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Kayla receives flowers at home and tells Steve that he shouldn’t have, but Steve says he didn’t.

Sonny enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion where a woman is seated and drinking coffee. Sonny guesses that she is one of Alex’s friends. Alex then walks in and asks if he heard his name.

Jack goes to Gwen’s motel room and says he came to update her on her sister’s murder investigation, unless she’s already seen the news. Gwen says she just got up and asks what happened. Jack informs her that the police have a new suspect in custody, her friend Leo Stark.

Shawn enters the interrogation room where Leo believes that he’s leaving but Shawn says no. Leo complains that he already held him here all night for no reason. Shawn argues that he’s the main suspect in the Abigail DiMera murder case so they have more questions for him to answer. Shawn warns him that he’s taking this very serious and he should too. Leo responds that he is and that he plans to sue Shawn, Rafe, and the entire department for unlawful detention. Shawn tells Leo that he’ll tell Melinda to go light on his sentence if he confesses to the murder of Abigail.

Chad goes to the DiMera Mansion with Jada. Jada says she knows it probably isn’t easy for him to be back at the house, so she offers to do the search herself and he can wait outside but Chad says no chance. Chad declares that if Leo Stark killed his wife, he’s going to do everything in his power to prove it. They head inside to the living room. Jada asks if he needs a minute but Chad says he’s good and asks how to proceed. Jada brings up Thomas saying he ran in to Leo in the basement so Chad leads her down the tunnels.

Leo insists that he did not kill Abigail DiMera. Shawn says they have a witness that puts him in the house on the night of the murder. Leo asks if he means the mentally ill little boy who thinks he’s the tooth fairy. Shawn informs Leo that they questioned Clyde Weston, who said that Leo was in possession of a bag of jewelry that was stolen from Abigail’s bedroom on the night that she was murdered. Shawn asks how Leo got the jewelry if he was never there.

Jack explains to Gwen that Leo is now at the center of Abigail’s murder investigation. Gwen argues that there’s no proof that he did it. Jack brings up that Leo was hiding in Abigail’s basement and had her jewelry, so he questions how to explain that if Leo is innocent. Gwen admits she can’t. Jack asks Gwen if Leo said or did anything that would lead her to believe that he could’ve killed Abigail. Gwen flashes back to arguing with Leo about Abigail’s murder when Gwen was accusing Leo of having gotten his revenge. Gwen then claims to Jack that she’s just as shocked to hear about this as he is.

Kayla asks who else would send her yellow roses. Steve suggests one of the kids and points out there is a card. Kayla then reads the card, revealing it is from Orpheus, saying he apologizes for any trouble he may have caused her in the past and that she has nothing to fear from him now. Steve grabs the card out of worry and quickly moves Kayla away from the roses.

Sonny asks if Alex is going to introduce him to his friend. Alex introduces her as Lisa but she corrects him that her name is Sloan. Alex apologizes and says he’s terrible at names. Sloan remarks that luckily, he’s good at a few other things. Sonny asks if they’ve known each other for awhile. Alex reveals they met last night at last call at the Small Bar and they just found each other. Sloan questions him remembering the name of the bar but not the name of the woman he slept with. Alex jokes about the name of the Small Bar. Alex says they had an instant connection which was a huge relief after Gabi turned him down. Alex remarks to Sonny that Sonny forgot to tell him that Gabi was smoking hot. Sloan points out that she’s still in the room. Alex apologizes and says she’s smoking hot too. Sloan goes to get more coffee. Sonny can’t believe she didn’t just smack him across the face after he insulted her a dozen times. Alex argues that she’s cool and knows he’s not out to hurt anyone’s feelings. Sonny asks how many other beautiful women he hit on last night. Alex says like four, including Sonny’s sister-in-law. Sonny calls him the most shameless horn dog ever which Alex laughs at.

