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Recap written by Christine

Billy and Victoria ran into each other at Crimson Lights, where they were both getting coffee. They chatted and learned they’d both been woken up early by video calls from Johnny and Katie. She asked how things were going at Chancellor. They were going well, he said, and it was easy. He said that Lily’s transition to CEO had gone smoothly, and even the people who didn’t want her to be there couldn’t help but support her. Victoria had been in that daunting position, and she thought Lily could thrive under that pressure. Billy felt lucky to help execute Lily’s vision. He assumed things were similar with Victoria and Ashland. Victoria said Ashland was more of a CEO emeritus, and he was her most trusted advisor, and her mother was COO. Billy thought it was amusing that Victoria felt the need to point out Ashland wasn’t her subordinate. “I guess those small little details matter to some people,” he said. She said that wasn’t an issue for her and Ashland. Billy told Victoria she couldn’t deny that her recent success had a lot to do with Ashland’s support. He said the lawsuit Ashland hurled at ChancComm was the reason Jill had to sell the company, and Ashland being on the board of Newman Media would be invaluable when Victoria bought them out. Victoria made it sound like she was no longer interested in buying Newman Media. Billy said Victoria was willing to conspire with him to get Newman Media, and she wasn’t going to just walk away from that.

Billy could tell from the look in Victoria’s eyes that she was pumped up about a big deal. She scoffed and said she ran a major conglomerate, so she was always making deals. He doubted any of those deals would give her the same thrill as kicking her brother to the curb. She accused him of projecting his craving for revenge onto her. He said he let go of it, and he thought she should too. He was genuinely concerned. She thought he was just jealous that she might have the opportunity to triumph over Adam. He thought that her biggest triumph was when she sold Newman’s media division to ChancComm without seeking Victor’s advice or opinion, and it was beautiful. He said now she bought ChancComm back. She thought he resented that. Billy pointed out that Victor took him down, paving the way for Victoria to buy ChancComm. He said it was happening again with Newman Media. “You’re gonna owe [Victor] and he is not going to forget. Victoria, don’t let him suck you back in. walk away while you still can,” Billy advised.

Victoria went back to her office. Ashland vowed to take care of whoever put that frown on her face. She said that it was nothing; just a run-in with Billy. She explained that Billy guessed they were still interested in acquiring Newman Media, and he wasn’t in favor of it. Ashland wondered if Billy and Lily wanted to make a play for Newman Media, but Victoria didn’t think so. She said Billy claimed he was worried about her, and he told her not to trust her father. Ashland scoffed at the thought of them needing Billy to tell them that. Ashland said Victoria knew how Victor’s mind worked better than anyone, and they already suspected Victor had an ulterior motive. Ashland wondered if Victor was using Victoria’s bid to keep Adam in line. Victoria didn’t think so, since Victor had kept Adam in the dark. She thought there was something else going on and that they wouldn’t find out what that was until Victor was ready for them to know.

Nikki went to Victoria’s office. She said Victor mentioned, almost in passing, that he was going to let Victor make an offer on Newman Media. Nikki had to make sure she didn’t look too eager when Victor said this. Ashland was sure Nikki had a good poker face. Nikki said Victor intended to be very involved at Newman Media, and Victoria needed to ask herself if she’d be okay with that before moving forward. Victoria was currently a little more concerned about how risky it’d be to bring Adam on board. Nikki was confused. Victoria revealed that Victor made Adam a condition of the potential deal.

Bringing Adam onto their executive team was the last thing Nikki expected. Victoria said they didn’t have a choice. Nikki supposed she could make peace with it if Adam changed his attitude. She conceded that, in Italy, Adam proved he was capable of being a team player. Ashland agreed that Adam was instrumental in keeping Gaines from interrupting the wedding. Victoria said Adam helped because he wanted to stay on Victor’s good side, and it didn’t work out for him. Ashland suggested it would be a good idea to have Adam in-house where they could keep an eye on him. Nikki said they didn’t even know if Adam would take the job. She was sure it’d be a blow to the ego to go from an independent CEO to a subordinate. Victoria wanted to wait and see how it played out. She said she wouldn’t let her guard down around Adam.

