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At the Brady Pub, Roman packs up bags of food to send to the Hortons. Kate joins him and talks about feeling so bad for Chad and the kids as there’s been too much suffering this year. Roman agrees and says they could use some happy news. Paulina then walks in and announces it’s Juneteenth and her and Abe are getting married today. Paulina adds that they want Roman and Kate both to be there.

Abe walks through the town square, going through his to do list for the wedding day. Allie approaches and delivers his Juneteenth wedding cake from the bakery. Abe hugs her and thanks her for doing that on such short notice. Allie jokes about being up until 4 AM finishing it. Abe hopes Chanel helped. Allie says no because Chanel was so busy helping Paulina with last minute wedding prep. Allie says it was her pleasure and talks about researching Juneteenth traditions. Abe invites Allie to the wedding. Allie thought it was family only but Abe says she is family and he knows Chanel would love to have her there. Allie then accepts the invitation as they hug.

Johnny is at the DiMera Mansion, on the phone with EJ. Johnny says he’s glad he and Belle are keeping the kids busy and asks how Chad is holding up. Johnny says to let him know if there is anything he can do to help. Johnny adds that he hasn’t heard from Chanel. Chanel then enters the room, so Johnny tells EJ that he will call him back as something just came up.

Paulina’s mother Olivia is at the Horton House with Julie and Eli. Julie mentions hearing so much about her. Olivia notes that they are family. Julie comments on that family expanding today with the long awaiting wedding of Paulina and Abe. Eli can’t believe it’s finally happening. Olivia thanks God that it is. Julie says they all need something hopeful.

Lani spills her coffee at home and tries to tell herself to get it together. Lani then imagines TR showing up at her door, saying she can’t get rid of him that easy. Lani locks the door and tells herself it’s not real and no one is at the door. There’s another knock at the door so Lani yells to go away but it’s Theo, who asks if she’s okay and what’s going on. Lani answers the door and hugs him, thanking God in relief.

Olivia tells Julie that she’s sorry for their family’s loss. Julie calls Abigail a wonderful woman who was taken far too soon. Olivia mentions praying for all of them. Julie says one thing Abigail’s death has taught her is that no future is guaranteed, you just have to reach out and grab all the happiness that comes your way in the present.

Paulina tells Roman and Kate that they don’t need anything fancy. Roman assures they can handle the catering. Kate questions her just wanting hot dogs at her wedding. Paulina says normally not but most of Salem will be cooking out already for the town’s first annual Juneteenth extravaganza. Roman says they would cater the food and that he and Kate would also love to attend. Roman tells Paulina that they deserve a celebration. Paulina mentions still not finding someone to perform the ceremony. Roman brings up Marlena. Paulina says she thought about that but doesn’t want to take any chances after what happened last time. Kate asks who they will get at such late notice then. Eric then comes downstairs so they all look to him.

Chanel tells Johnny that she’s so sorry about Abigail and can’t imagine what his family is going through. Johnny admits it’s been tough as Abigail was a great person. Johnny mentions hearing Paulina made bail which is excellent news. Chanel then informs Johnny that Paulina is marrying Abe today. Johnny calls that amazing and sends his congratulations. Chanel mentions still having tons to do to pull this off. Johnny asks what’s on her list. Chanel notes that she needs to find a videographer to record the wedding so Johnny asks what about him. Johnny jokes that Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story might not be making it to streaming but he could shoot a wedding, if Chanel is okay with him being there.

Nicole joins Abe in the town square and hugs him, saying she’s so happy for them. Abe asks what about Nicole as he heard she and Rafe had postponed their wedding which she confirms. Abe asks why. Nicole explains that Rafe is swamped with the investigation in to Abigail’s murder. Abe understands and says he did speak to Jack and Jennifer, because they were wondering if this was a good time for the wedding. Abe confirms they gave their blessing and thought it would be a tribute to Abigail’s memory. Nicole agrees and calls it a lovely way to celebrate. Abe hopes Nicole will join them in celebration. Nicole confirms she wouldn’t miss it as they hug.

Paulina asks who Eric is. Roman introduces Eric to Paulina. Paulina recognizes him as Father Eric Brady and exclaims that this is perfect and a sign from the lord. Paulina tells Eric that she needs him to marry her and Abe.

