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Stephanie and Chad go to the Horton House as Stephanie is on the phone with Paulina. Stephanie assures that she has this all under control and she has come up with a fool-proof strategy. Stephanie promises Paulina that Sloan won’t be a problem for her or Chanel anymore as they hang up. Chad asks Stephanie what the plan is that they have. Stephanie admits it beats the hell out of her.

Allie comes home to Chanel after dropping Henry off with Nicole for a sleepover with Holly. Chanel comments that it’s great that Nicole decided to make that a weekly thing. Allie points out that it means they will get one night a week all to themselves. Chanel asks what she wants to do tonight. Allie suggests they could call Alex.

Sonny is at home on the phone with Will. Sonny gets that Will has to stay and do his job, but admits he was really looking forward to seeing him. Alex walks in. Sonny asks Will what about next weekend and guesses he will try. Sonny tells Will that he loves him and hangs up. Alex asks what the hell Will did now. Sonny says nothing and that he was just supposed to come for a visit but he’s stuck in LA. Sonny asks Alex if he wants to stay in and hang out tonight. Alex informs Sonny that he actually has plans as Sonny might not be getting lucky tonight, but he sure as hell is.

Sloan walks through the town square and comes across a campaign table promoting Paulina for Governor with Leo dressed up in a donkey costume, handing out free cookies. Sloan stops and demands that he take off the mask, threatening to scream for the cops if he doesn’t. Leo reluctantly removes his mask and Sloan tells him that he is so busted.

Chanel questions Allie really wanting to call Alex. Allie asks why not. Chanel thought they agreed that the threesome wasn’t going to be a regular thing. Allie clarifies that she meant that they could go get drinks. Allie assures that they are on the same page regarding Alex and that the threesome was a one time thing. Allie figured that the sooner they go back to hanging out, the less awkward it will be. Chanel agrees that makes sense but asks if they can do it another night because she’s not really in the mood to go out tonight. Allie asks if everything is okay. Chanel admits that it’s not.

Sonny questions if Alex is just back to being a player. Alex reminds Sonny that he told him he needs to get over Stephanie and move on. Sonny questions him taking his advice. Alex informs Sonny that he found out that Stephanie is not just not in to him, but she’s hung up on someone else. Sonny asks who, so Alex reveals that it’s Chad.

Chad questions Stephanie telling Paulina that they had a plan when they don’t. Stephanie says she was up all night trying to figure out a way to neutralize Sloan but came up with nothing. Chad suggests hiring a private investigator to try and dig up dirt on her but Stephanie worries that would take too long. Stephanie wishes they could just get the original copies of what Sloan has on Chanel. Chad notes that would be complicated and suggests there’s always the option of paying off Sloan’s client. Stephanie says Paulina refuses to be part of extortion and also worries that Sloan’s client would keep demanding more. Chad points out that he never said Paulina had to be the one to pay it. Stephanie questions where else they would get the money. Chad suggests from himself.

Leo questions how Sloan knew it was him. Sloan informs him that her private investigator told her that he was hiding in plain sight, dressed as a mule and she thought he was kidding. Leo corrects her that it’s a donkey and says he’s not hiding but working for Paulina’s campaign committee. Sloan questions someone actually hiring him. Leo calls her rude. Sloan then demands the money he owes her now, unless he wants to play a very unpleasant game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Paulina texts Chanel that she can relax now because their problem is getting solved and everything is looking up. Abe then arrives at her office and asks what she is so happy about. Paulina tells Abe that her polling numbers went up. Abe advises her not to let her guard down because the other side will attack. Paulina assures that she’s tough. Abe relates his experience that the other side will come after the fact that Lani is in prison. Paulina remarks that it’s one thing to come after her but no one is going to come after her daughters.

Allie tells Chanel that she can tell her anything but they get interrupted by a knock at the door. They answer the door to see Johnny, who says he really needs a favor from them.

Sonny tells Alex that there is no way that Chad is interested in someone else when it hasn’t been that long since Abigail passed away. Alex complains that he just saw Chad with Stephanie and they didn’t even notice him because they only had eyes for each other. Sonny repeats that there’s no way. Alex adds that they denied it when he asked if they were hooking up which Sonny questions. Alex states that even if Stephanie wasn’t with Chad, it’s clear she’s not in to him. Sonny questions him going back to being a player. Alex reminds Sonny that he warned him someone would come in to his life to change his ways and that was Stephanie. Alex declares that now he’s going to soothe his broken heart with as much meaningless sex as possible.

