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John brings Marlena breakfast in bed and wishes her a Merry Christmas Eve. Marlena thanks him for spoiling her. John notes that she tossed and turned all night. Marlena tells him that last night when the explosion happened at the chapel, she was thinking about Kristen and then she woke up this morning and realized Kristen is living here with them. Marlena remarks that they are all just pretending that everything is fine and normal. Marlena says being Christmas makes it even worse as she doesn’t understand what is going on with Kristen and why Brady is going along with it. John feels like he got a little closer to Kristen when he told her that they got in a big fight. Marlena complains that it didn’t get them anything and she’s not sure how much more of this she can take. John feels the same after having to praise what a big heart she has. John says that made him want to throttle Kristen, so he can only imagine what Brady feels like.

Kristen joins Brady in the living room and holds mistletoe over him but Brady says no. Kristen hoped this would be the start of a Christmas cease fire. Brady responds that Christmas doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s still blackmailing him and she’s threatening the lives of three women. Kristen argues that those three women owe her their lives. Kristen asks why he can’t see it from her point of view. Kristen says she saved them from death but everyone in this house except Rachel treats her like an interloper.

EJ brings Nicole breakfast in bed. Nicole complains about the time and says she should’ve been up already. EJ tells her that he and Holly thought it was best for her to get a good night’s sleep. Nicole points out that it’s Christmas Eve. EJ assures that Holly is having a good time helping with Christmas cookies. Nicole thanks EJ for everything. EJ notes that he heard her cry out in her sleep and asks if she wants to talk about her nightmare. Nicole responds that she doesn’t remember it. EJ asks if it was about Eric.

Eric wakes up in bed with Sloan, who is typing on her laptop next to him. Sloan comments that it’s about time he wakes up. Eric jokes that he’s officially unemployed, so he can sleep in as long as he wants. Sloan tells him that she has coffee and he might need it before she tells him what she just read online. Eric asks her to tell him. Sloan doesn’t know how to break it to him, but informs him of the explosion. Eric reveals that he already knows and that Marlena and Nicole are fine. Sloan questions him just showing up at her doorstep last night and not saying a thing about it. Eric responds that they had other things on their mind.

Abe joins Paulina in the interrogation room at the police station. Paulina shows him a picture from Chanel’s first Christmas but notes that she wasn’t there for Lani’s. Paulina starts to cry but says that won’t help anything. Abe brings her a box of Christmas cookies from Chanel and Allie. Paulina asks why they sent them here when she’ll be out in a couple of hours. Paulina asks about the bail hearing but Abe reveals that there is not going to be one today. Abe says that Melinda stalled so the court adjourned yesterday until after the holidays. Abe knows it’s a disappointment. Paulina calls it not a surprise. Paulina says she has faith in Belle but Melinda is pure evil by making her miss Christmas with her family out of pure spite. Paulina declares that she’s not going to just sit here and do nothing. Paulina brings up Stephanie’s statement announcing that she will not be sworn in as Governor. Abe says it still needs some work but Paulina accuses him of stalling because he doesn’t want her to do it, but says it’s the only way to ensure that Abe remains Mayor and that’s all she wants for Christmas. Abe tells her that she doesn’t have to do any of that. Paulina demands that the statement be put out now and remarks that Sloan is going to have her revenge on her after all.

Sloan asks Eric about Ava blowing up the church to seek revenge on EJ and jokes that she sounds like her type of gal. Eric points out that Ava was willing to risk innocent people dying. Eric mentions that Marlena is fine, but she did tell him that Nicole was hurt. Eric talks about how horrible they can be to each other when they are hurt. Eric brings up that Nicole was horrible to Jada, but when he heard Nicole was hurt, he ran over to the hospital and questions what he was thinking.

