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Will informs Chad that Lucas didn’t tell him when he fell off the wagon, but it must have been recently since he still had a bandage on his hand. Will adds that Lucas was so far gone that he didn’t even remember how he hurt his hand.

Kate thought Lucas already knew he didn’t kill Abigail. Lucas says he was convinced that he wouldn’t lay a hand on his sister’s kid, but admits deep down he was freaking out about it because he was so drunk that he didn’t remember anything that happened that night. Kate recalls Lucas getting drunk after she told him that Abigail knew that he kidnapped Sami. Lucas brings up that the cops have arrested Clyde, he had the jewelry and they said EJ gave a statement, saying that Clyde was trying to send him a message. Lucas says they all know what happened last time when Clyde sent a message to Victor and Sonny got stabbed, so he thinks the same thing happened to Abigail. Kate declares that Lucas is absolutely right about that and that this is over then. Kate admits it’s been so painful watching Lucas beat himself up about this. Kate calls Lucas a terrible liar as a compliment, meaning it’s not easy for him to pull off a deception. Lucas remarks that maybe he takes after his dad’s side. Kate says now that they know Lucas had nothing to do with Abigail’s death, she asks if he’s really sure he wants to marry Sami with this big secret hanging over them. Lucas asks if she can’t be happy for him for 30 seconds without nagging again. Kate tells him that it’s for his own good. Kate argues that he doesn’t want to see Sami walking down the aisle without coming clean, so he must tell her that he’s the one who kidnapped her.

Johnny and Allie prepare for the wedding at the church while arguing about the Devil making them break up with Chanel. Allie mocks Johnny’s suit and says he can do all he wants to stand out but Chanel is bisexual like her and they get each other which is why they are going to end up together.

Eric sits with Marlena at her place and jokes that a wedding going by the book in Salem would be a unique experience. Eric asks if she’s ready to go. Marlena wants to ask him something first. Marlena asks how he feels about Rafe and Nicole getting married.

EJ tells Nicole that he has all sorts of reason not to enjoy Sami’s marriage. Nicole says EJ can tell her all about it over a drink or maybe he’d like to drown his sorrows with Sami’s sister in hopes of finally getting her in to bed. EJ responds that she underestimates him. Nicole realizes and asks if EJ finally slept with Belle right as Sami then approaches them. Sami comments that they look thick as thieves and asks what they are talking about. Nicole says under normal circumstances, she would tell Sami to mind her own business but today, she will tell Sami exactly what they were talking about.

Johnny messes with Allie’s decorations and they start to argue. Johnny tells her that she can’t name one time that she beat him in a competition. Johnny remarks that he plays for keeps and that he’s going to take Chanel away from her too.

Chad asks Will if Lucas said what made him start drinking. Will says that he just said he felt guilty and that it was about Sami. Will explains that they went on a ski trip where Sami broke her leg and Lucas thinks it was his fault. Chad asks why. Will says that Lucas knew she was tired but she wanted to do one more tough run and he thinks he should’ve stopped her. Will adds that Sami clearly isn’t holding it against him since she’s marrying him. Will calls it still kind of hard to believe. Will knows Sami and Lucas will always love each other but admits he always thought Sami would end up with EJ.

Lucas tells Kate that he’s not doing this with her anymore and refuses to tell Sami the truth, because if he does, they both know she will go back to EJ. Kate warns that Sami isn’t stupid and could figure this out on her own. Kate repeats that Lucas is an awful liar and doesn’t live well with guilt. Lucas argues that all that matters is that he’s kept this secret for the past year and Sami hasn’t had a clue, so maybe he’s more like Kate than she thinks or maybe he’s just better than EJ for Sami and that’s why she loves him so much. Kate realizes she won’t be able to talk him out of this. Lucas knows what he did was extreme and he knows addiction but feels what he did was intervention because he saved Sami from a toxic relationship.

