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Recap written by Christine

Traci ran into Diane in the park and noted that they both came to enjoy the nice weather. Diane admitted that she was hoping to bump into Kyle and Summer with Harrison again, like she did yesterday. Traci said Harrison was busy today, because Summer found a children’s musical activity for him. Diane found it amazing to see her little boy, all grown up, with his family. She thought Summer was good with Summer – you’d never know she wasn’t his mother. Traci said Harrison was very close to his biological mother too, and it must’ve been bewildering when she left him so abruptly. Traci said Summer stepped up, and she and Kyle gave Harrison the love and security he desperately needed. “I don’t need to be reminded how much I hurt Kyle when I left. I live with that pain every day,” a defensive Diane said.

Traci clarified that she wasn’t comparing Diane to Harrison’s mother. She suggested that was Diane’s conscience talking. Traci believed Diane’s regrets were sincere, and she’d never want to make Diane feel worse than she already did. Diane apologized for jumping to conclusions. She said lately everywhere she turned, she faced hostility, and she knew she had it coming. She was near tears. She’d thought she was prepared for this, but the constant incoming fire had her feeling defensive. Traci said Diane had years to reconcile the past, but the other people were just trying to wrap their heads around the fact that Diane was alive – she’d opened old wounds. Diane kept reminding herself that she wasn’t entitled to forgiveness, and it wasn’t going to happen overnight. She could envision herself being part of Kyle’s family. She wanted to be there for him now, the way she should’ve been all along.

Diane asked if Summer and Kyle had said anything to Traci about her. All Traci could say was what Kyle already stated – he was torn, and he needed time. Diane thought that if it had just been the two of them, Kyle would’ve already let her back into his life, but he had a wife and son that he had to take into account. Instead of worrying about all this, Traci wished Diane could take solace in what an amazing young man Kyle had grown into. Diane said she’d respect whatever Kyle chose. Traci had to go. Diane thanked Traci for taking the time to talk with her, especially since there were so few people who had anything to say to her at all. Traci stated that Diane had a lot to make up for.

Summer and Phyllis were in the Grand Phoenix lounge. Summer didn’t believe Diane just happened to be at the park when they were there with Harrison. Phyllis was glad Summer didn’t believe Diane. Phyllis hoped Jack knew about this, and Summer said she and Kyle told him. Phyllis was pleased Jack knew about the red flags Diane was waving, so he could keep his guard up. Summer was curious about Phyllis being so protective of Jack. Phyllis confided that she and Jack were more than friends. Summer kidded Phyllis about sleeping with Summer’s father in law. Summer said Phyllis and Jack went way back – long before Summer was born. She thought Jack was the best, and she knew he’d be careful with Phyllis’s heart. Phyllis said she and Jack were taking it slow, and they hadn’t told the general public. Summer asked if Phyllis was worried about people judging her and dredging up her painful history. Phyllis said yes, but she was a new woman, and she’d be good for Jack, and he trusted her. Summer was supportive, and she hugged her mom. Phyllis asked if Diane told Harrison he was her grandson. Summer said Diane had been on her best behavior, and Kyle couldn’t help but be moved. Phyllis said that Diane was playing a sweet act to exploit people’s vulnerabilities. She thought that Diane would try to bond with Jack over sharing a grandson. Summer asked if Phyllis was worried Diane was a threat to her relationship with Jack. Phyllis said of course not, and Summer said good, because there was no chance in hell that would happen.

Phyllis said she wasn’t concerned about Diane – she knew how to handle Diane. Summer thought Jack was only tolerating Diane for Kyle’s sake. Phyllis said she was the one who convinced Jack to do that – he’d wanted to cut Diane out of the family. Phyllis had history with Diane – she was a horrible human being, but she was a genius at psychological warfare. Summer said Phyllis was pretty good at that too. Phyllis noted that Summer already said Diane was making inroads with Kyle. Phyllis said Diane found and exploited people’s soft spots, and she’d do the same thing with Jack. Phyllis became distraught because, the other day, Jack suggested that Diane had really changed. “I can’t go through this again!” Summer calmed Phyllis down. Summer told Phyllis that constantly being on edge was not the best way to protect her relationship with Jack – that was self-sabotage. Phyllis said she wasn’t sabotaging things – she was keeping a watchful eye on Diane.

Summer asked if Phyllis dove into the relationship with Jack because she was jealous of Diane. “Are you serious right now?,” Phyllis asked. She didn’t understand why everyone thought she’d be with Jack because of that viper, Diane. Amanda had insinuated the same thing. Phyllis was adamant that Summer and Amanda were wrong. She said she’d never use Jack to get back at Diane. “Oh my gosh, is that what you think of me?,” Phyllis wondered. Summer just knew Phyllis had a tendency to obsess over things, then overreact. Phyllis denied overreacting. She said her relationship with Jack was built on honesty and trust, and it had nothing to do with Diane. Summer was glad to hear it. Phyllis wanted to have a different conversation. She asked about Marchetti. Summer didn’t want to get into it, but she said it may have been a good thing that Phyllis didn’t accept that job offer in Milan. Summer said she’d figure things out though. Phyllis asked how Harrison was. He was fine, and he seemed blissfully unaware of the turmoil around him. Summer didn’t know how they were going to explain this whole Ashland thing to Harrison. Phyllis said she thought there was something going on with Ashland and Victoria, since he was staying at the hotel. Summer was shocked Phyllis was in the dark. She revealed that Ashland lied about cancer. Phyllis said she could’ve called this.

