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Roman is on the phone with Kayla at the Brady Pub. Roman tells Kayla that they will miss them but is glad they are there in Seattle for Tripp as they hang up. Eric asks how Tripp is. Roman responds that he’s having a rough time, losing his mom right before the holidays, but Steve and Kayla are there to look out for him. They agree that he’s in good hands. Roman points out that does mean that they have two less people for Thanksgiving dinner, so he hopes Eric and Jada are hungry or else there is going to be tons of leftovers. Eric informs Roman that there is something he needs to know about Jada.

Jada packs her bags in her room until Kate shows up at her door. They wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving. Jada congratulates Kate on her wedding. Kate jokes about being on her deathbed but confirms she’s recovered and feeling great. Kate informs Jada that she came to tell her that dinner will be ready in an about an hour but Jada reveals that she wasn’t planning on coming because she has a lot of packing to do which Kate questions. Jada asks if Eric didn’t tell her that she’s moving out.

Nicole goes to Rafe’s house and returns her key to the house. Nicole looks around and thinks back to when she and Rafe decided to begin their relationship there. Rafe then comes out from the back and is surprised to see her.

Allie is at home on the phone with Tripp, saying that Chanel is still in police custody and Belle is trying to get her out on bail but she hasn’t heard anything else. Allie says it was good talking to him and she’s really sorry about his mom. Allie tells Tripp to take care of himself and hangs up. There’s a knock at the door and Abe arrives. He notes that she looks disappointed. Allie responds that she’s always happy to see him but she just thought it was Chanel.

Chanel remains in the interrogation room, handcuffed to the table. Paulina arrives and hugs her, saying she hasn’t stopped thinking about her for a second as they wish each other a Happy Thanksgiving. Chanel says she was praying that she would see her today. Paulina says she wanted to come sooner but Belle advised her to stay away. Paulina feels she needed her sooner and she’s sorry. Chanel responds that she is the one who is sorry.

Kate questions why Jada is moving out. Jada responds that living here might be a little awkward now that Eric and Nicole are back together. Kate is shocked and questions when that happened. Jada says it was pretty recently. Kate tells her that she’s so sorry but understands Jada wanting to make a clean break. Jada remarks that unfortunately, that may not be possible which Kate questions.

Eric reveals to Roman that Jada is pregnant. Roman feels Eric is not too happy about that. Eric says that he is and calls it a blessing as he always wanted children but it wasn’t planned and they aren’t on the best of terms. Roman asks if something happened. Eric informs him that right before he got the news about the baby, he and Nicole decided to get back together.

Rafe questions why Nicole is at his house. Nicole says she came to get the rest of her things. Rafe tells her that he already told Eric that he would have them sent over to the Pub. Nicole feels he shouldn’t have to do that. Nicole adds that she also came because she thought Rafe would be at the police station and to avoid this. Rafe calls that so Nicole to always take the easy way out. Nicole mentions hearing about the accident last night. Rafe says it’s still under investigation. Nicole knows he can’t talk about it and that they had their issues with Ava, but she still feels terrible about what happened. Rafe says he does too. Nicole mentions hearing that EJ was there and he must be devastated. Rafe confirms he couldn’t even get EJ to give him a statement as he can’t imagine what he’s going through right now. Nicole packs her bags and tells Rafe that she got everything she needs for now and will send for the rest later. Rafe asks about Holly. Nicole admits she’s a little confused about everything going on but she’s okay. Nicole mentions that Holly is with Maggie now until she finds a place to settle down. Nicole asks if Rafe is still cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Rafe responds that he made a promise and doesn’t want to let Gabi and Arianna down since they’ve been looking forward to it. Nicole comments that she was too. Nicole says she’s sorry Rafe had to do everything on his own. Rafe says it’s no big deal. Nicole remembers that she was supposed to make her mother’s pie so he doesn’t have a dessert. Rafe mentions sending Gabi to the Bakery but they were closed. Nicole offers to still make the pie but Rafe says no. Nicole asks why not since there is still time but Rafe says no. Nicole argues that he cannot have Thanksgiving dinner without dessert. Nicole says it’s the least she can do for his family. Rafe then agrees only for Arianna so Nicole puts on an apron.

Allie tells Abe that she’s been baking a lot to keep herself from worrying about Chanel and it makes her feel close to her. Allie mentions making Chanel’s grandmother’s sweet potato pie. Allie asks about Lani since she heard Abe went to Maryland to tell her about Chanel. Abe says Lani obviously misses her family but he assured her that Chanel has lots of support. Abe asks Allie about seeing Chanel yesterday. Allie explains that Melinda wasn’t allowing visitors so she had to get special permission from Rafe but it was really good to see her and spend time together. Allie asks if Paulina has been able to see her yet. Abe responds that she’s at the station with her now and he would be with her, but she asked him to come check on Allie which she says it’s sweet. Abe asks how she is holding up. Allie admits that she’s terrified. Allie talks about how she and Chanel were just talking about their future together, getting married and possibly having kids while now it’s like what if they have no future.

