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Eric has a dream about hooking up with Nicole and then wakes up.

Nicole has her own dream about hooking up with Eric and then wakes up in bed.

Sonny walks in to the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion to find Alex and Sloan kissing on the couch in their underwear. Sloan gets up and gets dressed, saying it’s nice to see Sonny again. Sonny responds that the feeling is not mutual and tells her to get the hell out of his house.

Leo remains handcuffed to the table in the interrogation room at the police station. Melinda Trask enters and informs Leo that he has a visitor. Leo assumes it’s his attorney but it turns out to be Gwen. Leo questions what the hell she’s doing here. Melinda asks if that’s any way to greet an old friend. Leo claims that he’s not up for visitors as he’s waiting for his attorney and until then, he has nothing to say. Melinda thinks he and Gwen have loads to talk about considering she’s charging them both with first degree murder. Gwen and Leo both argue they are innocent. Melinda says they can deny it all they want but she has enough evidence to convince a jury that they conspired to kill Abigail DiMera.

Eric lays in bed until Jada knocks on his door. Eric answers the door and asks what’s going on. Jada thinks her air conditioner is broken. Eric notes that his room is pretty hot too.

Rafe brings Nicole breakfast in bed but notices her demeanor and asks what’s wrong.

Alex questions Sonny being rude to Sloan. Sonny then reveals that Sloan is Leo Stark’s attorney. Alex is surprised to learn that Sloan is a lawyer which Sloan notes she told him like six times. Alex guesses he was focused on other things. Sonny reminds Alex of all the horrible things that Leo has done to him and his family and now he’s accused of murdering his best friend’s wife. Sloan points out that the key word is accused. Sonny tells her that Leo is a con man, a gold digger, and a disgusting piece of filth. Sloan points out that he’s entitled to a defense. Sonny doesn’t want her in his house and brings up the bogus sexual harassment that Leo brought against him which almost ruined his life, family, and career. Sloan notes that lawsuit went away. Sonny argues that Leo didn’t go away as he just chose another innocent victim and when he led the charge against him, Leo went on a revenge rampage and took pictures of them in bed together, then sold some bogus story about Chad and when that didn’t work, he murdered Abigail. Alex agrees that Leo is garbage so he can’t continue sleeping with Sloan if she’s going to continue to represent Leo. Alex tells Sloan that she’s going to have to dump Leo as a client but Sloan says they could just end this instead. Alex guesses that’s an option but admits it wouldn’t be good for his ego. Sloan tells him that this has been fun but her career comes first. Alex wishes her luck as she then exits.

Melinda informs Leo and Gwen that they are both scheduled to be arraigned this morning. Melinda notes that Leo’s attorney will be here this morning while Gwen has yet to retain counsel. Melinda questions Gwen’s strategy, warning her that she is going to remind the court of how Gwen showed no mercy to Abigail when she was being viciously stabbed to death. Melinda says she’ll see them in court and exits the room. Gwen tells Leo that this is all his fault as she can’t believe he sold her out. Leo argues that he had no choice because Clyde blabbed about him having Abigail’s jewelry and then Thomas said he ran in to him in the tunnels on the day Abigail was killed. Gwen complains that Leo betrayed her to save his own ass. Leo responds that he loves her, but he’s not doing life in prison for a crime that she committed.

At the hospital, Stephanie tells Chad that she and Kayla made plans to have breakfast but she’s not in her office and not answering her phone. Chad notes that Marlena is not either. Stephanie guesses something came up and they will be in touch soon. Chad mentions that Kayla talked him in to making an appointment with Marlena as she made him realize that he wasn’t handling Abigail’s death in the healthiest way. Chad asks Stephanie to thank Kayla for him which she agrees to do. Stephanie then suggests that since they both got stood up, she asks Chad to have breakfast with her which he accepts.

Rafe asks Nicole what’s going on as she’s all flushed. Rafe checks and sees she feels warm. Nicole assures that she’s not sick but there is something that she needs to tell him.

Jada tells Eric that she woke up in a sweat and asks if he did too. Eric checks his AC and says it seems to be working fine. Jada says hers is definitely broken and she couldn’t find a fan. Eric offers to take a look at her air conditioner to see if he can fix it. Jada stops and grabs his hand, suggesting he can do that later as she kisses Eric.