Julie tells Olivia that Paulina has been an inspiration to her, going through with the wedding after everything she was put through with TR. Eli suggests not talking about TR today since today is a good day. Julie agrees and hopes Paulina doesn’t lose a second of sleep over that monster. Olivia wishes she did something sooner or that Paulina would have let the police handle Ray, so she wouldn’t be facing charges for murder.

Theo informs Lani that Gabi sent the DiMera Jet to South Africa for he and JJ. Theo asks if they are going to talk about what just happened as she seemed really freaked out when she answered the door. Theo asks who she thought it was. Lani imagines TR telling her to tell him.

Eli asks Olivia about how her family used to celebrate Juneteenth in Texas. Julie would like to know more as well. Julie asks why it’s called Juneteenth. Olivia explains that in 1865, a union general gave the order to free the slaves in Texas. Eli notes that was almost two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Olivia adds that for them, June 19 is as important as the 4th of July. Olivia says her mom carried on the tradition when they left Texas for Miami. Julie asks what are some of the traditions. Olivia says there are rodeos, cookouts, and church services. Julie jokes that she’s been missing out. Olivia says they never forget what their ancestors endured and how much more they had to overcome.

Eric reveals to Paulina that he’s no longer a priest. Paulina comments that no good deed goes unpunished and guesses she will have to find someone else. Kate remembers that Eric performed the ceremony for Rex and Sarah and he wasn’t a priest then which Eric confirms. Paulina says that’s good enough for her and asks if Eric can marry her and Abe today. Eric then agrees and says he would be honored to. Paulina hugs him and calls him a life saver. Kate reminds Paulina that she has a wedding to get ready for. Paulina says she’ll see them later at the park and exits the Pub.

Lani claims to Theo that she thought he was her downstairs neighbor who is always complaining about the toilets making too much noise. Lani continues to imagine TR, saying he doesn’t think Theo believes her. Theo asks how Paulina is holding up. Lani says she’s getting married today. Theo brings up that she’s still facing murder charges. Lani tells him that Paulina is confident that Justin is going to get her off. Lani’s vision of TR argues that she’s not confident because she knows the truth. Lani asks Theo to watch the kids until the babysitter comes as she needs to go help Paulina get ready. Theo agrees and says he’ll see her at the party. Lani thanks him and exits.

Lani and Chanel go to Paulina’s to help her get ready for the wedding. Paulina talks about how much it means to her to have them both here. Chanel knows she gave her a lot of grief last time about Lani being her matron of honor, but this time she is totally cool with it. Paulina is glad to hear that but she’s decided that she needs a matron and a maid of honor, so she wants both of them to stand up for her and Abe. Chanel loves the idea and Lani says it sounds great as they all hug.

Eli comes home and greets Theo. Theo mentions the babysitter just got there and is giving the kids a bath. Theo adds that Lani went to go help Paulina get ready. Theo asks Eli if Lani is okay since she was acting really weird. Eli asks how. Theo says she seemed scared and blamed the neighbors but says it felt bigger than that. Eli comments that he’s sure Lani will be back to her self soon. Eli says he’s going to say goodbye to the kids and then they will be off to get Abe married.

Chanel helps Paulina finish her makeup and goes to get Paulina a sparkling water. Paulina then asks Lani how she’s feeling. Lani admits she’s having a really hard time being cheery when she knows Paulina is taking the heat for her crime. Lani argues that Paulina and Abe should be planning their future together. Paulina declares that this is her wedding day and the only thing she wants is for Lani to keep her mouth shut.