Stephanie tells Chad that she would never ask him to use his own money to solve a client’s problem. Chad points out that she didn’t ask, he offered. Stephanie notes that Sloan’s client wants a million dollar payoff. Chad informs her that he has a trust fund. Stephanie repeats that she will not allow him to use his personal funds to get her out of a jam with a client. Chad reminds her that they are in this together. Chad comments that there’s worse things he could do with that money than help out the future Governor of their state and adds that he could use Paulina on his side. Stephanie asks what if the wrong person finds out and people say she used her company to help a DiMera get the Governor in his pocket. Chad admits he didn’t think of that and just thought throwing money at the problem would help. Stephanie then decides he could be right. Stephanie declares that they are going to give Sloan the payday she’s been looking for.

Sloan tells Leo not to play her since she successfully defended him against some serious charges so she tells him to pay up. Leo argues that he thought the free publicity was payment enough. Sloan warns that if Leo doesn’t cut her a check, she will send him to a collection agency that won’t take no for an answer. Sloan asks if they understand each other now.

Allie tells Johnny to start calling before he just comes over because they were in the middle of something. Chanel says it’s okay and that their conversation can wait until later. Chanel then asks Johnny what’s up since last she heard, he was moving in to the DiMera Mansion with Ava. Johnny confirms that he did but Ava had to leave town. Allie questions Ava not saying goodbye to her grandson Henry. Johnny explains that Ava had to make a quick getaway because EJ was going to have her arrested.

Leo argues that Sloan is threatening him with bodily harm which is against the law, so he could make a citizen’s arrest. Sloan tells him that he’s absolutely right but he misconstrued what she was saying because she would never threaten someone with bodily harm. Sloan warns that she’s getting fed up. Leo complains that he’s strapped for cash which is why he took a low paying job. Sloan remarks that she always gets her man and tells Leo that he bet on the wrong horse because there’s no way that Paulina will ever be moving in to the Governor’s mansion. Leo asks how she knows that since he saw she is pulling ahead in the polls. Sloan responds that all it takes is one dirty scandal and Paulina’s political career will be over as quick as Leo’s romance with Craig.

Abe praises that Paulina’s daughters are lucky to have a mom as fierce as she is. Paulina jokes that they both say she gets on their nerves but she loves them so much. Abe assures that they love her just like he does. Abe says he’s proud of her for wanting to be of service to the people of the state. Abe informs Paulina that he has made an important decision and hopes she thinks it’s a good one. Paulina questions what he has decided. Abe announces that if Paulina is elected as Governor, he will resign as Mayor and move to the capitol with her.

Sonny doesn’t think Alex should give up on finding the one. Alex responds that he met the one and it was Stephanie. Sonny argues that if she was the one, he wouldn’t have to convince her and it would just happen. Alex doesn’t like to let things just happen and wants to be proactive. Alex declares that he’s going back to doing what he does best which is having as much no strings sex with as many beautiful women as humanly possible. Alex reveals that he just finished an incredibly, smoking hot threesome. Sonny laughs it off at first but questions if he knows any of the parties involved. Alex confirms that he knows both of them and reveals his threesome was with Allie and Chanel. Sonny is shocked and asks if he’s kidding. Alex assures that he’s not but Sonny doesn’t want to hear any details, pointing out that Allie is Will’s little sister. Sonny warns Alex that he cannot let anyone find out about this. Alex then gets a text from Sloan to skip dinner and come straight to his place. Alex tells Sonny that’s his companion for the evening so he has to go. Sonny asks if Alex was just kidding about Allie and was just trying to mess with him. Sonny yells after Alex as he exits the mansion.

Stephanie tells Chad that they are paying off Sloan’s client now. Chad says he’ll go get his trust fund but Stephanie reminds him that she told him she won’t let him use his own money. Chad questions how else she would get her hands on that much cash. Stephanie responds that she just realized it’s easy as she will go to her father. Chad did not know Steve had that kind of money laying around. Stephanie responds that he does technically since John and Steve helped the DEA bust a drug dealer and used counterfeit money to set him up. Stephanie knows for a fact that the bogus bills are still stashed at the Black Patch office in case they needed to use it again. Chad argues that she can’t be serious. Stephanie feels that if the money fooled a drug lord then it will fool Sloan and she’s sure that Steve and John won’t mind. Chad questions Stephanie wanting to pay Sloan Peterson off with counterfeit money. Stephanie hoped to put Chad in charge of that while she breaks in to Sloan’s apartment.

