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Gwen talks to Jack on the phone about how everyone is worried about Sarah and how awful what she went through was. Gwen acknowledges that it complicates things for her but she’s hanging in there. Xander then comes home. Gwen hangs up so Xander asks if everything is okay. Gwen explains that Jack was just concerned for her since Sarah is back. Gwen admits things have been a struggle. Gwen adds that Jack said he would be here for their wedding, assuming that Xander still wants to get married.

Abigail goes to the hospital and sees Maggie. Maggie hugs her and says it’s so good to see her. Abigail asks if there’s any changes with Sarah. Maggie says no and she’s just waiting for Kayla to go over her test results. Abigail is sorry for everything they are going through as she feels like it’s all her fault.

Sarah tries asking the nurse to untie her but she says it’s against hospital policy. Sarah complains that she’s desperate to get a hold of her fiancée. Sarah asks the nurse to just dial the phone and hold it for her. The nurse agrees to help and asks what the number is. Sarah tries to remember the phone number.

At the DiMera Mansion, Anna finds Tony having a drink in the living room. Anna says she’s been waiting for him in the dining room where Harold made his favorite. Tony responds that he’s not hungry. Anna guesses he’s still angry about the Sarah thing and paying her back. Tony confirms that he is still angry because Anna isn’t sorry at all.

Nicole visits Rafe in the interrogation room. Nicole mentions just checking in with Abe and that Eli is still in a coma. Rafe worries about Lani and if Eli is going to come out of the coma. Rafe argues that Eli and Lani don’t deserve this. Nicole agrees but notes that bad things often happen to good people and a lot of bad people get away with too much. Rafe assumes this means there’s no news on Ava. Nicole remarks that it’s like she just vanished.

Ava sits in a hotel room watching the news on TV about Rafe’s trial, finding out that the verdict is coming soon. Ava remarks that it better be guilty.

Gwen asks Xander again if he still wants to marry her. Xander tells her that she knows how much he loves her. Gwen points out that’s not an answer. Xander apologizes but admits that right now he doesn’t have an answer as he doesn’t see how he can make plans for the future until he knows that Sarah will be okay. Gwen asks what happens if Sarah gets better. Xander says he doesn’t know. Xander swears he’s not trying to hurt Gwen but he doesn’t have a clear answer for her right now. Xander tells Gwen that he will be back later. Gwen questions where he’s going. Xander says he’s going to the hospital and exits the room.

Maggie assures Abigail that what happened to Sarah wasn’t her fault. Abigail argues that if she hadn’t convinced Gabi to dig up Dr. Rolf’s drug, the syringe would never have been in the room for Kristen to use on Sarah. Maggie points out that if it wasn’t for Abigail, she would still believe that Sarah willingly left Salem instead of being held prisoner. Abigail doesn’t know if she can take credit for rescuing Sarah since she was just knocked out and taken to the same island.

Anna questions Tony for wanting her to apologize for how she reacted to Sarah’s verbal assault. Tony argues that Sarah has been drugged. Anna questions that excusing her behavior. Tony asks what excuses Anna’s. The home phone rings so Anna answers it. Sarah tells Anna that it won’t be long before she’s home where she belongs and Anna is on the street. Anna then tells Tony that the call is for him and hands him the phone.

Rafe questions how somebody just walks out of the police department and vanishes. Rafe says unless they find out who helped Ava or Ava herself, there’s no way they can prove that she set him up which is what she wants. Rafe guesses Ava will get her revenge.

Ava calls Gwen and is excited to tell her about the verdict in Rafe’s trial coming in soon. Ava declares that Rafe’s relationship with Nicole will go up in smoke and Rafe will spend several years behind bars so he will finally get what he deserves.

Maggie continues to encourage Abigail about finding Sarah and says she will be eternally grateful to her for that. Kayla comes over and greets them, noting she’s glad Maggie is there because she has Sarah’s test results and it’s not good news.

Tony answers the phone and talks to Sarah as if she is Renee. Sarah says he has to come get her and complains about being tied to the bed. She says she’s going crazy without him and she just wants to be in his arms as Xander walks in to the room.

Nicole tells Rafe that he cannot give up as they don’t even know what the jury will decide. Rafe argues that the testimonies were pretty convincing and Melinda made the most of it. Nicole says that was partly her fault for posing as a reporter to try to get the con man to admit he was lying. Rafe understands she was just trying to help. Nicole feels all she did was fire up Melinda to go after him even harder and she’s so sorry about that. Rafe says all he cares about is that Nicole has been there for him every step of the way and he’s so grateful for that. Melinda walks in and announces the verdict is in.

Ava tells Gwen that it is very satisfying that her plan worked brilliantly. Gwen sarcastically congratulates Ava for screwing over her boyfriend. Ava questions Gwen’s bad mood and asks if Sarah came home and run straight to Xander’s arms. Gwen states that it wasn’t quite the reunion Xander expected.