Nicole asks Sami if Belle is going to the wedding. Sami says she doesn’t think so since Marlena said she’s been having a hard time lately. Sami then asks again what they were talking about. EJ says they were just saying how unfortunate it is that Sami is about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Sami responds that she already made the biggest mistake of her life, more than once. Nicole remarks that Sami always said it was true love. Sami argues that if anyone’s making the biggest mistake of their life, it’s Rafe. Sami asks when Nicole is going to start slutting it up behind Rafe’s back like she did to Eric. Nicole reminds Sami that cheated on Rafe with EJ. EJ says if anyone is guilty of serial infidelity, it’s Sami. Sami argues that EJ is no monk. EJ states that he was true to her the second time while she was sleeping around with Lucas. EJ asks how Sami is going to look Lucas in the eye today and promise to be faithful.

Eric tells Marlena that he can only wish Nicole all the happiness in the world. Marlena points out that in the past, Eric had been the one committed to her happiness. Eric brings up that Nicole was ready to be married to him forever, but he left and stayed in Africa while she fell in love with Rafe, so he’s not about to interfere with that. Marlena asks if he’s just doing what’s right. Eric says that today is not about Nicole, Rafe, or him, its about Sami and Lucas. Eric tells Marlena that they should get to church to get them married.

Will thanks Chad for letting him talk about his dad, but asks Chad not to tell anyone that Lucas got drunk. Chad sends his best to Lucas and Sami. Chad brings up that Abigail absolutely loved weddings which made him feel like he was marrying her all over again. Will calls Abigail a really special person, who he knew all his life. Will says he’ll always remember her class, kindess, and that she always wanted to do the right thing no matter what. Will calls Abigail one of the world’s greatest ladies which Chad agrees with. Will tells Chad that if he needs him or Sonny any time, they will be there for him. Will hugs Chad as he cries.

Kate tells Lucas that Sami shouldn’t blame him since the ends justified the means which she’s lived by for most of her life. Lucas regrets what he did and went on impulse. Lucas states that when he and Sami went away, they fell in love all over again. Lucas talks about them being in Italy and it reminded them of when they were stranded at the cabin which Lucas flashes back to. Lucas declares that it was them against the world and it’s going to be that way from now on. Kate reminds him that the roof of that cabin caved in and almost killed them. Lucas calls her a buzzkill as they exit the room together.

Allie finishes her church decorations and comments on beating Johnny to it. Allie remarks that maybe she and Chanel would get married in this church too but Johnny says in her dreams. Eric and Marlena arrive to see them arguing as Allie feels Johnny doesn’t even want Chanel, he just wants to take her away from her. Allie argues that Chanel is going to see Johnny for the phony that he is. Marlena jokes with Eric that twins arguing must be like walking down memory lane. Eric comments that at least he and Sami never argued over the same woman and suggests they just focus on today’s nuptials.

Sami questions EJ calling her out for cheating on him when he cheated on her with Abigail. EJ calls her unbelievable. Sami calls him a son of a bitch for kidnapping her. EJ remarks that if he did it, she’d still be missing, so her kidnapping was the work of an amateur. Sami calls EJ cruel and vindictive. EJ says she’s made her point. Sami calls herself a fool for ever loving him as long as she did and says she’s finally come to her senses and is marrying a man who will treat her with the respect and kindness she deserves which EJ laughs at. EJ tells her to check Lucas’s luggage for chloroform and zipties before they go on their honeymoon. Roman approaches, interrupting them, and asks if Sami is ready to get married.

Chad remains outside in the park, looking at old photos of he and Abigail on his phone. Chad then gets a call from Rafe and asks if it’s about Clyde. Rafe informs him that there’s been a development in the case that he should know about.

Lucas joins Eric at the church. Eric mentions running in to EJ on his way here and says how happy he is that it’s Lucas that is marrying his sister today.