Leo claims to Shawn that he has no idea what Clyde is talking about and that he’s never even met him. Shawn calls that interesting because Clyde said they are partners in a fencing operation and that Leo had a bag of jewelry that he was just looking to unload which belonged to Abigail. Leo insists that he’s never met Clyde. Shawn asks why Clyde would lie. Leo argues that Clyde is out on parole and maybe he doesn’t want to spend his life in prison. Shawn reminds Leo that Clyde has an airtight alibi. Leo suggests maybe Clyde’s afraid that they’ll still find a way to pin this on him. Shawn asks why Clyde would want to pin this on Leo then. Leo then declares that Nancy put him up to it because she hates him for stealing her husband. Shawn says he heard that was an epic fail on his part. Leo argues that’s because the losers in town wouldn’t mind their own business. Leo states that Nancy still wants revenge against him since she blames him for breaking up her family. Shawn argues that he hears Nancy and Clyde are very happy together. Leo complains that Shawn is holding him on the word of a spoiled brat and a career criminal while they have no real evidence to back up these insane accusations. Shawn says not yet, but they are working on it.

Chad explains to Jada that the tunnels underneath the DiMera Mansion go on for miles, so there are several access points all over Salem. Jada wonders if Leo used them to get down here. Chad guesses it’s possible. Jada asks what this room is used for. Chad says it’s mostly for storing wine and some other stuff like holding people against their will. Jada asks if he ever considered sealing it off but Chad asks where else they would store the wine. As they enter the room, Chad sees the breakfast plate that Leo left behind and declares that Thomas was right and that Leo was under their nose the whole time.

Sloane returns with coffee and tells Alex that she has to get to the office. They kiss goodbye and Sloan tells Sonny that it was nice to meet him as she then exits. Sonny asks Alex if they are a thing now. Alex says he wouldn’t mind hanging out with her again, but he’s not looking for anything serious. Alex feels like Sonny gave him a judgmental look as if to say “why aren’t you having a thing with the woman you just met”. Sonny questions Alex barely knowing her but still having sex with her. Alex questions what’s wrong with that and laughs it off, saying it’s the 21st century. Sonny guesses he’s not as cavalier about using people as he is. Alex argues that Sloane never indicated that she wanted anything more from him than sex. Sonny argues that everyone wants more than just sex. Alex asks how he knows that. Sonny says he’s come across normal people with heart and souls that want more and says everyone deserves to be loved. Alex says he feels very loved by his father, his brother, and his friends. Alex knows Sonny and Will are domesticated but says that’s not his style or what he’s looking for. Sonny argues that Alex doesn’t get to experience the things that take courage like commitment and sacrifice. Alex feels that sounds boring and suffocating. Sonny argues that loving someone and them loving you back is the most beautiful thing in the world. Alex says he’s very defensive and suggests they move on. Sonny agrees to pretend they never had this conversation because he’s clearly dead set on his shallow lifestyle and he can’t change his mind. Sonny then tells Alex that he’s worried about him because he’s his brother and he loves him, so he doesn’t want him to be a misogynist. Alex argues that he loves women while Sonny says he doesn’t respect them or their feelings. Alex insists that the women he has sex with are completely fine with him having no regard for their feelings because they have no regard for his and that’s the way he likes it. Sonny decides he’s clearly not getting through to him so they will end this here as he’s got work to do. Alex then pulls up the news on his tablet and shows Sonny that they have a new suspect in Abigail’s murder case, Leo Stark.

Leo accuses Shawn of trying to railroad him. Shawn says he’s trying to conduct a thorough investigation. Leo argues that he’s holding him hostage while throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. Leo says he knows the law and knows his rights. Leo pretends to be speaking in front of a court and complains that people in town want to see him fall for something he didn’t do, but he’s not guilty and they will never bring him down. Leo tells Shawn that he wants to call his lawyer.

Chad and Jada search the wine cellar and talk about not finding the murder weapon. Jada notes that forensics think it was a steak knife but she doesn’t see one here. Jada brings up Chad saying some of the tunnel entrances are hidden and asks if he has any idea how Leo could’ve found them. Chad is not sure as he didn’t think Leo even knew about the tunnels. Jada asks if he can think of anyone that would have told him. Chad responds that one person comes to mind.