Alex goes to Sloan’s apartment. Sloan tells him to just come in and shut his mouth as they start kissing.

Paulina tells Abe that she can’t let him move out of Salem when he dedicated his life to serving the people here. Abe says he’s very proud of that but now it’s Paulina’s turn to serve the people of the state and he wouldn’t want to miss that while his deputy mayor is capable of handling things. Paulina questions Abe giving up his career to be her first gentleman. Abe responds that there’s nothing he wants more. Paulina asks what she did to deserve him. Abe says she was just her and kisses her. Paulina then tells Abe that there is something she has to tell him but they are interrupted Leo in his donkey mask, saying he came for his check. Abe tells Paulina that he will let her handle this while he goes to pick them up some food. Leo then removes his mask so Paulina asks if she knows him from somewhere. Leo says he doesn’t think so. Paulina feels like she has seen him before.

Allie can’t believe Ava used a fake marriage license to get Jake’s shares at DiMera. Johnny explains that EJ figured her out as if he hasn’t done way worse things. Chanel asks about the favor Johnny needed. Johnny wonders if their couch is still available. Allie immediately says hell no and absolutely not. Allie tells him that they talked about this and he cannot stay here again. Chanel tries to argue but Allie says the last time drove her nuts and they are not going through that again. Johnny then clarifies that he’s staying at the DiMera Mansion and he’s asking for a friend. Johnny reveals that it’s Wendy who he just met but assures that they will love her.

Abe walks through the town square and comes across Maggie. They hug as Maggie says it’s been awhile. Maggie tells him that she was just shopping for Victor. Abe asks if she knows if Victor is going to support Paulina in the Governor race. Maggie assures that the whole Kiriakis family will and that she already mailed in her and Victor’s ballots, noting that she voted for Abe too. Abe says that means more than she knows. Maggie asks what if Abe and Paulina both win and if they will hate being apart. Abe reveals that they won’t be apart. Maggie questions how they will manage that. Abe responds that she’s the first to hear this news but if Paulina is elected Governor, he will be leaving Salem.

Paulina comments that Leo Stark’s name sounds familiar. Leo claims it’s just a common name but Paulina disagrees. Leo then acknowledges Paulina’s shoes as being from Theresa Donovan’s new collection which impresses Paulina. Paulina gives Leo his check and he questions that being it. Paulina says that’s the going rate for handing out cookies. Leo remarks that he’s going to have to hand out a lot more then. Paulina asks if he’s on hard times. Leo complains about a money grubbing lawyer breathing down his neck and reveals that it’s Sloan. Paulina questions how he got mixed up with her. Leo explains that she defended him for two weeks and now she thinks she owns him. Leo remarks that if he doesn’t pay her off, he’s going to be sleeping on a bench in the town square. Paulina says they can’t have that and that she might just be able to help him out.

Chad questions Stephanie planning to break in to Sloan’s apartment. Stephanie says they have to get their hands on the documents she’s holding over Paulina’s head. Chad asks what if they aren’t there. Stephanie says they have to start somewhere. Stephanie mentions being Steve’s daughter and that in school, she used her student ID to break in to the teacher’s lounge. Stephanie declares that she will do whatever it takes to get her hands on whatever Sloan is hiding.

Sloan and Alex kiss in bed until Sloan’s phone rings. Alex tries to convince her to ignore it but she gets up and answers the call from Stephanie. Sloan says she wondered when she would hear from her and hopes it’s good news for her client’s sake. Stephanie responds that Sloan is getting what she wants and her associate will be at the Brady Pub in one hour. Sloan says she’ll be there and hangs up. Alex questions where she’s going. Sloan responds that she has a very important meeting. Alex questions it being more important than the best sex of her life. Sloan jokes that he thinks highly of himself. Sloan says the meeting shouldn’t take long so she suggests Alex stay put. Alex tells her to forget about it but Sloan then pulls out handcuffs and cuffs him to the bed. Alex says that’s what he’s talking about as they kiss.

Stephanie tells Chad that his meeting is all set so she will go pick up the fake money and then head over to Sloan’s apartment. Chad asks if she really thinks this is going to work. Stephanie says it better and then exits.