Stephanie and Chad have breakfast in the town square. She thinks it’s good that he goes to therapy. Chad admits he probably should’ve done it sooner but he’s been busy and guesses he’s avoided dealing with the grief while focusing on trying to find out who killed Abigail. Stephanie says he’s getting help now and that’s what matters. Stephanie adds that she’s here if he ever wants to talk. Chad says he appreciates that. Stephanie mentions that she’s been keeping up with Abigail’s case and she knows they have two people in custody. Chad says either one of them could have done it or they were both working on it together. Stephanie is sure it will be a huge relief when they finally close the case. Chad says even if they are convicted, his wife is never coming back.

Gwen warns Leo that he should’ve left well enough alone. Leo argues that he couldn’t take the chance that she’d pin the murder on him. Gwen calls him the rat, not her. Leo brings up that he asked her what happened on the night that Abigail died and she wouldn’t tell him which left him concerned. Gwen brings up Leo fishing the mask out of the dumpster a second time and using it to throw suspicion off of himself and pin it on her. Leo admits it sounds bad when she puts it that way. Gwen asks how his plan is working out for him as she knows he planned to parade out of here, leaving her to fry but now they are both on the hook for murder together.

Sloan goes to the police station and tells Melinda that she hoped to have a word with her client before his arraignment. Melinda directs her to the interrogation room and notes that Gwen is in with him. Sloan argues that Melinda has Gwen dead to rights and questions her risking that by tying her to Leo. Melinda doesn’t see any risk as she sees an opportunity to put two co-conspirators away for life. Sloan questions why she’s going after Leo so hard when he led her to the mask which implicates Gwen, so thanks to Leo’s cooperation, she was able to place Gwen at the scene of the crime. Melinda tells Sloan that she will see her in court. Sloan argues that Leo gave her half the case so he deserves her consideration. Melinda questions what she wants her to consider. Sloan wants her to cut Leo loose.

Sonny tells Alex that he’s sorry about Sloan. Alex says there’s plenty of fish in the sea and a lot of beautiful women in this town, including Allie. Sonny reminds him that Allie is taken. Alex says he’s not in the business of breaking up happy couples which is why he offered to hang out with both Allie and Chanel, but they turned him down and didn’t go for the whole threesome idea but maybe they’ll change their mind.

Jada apologizes to Eric and says she’s not usually this forward and doesn’t know what she was doing. Eric kisses Jada back and onto his bed.

Rafe tells Nicole that she can tell him anything and to say whatever she needs to. Nicole tells Rafe that he’s the sweetest, sexiest, and most amazing husband a woman could ever had as they then kiss in bed.

Chad tells Stephanie that Abigail was the love of his life and always will be. Stephanie can’t imagine having the love of her life. Chad asks if she’s never been serious with anyone. Stephanie mentions being engaged to Philip Kiriakis but that was years ago and she was a totally different person then. Chad asks about after she left Salem. She says she’s mostly been focused on her career. She says there was one guy last summer that she might turn in to something but when the summer ended, so did the relationship. Stephanie guesses getting serious scared him off but he never gave her an explanation. Chad calls that very uncool. Stephanie feels she didn’t need an explanation as she was in denial about it but the signs were all there that a commitment was the last thing he wanted as he was a womanizer and a player.

Sonny talks about Alex being a player which he denies, saying he has the utmost respect for women. Alex asks what’s wrong with being upfront with his intentions as he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Alex says he doesn’t want anything serious and any time it goes in that direction, he’s out. Sonny tells Alex that there is something to be said about finding that special someone. Alex responds that he’s not looking to settle down. Sonny encourages that one day, he hopes he realizes there’s more to life than just random casual sex.

Eric and Jada lay in bed together after having sex. Eric asks if Jada is okay and why she’s so quiet. Jada responds that she’s embarrassed because she doesn’t really do this sort of thing and this is the first time she’s slept with someone since her divorce. Eric admits it’s been awhile for him too. Jada jokes that she couldn’t tell if he was out of practice. Jada says when she knocked on Eric’s door, she had no idea this was going to happen. Eric assures that there are no complaints. Jada asks if he hadn’t slept with anyone since he was a priest. Eric confirms not since he was married to Nicole.

Rafe and Nicole lay in bed together after having sex. Rafe wishes he could stay here all day but he has to get ready for work. Nicole mentions reading last night that he made progress in Abigail’s case. Rafe informs her that both Leo and Gwen are being arraigned today. Nicole can’t believe Abigail’s very own sister would do something so horrible. Rafe notes that she admitted being in the DiMera Mansion, but denies killing Abigail. Nicole asks if he believes her. Rafe states that the evidence against her is quite damning and her story is totally far fetched, but his gut tells him that Gwen is telling the truth.