Paulina tells Chanel that she has no reason to be sorry. Chanel argues that she ruined Paulina’s big day as she was elected Governor and instead of celebrating, she was humiliated in public because of her. Paulina argues that the only person to blame for how it went down is Melinda, who insisted Shawn arrest her at the worst possible moment. Chanel remarks that now the whole world knows she committed murder.

Abe tells Allie that Paulina told him the whole story about the incident that Chanel was involved in and that it was just an accident as Chanel did not intend to hurt that woman. Allie asks if he thinks a jury will believe that. Abe says it’s hard to say and what concerns him is the cover up. Abe knows Paulina meant well but admits it could be a problem. Allie is so sorry that they have to go through this. Abe encourages her to be strong for them and that’s all they can do for now as he hugs her.

Paulina argues that Chanel is not a murderer and was only defending herself after she was lured to the roof and attacked. Chanel argues that she was a college student who should’ve known she shouldn’t have been going to bed with a married man. Paulina complains that he had all the power and took advantage of her. Chanel says it doesn’t change the fact that she pushed Martha Bedford off the building. Paulina points out that if she didn’t, Chanel might have been the one who fell to her death. Paulina calls it a tragic accident, no matter what that spiteful daughter says. Chanel questions what daughter. Paulina forgot that Chanel didn’t know. Paulina then reveals that Sloan Peterson is not just some random lawyer, she is Martha and Nathan’s daughter who is hellbent on revenge which shocks Chanel.

Rafe asks Nicole what her plan is. Nicole admits she’s not sure since Jada is pregnant, so she doesn’t know where she stands with Eric. Rafe clarifies that he meant their divorce. Nicole apologizes and admits she hasn’t really thought about it yet. Rafe figured there’s no reason to wait, so they might as well get lawyers after the holiday. Rafe assures that he won’t fight her or drag it out just because she was in love with her ex-husband the entire time they were married. Rafe decides they will just call it irreconcilable differences.

Eric explains to Roman that after he and Nicole talked, they realized they couldn’t fight it anymore, that they wanted to be together, and they love each other. Roman admits he’s not surprised and says as long as Eric is happy, that’s very important to him. Roman guesses Nicole decided to end her marriage to Rafe. Eric confirms that she did and that he was going to end things with Jada when he got a call from Rafe that Jada had fainted, so they went to the hospital and that’s where Sarah broke the news to them that Jada is pregnant which was a total surprise since they were careful. Eric calls it a blessing but admits the timing couldn’t be worse. Roman asks what this means for Eric and Nicole. Eric calls that a good question.

Kate asks Jada if Eric knows about the pregnancy. Jada confirms that he was there when she got the news. Kate asks if that didn’t change anything. Jada says not for her as she’s not looking to trap a man who wants to be with someone else. Kate understands that and admits that before Jada came in to the picture, she was encouraging Eric to get back with Nicole. Jada guesses she saw their undeniable chemistry like everyone else in Salem. Kate says she also saw Eric and Jada together and it was very clear that Eric had feelings for her. Jada says not as strong as his feelings for Nicole. Kate points out that Jada is carrying Eric’s baby now and for a man like Eric, that carries weight, so she doesn’t think Jada should give up on the relationship so easily. Jada points out that Eric is pretty committed to Nicole and Nicole already told Rafe that she wants a divorce, so it’s a pretty done deal. Kate brings up how many times Eric and Nicole have broken up and gotten back together. Kate encourages Jada to fight for Eric. Jada appreciates her advice but says Eric made his decision, so now it’s time for her to make her decision on whether or not she’s going to keep the baby. Kate asks if she’s thinking of terminating the pregnancy. Jada admits it wasn’t her first inclination but she also believes in a woman’s right to choose. Jada says under these circumstances, it’s not ideal to bring a baby in to this world. Kate agrees they aren’t ideal but knowing Eric, she thinks he would be in favor of keeping the baby. Jada confirms that Eric made it clear that he will support whatever decision she makes. Kate tells Jada that she needs to decide what she wants then. Jada talks about how she wanted to be with Eric and if Nicole wasn’t in the picture, she would’ve been happy to raise a child with him but she doesn’t think she’s prepared to be a single parent, so she was thinking maybe she shouldn’t have this baby.

Eric tells Roman that he still loves Nicole and wants to be with her, but they are going to have to have a long conversation about how this is going to work if Jada keeps the baby, but she hasn’t made a decision yet. Eric calls it Jada’s decision to make and he will respect whatever it turns out to be. Roman asks what Eric’s way would be. Eric admits he always wanted to be a father but he hopes that Jada’s decision isn’t based on what he has done, though he would understand if she doesn’t want to have a baby with a guy who left her for his ex-wife.

