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Marlena is in her hospital bed, on the phone with Sami. Marlena assures her that she is feeling better and promises to call her when she gets out as John arrives. John points out that Marlena said she would call Sami when she gets home so he then reveals that she’s getting out in an hour which excites Marlena. Marlena mentions that John needs to call Brady since he’s been very concerned but John looks away, so Marlena asks what’s the matter. John informs Marlena that Brady just broke up with Chloe.

After Kristen tells Chloe that she’s moving in, Chloe questions if she’s completely lost her mind because there’s no way in Hell that Brady would ever let her move in. Kristen understands her reaction and says she could hardly believe it herself. Chloe argues that this can’t be true. Chloe asks Brady to tell her that Kristen is making it up and to then throw her the hell out.

Stefan goes to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn and knocks on the door, saying he heard about her and Brady so he came to check on her. Stefan continues knocking but there’s no answer. Stefan then starts to walk away but Li Shin comes around the corner and says he hopes Stefan isn’t giving up on Chloe that easily.

Dr. Rolf begins packing his things in his lab and says a change of scenery can be good for the mind while a new lab means new work and new ideas. Dr. Rolf declares that Salem is nothing without Stefano anyway. Dr. Rolf then goes to leave right as Gabi arrives. Gabi questions if he’s going somewhere and remarks that he looks like he’s fleeing the scene of a crime. Dr. Rolf says he’s done nothing wrong so Gabi questions why he’s in such a hurry to leave. Dr. Rolf informs her that he’s leaving town and has a plane to catch. Gabi stops him and says he’s not going anywhere until they talk about what he did to Stefan.

Stefan tells Li that he’s not giving up on Chloe but since she’s not here, he’s giving up on knocking on her door. Li encourages him to just keep trying. Stefan thanks him but points out that he barely knows him. Li continues to encourage him and mentions that Chloe is with Brady at the moment. Stefan responds that it’s not his business, but Chloe and Brady are not together anymore.

Nicole goes to see Eric, who says he wants to understand why she fired him. Eric argues that it wasn’t because of budget reasons but because she and Rafe got in to a fight last night over them working together. Nicole questions how he learned that. Eric admits that Jada told him and explains that she overheard them fighting outside the Pub on her way home. Nicole apologizes. Eric just wishes she fired him in person. Eric guesses she came to get his badge but Nicole reveals that she came to rehire him because she wants him to stay which shocks him. Nicole adds that she also wants to forget this ever happened. Eric asks what about Rafe. Nicole says that when she told Rafe that she fired him, he was really upset and didn’t want to be the reason that Eric lost his job, so he pretty much insisted that she hire him back. Eric admits that’s really big of Rafe but decides maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all.

John explains to Marlena that Brady apparently felt the need to end things with Chloe for Rachel’s sake. Marlena says she understands the impulse and that Rachel doesn’t want someone to replace her mother. Marlena argues that Brady can’t succumb to every tantrum Rachel has. John brings up that Brady also said he didn’t have a choice. John isn’t sure what that means but thinks he has a pretty good idea. Marlena senses Kristen’s handy work.

Kristen tells Chloe that she’s sorry for catching her unaware and questions why Brady didn’t tell Chloe about their plans. Brady tells Chloe that he was going to tell her but he had no idea that Kristen was showing up here today. Chloe questions him knowing that she was moving in which Brady confirms. Chloe doesn’t understand and argues that this is Marlena’s house and he’s going to let the woman who spent a lifetime tormenting her move in. Kristen hoped they could conduct themselves as an adult. Chloe asks what John is going to think about this and tells Kristen to shove her snide remarks. Chloe understands Brady breaking up with her for Rachel’s sake but moving Kristen in is madness. Kristen tells Chloe to take this up with Brady and claims that it was all his idea.

Eric tells Nicole that working with her has clearly caused problems for her and Rafe, so he worries about causing those problems all over again. Nicole assures that it won’t happen since she and Rafe cleared the air and are much better now. Nicole starts to say that Rafe thought she rushed but stops. Eric asks what she was going to say. Nicole tries to say it was nothing but Eric says if she and Rafe cleared the air, they need to do the same. Nicole then admits that Rafe thought she rushed in to marrying him because of Eric which Eric questions. Nicole explains that Rafe thought she married him to avoid her feelings for Eric which she calls ridiculous. Eric asks if it is.