Gwen tells Leo that she’s going to tell him the same thing she told Rafe. Gwen admits that she was in the DiMera Mansion that night and she saw Abigail but she did not want to kill her, she wanted to get rid of Sarah Horton. Leo says she lost him. Gwen explains that she snuck in to Abigail’s room, wearing the Sarah mask, and acted as though Sarah was having a hallucination of seeing Kristen DiMera. Leo questions why. Gwen felt that if Sarah were to attack Abigail with a syringe, then everyone would look at her like she’s dangerous and crazy, so she would get locked up and Gwen would get reunited with Xander but her plan was a bust when Abigail ripped the mask off and threatened to call the police. Gwen adds that she convinced Abigail to let her go back to prison and assures she had no intention of hurting Abigail, as she was just a means to an end. Gwen calls this whole thing so stupid. Leo questions Abigail just letting her walk away. Gwen confirms that Abigail gave her an hour to get back to her cell before she would turn her in, so she ran out of the house as fast as she could. Gwen insists that when she left, Abigail was alive. Leo asks if Rafe believes her story. Gwen cries that she doesn’t know and she doesn’t care. Gwen tells Leo that he’s the only friend she has right now in the whole world, so she doesn’t care if the jury wants to convict her or if everybody hates her guts. Gwen declares that all she cares about is that Leo believes her. Gwen then asks if Leo believes her.

Melinda questions Sloan wanting her to release Leo. Sloan insists that he’s innocent. Melinda responds that Gwen claims to be innocent too and denies any involvement in Abigail’s murder. Sloan argues that Gwen can claim whatever she wants but with the evidence against her, Melinda could destroy her and Gwen doesn’t even have a lawyer. Melinda says she doesn’t yet but this is a career making case, so some hotshot defense attorney could show up any minute and cast doubt on Gwen’s guilt and point the finger at someone else like Leo. Melinda reminds Sloan that there’s a mountain of evidence against Leo too. Sloan calls that purely circumstantial so the only case is Gwen. Melinda thinks putting both of them on trial doubles her chances of getting a conviction and assures that she will at least get one. Melinda admits she sees a scenario where one could avoid trial altogether if one of them flipped on the other. Sloan argues that Leo already did by giving her the mask. Melinda says that’s not enough and Leo needs to give her the nail to put in Gwen’s coffin. Melinda then walks away.

Leo tells Gwen that he does believe her and he’s so sorry for doubting her. Leo and Gwen manage to hug while handcuffed to opposite ends of the table. Leo asks now what to do. Gwen says now they stick together and remain a team so they won’t have a case against them. Leo says to make up for throwing her under the bus, he will get Sloan to represent her. Gwen complains that she can’t afford her. Leo says he can’t either but Sloan can’t put a price on the publicity she will get from representing both of them. Leo adds that he just had to promise her a cut of any future book deal so Gwen can do the same. Gwen tells Leo that if he can get Sloan to help her, she would appreciate it very much. Leo declares that once this is all over, they can write a book and turn it into a movie. They joke about winning at the Oscars as they high five and laugh together. After Gwen leaves, Sloan enters the room. Leo informs her that she has the chance to achieve fame and fortune beyond her wildest dreams if she also represents Gwen. Sloan immediately cuts him off and tells him to forget it as he needs to worry about himself right now. Sloan reveals that she just spoke with Melinda and she’s determined to convict him. Leo argues that she can’t because she doesn’t have enough. Sloan points out that’s only because she doesn’t know Leo was in Abigail’s room with a knife on the night she was killed. Leo says to just not tell her then. Sloan says this is out of her control as half of the police department and the DiMera family are pouring out resources to try to solve this case. Sloan declares that it’s only a matter of time before they find out and when they do, they’ll have everything they need to put him on death row. She asks if that’s what he wants. Leo says of course not, so Sloan declares that Leo needs to give Melinda something to tighten the noose around Gwen’s neck.