Nicole tells EJ that seeing Eric at the hospital last night was unexpected with how they ended things. EJ tells her that Eric was guilty and knows he was wrong as Jada didn’t have an abortion just because Nicole had a conversation with her. EJ tells Nicole not to read too much in to last night. EJ insists that Eric is not pining for her and how quick he jumped in to bed with Sloan should tell her that. Nicole sarcastically thanks him for reminding her. EJ states that Eric has moved on and tells Nicole to just let him.

Brady tells Kristen that Marlena hasn’t thanked her for saving her life because she doesn’t know that she did since they couldn’t tell her because then she would find out that she only did it to get in to his house. Kristen argues that it doesn’t change the fact that Marlena is alive thanks to her. Kristen warns Brady about how he talks to her since Marlena will need another dose to keep her alive and she’s the only person who knows where that life saving orchid is. Rachel then walks in and asks Kristen what an orchid is and why they are life saving.

John tells Marlena that the closest he got to Kristen was right after insisting that she was a good person at heart and she genuinely seemed moved by that, but before he could get any further, she had to go pick up Rachel. Marlena says they can’t afford to lose that momentum. Marlena adds that she thinks things have gotten more urgent which John questions. Marlena explains to John how Sister Mary Moira told her about Brady kissing her because he thought she was Kristen in disguise. Marlena talks about Brady always having feelings for Kristen and now they are living together and raising Rachel together, so she worries that the clock is ticking.

Kristen tells Rachel that orchids are beautiful flowers and some scientists make them in to medicine. Rachel questions why they are arguing about them. Brady says he was just telling Kristen how much he wanted to get one for Christmas and how it could be life changing. Rachel responds that what she wants for Christmas is for Kristen and Brady to get back together forever. Kristen asks what Brady says about that.

EJ points out that Nicole hasn’t touched her breakfast, but says it’s obvious that the church explosion is still weighing on her. EJ thinks she might need something to get her mind off of things and he might have the diversion to do the trick. EJ then pulls out his phone and plays a voicemail from Sister Mary Moira that she left before leaving town, where she blamed EJ bringing Nicole for the church explosion and said that it was God sending a warning. EJ and Nicole laugh about it together. Nicole jokes that being blamed for almost killing everyone was just the distraction she needed as they laugh together.

Sloan tells Eric that she’d be fine if they never spent another minute dwelling on one of his exes but she thinks it’s okay to have compassion for someone who nearly died. Eric says that getting Nicole out of his head is not something he wants, but something he needs. Sloan responds that satisfying his needs has become one of her specialties but she could always use more practice as they start kissing.

Abe thinks Paulina is rushing in to this, pointing out that she still hasn’t talked to Chanel. Abe says Chanel and Allie spent so much time on her campaign. Paulina insists they will understand that this is about protecting Abe, which was part of her vows 6 months ago. Abe still thinks she’s rushing in to this. Paulina loves him for what he’s doing and she wishes there was another way out but there’s not. Paulina asks for Abe’s phone and says she will tell Stephanie herself to release the statement. Abe still thinks that Chanel deserves to hear it before it hits the wires.

Allie and Chanel sit together at home. Chanel comments on not getting a good night’s sleep and says she can’t stop thinking about how much she hates Sloan Peterson for what she did to Paulina. Chanel says it’s Christmas Eve and now Paulina will probably have to spend the entire holiday in jail. Chanel adds that she should be behind bars, not Paulina. Allie suggests they go there, like they did for Thanksgiving when Chanel was arrested. Chanel loves the idea and says they will cook for Paulina as she then kisses Allie.

Brady tells Rachel that he knows it’s what she wants and he wants to make her happy, but she needs to trust that they are doing what they think is best for her as he hugs her.

Chanel and Allie go through cookbooks to plan what to cook for Paulina. Chanel then gets a text from Abe and tells Allie that Sloan Peterson has done it again.