Chloe questions it being Brady’s idea to have Kristen move in. Brady says it’s obviously not ideal but Rachel wanted to spend time with her mom. Chloe questions Brady inflicting Kristen on to John and Marlena. Kristen calls it a time of healing. Chloe suggests shared custody being better than this. Kristen mocks Chloe for her input and blames Chloe for the judge not allowing shared custody. Chloe calls Kristen dangerous and unhinged. Kristen blames Chloe for this new living arrangement. Chloe argues that they can go back to the judge and make something else work that’s better than this. Brady tells Chloe that this is his only option which she questions. Chloe asks Brady why he is really doing this.

Li questions Stefan about Chloe and Brady breaking up. Stefan confirms that’s what Kristen said. Li asks what happened. Stefan says he doesn’t know as Kristen was so happy that he didn’t get a lot of the details. Li says that’s good for Stefan as now he has a clear shot with Chloe since Brady is out of the way, so it worked out for Stefan and Kristen. Stefan remarks that it worked out for Li too which he questions. Stefan says ever since he’s been back, Li has been shoving him at Chloe. Li points out that Stefan said he was in love with her. Stefan questions Li just wanting him to be happy and it having nothing to do with him being married to Gabi.

Dr. Rolf tells Gabi that all he did to Stefan was save his life. Gabi takes Dr. Rolf’s box of belongings and refuses to give it back until he tells her what else he did. Dr. Rolf claims not to know what she means. Gabi talks about Stefan being madly in love with her and now hating her, so she questions what he did. Gabi then breaks a glass tube from his box and threatens to destroy everything in the box and the entire lab if Dr. Rolf doesn’t start talking. Dr. Rolf repeats that all he did was bring Stefan back to life and how he was able to do so once Jake’s heart became available since they were twins. Gabi is shocked to learn Stefan has Jake’s heart. Dr. Rolf explains that he and Kristen tried to save Jake but after realizing it was a lost cause, he used his heart to bring Stefan back to life. Gabi argues that it’s not enough for her and breaks another one of his things. Dr. Rolf argues that he can’t help the way Stefan woke up and remarks that he believes it took a near-death experience for Stefan to realize that she wasn’t worthy of him. Gabi then grabs a scalpel and pins Dr. Rolf against the wall, threatening him to tell her what really happened or he’s a dead man and there won’t be anyone to save his life.

Eric apologizes to Nicole for asking as it’s none of his business but she says it’s okay. Nicole admits that dragging Rafe off to get married seemed like a knee jerk reaction but he was buried at work while in charge of Abigail’s murder investigation so she didn’t think they needed all that fuss and bother. Eric admits it makes sense. Nicole says she should have told Rafe that she was hiring Eric and it bothered him that she didn’t, so he started to question why she moved up the wedding and if it had something to do with them being at Abe and Paulina’s wedding. Nicole repeats that they cleared the air and now everything is fine. Eric says he’s glad. Nicole asks Eric if he’s now willing to come back to work for her.

John tells Marlena that he could point out that she thinks Kristen is responsible for every bad thing that’s ever happened but she’d be right. Marlena admits Kristen’s ferocity when it comes to Rachel scares her. John notes that Kristen will do anything to get her hands on Rachel. Marlena points out that Kristen wants Brady back too. John assures that won’t happen as he thinks Brady has finally seen the light about Kristen. Marlena responds that she wouldn’t be so sure as Brady does seem to have a weakness for Kristen. John insists that he doesn’t anymore and thanks God for that.

Brady pleads with Chloe to accept the fact that he’s doing this for Rachel. Chloe questions thinking this atmosphere will be healthy for Rachel. Kristen asks Brady to put an end to this and to tell Chloe it’s none of her business. Chloe agrees to leave. Chloe cries that she hated it but understands why he had to break up with her but after caving to Kristen, she doesn’t think she knows Brady anymore. Chloe then takes her things and storms out.

Li tells Stefan that given what he heard about him and Gabi, he was a bit thrown when he came back on the scene. Li brings up that Stefan keeps saying Gabi turns his stomach so he assumes that he no longer has feelings for her. Stefan acknowledges that when he “died”, his feelings for Gabi died with him, though he’s not entirely sure why. Li asks if it matters since it all worked out and he can be with Chloe now. Stefan points out that Li and Gabi can live their happily ever after.