Alex tells Sonny that he didn’t come to Salem looking for Mrs. Right but to be with him. Sonny comments on Alex flirting with a lot of women. Alex says he’s a free spirit but he also has a job, so he needs to get dressed and head to the office. Sonny stops him and asks if he never met a woman that he thought was the one. Alex says he hasn’t and he hopes that never happens because when that happens, the fun is over. Alex states that romance is not his bag and he’s not interested in love. Sonny argues that love makes the world go round. Alex says he didn’t get that memo. Sonny thinks he did and he chose to ignore it, but one day he will meet someone that just knocks him off his feet and then he will fall just as fast and hard as the rest of them…

Stephanie tells Chad that just when she started to think she might have a future with her last guy, he totally ghosted her. Chad says it’s his loss. Stephanie repeats that the signs were all there and she was deluding herself in to thinking he cared as much as she did. Stephanie adds that when the right person comes along, it will be a totally different story but until then she has her friends, family, and career. Stephanie shows Chad the business card for her firm which impresses him. Chad notes that he’s no longer at DiMera, but if he ever gets pulled back in, he’ll need an image makeover. Stephanie gets a text that she just landed a new client. She says she can’t say who it is because they haven’t gone public yet but she can say the job will keep her in Salem for awhile. Chad says he’ll let her get to it. Stephanie tells him that breakfast is on her and reminds Chad that she’s here if he ever needs to talk. Chad jokingly guesses that she charges less than Marlena. Stephanie confirms that she does for good friends.

Jada tells Eric that she didn’t expect them to go from 0 to 60. Eric admits that he didn’t either. Eric tells Jada that he likes her. Jada says she likes him too. Eric states that sometimes things like this just happen and feelings take over as they kiss.

Nicole calls Chloe and says she desperately needs to talk to someone. Chloe asks what’s going on. Nicole tells her not to say I told you so which she agrees to. Nicole tells Chloe that she loves Rafe and doesn’t regret marrying him for a second, but she can’t stop thinking about Eric.

Leo tells Sloan that he doesn’t have anything to give Melinda. Sloan warns that he better think of something before she finds out about him and the knife. Sloan suggests something that will make a jury believe that Gwen killed her sister. Leo questions if she’s asking him to lie. Sloan clarifies that she’s asking him to help her do her job which is to make all of this disappear, but in order to that, she needs him to be honest with her about Gwen no matter how hard it is. Sloan tells Leo that the truth will set him free.

Nicole tells Chloe that she had a sex dream about Eric so clearly she’s having lingering desires that she shouldn’t have. Chloe reminds Nicole of when she mistakenly though Eric and Jada went upstairs to have sex on their first date. Nicole says she was worried they were moving too fast and that Eric would get hurt. Chloe thinks that’s what the dream is really about. Chloe asks if Nicole is still concerned about that. Nicole asks how she could not since Jada was moving down the hall 5 minutes after their date. Nicole admits it’s none of her business and asks what’s wrong with her. Chloe understands that Eric is her ex-husband and first love, so she thinks it’s normal to feel protective of him. Chloe encourages Nicole not to go jumping to the wrong conclusion again since just because Eric and Jada are living under the same roof, does not mean they are sleeping together…

Eric and Jada get out of bed and get dressed. Eric suggests they go downstairs for breakfast unless she has to go to work. Jada says she has the morning off, so it sounds like a plan. Jada asks if she can grab a shower first. Eric suggests she use his shower while he goes to check on her air conditioner. They kiss and then Eric exits the room.

Nicole thanks Chloe for helping her try to figure this out, but she thinks maybe she should just go talk to Eric. Chloe questions why she would do that. Nicole feels she could get it all out in the open. Chloe is all for communication but really thinks she should keep a lid on that one since she’s married. Nicole suggests she should go tell Eric about the dream, he’ll tell her how ridiculous she is and they’ll get a good laugh out of it. Chloe thinks that’s a really bad idea but Nicole asks when that has ever stopped her.

Nicole goes to Eric’s and tells herself that Chloe is wrong and that she and Eric are friends so they can talk about this like mature adults. Nicole knocks on the door but is surprised when Jada answers the door wearing a towel and she sees the bed not made.

Leo and Sloan come out of the interrogation room to face Gwen and Rafe. Gwen asks if it’s a done deal. Sloan responds that it is. Gwen thanks her for agreeing to represent her, but Melinda appears and reveals that’s not the deal that Sloan made. Gwen doesn’t understand. Leo tells Gwen that he’s so sorry which Gwen questions. Leo says he really tried, but he cannot lie for her anymore, so he had to tell the truth. Gwen asks what truth and what Leo has done. Leo claims that he told them what Gwen told him; that she killed Abigail.

Stephanie walks through the town square until Alex runs in to her, causing her to drop her coffee and Alex to fall to the ground. Stephanie tells him to watch where he’s going. Alex looks up at Stephanie and thinks back to Sonny’s words, saying that he would meet someone who just knocks him off his feet and then he’d fall just as hard as the rest of them.

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