At the main house, Adam learned Victor was thinking of selling Newman Media. “I’m the CEO, so when were you planning on bringing me into this discussion?,” he asked. Victor said Victoria made a proposal a few days ago. Victor saw no point in saying anything to Adam at the time, because he didn’t think anything would come of it. Adam said Victoria was expecting something to come of it – the last time they talked, she was smug, like she had a delightful secret, and apparently she did. Adam thought that Victoria must have been able to tell that Victor was keeping Adam out of the loop. Victor said Victoria couldn’t be blamed for getting her hopes up. Victor stated that acquiring Newman Media after ChancComm would make Newman/Locke the powerhouse of media. Adam wanted to know what this would mean for him.

Victor was sure Adam would continue to be the CEO of Newman Media, though he’d be running a larger company, if ChancComm and Newman Media were united. Adam asked if Victor forgot how hard they worked to keep Newman Media independent. Victor thought that it would be good to have ChancComm and Newman Media under the same umbrella instead of having them compete. Adam felt like Victor was trying to send him a message. Victor admitted he was disappointed Adam didn’t see through Billy’s pitiful attack on Newman Media. He said it took Victoria to stop Billy. Adam insisted that he’d never planned to write an article on Billy. Victor said this discussion wasn’t related to that – this was about business. Adam made his case by listing all the hard work he’d put into Newman Media – he established the fashion platform, he negotiated the collaboration with Nick and New Hope, and he brought in a lot of advertising dollars. Adam said he’d hit every goal. Victor agreed, and he said that was why Victoria would make a substantial offer for the company. Adam groaned that Nick was right – no good deed went unpunished in this family. Victor said this wasn’t a punishment. Adam asked why Victor brought Michael in. He was sure Victor had something up his sleeve. “Maybe I do,” Victor replied. As CEO, Adam felt he had a right to be included in whatever Victor was doing. Victor stated that he would do what was best for this company. Adam wanted details, and Victor refused to elaborate.

Adam went to work, and Noah showed up. Noah thought he owed Adam a face to face explanation about why he took the job at New Hope. This was the first Adam was hearing of this. Noah apologized – he’d assumed Victor told Adam. Adam said he and Victor were having some communications issues. Noah said the job at New Hope would be fulfilling, and he’d get to work with his dad again. He thought Adam could relate, since he worked with his father. Adam admitted working with Victor wasn’t going how he’d expected. Adam was supportive of Noah’s decision. Noah left as Sally arrived.

Sally said Chloe and Sally signed a lease on the new office for Newman Fashion. He said good for them. Sally was surprised Adam was so subdued. He said he had bigger concerns right now. She was bummed – she liked being able to barge in and annoy him when the move hit. He was sure she’d find other ways to annoy him. He assured her he’d miss her pop ins, because they added variety to his day. She suggested he could come up with an excuse to cancel the lease. He said no – if this move helped Chelsea move on, he wanted to support that. He reiterated that he had bigger concerns, and she asked what Victor did now. He said it wasn’t up for discussion. She assumed Victor was micromanaging him. He mumbled about how Victor wouldn’t be the only one looking over his shoulder. Sally asked what that meant, and Adam wouldn’t say. Sally was alarmed – was Victor hiring someone to work over Adam? What would happen to Newman Fashion? Adam swore Sally to secrecy, and he said she couldn’t lord it over Chelsea that she had a secret. Sally promised. Adam said Victor was considering selling the company to Victoria. Adam felt like it was a vote of no-confidence in his leadership. Sally couldn’t believe Victor was treating Adam this way. She said he’d been at Victor’s beck and call the entire time they were in Italy. Adam said Victor liked to keep people off balance. Adam wasn’t sure how to handle it.

Adam had been assured that he’d remain the CEO if Victor sold. Sally asked if Adam was willing to report to his sister. He wasn’t sure yet. He said Victor was punishing him, but this was also one of Victor’s little tests. Sally said Adam should take the job then. She noted that he kept saying Victor was unpredictable. She assumed that Victoria would eventually fall out of favor, and Adam would be the next in line to take over. Adam appreciated Sally’s support – it was nice to have someone in his corner for a change.

Lily was at Devon’s place, and she hugged him when she learned he had shared custody of the baby. Lily said that now that Devon was officially a father, she was officially an aunt. Devon assumed Lily already thought of Dominic as her nephew. She said she did, but that had been their little secret. Amanda came downstairs. Lily was eager to help decorate the nursery, and Amanda said she’d appreciate that help. They already had a lot of baby stuff from the last time Dominic stayed there. Amanda reminded Devon to tell Lily the rest of the news. Devon said that now that Dom was an official member of the family, he’d asked it be reflected in Dom’s name. Dominic would now be Dominic Newman Abbott Winters Chancellor. Devon chose Winters instead of Hamilton to honor Neil. Lily thought that was beautiful and an amazing gift to his son.

