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Recap written by Christine

At Society, Lauren was plunged into a bad mood when Chelsea said she didn’t have any designs to show today. Chelsea apologetically said she had to take a sabbatical from designing for her mental health. Lauren asked about Chloe. Chelsea said she chose to dissolve the partnership with Chloe. Lauren didn’t want to be harsh, but she took a chance on Chelsea, despite their past differences, and Fenmore’s was waiting for Chelsea’s full winter line in a couple weeks. Chelsea had a designer friend, Mark Paulsen, who was willing to step in for her. Lauren knew him, and she guessed that could work, not that she had much choice. Lauren supported Chelsea taking care of her health, and she asked if she could help. Chelsea thought she had to heal herself.

Devon, Lily, Billy and Nate listened to Billy’s podcast at the office. Everyone really liked the new episode. In the podcast, Billy had talked about a partner he had that pointed out his flaws. Nate said he wouldn’t be bringing up Elena’s weaknesses. Billy said he and Chelsea accidentally kept recording. He played the rest, so everyone could hear his and Chelsea’s banter. Nate thought it was more evidence that honesty wasn’t always the best policy, but Lily felt honesty was crucial. Billy thought the camaraderie between him and Chelsea would engage the audience.

Billy hadn’t asked Chelsea to be his co-host yet. He wanted to run it by the team first. He said it’d still be his podcast, but he’d have someone to hold him accountable. He said he and Chelsea both messed up in life, but it made them resilient and they’d bounced back. He thought they could keep it light and not so dour. Lily guessed she’d never live that down. Billy said it was hard to hear, but now he could fix the issue. Devon and Nate both admitted they thought the podcast was depressing too. Billy laughed and wondered why no one said anything before. Nate and Devon thought bringing Chelsea on as a co-host was a good idea. Lily said they could give it a try. Billy said now he had to convince his partner – his co-host. He left.

As the meeting broke up, Nate said he had to meet Imani and Sally to try and get Elena out of her contract. Devon asked Lily if it was the best idea for Billy to be focused on podcasts when 3their newly merged company was just finding its footing. Lily thought Devon was on board with Billy’s ideas. Devon was, but Billy had rushed out before the meeting was over, and Devon was worried about how much energy this was taking up and what it was taking way from. Nate said Billy was just excited. Devon was glad Billy was enthusiastic about he podcast, since they needed the content after promising to release dozens of new series. Devon just didn’t want the podcast to get in the way of Billy being Lily’s COO. Lily said the podcast hit record numbers today. Devon didn’t think that was true. Since the companies had merged, Lily figured Devon and Nate would find out sooner or later – Billy was the Grinning Soul. Devon realized the attack on Ashland that was getting all that traction was made by Billy. Lily said that Billy was doing as much as the three of them to contribute to the success at Chancellor Winters.

Billy ran into Lauren at Society, and she said she heard his podcast. He told her it was a work in progress. After Lauren left, Chelsea met with Billy. He said she was at a crossroads in her life, and his self-help podcast needed a little self help. He asked her to be his co-host. He said she knew the different sides of him, and she wasn’t afraid to tell him what she thought. He thought they had a connection. She thought this could be healing and a lot of fun.

Imani was in her suite at the Grand Phoenix. She called and confirmed the dinner reservation for two. Amanda showed up to drop off some work stuff, and she saw that Imani was all dressed up. Imani said she and Nate were meeting Sally at Society to discuss getting Elena out of her Newman contract. Amanda asked if Imani took it upon herself to set this up. Imani said that Nate asked her to help. Imani said she’d planned to tell Amanda this before, but with Amanda visiting their mom at the time, the timing didn’t seem right. Amanda decided she’d go to the meeting too, but Imani said that wasn’t necessary. Amanda accused Imani of finding excuses to spend time with Nate, especially when Elena was out of town.

Imani acted offended that Amanda was suggesting she’d put the moves on Nate during a business dinner with the head of a rival company. She told Amanda to stop trying to control her. Amanda denied trying to do that. Imani theorized that Amanda was trying to make up for the years she lost of being a big sister. Imani said this wasn’t the way to do that. Imani got a text from her dad saying that their mom had a minor seizure. Imani told Amanda to go to Naya. Amanda just got back, so she thought Imani should go. Imani said Naya was asking for Amanda.