Maggie goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and finds Sonny in the living room, watching a movie and eating pizza by himself. Maggie joins him and guesses he is missing Will. Sonny confirms that Will was supposed to come visit but he’s stuck in LA doing rewrites. Maggie relates to being in relationships with men who are married to their careers. Sonny asks if she ever wishes that they would put her first more. Maggie admits that she still wishes Victor would sometimes which Sonny relates to. Maggie knows this has been a problem for he and Will before. Sonny responds that something has to change as he can’t let this break them up again. Maggie suggest Will talk to Abe because she just ran in to Abe and he said if Paulina wins the governorship, he will resign as mayor and go wherever she is. Sonny would love to know how he made that decision.

Leo questions how Paulina can help him deal with Sloan Peterson. Paulina points out that he needs money to pay her off. Leo excitedly asks if she’s going to give him a loan and calls that so generous, asking how he can ever thank her. Paulina asks if she looks like a credit union to him and clarifies that she’s not offering him a loan, but a job.

Allie questions Johnny wanting them to let some random girl that he just met move in to their apartment that she has with her son. Johnny argues that she’s not some random girl as she is Li Shin’s little sister which means she will soon be Gabi’s sister in law. Chanel and Allie question why Wendy doesn’t just buy her own place or move in to the DiMera Mansion and take Ava’s old room. Johnny doesn’t want her living in the same house as him since they are working on something that involves EJ and Li. Allie questions what he’s up to now. Johnny says they just don’t want EJ to catch on to the fact they are working together. Chanel asks when Wendy wants to start staying here. Johnny says tonight. Allie complains that she and Chanel haven’t been living together that long and this will be their second houseguest thanks to him. Johnny insists that Wendy won’t be staying that long and just needs to save up enough money to get her own place. Chanel asks why she doesn’t just borrow from her brother. Johnny says she doesn’t want to do that. Allie asks what Chanel thinks. Chanel responds that she’s okay with it if Allie is. Johnny excitedly thanks them and promises to make it up to them. Johnny hugs Allie and calls her an angel.

Sloan leaves her apartment and after she walks away, Stephanie approaches. Stephanie calls Chad, who is waiting at the Pub. Stephanie asks Chad if he’s ready. Chad says he’s as ready as he’s going to be. They tell each other to be careful and hang up. Stephanie then starts to try and pick the lock of Sloan’s apartment.

Sonny asks Maggie about Abe giving up his whole career just for Paulina. Maggie confirms that’s what Abe said and he didn’t seem to have any doubts about it. Maggie asks what Sonny is thinking. Sonny responds that maybe getting stabbed in the back with a knife was sign from the universe. Sonny points out that Alex is in charge of Titan and is doing just fine, so maybe he should take a page out of Abe’s book and just quit to move to LA with Will. Maggie asks if that’s what he really wants. Sonny admits he loves being the CEO of Titan and it feels like what he was born to do while Maggie points out that Will loves making movies. Maggie thinks they should figure out a way to meet each other halfway which Sonny agrees with. Maggie hugs Sonny and tells him goodnight as she then exits. Sonny then picks up his phone and calls Will to tell him they need to talk.

Allie prepares things for Wendy while Chanel checks her phone and sees she missed a lot of calls and a text from Paulina. Allie asks if everything is okay with her. Chanel says Paulina is fine and just checking in. Allie reminds Chanel that they never finished their conversation when Johnny came by where Chanel said she had something to tell her.

Paulina informs Leo that her assistant Mary has been trying to handle the books for her campaign and her business from Florida and it’s not working out, so she needs another assistant here in Salem. Leo asks if that would be him. Paulina says it would pay better plus benefits. Leo exclaims that he will take it. Paulina compares herself to the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Leo assures that he’ll work his fingers to the bone to make sure her every need is met. Abe then returns and questions what Leo is doing here. Leo points out that he was there when Abe left. Paulina announces that Leo is now her new assistant, shocking Abe.

Chad sits at the Brady Pub with the briefcase of counterfeit money and says it looks real to him. Sloan then arrives and warns Chad that for the sake of his client and his boss, she better like what she sees in the briefcase.

Stephanie successfully breaks in to Sloan’s apartment and finds Alex inside, handcuffed to the bed. Both are shocked and question what the other is doing there.

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