After Lily left, Devon thanked Amanda for all her support. Amanda said Devon had been there for her with Sutton, and Dominic was a lot more fun that her grandfather. He acknowledged that having a baby in the house one day a week wasn’t part of the original plan. Amanda was a little worried because she didn’t have a lot of experience with infants, but she was willing to learn. She thought of this as an adventure with him. They kissed.

Lily and Billy were at work. He made a suggestion about a project, and when she readily agreed, he said he wished Victoria took his advice so easily. He told Lily about the talk with Victoria. Lily said that if Victoria successfully went after Adam, Lily and Billy could watch from the sidelines with popcorn. Billy liked the sound of satisfaction without the risk. Lily let Billy know that Devon got partial custody. Billy knew Devon would be a good father and he thought Dom was lucky, but he knew this couldn’t be easy for Abby and Chance.

Chance came home wearing workout clothes and overheard Abby telling Dominic that he’d be spending more time with Devon. Abby put a positive spin on the whole thing. Abby talked about how well Devon knew Dominic, and she said it’d be a good thing for Dom to spend more time with Devon. Later, Dominic was upstairs, and Abby told Chance that she didn’t get any sleep. He hoped his tossing and turning didn’t keep her up. She said she was already awake. She said they made a big decision yesterday, and they were so busy talking about how it impacted her that they didn’t discuss his feelings. He said that he had some nightmares. She’d hoped those nightmares would go away after they worked things out with Devon – that it would relieve some of Chance’s pressure. He’d hoped it’d work that way too, but he suggested things may need to get worse before they got better. Chance said he’d been pushing this down for so long, and now that he wasn’t, the floodgates were open. She said that maybe his nightmares were a sign that they needed more help and that they made the right decision, even though it was hard.

Christine arrived with the amended custody agreement. While Abby and Chance had already previously approved the changes, Christine told the couple to think this over. Abby said they weren’t having second thoughts – this was the right thing to do. Christine said Devon had made a second request – he wanted an overnight stay right away. Abby commented that it was so soon. Christine said Devon would understand if Abby and Chance said no, and they were under no legal obligation yet. Abby asked what Chance thought. He pointed out that they’d both just said they were tired, so this would give them a chance to rest and spend time together, so they’d be in better shape when Dominic came back tomorrow. Abby guessed this was the new normal, so why delay it? She went upstairs to pack Dominic’s things. Christine left.

Devon and Amanda came to pick up Dominic. Abby had packed a bag and written up the baby’s schedule. Amanda offered to video call Abby and Chance, unless they were going out. Abby said they’d love that. Abby kissed the baby and gave him to Devon. Devon cooed at the baby and called himself Dom’s daddy. Abby told Dom that he’d be back tomorrow. The trio left, and Abby and Chance hugged.

Mariah took some time off work and met Tessa at Crimson Lights. Mariah had just heard from Devon that he was getting shared custody of Dominic. Tessa asked how Mariah felt. Mariah had mixed feelings. She was glad a lawsuit wasn’t going to tear the Baby Chancellor crew apart, but she was feeling pangs of jealousy. She recognized that her situation wasn’t like Devon’s. As attached as she got to Bowie, he wasn’t her biological child. Even if she wanted to file a lawsuit, her case wouldn’t be as strong as Devon’s was, and she never even though of filing suit. Tessa asked if it bothered Mariah that Devon had partial custody. Mariah said this situation wasn’t far off from what they’d envisioned for Dom – he’d be surrounded by a ton of people who loved him, and that was all that mattered.

Mariah went upstairs, and when she came back, Tessa had ordered her a brownie as a pick-me-up. Mariah hoped she wasn’t acting like she was feeling sorry for herself. She had a lot of of things she loved in her life – her job, her apartment, and the most adorable supportive girlfriend. Tessa reminded Mariah that they were fiancees. Mariah felt like the luckiest girl in the world to be marrying Tessa. She loved the word fiancee. Tessa thought “wife” was better. Mariah asked when they were doing this. Tessa suggested spring. They talked about whether to do a small wedding or a big one with all their friends or whether they should have a destination wedding. Tessa had to go for a work thing, but they agreed to talk more tonight.

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