Gwen tells Jack that she’s known Leo for a very long time and he’s capable of many things, but murder is not one of them. Jack knows she doesn’t want to think of her friend being able to do something like this, but he did have a motive as he was furious with Abigail and Chad in their part in ruining his future with Craig, so it’s no secret that he wanted revenge. Gwen argues that Leo already got revenge by sending in that story about him and Chad to the Intruder. Jack points out that left Abigail. Gwen insists that no matter how angry Leo might have gotten, he would never go this far to stab the mother of two children to death. Gwen declares there is no way. Jack questions if it wasn’t Leo, Lucas, Sarah, or Clyde, then who could have done something so horrible to his daughter.

Steve searches the roses and vase to make sure Orpheus didn’t put a bomb in them. Kayla asks if it’s harmless then. Steve calls it a threat. Kayla says Orpheus’ apology was obviously insincere but she would hardly call flowers a threat. Steve feels it’s a message and his way of saying he can get to her whenever he wants. Steve declares that he’s going to deliver a message of his own. Steve then grabs his gun and proclaims that he’s going to track Orpheus down and kill him. Kayla asks if he’s insane and tells him to put the gun back. Steve argues that he has to stop Orpheus before he hurts her. Kayla tells him to calm down. Steve complains that Orpheus is coming after his family and already threatened his kids. Kayla argues that Orpheus is just playing mind games with him, so he can’t let him get to him. Steve questions what Orpheus is doing here since his grandson and son are gone and everyone in Salem despises him, so the only think keeping him here is whatever sick plan he’s cooking up. Kayla points out that he just got a pardon, so she doesn’t think Orpheus will do anything to get sent back to prison. Steve feels he can’t take that chance and doesn’t want to just sit around until she disappears again and he burns her alive or a cop from Seattle calls with bad news about the kids. Kayla knows that Orpheus is dangerous but encourages that Steve and the police are going to watch him like a hawk. Steve mentions that’s what John said but he doesn’t feel that’s enough, so he told John that they have to eliminate the threat. Kayla questions Steve already talking to John about killing Orpheus. Steve confirms that he did and while they were talking, Orpheus just strolled up and mentioned that he had just visited Marlena. Kayla admits that’s awful and scary, but she’s almost positive that John did not agree to go vigilante with him which Steve admits. Kayla remarks that at least one of them is thinking clearly. Steve worries that Orpheus is planning something big if they don’t stop him now. Kayla insists that she wants Orpheus back in a cage as much as he does, but he cannot take matters in to his own hands. Kayla asks him to tell her that he will not do anything crazy.

Sonny tells Alex that the suspect is Leo Stark. Alex thought he looked familiar and recognizes him as the guy that accused Sonny of sexual harassment. Sonny calls this unbelievable. Alex feels harassment to murder is a pretty big leap. Sonny feels that if Leo killed Abigail that it’s kind of his fault which Alex questions. Sonny explains that Leo hated Abigail because she and Chad helped him break up his relationship but they only did that because he asked them to. Alex doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Sonny continues that Leo was a huge con man, so it was important to him to not let him hurt anyone else and his new target had a lot of connections to people in Salem, so busting him was a group effort that included Chad and Abigail. Sonny feels he put a target on their back. Alex encourages that he can’t blame himself as there’s no way he could’ve known that Leo was capable of anything like that. Sonny decides to call Chad to make sure he’s okay but it goes straight to voicemail. Sonny leaves a message, saying he saw the news about Leo and asks Chad to call him when he gets this.