Eric tells Sloan that he can’t believe it’s already Christmas Eve and asks if she has any plans. Sloan responds that she stopped making plans when she lost her parents and her brother lives a million miles away. Eric says he’s sorry and mentions that his mom hosts a great Christmas Eve party at her place and tomorrow, his dad hosts Christmas at the Brady Pub. Eric asks if Sloan is not interested. Sloan asks if that’s really them and reminds him they are keeping this low key. Eric realizes he just invited her home to meet his family and apologizes, saying it’s a force of habit. Sloan thanks him for worrying about her holiday but says she got her Christmas wish this year because Paulina Price is behind bars.

Paulina finishes her call and informs Abe that all major news outlets will have the statement within the hour. Abe worries that it’s going to be a long time before he can make up this sacrifice to her. Paulina says he will do so just by being himself and calls him the most wonderful man she’s ever met. Abe doesn’t want to leave her alone tonight. Abe jokes that he’ll commit a minor crime and they can lock him up in the cell next to her. Abe then gets a call from Belle, who asks to speak to Paulina, so Abe hands her the phone. Paulina is shocked and asks Belle to repeat what she said.

John questions Marlena thinking that Brady still has feelings for Kristen. Marlena calls it a very strong attraction and they know he’s fighting those feelings, but she’s afraid of what might happen if he loses that battle. John decides they are going to have to pivot and come up with a new way to find out what Kristen is hiding. Marlena is afraid that Kristen will see right through them. John points out that Kristen is completely alone and may be anxious to reel Brady back in, but when she’s that isolated, she will take the first friend that comes along.

Kristen tells Rachel that she is going to take her to the town square to look at the Christmas decorations. Rachel asks if Brady will come. Brady says he has to work. Kristen suggests he meet them for lunch afterwards which Brady agrees to. Rachel goes to get her coat to get ready. Kristen tells Brady that he’s breaking Rachel’s heart by not giving her what she wants most in the world. Kristen argues that Brady could stop hating her so much and love his daughter just a little bit more.

Nicole and EJ continue to laugh about Sister Mary Moira’s voicemail. EJ wonders if Ava’s breakdown in the hospital was real as he admits he has his doubts. EJ asks if Nicole has a fix for his guilty feelings. Nicole asks what he feels guilty about. EJ says he put Nicole in harm’s way as his horrible miscalculation about Ava helped lead to yesterday’s disaster. EJ adds that his mother is dead because of how he handled the kidnapping and he almost lost Nicole. EJ states that he couldn’t blame Nicole if she never wanted to speak to him again. Nicole assures it was neither of their faults and 100 percent Ava’s fault. Nicole tells EJ not to beat himself up for it for another minute.

Allie questions Chanel saying that Paulina just gave up on being Governor. Chanel gets that Paulina wanted to protect Abe but complains that the whole thing just seems so unfair and keeps getting worse and worse. Abe then shows up at their door. Chanel says she got his text and can’t believe Paulina is doing this. Abe says he tried to talk her out of it. Chanel knows nobody talks Paulina out of anything. Chanel invites Abe in and says that she and Allie decided to make Paulina a Christmas Eve dinner to take down there. Chanel then questions why Abe isn’t coming in. Abe then steps aside and surprises them by bringing in Paulina. Chanel rushes to her and they excitedly embrace.

Sloan remarks to Eric that she’s sure Paulina is feeling very sorry for herself behind bars this holiday. Sloan wonders if Paulina or Chanel ever thought once about all the holidays they ruined for her. Sloan guesses Eric thinks she should’ve turned the other cheek. Eric feels bad for what she went through. Sloan knows Eric is friends with Paulina so she doesn’t expect him to come fight her battles, but says she just needs to vent every now and then. Eric remembers that Sloan listened to him rant more than once. Sloan suggests changing the subject and asks what they are doing for New Year’s Eve. Sloan then gets a call that upsets her. Sloan thanks them for letting her know and hangs up. Eric asks if everything is okay. Sloan responds that everything is not okay. Sloan says she’s sorry to kick him out like this, but she has to go deal with something right now.