The nurse hangs up the phone and rushes out of the room as Xander enters while Sarah complains that Tony didn’t get a chance to respond to her request. Sarah says Tony is probably on his way to rescue her and asks what Xander wants. Xander asks how she’s doing. Sarah complains about being tied up. Xander says he hates seeing her like that, so Sarah suggests that he untie her.

Kayla shows Maggie and Abigail the recent brain scan of Sarah and how the drug affected her long term memory. Maggie asks if they can reverse the damage, pointing out that Abigail recovered. Kayla says she compared these results to Abigail’s and the damage to Sarah’s brain is far more extensive. Abigail asks if it’s because of how the drug was administered. Kayla says that’s part of it since Abigail got it through a drink while Sarah was injected with a full syringe of a larger dose so the damage to her brain is far more severe. Maggie asks if she’s saying that Sarah will never recover. Kayla thinks it’s too early to make any definitive prognosis or predict Sarah’s recovery. Kayla says they are just trying to come up with an effective treatment. Kayla thinks their best option is to transfer Sarah to Bayview which worries Maggie. Abigail asks if there’s nothing more they can do here. Kayla says they are working on it and waiting for a report from a specialist but keeping her here against her will is not doing her any good. Maggie doesn’t understand why Sarah would be better off in an institution. Kayla points out that Maggie has power of attorney over Sarah’s medical decisions, so what happens next is really up to her and Maggie gets to decide where Sarah is treated. Maggie thinks the best medicine would be for her to take Sarah home.

Xander doesn’t think untying Sarah right now is a good idea even though he hates it. Sarah argues that it means Xander doesn’t give a damn about her. Maggie walks in and asks what Xander is doing here. Xander says he just wanted to see how “Renee” is doing. Maggie informs Xander that Kayla has Sarah’s test results and she’s given permission for her to share the information with Xander. Xander thanks her and says he’s so sorry for what she’s going through. Xander then exits the room. Sarah tells Maggie that she can follow him out. Maggie knows Sarah is angry at her and says she’s sorry but she’s being released. Maggie announces she came here to take her home. Sarah questions going to Maggie’s home and says no because the only place she’s going when she gets out, is to Tony and if she cannot be with him, she will lose her mind.

Anna asks Tony what “Renee” wanted. Tony says she wanted him to get her out of the hospital. Anna remarks that Tony has been acting like her lap dog so he might as well be her getaway driver too. Anna asks if Tony agreed to do it. Tony says she hung up before he could respond. Anna suggests they can go eat now but Tony says not so fast as he wants Anna to apologize first.

Gwen informs Ava that Sarah thinks she is a woman name Renee DuMonde and thinks Xander is someone named Alex. Ava asks if this isn’t a good thing. Gwen says she would think so but Xander won’t let it go and only talks about Sarah as he just went to see her at the hospital where he thinks they can bring her back to reality since Abigail recovered from that drug, so they believe Sarah will too. Ava encourages that Xander loves Gwen and is engaged to her. Gwen points out that Xander was also engaged to Sarah once and Abigail told her the only reason they are together is because Xander thought he lost Sarah. Gwen worries about what becomes of her if Sarah does snap out of it. Ava encourages her and then sees the verdict is in so she hangs up to watch the TV.

Rafe and Nicole arrive at the court. Rafe declares that this is the moment of truth. Melinda approaches and asks what they are waiting for as she heads inside. Nicole tells Rafe that whatever happens, she is always on his side. Rafe and Nicole then enter the court room.

Xander doesn’t get it since Abigail made a full recovery and asks if Kayla is just giving up on Sarah. Kayla explains that Sarah’s damager was more significant so the treatment will be significantly longer. Xander points out that Abigail was out for months. Kayla reveals that with Sarah, it could take years. Xander wonders if it could take forever and Sarah may never be herself again.

Anna argues that Sarah just called and made outrageous insults at her and Tony still expects an apology from her. Maggie arrives and apologizes for interrupting. Tony asks about Sarah. Maggie says the test results came back and the news is not good. Anna worries that they are going to be stuck forever with the reincarnation of Renee DuMonde. Anna apologizes to Maggie for being insensitive since what has happened to Sarah is tragic and she can’t imagine how worried Maggie must be. Anna thought Sarah was a lovely young woman. Tony tells her not to talk about her like she’s in the past when she’s still alive. Anna just wants Maggie to understand that it’s not Sarah that she hates, but Renee. Tony asks Maggie what’s going on. Maggie repeats that it’s not good as the damage to Sarah’s brain is severe and Kayla is working on a treatment plan, but in the meantime, Sarah is being discharged. Anna calls that a relief since Maggie must be looking forward to having her home. Maggie reveals that Sarah refuses to come home with her because she considers this her home and she only wants to be here with Tony. Anna says no and calls it terribly sad that Sarah doesn’t want to come home with her own mother but she and Tony can’t possibly entertain this request. Tony tells Anna not to speak for him. Anna questions if he thinks this is a good idea. Maggie says there is no need to argue as she wasn’t going to ask if Sarah could stay here as she knows it’s not a viable solution. Anna thanks her and asks why she did come by then. Maggie knows it’s also not a great way to solve this problem, but she is desperate and it’s all she could come up with for now. Maggie tells them to feel free to say no and tell her if it’s an outrageous request. Tony asks what she came up with. Maggie reveals she hoped that Tony would move in with them at the Kiriakis Mansion instead.