Gwen tells Jack that she’s sorry as she knows all this uncertainty must be absolute torture for him. Jack just wants justice for his little girl. Gwen wishes she could help him. Chad then shows up and says he needs to talk to Gwen. Jack asks what’s going on. Chad explains that he and Jada were searching the basement of the DiMera Mansion and found evidence that someone had been hiding out in the secret room. Jack asks what they found. Chad says there were blankets and silverware, so the police are testing for prints and DNA but he already knows it was Leo Stark because Thomas said that he had run in to him in the tunnels on the day that Abigail was murdered and he believes him, so it’s only a matter of time before he can prove it was him. Chad turns to Gwen and asks what she thinks about that. Gwen claims that she’s stunned that Leo is involved which Chad questions. Chad asks how Leo got in to his house. Gwen asks how she should know. Chad points out that Leo found his way in to the tunnels without using an access point on the property and those entrances are very well hidden, so Leo wouldn’t have been able to find them unless he was helped. Gwen questions Chad thinking she helped Leo break in to his home and asks why she would do that. Chad says because Leo told Gwen that he was planning to kill Abigail and she helped him do it.

Shawn comes out of the interrogation room where Jada asks how it’s going with Leo. Shawn responds that Leo flirted with him and then acted out some bizarre court room drama where he is the victim, but he’s just been stone walling him the entire time so it hasn’t been the most productive morning. Shawn asks if Jada had any luck at the DiMera Mansion. Jada shows him a fork they recovered and declares that she thinks she might have cracked the case wide open.

Kayla needs Steve to promise but Steve says he has to do something because he won’t lose her. Kayla warns that he will lose her if he kills Orpheus because he will go to prison for the rest of their lives. Kayla argues that he cannot let Orpheus do that to them. Steve gives in and agrees not to do anything for now. Kayla thanks him and they kiss. Kayla needs to get to work. Steve decides he’s going to drive her. Kayla says she doesn’t need a bodyguard but Steve insists. Steve then trashes the roses while Kayla turns on the alarm.

Sonny tells Alex that it sounds like they actually have a pretty solid case against Leo. Alex asks if Leo was really that angry that his relationship blew up. Sonny explains that Leo thought he was set for life and then at the last second, it was all taken away from him so he was pretty pissed off and he swore revenge against all of them. Alex asks about that including Sonny. Sonny informs Alex that he asked Justin not to tell them, but a couple months ago, Leo drugged him, took pictures of them in bed and sold them to a tabloid. Alex questions if Leo sexually assaulted him. Sonny clarifies that he made it look like they slept together in order to humiliate him or ruin his reputation or break up his marriage. Sonny says he tried to press charges but by the time he took a blood test, the drugs were out of his system and he couldn’t prove a thing. Alex questions why he didn’t tell them. Sonny admits he was embarrassed. Alex argues that nobody drugs his little brother and gets away with it, so he threatens to get his hands on Leo. Sonny appreciates that but says Leo is not worth it and might be going to prison anyway. Sonny adds that Leo is total scum, but he can’t see him stabbing someone to death. Sonny then declares that he does not think Leo killed Abigail.

Jada tells Shawn that the lab is testing several items from the DiMera basement including the fork, so they should have results very soon. Shawn says that’s good as he’d like to give Abigail’s family some answers. Jada points out that was Shawn’s family too and comments on the DiMera Mansion being some house and huge with a secret room in the basement that can only be accessed through hidden passage ways. Shawn informs Jada that his mother and sister in law were both held captive there more than once. Jada questions everyone in town acting like that’s completely normal. Sloan, the woman that was with Alex earlier, then arrives at the station, revealing that she is Leo’s attorney.

Jack tells Chad that he’s already spoken to Gwen about Leo and she said that he never gave any indication that he was planning to hurt Abigail. Gwen claims if he had, she certainly wouldn’t have helped him. Chad argues that Gwen and Leo both hated Abigail and they were BFFs so it makes sense that they would help each other out. Gwen claims that she would never but Chad shouts that Gwen knew about the tunnels and that room. Gwen says that’s because Abigail held her prisoner down there. Chad argues that maybe as payback for that and destroying her future with Xander and sending her to prison, she put Leo in position to kill her. Jack argues that Chad is jumping to conclusions. Gwen complains that the tunnels aren’t Salem’s best kept secret. Chad insists that Gwen told Leo about the tunnels because she’s a vengeful, jealous, psycho. Jack tells Chad that’s enough. Chad warns Jack not to fall for Gwen’s act again and states that she is the reason that Abigail’s dead. Gwen says no but Chad insists that the information that Gwen gave Leo allowed him to sneak in to his house and murder his wife. Gwen pleads with Chad but he refuses to listen to another word she has to say. Chad swears that he will use the information to prove that Gwen is involved with this. Chad then exits.