Phyllis asked how Victoria was. Summer said that she ran into Victoria at the park, and she seemed to be recovering well, but she must be in shock. Phyllis smirked and said Victoria must stay up at night thinking about all the times Billy and Nick warned her about Ashland. Summer hoped there wasn’t even a tiny part of Phyllis that was enjoying this. Phyllis denied that she took pleasure in it. She said this was horrible, and she wouldn’t wish it on her worst enemy. She asked how Nick was taking it. Summer hadn’t had a chance to talk to him about it. Summer said she and Kyle would have to do everything they could to protect Harrison from this man who had zero compassion or ethics. Phyllis noted that Summer had a lot to deal with, needing to fend off Ashland and Diane. Summer said she and Kyle had this under control, but Phyllis warned Summer that she didn’t know who she was dealing with.

Phyllis didn’t think Summer understood how vicious and conniving Diane could be – she’d tried to frame Phyllis for multiple felonies. Summer wasn’t underestimating Diane. “If anything she is the one underestimating me. She is the one that doesn’t know what she’s dealing with because I inherited that protective gene from both sides of my family,” Summer said. Phyllis liked seeing the protective mama bear in Summer. “There is absolutely no way that I am going to let that total narcissist hurt my little boy the way she hurt my husband,” Summer stated. Phyllis hoped Diane took her subtle encouragement to go back to LA. Summer was dying to know what Phyllis said to Diane. Phyllis just said Summer could thank her later if it worked.

Kyle walked into the Abbott house and talked to Jack. Kyle noticed the dynamic between Jack and Phyllis at the wedding, and he was aware that Jack was out late that night. Jack said this was none of Kyle’s business. Now Kyle was sure that Jack was with Phyllis the night of the wedding. Kyle said there was no sense holding back since Summer was surely getting the details from Phyllis right now. Jack said he and Phyllis were testing the waters. “Is that what the kids are calling it these days?,” Kyle chuckled. He turned more serious and said he was happy for Jack. Kyle and Summer had thought for awhile now that Jack and Phyllis had a connection. Jack didn’t want Kyle reading too much into this, since they didn’t know where things were going. Jack was delighted Kyle and Summer might be moving home. Kyle wouldn’t let Jack change the subject. Kyle was aware that Jack and Phyllis had been growing closer for months, and now that they’d taken things to the next level, Jack was downplaying it. Kyle thought it was like Jack was anticipating things would go off the rails. Jack said at this stage in life, you knew better than to get ahead of yourself. Jack just planned to enjoy things. Kyle wondered what kind of problems Jack suspected could happen.

Jack wasn’t predicting things would fall apart between him and Phyllis. He was just finished trying to predict the future, and that had lead to some pretty fabulous surprises, including what happened the other night. Jack knew Summer and Kyle were congratulating themselves for predicting this, but Jack and Phyllis came very close to deciding that this wasn’t worth the risk and that they should preserve their friendship. Up until very recently, Phyllis had been more likely to err on the side of caution. Jack wondered what caused Phyllis’ change of heart – did it have something to do with Diane’s return?

Kyle asked why there would be a connection between his mother coming back and Phyllis getting with Jack. Jack was just struck by the timing. He said that Phyllis and Diane had a lot of contentious history, and Phyllis wanted Diane out of town. He wondered if Phyllis was subconsciously trying to tell Diane that there was nothing left for her here. Kyle asked if Jack and Phyllis thought Diane wanted Jack back. Jack said there was no hint that Diane wanted him back, but even if she did, it would never happen. He said Diane and Phyllis were just naturally competitive with each other. Kyle asked if Jack thought that was the reason Phyllis spent the night with him. Jack didn’t think that. Jack said Phyllis had made it very clear how she felt about him. Kyle didn’t want to hear more because this was getting close to TMI for him. Jack said they’d change the subject then.

Jack asked how things were going with Diane. Kyle said every day there was another little moment that made him think she might be sincere. But he was wondering if he was seeing what he wanted to see. He was thinking about giving Diane a second chance – he was sorry because he knew that wasn’t what Jack and Phyllis wanted to hear. Kyle guessed he should be grateful that Ashland allowed Harrison to leave the country while he tried to get his greedy claws into Newman. Kyle was disgusted, and he thought that Ashland never cared about Harrison, like he’d claimed to. Kyle felt sad for his son. He said at least he didn’t have to feel guilty about keeping Ashland and Harrison apart. Jack had talked with Ashland, and he didn’t think Ashland was just going to slink off. Jack thought Ashland looked at Harrison as the only good thing he had left. Kyle wouldn’t stand for Ashland using Harrison as his backup family, now that he’d destroyed everything else.

