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Young & The Restless Update

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Update written by Barbara

At Jabot, Jack firmly urges Kyle and Summer that when they get the go-ahead word from him, they need to get Harrison up to the cabin and into his grandmother’s arms as soon as they can.  He has a plan for getting Jeremy out of Genoa City and if it goes smoothly, Jeremy will be out of their lives for good.

In Tucker’s suite, with Audra hiding in the bathroom after Ashley knocks on the door, he finds himself scrambling to figure out what to tell Ashley. Thinking fast on his feet, he lies and tells her that he had to take another shower because he had worked out at the hotel gym. He tries to distract her by telling her how wonderful the gym is.

After she turns down his offer to come in for a drink, he encourages her to go upstairs to the Glam Club and gives Audra the all-clear to come out of the bathroom.  She tells Tucker that he seems to be getting what he wants both personally and professionally. He lets her know that she will get the reward she deserves if she continues her association with him.

While they’re waiting to hear from Jack, Summer and Kyle decide to open up one of each other’s Christmas gifts.  Summer feels badly about her fight with her mother and how she had to fire her and Kyle is optimistic that she will be able to get through it.

At the Glam Club, things are strained between Noah and Allie, but after they talk about the situation with Audra and smooth things over, Allie tells him she realizes that he only has eyes for her. They kiss, discuss their families’ Christmas traditions and make plans to spend part of the day together.

Tucker joins Ashley at the club and becomes a sounding board for her to vent about how she and Jack cannot get along at all because of Diane.

Over at Crimson Lights, fresh on the heels of Sharon’s uncomfortable run-in with Tucker, Audra comes in and introduces herself to Sharon.  Sharon is quick to mention that she knows who Audra is from seeing her in the coffeehouse previously and is aware that she and Noah are no longer dating. Audra assures Sharon that she knows Noah has no lingering feelings for her and that she won’t cause any trouble for him and Allie.

Chance comes into Crimson Lights, all amped up about cracking a case regarding a man working at the mall as an elf who was responsible for thefts. Audra is sitting at a table sipping her holiday beverage with an amused look on her face as she listens to his conversation with Sharon about it.

Sharon gets a phone call from Faith in Switzerland and steps onto the patio to answer. Audra warms up to Chance, who joins her at the table, and they have a lighthearted conversation. After awhile, he excuses himself and goes over to Sharon to thank her for her support and good advice.

Jack shows up at Jeremy’s suite with a briefcase that has $500,000 in cash inside. He points out to Jeremy that his is twice the amount of money Diane had on her when Jeremy was arrested.

Jack and Jeremy have a heated exchange about the money, which results in Jack getting up in Jeremy’s face and telling him to name his price.  Jeremy deflects and asks if Jack is involved with Diane. Jack is insistent that the situation is all about his son and his grandson.

Jeremy hesitates on Jack’s money offer and tells him it’s more than just the cash.  He insists on meeting with Diane one more time and negotiating with her because he and Diane are on a questions-answers basis.  He tells Jack that after he gets answers from Diane, he will move on, looks over at the briefcase, and adds “with the money, of course.”

After some back and forth talk, Jack tells Jeremy that he thinks he might know where he can find Diane, but he remains firm and unflinching about Jeremy moving on after meeting with her. He tells him that after he has one last chat with Diane, he must take the money and it’s over, “none of us will ever have to see you again.”

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