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Recap written by Christine

Devon and Amanda arrived at the Chancellor house and met with Abby, Chance and Christine. Abby said they were ready to accept Devon’s conditions. When he first brought up the idea of formal visitation, she felt terrified. She admitted they had more healing to do. Chance clarified that he had more healing to do than he first let on. Abby didn’t want anyone to get in the way of that or tear the family apart with a court battle. Devon never wanted it to get to that point. Abby said Chance helped her see this was what was best for Dominic and that she had nothing to be afraid of. Devon was thankful, and he promised that this didn’t change the dynamic, which had always been about the three of them giving Dominic the best upbringing. Devon loved Abby and Chance like family, and he would never take anything from them. Abby didn’t see that before, but she did now. Chance appreciated what a strong and steady presence Devon had been for Dom from the day he offered to be the donor. Abby said this wasn’t about her and Chance backing down from a fight – this was what Devon and Dom deserved. Amanda said everyone was coming from a place of mutual respect and working together for Dominic’s benefit. Devon had a request. He appreciated how much thought Abby put into Dominic’s name, and how it reflected everyone who was part of him. In that same spirit, Devon wanted Dominic to have Neil’s last name. He said Neil was Abby’s godfather, and he’d taught Devon what being a father was about. Devon wanted Dominic to be known as Dominic Phillip Newman Abbott Winters Chancellor. Abby looked at Chance, who thought it sounded perfect.

Abby asked what the next steps were, and Dominic got fussy, so Abby went to get him. Christine said they’d have a proposal for Devon to look at soon. Devon said he’d prepare his house for Dom’s first overnight visit. Abby returned with the baby and said he should be part of this since it was about him. She handed Dom to Devon. Devon told Dom that they’d be spending more time together and that his Grandpa Neil was looking down on him smiling. Devon put the baby in the bassinet. Devon thanked Chance and Abby, and Chance thanked Devon. Amanda had some stipulations that she was going to send to Christine. Abby said Devon was a great friend and wonderful parent, and she was sorry she lost sight of that. They hugged. Devon and Amanda left. Chance thanked Christine for her support and guidance. Abby told Christine she was happy with things, but once they were alone, Chance got the feeling that he may have pushed Abby to do something she didn’t want to do.

Chance said all this was happening because of what was going on with him. He didn’t want this to put a wall between them. Abby assured him it wouldn’t. She was glad he opened up. She loved him more now than ever. He was grateful she saw where he was coming from and that she’d accepted Devon taking on the role. He knew that this wasn’t how she envisioned their family and that she was coming to terms with this. He said he’d stand by her, like she stood by him, and this decision didn’t change the fact that they were a family. Abby said this had been difficult, but she did sincerely think this was what was best for Dominic. This was still fresh and challenging for Abby, but she promised to do what it took to embrace the new normal and help Chance find his emotional footing, so they could be the family they were meant to be.

Devon and Amanda went home, and he was relieved. He’d been so sure his friendship with Abby was over and that they’d have to go to court. “My son’s gonna be living here. I know it’s only one day out of the week but I’m gonna be able to know him as a real parent. And he’s gonna carry my dad’s name,” he marveled. Amanda was happy to see Devon like this. She planned to file the paperwork ASAP. He wondered if she said that because she was worried Abby and Chance would change their mind. She said to relax. She didn’t think anything would go wrong, she was just being a cautious lawyer. He couldn’t wait to bring his son home. He picked up a picture of himself with Neil. Devon said Dom would have Neil’s name so he could carry on Neil’s legacy.

At Newman/Locke, Ashland tried to talk to Victoria about ChancComm, but she was lost in thought. She said that Adam was right about their father being unpredictable at times. She thought that it was a good reminder that you couldn’t let your guard down with Victor for one second. Ashland said he took nothing for granted with Victor, or anyone else. He stated that Victoria was the only one he trusted completely. He hoped she felt the same about him. He wondered if she wasn’t ready to trust him. She said she always would, until he gave her a reason not to. He knew some would say he already had. She understood why he hid some painful parts of his past. She knew he held back because he worried she wouldn’t understand, but she said his past didn’t define him. She thought that they had reason to hope they’d have more time together, to build a life together and make each other deliriously happy. Ashland remembered that when he and Victoria went to her parents to tell them how well the treatments were working, Victor said that when Ashland beat the cancer, he’d want to jump back into the business fray. Victoria said she and Ashland would be a force to be reckoned with if they ran the company together. Ashland would understand if Victoria was concerned about what Victor might be planning, despite how cordial he’d seemed at the moment. Victoria said she showed her hand about Newman Media, too. She still wanted to take over the company more than anything, though.

Victoria thought they needed a new strategy for getting Newman Media. She said trying to drive a wedge between Victor and Adam wouldn’t work, for all the reasons Adam already threw in her face – Victor was way too unpredictable. Ashland thought that the opening gambit was good, because it did put Adam on the defensive. Victoria asserted that the key was to make Victor believe this was his idea. Ashland said that they’d go back to the original idea to make Adam fail. Victoria announced that step one would be to sue for the name Newman Media. Now that they’d acquired ChancComm, which was originally Newman Enterprises, they’d say there was no Newman entity that shouldn’t be under the Newman/Locke umbrella. Ashland said Victor and Adam would say the lawsuit was unsupportable. Victoria didn’t care, because the suit would cause Adam and Victor so many headaches and tie up all their lawyers, and hopefully distract Adam while Newman/Locke hit them with step 2.