Eric joins Abe in the park for the wedding. Abe thanks him for doing this. Kate mentions going to check on Roman’s grilling. Johnny arrives and greets Eric. Eric informs him that he’s officiating the wedding while Johnny mentions that he’s also here to do a job. Nicole and Allie then arrive together and upon seeing Eric and Johnny, they ask each other what they are doing here. Johnny explains to Allie that he offered his services as videographer. Allie mocks that being convenient. Johnny says he’s just trying to be nice and asks if Chanel invited Allie. Chanel says she baked the wedding cake and then Abe invited her as a guest. Johnny calls that convenient. Allie argues that Abe is like family to her. Johnny asks if Allie is going to be sitting by Chanel. Allie tells him to get a lot of close ups. Nicole tells Eric that she didn’t expect to see him here. Eric clarifies that he was a last minute addition since Paulina wasn’t too keen on Marlena performing the ceremony. Eric asks Nicole if it’s going to be too hard since she and Rafe cancelled their wedding. Nicole clarifies that they didn’t cancel, they just postponed. Abe informs them that they will be starting the ceremony soon. Eric tells Nicole he will see her after the ceremony and steps away. Chanel arrives and greets Allie. They tell each other they look amazing. Chanel asks if Allie came to drop off the cake. Allie informs her that Abe invited her as a guest and asks if that’s a problem. Chanel says of course not as she knows how close they are. Chanel thanks Allie for baking the cake as it means a lot to her family. Allie says it’s her pleasure and puts her hand on Chanel’s shoulder as Johnny watches on. Lani arrives and greets Theo and Eli. Eli asks how she’s doing. Lani claims she’s fine and asks why. Eli says that Theo mentioned Lani seemed jumpy. Lani tells Eli not to worry about that right now. Eli says he is worried since he knows how guilty she’s been feeling. Lani assures that Paulina made it very clear that she wants her to keep things secret. Lani turns and imagines TR standing behind Abe, saying that he just loves a good wedding. Lani then goes and stands with Chanel. Eli walks Paulina down the aisle. Paulina tells Olivia that she’s so glad she is there. Olivia tells her to go get married as Paulina joins Abe, who says she takes his breath away. Lani continues to imagine TR.

Eric begins the ceremony of Paulina and Abe. Eric acknowledges that today is Juneteenth and goes over the history of the day. Eric notes that Paulina and Abe wanted to share a message of faith, freedom, and finding love. Eric understands they wrote their own vows and asks Abe to start. Abe talks about knowing nothing would be the same again when Paulina entered his life. Abe acknowledges that their road wasn’t an easy one but there was always love that could not be denied. Abe credits Julie for giving him a kick in the behind when he almost let it slip away. Abe thought he had experienced the last great love of his life, but every day, she has proven that love is not in his past, it’s in his present and most importantly, his future. Abe hopes to share that love with their children and grandchildren as long as God blesses him to be by her side. Eric then turns it over to Paulina, who jokes that she can’t top that so she won’t try. Paulina says she will just speak from her heart. Paulina says that Abe was a problem and complication for her that she did not see coming as she just came to Salem to spend time with Lani and says she would’ve kept her secret if she didn’t fall in love with Abe. Paulina declares she wants them to be honest and in love for all the Days of their Lives. Eric asks if anyone has any objections. Lani imagines TR raising his hand. Olivia tells Eric to hurry up before the Devil decides to return which Eric agrees with and continues the vows. Abe and Paulina say “I do”. Theo hands over the rings which Abe and Paulina then place on each others’ fingers. Eric then pronounces Abe and Paulina man and wife, so they kiss as everyone applauds. Olivia raises a broom that she says has been in their family line since the 1800s and she hopes it brings Abe and Paulina as much wedding bliss as it has all of them.

Paulina calls for all the single ladies to line up for her to throw the bouquet. Olivia jokes that they all better watch out as she has sharp elbows and she just might be looking for a sexy senior in Salem. Paulina jokes that’s where she gets it from. Paulina turns and tosses the bouquet, which is caught by Chanel. Johnny approaches and remarks that it looks like Chanel is the next one to get married, so all she needs is a groom. Allie comes over and says “or a bride”.

Abe and Paulina enjoy their wedding cake while Lani imagines TR remarking to her that they are enjoying cake now but it won’t be long before Paulina is having stale bread in prison. Lani argues that she’s not going to prison but imagines TR saying they don’t have a future. Lani then proposes a toast to Abe and Paulina. Lani talks about Abe being the best person she’s ever known and says she loves him. Lani tells Paulina that she made so many sacrifices just to protect her and she loves her. Lani then declares that she can’t let Paulina protect her anymore. Paulina starts shaking her head as Eli tries to interrupt but Lani says she can’t go on like this. Lani argues that Paulina and Abe deserve to have a life together. Paulina tries to say everything will be fine but Lani says it will not, unless she does something. Eli tells Lani not to do this. Abe questions what is going on. Eli tries to say Lani is just feeling emotional. Lani asks him to just let her do this. Eli argues that they need to talk but Olivia tells him to let Lani speak. Lani tells her that she’s so sorry. Lani then cries that Paulina did not shoot TR and that she did, surprising everyone in attendance.

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