Amanda went to work, where Lily thanked her for clearing up the legal issues with the Grinning Soul podcast on Ashland. Amanda told Lily and Devon about Naya’s seizure. Lily told Amanda to take all the time he needed. Devon told Amanda he’d take her home. They went to the hallway and hugged. He said he’d go with her to see her mom, and she hugged him again.

Nate met Imani at Society, and she lied and said Sally rescheduled the meeting. He was disappointed because he wanted to get the ball rolling to free Elena up before she went back to her conference. She promised she’d keep working on it. He was going to leave, but she asked him to stay, and she told him about Naya’s seizure. He said that usually the after effects of a seizure like that were manageable. She thanked him for being so encouraging. Imani said her mom was finally able to say something, and she said Amanda’s name. Imani knew she shouldn’t care, but she felt conflicted. He said her feelings were normal, and he was glad she talked to him, because in times like these you needed to lean on friends.

Victoria and Nick were in her office. He told her that Faith had designs on taking his job after college. Victoria thought the management training program would be a better fit for Faith, but she loved that Faith was interested in the family business. She wanted to see the next generation come through the ranks. If she’d learned anything this past year it was that the leadership of the company had to stay in Newman hands. He said it was a new era with Ashland gone. She didn’t think Ashland would ever be able to attack the business now that his credibility was shot. Nick heard the podcast exposing Ashland for faking cancer. He thought The Grinning Soul went after the jugular, but she didn’t think the podcast went far enough. He was concerned about how Ashland would react to the podcast. She wasn’t worried because Ashland was ruined and dead in the business world. Nick didn’t think Victoria should be so cavalier. He said Victor thought Ashland was discreetly making his way back to Genoa City.

Victoria didn’t care if Ashland slithered back into town. She said there was nothing he could do to hurt her again. Nick thought Victoria should have a security detail just in case. Victoria said Victor already had that under control. She thought she saw two of Victor’s security guards following her. That made Nick relieved. Victoria didn’t know how she felt about it, other than she was tired of thinking of Ashland. She wanted to talk about business. She wanted to fold ChancComm into Newman Media in a more cohesive way – she felt that Sally and Adam left too much hanging in the air.

Victoria wanted to fire Sally, because she was under-qualified to be COO and she’d proven she couldn’t be trusted. Nick thought that might be a harsh one-two punch so soon after Adam left. She said they’d offer Sally a nice severance package. Victoria wanted to surround herself with people she could trust, and she didn’t think Adam and Sally fit the bill. She knew Victor wanted Adam to stay on board, but she didn’t want her brother at Newman. Nick didn’t disagree on the trust factor. He said he’d go talk to Sally and feel her out, and maybe find out what their brother was up to, so Victoria wouldn’t have to replace Sally unless it was necessary. Victoria appreciated that.

Ashland was in his suite at The Athletic Club. He listened to the podcast on him. Adam showed up, and Ashland wondered how Adam found him. “I may be going to war with Victor, but I’m still my father’s son,” Adam replied. Adam said Victor would soon find out where Ashland was, if he didn’t already know. Adam wanted to know the real reason Ashland was here. Adam didn’t believe the story Ashland gave him earlier about coming to retrieve his belongings from Victoria’s. Adam knew Ashland had a restraining order against him for Harrison. Ashland said that was completely unjust thanks to Victor’s vendetta. Adam said Victor was relentless about going after his enemies, so Ashland would be a fool to break that. Adam suspected Ashland was back for revenge, which he’d alluded to during their last encounter. Adam also didn’t think it was a coincidence that they ran into each other at Crimson Lights; he thought Ashland sought him out. Ashland asked how he’d know when Adam went to Crimson Lights. Adam was sure Ashland had his ways, just as Adam had his. Adam thought Ashland wanted to let him know they had like minds when it came to Victoria. Adam admitted he’d been a bit intrigued after their chat. Ashland assumed Adam was still smarting from the humiliation of losing the position so quickly. Before Adam knocked on the door, he could’ve sworn he heard Ashland listening to the Grinning Soul podcast. Ashland was pretty sure Victoria was behind it. He asked why Adam cared so much. “I hated what you did to my family, back when I cared about being part of the family. And since then they’ve made it crystal clear that I am dispensable,” Adam said. He declared he was through with all of his family.

