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Ben has Ciara blindfolded and brings her to an empty apartment which he reveals is their new home.

Devil Johnny enters the Horton House in the dark where The Devil recalls setting the Christmas tree on fire. Julie enters the living room and questions who is there and what they are doing in her house.

Craig tells Nancy that they need to go somewhere private. Nancy says she has nothing to say and mocks him being with another woman. Chloe argues that Craig said he would tell her. Craig says he tried to explain but she threw clam chowder on him and stormed off. Nancy asks again what else there is to talk about when her marriage is over and her husband is cheating on her. Nancy says that Chloe and Craig obviously know something that she doesn’t, so she asks which one of them is going to tell her about it.

Kristen returns to Abigail with dessert and asks if she’d like some peach pie. Abigail tells her that she can choke on her pie. Abigail grabs Kristen’s arm. Kristen warns her to let go but Abigail says not until she tells her what she did to her Uncle Steve and Aunt Kayla, as she reveals the licenses that she found. Kristen asks what she thinks she did to them. Kristen asks Abigail how DiMeras eliminate problems. Abigail then guesses that she killed them.

Ben tells Ciara that he’s been looking for apartments to surprise her and then he asked Julie for help, so they decided this is the best one. Ciara says she loves the apartment they have. Ben brings up having a baby and how they will need more room. Ciara jokes that they will need a warehouse. Ben tells her that the second bedroom here is crying to be a nursery.

Julie turns on the lights as Johnny tells her that it’s just him. Julie accuses him of breaking in to her house. Johnny apologizes for scaring her. Julie remarks that DiMeras don’t obey common decency laws and says you don’t just walk in to somebody’s house. Johnny talks about getting obsessed with ideas and forgetting what he’s doing. Julie asks if he just goes in to random buildings or if he had a reason for coming here. Johnny informs Julie that he was wanting to talk to Doug because he wanted to talk to someone else who knows what it’s like to have the Devil inside of him…

Craig repeats to Nancy that they need to talk to privately and asks to go back to her room. Chloe wants Nancy to calm down but she refuses. Nancy remarks that it looks like Chloe and Brady know what’s going on. Nancy adds that she dumped clam chowder in Craig’s lap at the Pub, so the entire town is going to know that he broke their marriage vows. Nancy questions what there is to talk privately about. Nancy then starts asking about the other woman and tells Craig to be straight with her. Craig says he will, but not with an audience. Craig declares he’s going back to the room and walks off. Chloe tells Nancy that he’s trying to do the right thing, so she asks her to go be with him. Nancy asks what she did to deserve this as she goes after Craig. Brady hugs Chloe.

Kristen tells Abigail that she didn’t kill Steve and Kayla, she neutralized them because they didn’t give her a choice since they were sticking their nose in her business. Abigail complains about her kidnapping. Kristen talks about Steve and Kayla going around Rome as a priest and nun while now they really are living a celibate life. Kristen adds that maybe they have found some peace. Abigail asks if they are on this island. Kristen warns that Abigail doesn’t want to meet the same fate they did.

Kayla wakes up on the floor of a room and wonders what the hell Kristen has done now.

Craig and Nancy go back to their hotel room at the Salem Inn. Nancy brings up that just yesterday, they were in bed together and she was the happiest woman in the world but she didn’t know who he was or what he had done. Craig apologizes to her for hurting her but Nancy doesn’t want to hear it. Craig calls himself a coward. Nancy thinks she knows why he wanted to come here and asks if he’s going to tell her it was all a big mistake and that he wants her forgiveness.

Julie questions what Johnny is saying to her. Johnny informs her that his movie is back on and Doug went through what Marlena did. Julie brings up how Johnny didn’t come visit when he got back from Italy and didn’t drop by for Christmas or send any cards when Doug was in the hospital. Julie argues that Johnny has never bothered with them at all and now he wants to talk to Doug to find out what going through Hell is like. Julie accuses him of just wanting to make money off Doug and Marlena’s suffering. Johnny remarks that Marlena is fine with it but Julie says she is not. Julie states that Johnny is combining his father’s arrogance with his mother’s towering insensitivity. Johnny claims he didn’t mean to offend her and admits he is everything she said. Johnny apologizes and says he does everything wrong and is like them. Julie acknowledges that he’s just young and stupid. Johnny asks if they can start over. Julie tells him it will have to be another time as she is going to take a housewarming gift to Ben and Ciara. The Devil’s interest is piqued as Johnny asks about them moving. Julie plans to make sure Ben and Ciara get a cross that says “God Bless Our Home”. The Devil then uses his powers to cause smoke in the kitchen, setting off the smoke alarm, and causing Julie to rush to check on it. Devil Johnny looks at her cross and mocks that it must have cost 4 or 5 bucks.

Ben talks to Ciara about apartment plans. Ciara worries that they are jumping the gun and paying more expensive rent before they need it. Ben thinks moving now will give them time to fix things up so they won’t be under so much pressure. Ben adds that they have to act fast since they aren’t the only ones interested in the place. Ben says he loves the place, but they are not moving in unless Ciara loves it too. Ben asks what she says.