Gabi demands Dr. Rolf start talking or he’ll be reunited with Stefano in Hell. Dr. Rolf doesn’t believe her. Gabi reminds him that she killed Nick Fallon and warns that she’s giving him one last chance to tell her what he did to Stefan. Gabi takes the scalpel to his throat until Dr. Rolf finally gives in and admits that he brainwashed Stefan. Gabi says she knew he made Stefan hate her. Gabi questions if he really hates her that much. Dr. Rolf says he does but it wasn’t personal and he was just following Kristen’s orders. Gabi asks why. Dr. Rolf explains that Kristen hoped if Stefan went after Chloe, he’d come between her and Brady. Gabi realizes that means Kristen could have Brady all to herself. Dr. Rolf adds that Kristen remembered Stefan’s previous feelings for Chloe so she asked him to pump up his attraction to her and rekindle his initial hatred of Gabi. Gabi questions this really having nothing to do with her. Dr. Rolf reveals that is what Kristen wanted but Li also wanted to protect his investment. Gabi questions Li knowing. Dr. Rolf confirms that Li knew all along that he had Stefan on ice. Dr. Rolf then reveals that the brainwashing was Li’s idea.

Li runs in to Rafe in the town square and says he was going to call him later. Li asks if Rafe has time for a drink because there’s something he would like to ask him. Rafe says sure so Li tells him he’s about to hit him up for a favor as they sit together. Li informs Rafe that he was wondering if he would be his best man which surprises him. Li knows they aren’t old friends but he thinks it would mean a lot to Gabi because of how close they are. Rafe guesses this means they have set a date. Li says not yet but now that Gabi and Stefan are divorced, there’s nothing stopping them. Rafe remarks that’s unless Stefan isn’t acting of his own free will.

Chloe goes home and questions what Stefan is doing outside of her door. Stefan says he was just leaving her a note as he heard she and Brady broke up. Chloe asks if he’s here to zero in on her when she’s down. Stefan responds that he’s actually here to check on her and make sure she’s okay. Chloe asks if Kristen told him that she’s moving in with Brady. Stefan says she didn’t. Chloe talks about Kristen having a lot of fun telling her and rubbing her nose in it. Stefan says he’s sorry. Chloe asks why since people break up every day so it’s no big deal as she then breaks down crying. Stefan hugs her as she cries.

Kristen sits on the couch and puts her feet up, talking about how she’s enjoying this because she’s been waiting for this for a long time. Brady talks about Rachel being sharp and wise for her age. Brady says Rachel’s feelings towards Kristen have to do with Kristen not being around and having convinced her that she was taken away. Brady says it’s worked because Rachel doesn’t even know who Kristen really is. Kristen asks if this is going somewhere. Brady points out that Rachel loves John and Marlena. Brady warns that if she tries to pull the same crap she pulled with Chloe with John and Marlena, it will register with Rachel that Kristen only gives a damn about herself. Brady advises Kristen to rethink this family thing and spending a lot of time with Rachel because it will be really hard for Kristen to maintain that maternal illusion. Brady doesn’t think it will hold up when Rachel says no to Kristen. Kristen asks if he’s done. Brady calls it food for thought. Kristen warns Brady to never question her relationship with her daughter again and reminds him that she has the upper hand, permanently. Kristen declares that if she wants them to be a family and live here then they will because as only they know, Marlena and her friends will need more doses of the serum or they will die. Kristen remarks that couples fight and then they kiss and make up and get on with their lives.

Nicole and Eric go to work at Basic Black. Nicole finishes a call and informs Eric that the model thought the photoshoot was cancelled, so she flew back home and she needed to get these photos done for Bella Magazine today. Nicole worries that Brady and Chloe are going to kill her. Eric then suggests Nicole be the model herself. Eric calls her the best model he ever worked with and insists it will be fine.

Li guesses that Gabi told Rafe her theory that Dr. Rolf somehow brainwashed Stefan which Rafe confirms. Li calls it just wishful thinking or a wounded ego as it’s hard for Gabi to accept how Stefan feels about her now. Rafe guesses they will be finding out soon enough. Li asks what he means. Rafe then reveals that Gabi is grilling Dr. Rolf as they speak.