Adam said he and Ashland were in a similar situation, even though they didn’t get there in the same way. Adam knew what it was like to be pushed aside – not good enough for the Newmans. Adam knew it must hurt for Victoria to tell Ashland she’d never forgive him. Ashland glared and said Adam had no idea how he felt. Adam said he actually believed Ashland loved Victoria. Adam figured he was the only person on the planet who thought Ashland felt remorse. Adam stated that Ashland’s remorse got him nothing, like Adam’s family loyalty got him nothing. Adam said his family had one standard for themselves and another for Adam and Ashland. Ashland realized that he and Adam did want the same thing. “To see our enemies taken down? Where do we start?,” Adam asked.

Ashland asked if Adam was really ready to commit to this. Adam wanted his family to be sorry for the way they turned their backs on him. The easiest way to achieve that was to team up with Ashland. Adam said that he had something Ashland needed, because he was on the inside. Ashland countered that Adam just said he wasn’t on the inside anymore. Ashland asked how Adam could be helpful to him. Adam said he knew how the family operated, and he knew the pressure points that worked on his father and sister. Adam thought Ashland would be smart to use that information to take down Victoria and hurt Victor.

Sally was in her office. She texted Chloe to call her about some new developments. Victor showed up. He picked up Sally’s nameplate, that said she was CEO, and he chuckled. Victor believed Sally knew what Adam’s next move was. She said she didn’t. He asked if she knew he’d asked Adam to helm Newman Media and that Adam said no. Sally confirmed that Adam told her. Victor said he and Adam created Newman Media, and Adam made it a force to be reckoned with. Victor said there was nothing in Sally’s background to suggest she knew what she was doing running this company. She said lots of people changed careers, and the skills she used to run a fashion house translated to this job. She said she wasn’t the CEO because she was Adam’s girlfriend, but because Adam believed in her talent and ability. She was willing to prove that to anyone who had doubts. Victor wanted Sally to convince Adam to become CEO of Newman Media.

Sally asked why Victor couldn’t accept Adam’s decision. Victor held up the nameplate and said he knew Sally had influence over his son. He instructed her to convince Adam to return and assume his proper role as CEO of Newman Media. “I have a feeling this is something I shouldn’t refuse,” Sally said. He told her to have a nice day and left. She called Adam and told him they needed to talk.

Adam ran into Nick on his way into Sally’s office. Adam asked Nick if it felt good to replace him. Nick said his career change had nothing to do with Adam. Adam asked if Nick had business with Sally. He said he cared about Sally, and the job meant the world to her. Nick said he had a feeling that if Adam didn’t come back to Newman Media, Victoria would fire Sally. Adam said it wasn’t fair to fire Sally because she was dating Adam. Nick said Victoria didn’t feel like Sally was the right fit for the job. Adam said Sally had been doing stellar work. Nick didn’t know anything about Sally’s track record, but he bet no one would have a problem with Adam as Newman Media CEO and Sally as COO. Adam asked what if he came back as COO of Newman Media and let Sally stay CEO. Nick said Victoria wanted someone more experienced. “And who isn’t sleeping with me,” Adam said. Adam wanted to talk to Victoria before Nick talked to Sally. Nick agreed and left.

Adam went into Sally’s office, and she asked who he was talking to in the hall. He pretended he was just talking to an employee who heard he was quitting. He asked what happened with his dad. She told him Victor wanted her to convince Adam to come back, and Victor implied her days were numbered if she didn’t comply. She suggested Victor cared about Adam’s well being. He wished that were true, but he said Victor was just playing games and dragging Sally into it. Adam thought his father made it clear that he only saw Adam as a tool to keep Victoria and Nick in line. Adam was sick of it. He told Sally she wasn’t leaving Newman Media, and he promised to take care of everything. She asked how. “You don’t want to know,” he said while smiling.

Victor visited Victoria at her office and said he enjoyed watching her work. She assured him Newman was in good hands. She said Sally needed to go. He said not so fast, because Sally could be essential. He said Sally might be able to lure Adam back into running Newman Media. Victoria said Adam made his position clear. She thought they should put someone new and fresh in that position. Ashland strolled in and announced he had something to say.

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