Abigail asks Kristen what fate Steve and Kayla met. Kristen says she has told her everything she needs to know as she did not kill them. Abigail asks where they are and what she did to them. Abigail guesses they have to be somewhere on the island.

Kayla thinks back to fighting with Kristen over her gun until it went off, shooting a statue. Kayla wonders aloud if Kristen really killed Steve and where he is. Kayla then hears knocking from inside a locked box, so she opens it to find Steve with a bandage in place of his eye patch and they embrace. Kayla is thankful that Kristen did not kill Steve.

Kristen tells Abigail that her evidence doesn’t prove that Steve and Kayla are there. Kristen tells her that she can go look for herself and opens the door to the outside, remarking that she’s not a prisoner here which Abigail disagrees with.

Ben asks Ciara what she thinks of the place. Ciara admits she likes the layout and it would be fun fixing it up. Ciara asks when they would sign the lease. Ben then reveals that he already did because it’s the first of the month, so he had to move quick in order to not lose the place. Ben adds that he made the land lady agree to tear up the lease if Ciara didn’t love it. Ben says since she does love it, they could spend the night here if they wanted to. Ben asks Ciara what she thinks. Ciara says yes as they kiss.

Julie returns to the living room and tells Johnny that there was a fire on top of her stove. Johnny says thank God for the smoke alarm. Julie says the same about her fire extinguisher but says it doesn’t make any sense because she never turned the stove on. Johnny suggests it’s malfunctioning then and that she should get someone to look at it right away in case it happens again in the middle of the night. Julie agrees but really wants to get the cross to Ben and Ciara. Johnny offers to take it to them and says he wouldn’t mind at all. Devil Johnny then asks Julie for Ben and Ciara’s new address.

Craig tells Nancy that he can’t ask her to forgive him. Nancy asks why not and argues they are not the first couple going through this. Nancy thinks they can get past all of this if they love each other and he promises this won’t happen again. Craig responds that he can’t do that. Nancy asks if he’s telling her that he’s in love with this other woman. Craig confirms that he is in love, but with a man, leaving Nancy shocked.

Chloe tells Brady that this feels like being in the waiting room in the ER after a horrible crash and they’re just waiting to find out who makes it and who doesn’t. Brady encourages that this is not a matter of life and death so no one is going to die her. Chloe cries that she just doesn’t know how her mom is going to take it since Craig is her whole life. Brady assures that Nancy is tough. Chloe knows she’ll survive but wonders if she will be the same.

Nancy questions if after all these years, she was just a cover story. Craig insists that he loves her. Nancy complains that Craig never told her how he was feeling. Craig cries that he didn’t know. Nancy asks if this is the first man he’s ever slept with. Craig admits it is not as he knew he was attracted to men in college and confirms he was sleeping with men. Craig says he realized that wasn’t the life he wanted to live, so he put those feelings aside and married Nancy. Nancy cries that she has feelings too. Craig says he did love her and wanted to build a life with her. Craig states that he never cheated on her until now. Nancy questions Craig saying he loves this man and that he loves her. Nancy asks if he’s bisexual, arguing that he owes her the truth. Craig agrees that he does and declares that he is gay.

Ben tells Ciara that he planned ahead so she has hot cocoa for later, but for now he suggests they christen the new place. Ciara notes that she saw he made the bed up. Ben says he wanted tonight to be perfect as they kiss. Ben then picks Ciara up to carry her to the bedroom, but there’s a knock at the door. Ciara questions who that could be in their brand new apartment. Ben guesses it must be Julie, but he answers the door to see Johnny.

Kayla tells Steve that she was so scared and asks what happened. Steve explains that Kristen showed up at their hotel room in Rome with a gun. Steve says he didn’t know what happened to her. Kristen doesn’t know where they are and guesses that Kristen drugged her. Steve says the last thing he remembers was trying to get the gun away from Kristen, but she must have knocked him out and drugged him. Kayla wonders where they are. Steve looks over a supply shelf with water, flashlights, and an emergency kit. Steve notices an alarm on the wall. Kayla finds lanterns and hurricane safety pamphlets. Steve guesses it’s a storm shelter and bets they are on an island.

Abigail asks if Kristen is trying to scare her. Kristen says she’s just warning her that it’s a jungle outside. Kristen mentions seeing Abigail leave the house before on the cameras. Kristen adds that there is no one out there to help her as they are on an island in the middle of the ocean. Kristen notes that she isn’t the first to try to escape, but most die in the jungle before they ever see the water and the ones that do get that far wash up on the rocks. Kristen tells Abigail that this isn’t the beach of her dreams.