Jack and Kyle looked at Jabot’s numbers. Everything was back in the black. They’d recovered after everything Locke put Jabot through. Kyle said it might be a good time for an expansion. Traci came in and said she’d ran into Diane, who was in the park hoping for another chance meeting with Kyle and Harrison. Kyle couldn’t believe his mom was just hanging around the park hoping they’d show up. Traci had told Diane Kyle needed more time. Jack said he and Michael had given Diane the same advice. Kyle thought he should probably give Diane an answer instead of leaving her hanging. Jack said that wasn’t Kyle’s fault. Kyle didn’t think he had an excuse for dragging this out. Jack didn’t want Kyle putting Diane’s needs instead of Kyle and his family’s needs. “Keep in mind she is an expert at focusing everyone’s attention on her,” Jack said.

At Society, Victoria and Nikki, the co-CEOs, assured Victor that they wouldn’t stop running the company while they were at the Swiss spa. Victor trusted that they’d handle things. Victoria just wanted to make sure Victor didn’t install Adam as temporary CEO. Nikki didn’t think that even occurred to Victor. Victor thought it was a good idea for Victoria and Nikki to get away – he said Victoria could get out from under the dark cloud of Ashland Locke. At that moment, Ashland walked in, and he wanted a word with Victor. Victor was annoyed Ashland was still in town after taking the payoff. Nikki mentioned that she and Victoria needed to pack for their trip. Ashland asked how long Victoria would be gone. She said they hadn’t decided, not that it should make a difference to him. The ladies left. Ashland said he owed Victor an apology. Victor thought this should be entertaining, so he motioned Ashland to sit. Ashland rehashed his regrets over deceiving Victoria. He said, due to his own greed and arrogance, he may have lost her. “Not ‘may.’ You did lose her,” Victor said. He was confident that Victoria would never forgive Ashland.

Victor thought Ashland’s apology was pathetic, and he felt that Ashland should leave since no one wanted anything to do with him, especially Victoria. Ashland noted that, in the past, he and Victor talked about their common background and outlook on life. Victor implied that he’d always suspected Ashland did that to manipulate him into feeling sympathetic to him. Ashland admitted he lied about the cancer and treatment, but he did truly have an abusive father and he’d been impoverished. Victor commented on how easily Ashland admitted to lying about cancer. Victor said Ashland lied about cancer, and now he was using a miserable childhood as an excuse. Ashland said men like them didn’t make excuses – they owned up to their mistakes. Ashland said that Victor wouldn’t be where he was today if he hadn’t gotten forgiveness from his wife and children for some pretty ugly sins. Victor didn’t think Ashland would win Victoria over by comparing himself to Victor. Ashland said Victoria still loved him. “She trusted you. She loved you. Past tense. You lied to her. I will never forgive you for that,” Victor snapped. Victor told Ashland to get the hell out of town, or else. Ashland thought that sounded like a threat. Victor said it was a guarantee. He vowed to do everything in his power to protect his family, and he warned Ashland not to push him.

Nikki ran into Diane at Crimson Lights. Nikki asked why Diane was still in town, despite the advice and warnings – was her broomstick being repaired? Diane considered the advice and warnings to be threats, which she was ignoring because she only cared about Kyle’s opinion. Nikki thought Diane was interested in Kyle’s bank account, not his opinion. Diane understood how Nikki felt about her, and she acknowledged that she had a long way to go to make up for the horrible things she’d done. Nikki didn’t want anything from Diane except for her to disappear. Nikki yelled about Diane stealing a corpse and framing half the town for murder. Diane looked ashamed as she caught the eye of a barista who’d heard everything. Nikki didn’t think Diane was capable of really feeling embarrassment. Nikki griped about Diane hoping the son she abandoned would take pity on her. Diane wanted Kyle to be left out of this. Nikki said Kyle was the only one who could rescue Diane. Diane said she rescued herself, and she came back because she was strong enough to handle this. Nikki didn’t want to hear any more of Diane’s lies. Nikki said that they all knew she was a professional gold digger. Nikki thought that Diane was broke, and she was hoping to con her way into the Abbott fortune. Diane said it had nothing to do with money. Nikki said Kyle was a smart savvy young man, who’d probably tell Diane he was better off when she was dead. Diane slapped Nikki. Nikki slapped her back.

Nikki told Diane not to ever raise a hand to her again. Diane shoved Nikki, just as Victoria walked in. Diane and Nikki began fighting, and Victoria ran up and pried them apart. Victoria was shocked when she saw Diane. Diane was surprised Victoria’s parents didn’t mention she was alive. “I didn’t want to burden you with the pain of knowing that bitch is not six feet under,” Nikki snarled. Diane congratulated Victoria on her success – she’d been following Victoria’s career. Victoria stated that she’d just witnessed Diane attacking her mother. She wasn’t interested in Diane’s phony praise. Victoria told Nikki they had plane to catch, and she began to guide Nikki toward the door. Nikki yelled back that Diane should return to the grave she’d crawled out of. Nikki and Victoria left. Diane looked up and saw Victor staring at her from the patio.

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