Michael was at Crimson Lights on the patio. He flashed back to talking to Victor about a possible job. Lauren arrived to ask how the meeting with Victor went. Michael said Victor made a compelling offer. Michael had made it clear to Victor that he wouldn’t be at his beck and call 24/7. Lauren chuckled because she thought Victor would want to monopolize Michael’s time. Michael was sure that Victor understood that Michael wasn’t interested in any job that consumed his life. Lauren helped Michael make a decision by making a pro/con list. Michael was going to ensure that Lauren was his priority. He said if he didn’t work, he’d be insufferable, as Gloria and Kevin pointed out. Lauren thought Victor thrived on chaos. Michael conceded that Victor said things were about to get interesting. Michael said he’d be doing exciting work, which was a plus. He thought it’d lead to some fun pillow talk too. She hadn’t seen him this excited about work in a long time. He added that the pay would be excellent, but she asked what he’d have to do for the money.

At the ranch, Victor told Nikki that he informed Adam that he was taking a more active role at Newman Media. She assumed it was because Adam nearly got fooled by Billy. Victor thought it showed a serious lack of judgment on Adam’s part. He wouldn’t even get into Adam’s decision to involve that Spectra woman. Nikki thought it was great that Victor would be more of a presence, and she was sure he was eager to get back in the game. She doubted Adam would be pleased. The company was currently fine, but Victor wanted to make sure it wasn’t damaged. Nikki said Adam would have to accept it, or not. Nick and Noah arrived.

Noah revealed that he accepted a full time position at New Hope. He hoped Victor wouldn’t be mad he wasn’t going to be working at Newman Media. Victor was supportive of Noah working with his father. Nikki asked about Noah’s art. Noah felt dissatisfied with art when he left London because it had become so commercialized, and he’d felt bound by elitists’ idea of art. He lost his spark until he came back and started working on Tessa’s album cover. He was going to get back to his art, but first he needed a reset, and he thought being part of what his father created was a first step in the right direction. Now that Noah learned about New Hope, he admired Nick even more, because Nick gave back to the community every day. Noah asked what could be better than working with his father. “Not a thing,” Victor said.

Nikki and Victor were alone again. Nikki understood why Noah left his seemingly vibrant career in London now. She admired Noah’s courage, and she said that this was the happiest she’d seen him since he got home. Victor reiterated that he was happy Noah was working with his father. Nikki thought about how Newman Media started because Adam seemed to be taking his life in a new direction. She was surprised by Adam, in a good way, and she said he might surprise Victor too. Victor promised Newman Media wouldn’t take away from his time with Nikki. She knew family was the most important thing to him – being a good husband and father. Michael arrived and hugged Nikki, who excused herself.

Michael and Victor came to terms on the job offer. Michael said he had to resign as DA, but Victor saw no reason Michael couldn’t begin to work for him unofficially. Victor knew that Michael would take the offer and that he wouldn’t be happy being a retiree on a porch watching the sunset. Michael made it clear he wanted to have time with his wife.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah and Tessa told Sharon they were engaged, and she was elated for them. Sharon didn’t want them to take this the wrong way, but she hoped they weren’t only doing this because they thought it’d help their adoption chances. Mariah and Tessa were adamant that they weren’t doing it for that reason. Mariah said she and Tessa wanted this so much, and it was the perfect next step for them. Sharon said Faith would be in heaven. Tessa and Mariah hugged. Mariah called Faith at school and brought her up to speed. Faith was excited and eager for details. Mariah asked Faith to help her plan an epic wedding, then she passed the phone to Tessa. Faith was thinking a spring wedding would be nice. Nick and Noah walked in and overheard the news. Nick gave his best wishes, and Noah was speechless. Mariah said she was in total shock during the proposal, kind of like how Noah looked right now. Mariah and Tessa shared details from the proposal. Noah said something quick and polite about the news. Tessa said she’d cherish everything Mariah said forever. Nick and Sharon noticed the look on Noah’s face.

Noah went to get everyone coffee, and Sharon walked off too. Nick said seeing Mariah about to start this big adventure made him think about… Mariah knew he was thinking about Cassie. Nick was proud of Mariah, and they hugged. Tessa went to Noah to offer to help. He said he was happy for her. She wanted him to be happy too. He said he was. He told her about his new job and said he’d have time for his art. Sharon went back to Nick, who was by himself. “Oh no, looks like Noah’s fallen in love with Tessa again,” she said. Nick thought that might be a little extreme, but he did say that some of Noah’s old feelings for Tessa had been stirred up. Sharon felt bad – Noah left town because of Tessa, then he got his heart broken in London, and now it seemed like it might be happening again. Nick said Noah was resilient. Noah left. Nick thought the new job would be great for Noah.

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