Paulina explains to Chanel that there was no mystery client and Sloan was the one blackmailing them to avenge her mother. Chanel mentions Nathan telling her that he had two kids but never said their names. Chanel can’t believe that Sloan has been in Salem, lying in wait for over a year. Paulina informs her that it goes back further than that since she was in law school when her mother died and believed it was suicide until her father admitted on his deathbed that it was a lie, but he passed away before he could tell her more so she launched her own investigation and dredged up the evidence Paulina buried a long time ago and now she wants revenge on both of them. Chanel brings up that Melinda threatened to have Paulina arrested if she didn’t talk, but Belle shut it down pretty quickly. Chanel worries that Melinda could still charge Paulina for covering up her crime and declares that she won’t let Paulina pay for something she did. Paulina tells her not to worry as she’s been in plenty of jams and always gotten out so this is no different. Paulina declares that they will be just fine.

Allie tells Abe that today was supposed to be her and Chanel’s first real holiday as a couple and they were so excited to spend Thanksgiving with Paulina and Abe. Abe suggests maybe that could still happen. Allie highly doubts that Chanel will make bail today. Abe points out that he hasn’t stepped down as Mayor yet, so perhaps he could pull a few strings so they could all spend the holiday together which excites Allie.

Jada tells Kate that she didn’t realize how much she needed to talk to someone about this and thanks Kate for listening. Jada decides she should get back to packing. Kate asks if she’s moving out today. Jada says she has a few more days so Kate thinks she should take a break and join them for dinner. Jada asks if she doesn’t think that would be awkward. Kate jokes that Thanksgivings are always awkward, but it will give her and Eric a chance to talk. Jada agrees to think about it. Kate adds that at the end of the day, it’s Jada’s life and body, so it’s her decision. Kate then exits the room.

Roman asks Eric how he would feel if he found out Jada was pregnant and Nicole wasn’t in the picture. Eric thinks he would want to raise a child with Jada but everything happened so fast and early in their relationship. Eric calls Jada a good person and says they get along well. Eric adds that there’s no point in bringing it up because Nicole is a factor as he loves her and always will which is why this has become just a big mess. Kate comes downstairs and calls that quite an understatement as she just heard the news. Eric asks how Jada sounded. Kate doesn’t think Jada could feel worse about conceiving a child with a man who has always been in love with someone else.

Nicole tells Rafe to just put the pie in the oven for 45 minutes and adds that she left a bowl of whipped cream in the fridge. Rafe thanks her. Nicole repeats that it’s the least she could do. Nicole tells Rafe to enjoy his dinner. Nicole starts to cry as she guesses this is goodbye.

Paulina promises Chanel that she will get them out of this mess. Chanel thanks her and says she’s so grateful that she’s looking out for her, but she’s worried about everyone else getting dragged in to this like Abe’s reputation and Allie. Chanel talks about being so ashamed having to tell Allie about what she did. Paulina is sure Allie understands. Chanel asks what if now that Allie knows about her past, she decides she doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Allie then walks in with Abe and declares that is never going to happen. Chanel asks what they are doing here. Allie responds that since she couldn’t come to Thanksgiving, they brought Thanksgiving dinner to her.

Nicole cries to Rafe that she just wanted to tell him again how sorry she is because he’s such a good man and he didn’t deserve this. Rafe responds that maybe he did since they hooked up when he was still with Ava, so maybe it was karma intervening. Nicole doesn’t believe that. Nicole says he’s always been such a good friend to her for all these years and she just wishes they could still be friends and resume what they had before things got complicated. Rafe doesn’t see how that’s possible now. Nicole says she understands and tearfully walks out of the house with her bags.

Kate informs Roman and Eric that they may need to set another place at the table because she invited Jada to join them, though she doesn’t know if she will accept. Jada then comes downstairs and announces she would like to join if they have room at the table. Roman says of course they do. Kate then takes Roman to check on the dinner. Eric tells Jada that he’s really glad that she decided to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. Jada mentions having a talk with Kate and says she was great, offering her really good advice and giving her some clarity about their situation. Eric asks if she’s made a decision about the baby yet. Jada reveals that she has.

Abe, Paulina, Allie, and Chanel have Thanksgiving dinner in the interrogation room at the police station.

Roman, Kate, Eric, and Jada have Thanksgiving dinner at the Brady Pub. Roman asks who wants more pie. Eric and Kate both say they are stuffed. Jada thanks them for having her. Kate says they were glad to have her. Roman points out that they haven’t gone around the table to say what they are thankful for. Eric tells Jada that’s a big part of their Thanksgiving ritual. Roman starts by saying he’s very grateful that Kate made a full recovery and did him the tremendous honor of becoming his wife. Kate says she’s grateful to be here and to be married to Roman. Kate adds that she’s grateful for her children and grandchildren being happy and healthy and that they could share Thanksgiving together. Eric reveals that he and Jada had a conversation. Nicole comes around the corner and sees them as Eric announces that Jada has decided to keep the baby and they will be raising the baby together. Kate claps and calls that great news as Jada hugs Eric while Nicole listens in with a worried expression.

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