Steve brings Kayla to the hospital. Kayla appreciates him bringing her but says he didn’t need to walk her up. Steve calls it just a precaution. Kayla jokes that she’ll draw the line at him scrubbing in with her and agrees to text him when she’s ready to go and he’ll come pick her up. Steve says he loves her as they kiss goodbye. Kayla and Steve then both get notifications on their phone that the home alarm system went off. Kayla wonders if someone broke in. Steve points out that the alarm stopped. Kayla mentions that she had stopped setting it because it was always malfunctioning and wonders if it’s just being wonky. Steve decides he better go check it out and he’ll call her when he knows what happened.

Alex asks Sonny if he’s ready to head to the office. Sonny informs him that he just got the weirdest e-mail about the little company in London that he wanted to buy and then at the last second, it fell through as the LLC are offering to sell it to Titan. Alex says that’s great but Sonny says it doesn’t make sense as they wouldn’t even make a profit. Alex suggests jumping on it before they change their mind but Sonny doesn’t like it and feels something is up here..

Chad goes home to the Horton house with a drink. Chad tells himself to pull it together and then smashes the glass in his hand.

Sloan and Shawn join Leo in the interrogation room. Sloan tells Leo that he was smart to call her as the police have nothing. Shawn argues that he wouldn’t call two witnesses nothing. Sloan questions that being a kid and an ex-con and says it doesn’t get more unreliable than that. Shawn found what they had to say to be very credible. Sloan suggests he’s not that good at his job then. Sloan declares that unless Shawn’s going to arrest her client, they are leaving. Shawn stops and says they still have more questions that need to be answered. Sloan responds that Leo will not be saying another word. They go to leave but Jada enters the room and says Leo is not going anywhere. Sloan argues that they have nothing to hold him on. Jada reveals actually they do as they have new evidence that puts Leo at the scene of the crime.

Alex questions why Sonny is so suspicious. Sonny argues that it makes no sense since the LLC just bought this company and now want to sell it. Alex suggests maybe it wasn’t a good fit for them. Sonny thinks either they dug up dirt on the owner or something since giving up something this quickly stinks, so he thinks he’s going to pass. Alex feels that’s a huge mistake. Sonny says at first, he was bummed he didn’t get the deal but now it kind of feels like a blessing in disguise. Alex argues that this is the perfect acquisition for Titan so he has to pull the trigger and says Victor will be psyched. Alex assures that Sonny won’t get burned but Sonny says he’s not taking any chances. Sonny adds that they are going to be late for the conference call so he’ll meet him in the car. Sonny then exits while Alex comments to himself that he’s trying to help him out here.

Steve goes home and bursts in with his gun raised, only to be shocked to find his daughter Stephanie inside, who drops a glass and tells him not to shoot.

Kayla notes that she hasn’t heard from Steve, so she hopes everything is alright. Chad arrives with his bloody hand wrapped and tells Kayla that he’s not alright.

Gwen tells Jack that Chad is completely off base. Gwen swears that if Leo is responsible for what happened to Abigail, she knew nothing about it. Jack says that Chad is just upset and when he calms down, he will see that he’s wrong and with any luck, this nightmare will soon be over. Gwen adds that they will know once and for all what happened to her sister. Gwen thanks Jack for defending her and cries that he doesn’t know how much that means to her as they hug.

Sloan questions the new evidence. Jada presents the fork with Leo’s fingerprints on it that they found in the DiMera basement on a tray. Jada presents the lab report, backing up what Thomas said and it proves that Leo was hiding out in the secret room. Sloan argues that it’s circumstantial. Shawn declares that it’s enough to place Leo under arrest and he’s going to check with Melinda about filing murder charges. Shawn adds that knowing Melinda, she will move this along really quickly. Leo then announces that he did not kill Abigail, but he knows who did, and he can prove it.

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