troubles in the paper and she just wanted to come apologize to them both. Sarah asks if she means the sheer hell and horror that she put her through. Gwen tells her that she’s so sorry as she had no idea that the drug would push Sarah to such extremes and she certainly didn’t dream that she would kill Abigail. Xander argues that she didn’t. Gwen apologizes for that coming out wrong and says she’s just really upset. Gwen tells Sarah that she’s sorry for what she did and she knows she has no right to ask, but she asks if Sarah could ever forgive her. Sarah then hallucinates Gwen pulling a gun on them and saying she won’t let Sarah have Xander, threatening to shoot him. Sarah then grabs a nearby knife and tells Gwen that she will kill her before letting her hurt Xander. Xander grabs Sarah and questions what she’s doing. Sarah says she had to stop Gwen from killing him as she has a gun and he needs to call the police. Xander tells Sarah to calm down as everyone is safe. Sarah screams that Xander needs to make them take her back to prison because she pointed a gun at him and was going to shoot. Xander tries to explain but Sarah insists that Gwen has a gun in her purse but sees that it is not a gun.

Jake questions if Ava changed her mind about getting engaged. Ava says she does but just not with that ring as she recognizes it as the ring that Xander gave Gwen, which surprises Jake. Ava adds that Gwen could recognize it too and reminds Jake that she sent her to prison. Jake argues that she apologized for that. Ava feels that Gwen would be ticked off all over again and it could be a bad omen. Jake questions believing in that. Ava explains that she associates that ring with a wedding that ended in disaster so she doesn’t want to think about that. Jake agrees and suggests they go back to the jewelry store together to pick out something that she will like. Ava agrees and they walk off together.

Nicole stops Rafe and explains that Eric was just helping her as she was just almost robbed which Rafe questions. Nicole informs him that some maniac pulled a gun on her and threw her to the ground, so if Eric didn’t come around when he did, she might have been shot. Rafe checks on her. Nicole says she’s just a little shaken up. Rafe asks when this happened. Eric says it was just a few minutes ago and that he ran off. Nicole tells Rafe that he has to catch that son of a bitch. Rafe decides to call it in right now.

Kristen declares that she’s writing Chloe up for inappropriate behavior. Brady tells her to write him up then. Kristen argues that Chloe forced him to kiss her which makes him a victim and they have seen this inappropriate behavior before. Kristen accuses Chloe of being an employee trying to get ahead by sleeping with the boss. Kristen shouts that it’s going to be so easy to build a case against her because she witnessed the whole thing and Basic Black has zero tolerance for sexual harassment which means he’ll have no choice but to fire Chloe. Kristen takes her statement to go have it typed. Brady tells Chloe to just ignore her. Chloe complains that even if she does, Kristen is not going to quit and it’s only going to get worse, so maybe she should just resign.

Sarah insists that she saw a gun and runs to the bathroom in tears. Xander asks if Gwen is okay and she says she’s fine. Xander states that he should go check on Sarah. Gwen says she’ll go and assures she won’t call the police so Sarah doesn’t get in trouble. Gwen adds that she is quite worried. Gwen knows Xander doesn’t think Sarah killed Abigail, but after what just happened he has to admit it’s at least possible. Gwen asks what if Sarah does it again and comes after him. Xander tells Gwen to go. Gwen asks him to promise to be careful.

Rafe tells the cops to remind all officers that the man is armed and they need to approach with extreme caution. Rafe goes back and apologizes to Eric for being a real jerk. Eric tells him not to worry about it. Rafe asks Nicole if she’s sure she is okay. Nicole says she’s just ready to go, so Rafe and Eric help her up but her leg hurts so they sit her back down on the bench. Rafe checks on her and they try to help her up again but she’s still in pain. so they sit her back down.

Brady tells Chloe that he’s not going to let her quit and he won’t let Kristen ruin it. Chloe says she can get another job. Brady knows she can but says it means a lot to him that she’s here. Brady argues that John started this company and now he, Chloe, and Nicole have made it the success it is today as they are building something great here, so he won’t let Kristen ruin it. Chloe asks what the plan is then. Brady tells Chloe to stay here while he tries to fix the situation. Brady kisses Chloe and then exits the office.

Jake and Ava come out of the Salem Jewelers store. Ava admits that the ring Jake picked for her originally was the most beautiful one they had as nothing else compared. Jake says she doesn’t have to keep it just to keep him happy as they can go somewhere else. Ava assures that it’s the one and it doesn’t make a difference if it used to belong to someone else as it’s hers now. Ava points out that it fits perfectly. Jake calls it a great deal as he threw in wedding bands for free. Ava says if Gwen gives her any trouble, she’ll deal with her, but right now she wants to enjoy being engaged. Jake then proposes to Ava. She accepts, saying she will eventually marry him, so Jake puts the ring on her finger. They hug until the man who attacked Nicole approaches them with his gun and demand they hand over the ring.

Nicole tells Rafe and Eric that she’s fine, but Rafe points out that she can’t walk so he needs to take her to the hospital. Eric agrees. Nicole gives in, so Rafe offers to drive her but Nicole says he needs to find the guy who did this to her before he attacks anyone else. Eric then offers to take Nicole to the hospital.

Ava tells the man to relax and he can have the ring but Jake says no. Jake tells the man that they just got engaged and to put the gun down. Jake warns that he doesn’t know who he’s messing with and walks towards him, so the man then shoots Jake.

Brady goes to the DiMera Office and confronts Gabi over Kristen. Brady tells Gabi that she can’t dump Kristen at Basic Black. Gabi argues that she had no choice. Brady knows Kristen threatened to vote her out but says Gabi has to stand up to her because she’s a bully and a tyrant and she can’t put up with that. Gabi tells Brady that Kristen is his boss, so he has to make it work whether he likes it or not.

Kristen returns to the Basic Black office and asks Chloe where Brady is. Chloe responds that he stepped out. Kristen informs her that she sent her report to HR, so it’s only a matter of time before she gets Chloe out of the company, out of Brady’s bed, and out of his life. Chloe tells her to go ahead because she can give as good as she gets. Kristen asks if Chloe is declaring war. Chloe says hell yeah and she doesn’t plan on losing.

Sarah comes out of the bathroom as Xander says he was just coming to check on her and Gwen says she was just leaving. Sarah apologizes to Gwen. Gwen says it’s alright and she understands since Sarah has been through so much lately, most of which is her fault. Gwen tells her to take care and then exits. Xander tells Sarah that she’s right that he shouldn’t have let Gwen in, he’s sorry and feels terrible that she upset her so much. Sarah cries, asking why the hallucinations won’t stop as Xander hugs her, promising that everything will be alright.

Sonny goes to the Kiriakis Mansion looking for Victor, but is shocked to instead find his half-brother, Alex Kiriakis (now played by Robert Scott Wilson), who says he is definitely not Victor.

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