Craig can’t expect Nancy to understand. Nancy responds that she understands perfectly and argues that Craig married her while knowing that he was attracted to men. Nancy says she married him because she loved him, not thinking to ask if he was keeping anything from her like being gay. Craig responds that he didn’t tell her because he managed to control those feelings. Craig says they had a good marriage and beautiful children. Nancy complains that it was all based on lies and asks why now and why this man. Craig responds that it’s different now because he’s in love and now that he knows how he feels about this man, there’s no turning back.

Ciara greets Johnny with a hug and says it’s so good to see him. Ciara introduces Ben to her cousin Johnny. Ben asks what he wants. Johnny senses they weren’t expecting visitors but says he comes bearing a gift from Julie. Ciara calls that sweet but asks why Julie didn’t bring it herself. Johnny says that Julie had some fires to put out but she wanted them to have this right away and didn’t want them to spend another night there without it to protect them. Johnny says she wants them to hang it outside. Ciara opens the gift to see the cross and says it’s beautiful but questions why Julie thinks they need protection. Johnny presumes it was because the Devil is after their baby. Ben clarifies that the Devil was after their baby, but he has been exorcised. Ciara adds that Marlena is thankfully fine now so that is all over and done with. Ben brings up how Johnny was going to make a movie about this. Johnny confirms that he is since the producer wants it done right away. Ben tells Johnny to keep them out of his movie because he thinks him making a movie about what happened to Marlena is creepy, especially since she is Johnny’s grandmother and he’s going to make money off what happened to her. Johnny comments on Ben being devoted to Marlena. Johnny claims he’s not thrilled with the idea of the movie but Marlena is fine with it. Ciara thanks him for bringing the cross. Johnny notes that Julie sent a hammer and nails too so he thinks she wants it up as soon as possible. Ben thanks Johnny for bringing it by and says it was nice seeing him as he goes to hang it up. Johnny and Ciara say it was great seeing each other. Johnny comments on Ciara’s baby having a protective father as he exits.

Abigail warns Kristen not to be so smug because her house of cards is crumbling. Kristen feels she’s not smug, but self-assured. Abigail guesses Kristen sent Chad a text to tell him not to worry about her. Abigail brings up how she told Chad everything Kristen had done to Kate and that she did the same thing to Sarah, so he’s going to figure out that she didn’t just voluntarily leave him and their children. Abigail warns that Chad won’t stop until he finds her. Kristen calls this family property so Chad is welcome any time. Kristen tells Abigail to rest and relax but she refuses. Abigail shouts that Kristen overplayed her hand and this is all unraveling as Kristen exits the room.

Steve explains to Kayla that Kristen thought that Xander hired him to look for Sarah, but when he told her it was about Philip, she tried to cover but she looked relieved. Steve recalls that Xander was convinced that Sarah didn’t leave Salem on her own. Steve wants to know just how many people from Salem are on this island.

Chloe tells Brady that she’s really mad at Craig. Chloe says he’s her father and she knows he’s in so much, but she’s really mad at him. Brady understands and would be worried if she wasn’t. Chloe guesses Craig has told Nancy by now and prays for God to help her through this.

Nancy questions how long Craig has known this guy. Craig says it’s been a few months. Nancy questions him knowing that he’s in love with him already and how that can be. Craig responds that he’s changed everything for him and helped him face things that he’s spent his entire life trying not to face. Craig declares that for the first time in his life, he knows who he is and he can’t go back to living the way he was. Nancy stops him and says she doesn’t want to hear another word out of his mouth because now it’s her turn.

Chloe thanks Brady for being there. Brady says that’s what friends are for and no matter what, they are friends. Chloe talks about how this changes everything and wonders what holidays are going to be like from now on. Chloe cries that it’s never going to be the same. Chloe talks about knowing and loving this family since she was 15 but now she feels like it’s gone forever as Brady hugs her.

Nancy tells Craig that he’s not going to be the one to say it’s over, it’s going to be her because she cannot be with a man who can just throw their lives away after all of this, because he just realized something he should’ve been honest about years ago. Nancy argues that he should’ve told her before she was his wife. Craig apologizes. Nancy doesn’t care how sorry he is and says she can’t stand to look at him anymore. Nancy wants him to leave because their marriage is over and dead. Nancy declares that Craig is dead to her too and yells at him to get out of her room. Craig then exits as Nancy breaks down crying.

Abigail tells herself that she’s not just going to sit around and do nothing, she’s going to find Steve and Kayla, and then they are all getting the hell out of here.

Kayla asks Steve if he thinks Sarah is here too. Steve doesn’t know for sure but he has a feeling they are not alone on this island. Steve says they need to get out of this place and find out who else is here. Kayla says she is ready if he is.

Ben hangs the cross outside their door and then picks Ciara up to carry her back inside. After they shut the door, Devil Johnny returns and mocks them. Ciara tells Ben that she will call Julie in the morning to thank her and says it’s so like her to want to bless them and keep them all safe. Ben picks Ciara up as they kiss and carries her to the bedroom. Outside, Devil Johnny uses his powers to turn the cross upside down and then walks away.

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