Paulina calls her mom and tells her it’s all over; she and Chanel are free and being extradited. Paulina says she thinks her mom’s prayers did it. Paulina says she has to go but will call her later for a nice long chat. Paulina adds that she will get down on her knees and thank the Lord. Paulina says she loves her and hangs up. Paulina says her mom was so scared for them. Chanel repeats that it’s all over now. Allie asks if they are really free. Paulina confirms that Belle went to London and challenged them over every technical issue she could find and she won. Abe confirms the charges are dismissed and Melinda can’t hold Paulina anymore. Abe declares that this whole nightmare is officially over as they hug.

Marlena suggests to John that they take a step back. Marlena wonders if it’s possible that they overcomplicated this whole thing. Marlena asks what if John told Kristen that they had another terrible fight and their marriage is on the verge of falling apart. John doesn’t think he could pull it off and talks about how hard it was to make Kristen believe that he was upset with her in the first place. John brings up that it’s the holidays and he almost lost Marlena twice this year, so the last thing he wants to do is tell anyone they are fighting even if it’s not true. John tells Marlena that she makes him happy and proud, and like he’s the luckiest man on earth as they kiss.

Brady questions if Kristen is saying he’s a bad dad now and calls her a hypocrite for telling him to put family first, while she plays with Rachel’s grandmother’s health. Brady states that he loves Rachel with his whole heart, but he loves Marlena too and that’s the only reason Kristen is in this house. Rachel comes back in and says she’s ready, then asks if they were still talking about orchids. Kristen leaves with Rachel and then Eric shows up. Brady and Eric wish each other a Merry Christmas. Eric says he wanted to see how Marlena was doing. Brady says she’s okay and that John has been keeping a close eye on her. Eric says that’s great but admits that’s not the only reason he’s here. Eric tells Brady that he meant what he said about Kristen’s blackmail. Eric declares that it’s up to them to put a stop to her which means they have to come up with a plan now.

Kristen brings Rachel to the town square. They look at the Christmas tree, which Rachel says Brady would love. Rachel wishes Brady joined them. Kristen encourages Rachel to never give up on her dreams because they are the most important thing they have.

EJ tells Nicole that she’s right that it’s Christmas Eve, so they don’t need to talk about his guilt. EJ helps Nicole with her food since she has her arm in a sling from the explosion and they end up touching hands and getting close.

Abe, Paulina, Allie, and Chanel have champagne. Paulina announces that she realized being Governor means moving to the capitol and she loves Salem. Paulina declares that Salem is where they belong and they are going to focus on all their many blessings to have a very Merry Christmas.

Nicole tells EJ that she should get ready for the day because she hasn’t even seen Holly and she has to wrap presents and plan surprises, so she has to take a shower. EJ points out what a challenge showering will be with her arm in a sling. EJ jokes that he could give her a hand. Nicole thinks he’s helped enough today and thanks him. EJ jokes that it’s her loss. EJ knows the circumstances for her coming here were not ideal, but he’s happy that she and Holly are here for Christmas because the house needs them to brighten it up which they have done so. EJ then exits the room.

Abe declares that they finally got the Christmas miracle they have all been waiting for. Sloan shows up at the door. Paulina questions what she is doing there. Sloan says they must be enjoying themselves with a holiday toast like nothing happened while two people are dead. Sloan tells Paulina that she may have managed to escape prosecution, but warns that she will pay if it’s the last thing she does.

John kisses Marlena. Marlena thought they were urgently making a plan to get rid of Kristen but John says other things are more urgent as they continue kissing.

Kristen tells Rachel that she knows how much her wish for her and Brady means to her, but she can’t make any promises though she doesn’t want her to give up on them. Kristen says maybe they will both get what they want most someday. Kristen reminds Rachel that until then, nobody is more important to her and Brady than she is. Kristen hugs Rachel.

Brady tells Eric that if he has any good ideas, he’s all ears. Eric talks about seeing a family of three together in the town square on his way over. Eric says they need to hit Kristen where she lives if they plan on getting the orchid back from her. Eric then tells Brady that they need to kidnap his daughter.

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