Allie joins Sami and Roman as Sami is getting ready for the wedding. Allie hugs her and says she loves her. Allie tells her that she looks beautiful and that she’s really happy about her and Lucas as it feels right. Allie says she will let her finish getting ready and that she’ll see them at the wedding. Allie exits. Roman comments that she must be very proud of her daughter. Sami says she is and asks why he looks concerned. Roman points out that she didn’t say a word in the car, so he questions what he walked in on outside the Pub. Sami calls it no big deal and says she just ran in to EJ and Nicole which didn’t go well. Roman remarks that it was hard to tell if Sami and EJ were going to slit each others’ throats or go in to a clinch. Sami argues that she’s marrying Lucas today and she couldn’t be happier about it. Sami adds that she would slit her own throat before she kisses EJ ever again. Roman questions if she couldn’t be happier. Sami says that’s right but running in to EJ and Nicole on her wedding day is not ideal. Roman asks if she really wants to go through with this and offers to go tell Lucas. Sami insists that she wants to marry Lucas, she loves him, and nothing else matters.

Will goes to the church and sits with Allie and Johnny. Allie asks where he has been. Will says he was talking with Chad. Allie asks how he is. Will asks how she thinks. They then stand up as Roman walks Sami down the aisle to Lucas. Roman and Marlena acknowledge giving Sami away and sit down next to Kate. Eric begins the ceremony. Eric jokes that Sami warned him about going on with scripture so they agreed to just one. Eric quotes Corinthians about what love is and what love is not. Eric states that two people in love have found their way back to each other. Eric asks if anyone has any reason for them not to wed which Sami laughs at and Eric says amen. Eric then suddenly begins envisioning Sami and Lucas as Nicole and Rafe getting married.

EJ and Nicole sit together in the Pub. Nicole confirms that she was going to tell Sami in front of him that he slept with Belle. EJ questions why she would do that. Nicole admits she wanted to see the smug look on Sami’s face when she found out that he took her sister to bed and believes EJ wanted to see it too. Nicole asks why EJ stopped her and why he doesn’t want Sami to find out about he and Belle.

Sami asks Eric what he’s waiting for and say to marry them already. Eric continues imagining them as Nicole and Rafe. Eric apologizes as Sami jokes that if anyone has any objections, they can keep them to themselves. Kate looks on with a worried look as Lucas thinks back to Kate urging him to come clean about kidnapping Sami.

Chad hopes this development means they have enough to send Clyde to Death Row. Rafe responds that’s not what this is. Rafe reveals they found security footage from the docks that backs up Clyde’s statement that he was out alone, fishing on the docks, at the time of Abigail’s murder. Chad argues that Clyde killed Abigail and then went to the docks to cover it up. Rafe explains that there is other footage that tracks Clyde from Ben’s apartment to the docks. Chad doesn’t care. Rafe continues that the footage has timestamps and dates so there’s no way that Clyde could’ve been at the DiMera Mansion at the time of Abigail’s death. Chad asks what happens now. Rafe informs him that they have to release Clyde and he wanted Chad to be the first to know. Rafe calls this just one setback and promises to still find the monster that did this to Abigail as they then hang up.

Eric states that they have no objections so they will continue with the ceremony.

EJ doesn’t know if Nicole heard about what went on with Belle, Jan Spears, Shawn, and the baby, but he saw Belle afterwards and the last thing she needs is to deal with a crazed Sami. Nicole guesses that makes sense but says she’s an expert on him and Sami. Nicole asks if Belle’s ordeal is the only reason that he doesn’t want Sami to know what they did. EJ asks what other reason there would be. Nicole brings up Sami and Belle being in competition since Belle was born, so if Sami finds out, it’s a deal breaker and EJ could lose any chance he may ever have of getting Sami back and maybe he doesn’t want to face that possibility.

Eric says that Lucas and Sami have written their own vows and calls on Sami to begin. Sami talks about them having a lot of stories between them but not exactly being a storybook romance until now. Sami recalls being kidnapped and thinking she was going to die until she was able to call Allie, who was with Lucas. Sami says Lucas was there for her when she needed him the most. Sami says that Lucas saved her but it’s not even the first time as he saved her from tigers, a helicopter crash, gangsters, and his mom a lot which they laugh at. Sami adds that he mostly saved her from herself and makes her feel safe. Sami calls him her knight in shining armor and says they didn’t start out as a storybook romance but they got better and here they are now. Sami cries that she feels this is finally her happily ever after.