Gabi argues that Li wouldn’t do that to her. Dr. Rolf confirms that he did because he wants her to himself and didn’t want to lose her to Stefan to the extent that he tried to murder Stefan in his sleep but Kristen wouldn’t let that happen so Li pitched the idea of brainwashing Stefan which Kristen got on board with. Gabi complains that she can’t think about all of that and demands that Dr. Rolf reverse the brainwashing. Dr. Rolf responds that he had already created an antidote but it was in his box, so he notes that it would be ironic if Gabi destroyed that too. Gabi lets Dr. Rolf go and orders him to get the antidote from his box. Dr. Rolf reveals a syringe and declares that with one dose of it, Stefan will be back to normal. Dr. Rolf then grabs Gabi and injects her with the syringe instead, causing her to pass out.

Chloe and Stefan go in to her room. Stefan imagines her encounter with Kristen was rough as she’s not exactly a gracious winner. Chloe cries that it’s hard enough that Brady broke up with her but to let Kristen move in with him is sickening. Chloe wishes she could get on a plane and get out of Salem. Stefan tells her to wait there as he has an idea and then exits the room.

John brings Marlena home where Brady greets them and hugs Marlena. Marlena says she’s never been so happy to be anywhere in her life. John wants to get Marlena in bed but Marlena says she just wants to sit here and enjoy not having people come in to ask how she’s feeling. Brady didn’t know she was coming home today and says there is something he has to tell them. Marlena asks what it is. Kristen then comes out from the back and welcomes them home.

Nicole puts on a dress to model in and asks Eric how she looks. Eric tells her that she looks great and talks about preparing the photoshoot. Eric starts taking photos and encourages that the camera loves her.

Kristen tells Marlena that she looks so much better as she looked like she was on death’s door at the hospital. John questions what she’s doing here. Kristen excitedly asks if Brady wants to tell them or if she should.

Stefan returns to Chloe’s room with bags and says that she said she wanted to leave Salem but they can’t because of their jobs, so he decided to recreate Miami like they did before at Doug’s Place. Chloe appreciates it but says she’s really in a terrible mood. Stefan insists on making her a margarita.

Li is shocked and can’t believe that Rafe let Gabi go to Dr. Rolf’s lab by herself. Rafe responds that she didn’t ask his permission. Li decides has to get there and gets up to go. Rafe reminds him that he’ll need the address. Li tells Rafe to just text it to him. Gabi then approaches and informs Li that she was taking to Dr. Rolf. Li notes that Rafe just told him and asks what Dr. Rolf said. Gabi starts to respond but stops and says she lost her train of thought as Rafe asks what he said. Gabi then says that Dr. Rolf said he didn’t do anything to turn Stefan against her and for some weird reason, she believes him.

Dr. Rolf declares that Li was right that he’ll be better off leaving Salem since he won’t have lunatics barging in on him whenever they feel like it. Dr. Rolf calls Gabi the craziest of them all and says thank God he had the vial of CRS-17, so Gabi won’t remember a thing.

Rafe tells Gabi that no one, especially her, ever believes Dr. Rolf. Gabi argues that she held a scalpel to his throat and he still didn’t say anything. Rafe comments that she shouldn’t tell a cop about that. Li asks if Gabi believes Dr. Rolf. Gabi confirms that she does and thinks it’s for the best as it makes moving on a lot easier. Li is so glad to hear her say that and announces that he just asked Rafe to be his best man at their wedding. Gabi calls that a great idea. Li points out that he’s actually still waiting for an answer. Rafe then says it would be his pleasure and they shake hands. Gabi thanks Rafe. Gabi hopes their marriage is as happy as Rafe and Nicole’s.

Nicole and Eric look over her modeling photos together. Nicole says they are great. Eric says she still has it. Nicole comments that after all these years, they still make a great team.

Stefan and Chloe have margaritas together. Chloe admits her drink is kind of perfect and calls this the nicest thing anyone has done for her in awhile as she thanks him.

Marlena questions Kristen living here with them which she excitedly confirms and calls great. Kristen says she has to get back to the kitchen so she doesn’t burn their first dinner together as a family. John thinks Brady has some serious explaining to do.

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