Abigail brings Kayla a water. Xander argues that Abigail has done enough and blames her syringe for what happened to Sarah. Abigail tells him that she’s so sorry for everything that has happened to Sarah, but she never would’ve known about the drug if Gwen hadn’t used it on her. Xander warns her not to blame Gwen and blames Abigail’s twisted revenge scheme. Abigail brings up that Dr. Rolf created the drug, so maybe he could create an antidote.

Anna questions Maggie wanting Tony to live with her. Maggie knows it’s unorthodox but Sarah is so fixated on him, so being in his presence is the only thing that keeps him calm. Anna questions using her husband as a therapy animal. Maggie tells Anna that she’s sorry as she knows it would affect her but points out that they could still be together a lot of the time as Tony would only have to be with them during the evenings. Maggie cries that the only alternative is that she would have to commit Sarah and she can’t do that to her daughter. Tony agrees that she’s been through enough already. Maggie knows what she’s asking but assures it would just be for a short time until the doctors can figure out a proper treatment. Maggie feels it’s the only way that Sarah would agree to come home with her. Maggie cries that she doesn’t know what else to do and she’s so worried about Sarah. Maggie pleads with Tony to help her daughter.

Rafe and Nicole excitedly exit the court room. Rafe can’t believe it. Nicole encourages that the jury could tell he was a good guy and now he’s a free man. Rafe is happy to be going home as they hug. Melinda comes over and brings up Nicole’s witness tampering, threatening to still charge her with it. Nicole tells her to go ahead and try since all the witnesses were lying. Melinda warns her that being smug has a way of coming back and biting her. Melinda walks away as Rafe and Nicole rejoice.

Ava is shocked to find out that Rafe is not guilty. Ava screams that this can’t be happening and begins throwing things across her hotel room.

Maggie returns to the hospital. Sarah reminds her that she’s not going anywhere with her and she only wants to go home to Tony. Maggie tells her that she’s not taking her to the DiMera Mansion so Sarah yells at her to get out. Maggie informs Sarah that she spoke to Tony and he’s agreed to live with them at the Kiriakis Mansion.

Tony packs his bags and tells Anna that he knows this is difficult. Anna calls it infuriating, horrifying, and mind boggling. Tony argues that he’s trying to help a woman, who’s daughter survived a terrible trauma and she recently lost another daughter. Tony yells that he’s doing this for Maggie and it’s only going to be temporary. Anna argues that sending Sarah off to an institution would also only be temporary where there are doctors trained to deal with mental illness. Tony brings up that Kayla said the institution couldn’t take care of Sarah since her condition is rare and complicated. Anna calls it not fair to ask Tony to do this. Anna says it’s too much. Tony asks Anna what if this was Carrie, not knowing that Anna was her mother and believing she was a woman who died 40 years ago. Tony asks if Anna wouldn’t move heaven and earth just to help her daughter. Tony encourages Anna to put herself in Maggie’s place for him.

Kayla tells Abigail that she had been so busy that she hadn’t thought about that. Abigail knows it might not be a great idea since they are talking about Dr. Rolf and he might not be interested in helping them find an antidote for someone he doesn’t give a damn about. Kayla asks if she can think of anyone who could get through to him. Abigail brings up that Dr. Rolf had a soft spot for Chad, but Chad has his hands full because he’s getting ready to seduce Leo Stark.

Xander returns home and tells Gwen that Kayla can’t tell how long it will take Sarah to recover or if she ever will. Gwen calls that tragic and sad. Xander says there might be a bright side as Abigail did come up with a possible solution; Dr. Rolf himself, since he invented the drug so maybe he could come up with the antidote to counteract it. Gwen supposes that is possible. Xander declares he won’t wait to find out and he’s going to prison to talk to him. Xander hoped that Gwen would come with him.

Rafe and Nicole return home. Rafe talks on the phone to Gabi and tells her that seeing Arianna off is more important and they will celebrate the moment she gets back. Nicole and Rafe have champagne to celebrate. Rafe brings up the last time they were in the kitchen when he was arrested and he asked what she thought about starting a relationship and she never really answered him. Nicole says there was a lot going on. Rafe points out that now here they are back in the kitchen, so he’s going to ask her again, what she thinks about them. Nicole puts down their glasses of champagne and kisses Rafe until Ava appears and says “how adorable”.

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