EJ tells Nicole that when he discovered Sami’s affair with Lucas, he told her it was over and asked her to leave which he’s never backed down. EJ declares that any love he ever had for Sami is now dead and that Sami is marrying Lucas, so it’s over. Nicole jokes that EJ had to stop himself from tearing Sami’s wedding dress off earlier. EJ then brings up Nicole’s own situation and declares that her marriage to Rafe has ended any chance of her being with Eric.

Eric calls on Lucas to deliver his vows. Lucas says he had this whole speech planned but Sami just blew him away, so there is something he wants to get out there. Lucas says Sami keeps saying he’s this wonderful man, but a lot of the times he hasn’t been the man she deserves. Lucas declares that’s going to change now and promises to live up to every word she just said about him because he’s never wanted something so bad in his life. Lucas vows to be the man that she says he is and promises to always be her hero.

Chad paces in the park, asking if Clyde didn’t kill Abigail then who did. Chad asks God what to do with this. Chad feels like he’s going to explode and decides he needs a drink. Chad thinks back to Kate telling him that she told Lucas that Abigail knew he kidnapped Sami. Chad recalls there being so much blood and then thinks back to Will mentioning Lucas having his hand bandaged. Chad then remembers Rafe suggesting maybe not all the blood was Abigail’s and that whoever did this probably had wounds of their own. Chad settles on Lucas and storms off.

Nicole tells EJ that he knows she has loved Rafe for a long time and that she didn’t want to fall in love with him but she couldn’t help herself. EJ argues that was because Rafe was with Ava and Nicole always wants what she can’t have. EJ states that now Rafe is all Nicole’s while Eric may no longer be a priest but in his mind, the collar is still there and he would never disrupt the sanctity of any marriage. EJ declares that Nicole and Eric are over. Nicole says that’s fine by her as she loves what she has with Rafe and she told Eric that. EJ calls that very mature of her. Nicole says she and Eric talked about their feelings for each other like adults and suggests EJ try it some time. Nicole adds that she and Eric both know they are better off friends while Sami could never handle a friendship. Nicole laughs at the idea of them trying to be civilized. EJ then finishes his drink and exits the Pub.

Eric continues the wedding ceremony. Lucas and Sami say “I do.” Will and Marlena hand over the rings. Lucas and Sami put the rings on each others’ fingers. Eric goes to finish the ceremony when Chad suddenly storms in and grabs Lucas, asking if he killed his wife while Sami screams questioning what the hell Chad is doing.

Nicole remains alone in the Pub and thinks back to Eric saying he came by to ask her something. Rafe arrives and asks if she’s okay. Nicole gets up and hugs him while Rafe notes that she was a million miles away. Nicole says she’s okay now that he’s here and didn’t think he’d get away from the squad room. Rafe decided he needed a break as it’s been a pretty crappy day. Nicole asks what happened. Rafe reveals that it turns out Clyde has an airtight alibi, so he had to release him and then had to tell Chad all about it. Nicole thought he was so sure it was Clyde. Nicole asks who killed Abigail then.

Roman, Johnny and Will try to pull Chad off of Lucas as Sami screams that he’s ruining her wedding.

EJ goes home and pours a drink, saying Sami must be married to Lucas by now and so she is out of his life permanently. EJ looks to the portrait of Stefano and insists that is what he wants.

Johnny and Will hold Chad back as Kate offers to take him somewhere but Chad refuses to leave until Lucas tells him if he did it. Eric argues that Chad doesn’t know what he’s doing and is just grieving. Will questions what reason Lucas would have to hurt Abigail. Chad then announces it’s because Lucas found out that Abigail knew his dirty little secret that Lucas was the one who kidnapped Sami.

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