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Recap written by Christine

Jack was at home. He flashed back to Allie suggesting they have coffee if he was ever in LA in the future. Phyllis wanted to be brutally honest with Jack now that they were alone. Jack would expect nothing less. Phyllis knew Traci had good intentions, but Phyllis said sometimes the Miss Manner’s approach wasn’t the best one, and you had to throw caution to the wind. Phyllis saw the pain in Allie’s eyes, and she thought that if Jack wanted to help his granddaughter, he should reach out. Jack agreed that it was up to him to make the first move, not Allie. Phyllis thought they should take the Jabot jet back to LA today. Jack wanted more than anything to bring Allie into the family, but he didn’t want to scare her off. Phyllis said they could concoct a story to get Allie to Genoa City – they could tell Allie that Jack found some of Keemo’s belongings. Jack didn’t want build a relationship with Allie on a lie. He thought he’d just follow Allie’s lead and take her up on the offer to have coffee in LA. Jabot had business in California, so he could go to LA. He said he’d call Allie and tell her he’d be in LA for a day or two and see if she was willing to meet. Phyllis thought that was a solid plan.

Allie met with Taylor Jensen, the Diane Jenkins lookalike who was buying Keemo’s house. Allie wanted to know why Taylor wanted to meet in person. Taylor said she just wanted to meet the previous owner and find out why someone would want to sell such a nice home. Allie explained that she had an apartment near her school, and her dad, who used to live there, passed away. Taylor asked if Allie had other family. Just then, Allie got a phone call from Jack. “Jack. Hi,” Allie said. Allie didn’t notice the way Taylor perked up when she heard Jack’s name. Jack said he had some business in California and he asked if they could get dinner. Allie wasn’t sure she was ready to meet so soon. He said he’d be out in a day or two, so that would give her time to think about it. The call ended.

Taylor asked Allie if everything was okay. Allie said it was fine – just some family issues. Taylor could relate – she’d been hurt many times, but it was important to have family. “Take it from someone who has survived more than you can imagine, you have less time than you think to make amends, and regret is a hard thing to live with once it’s too late to connect,” Taylor stated. Taylor said family was the most precious thing we had in this world. She wished she had more relatives she could turn to. Taylor was sorry for being so open, like they were old friends. Allie found it kind of comforting to hear this, because Taylor seemed like she understood. Taylor was no stranger to loss, and losing a parent was one of the hardest blows life dealt. Taylor suggested that Allie should meet with this Jack, and lean on her family. Allie asked why Taylor thought Jack was her relative. Taylor noted that Allie said the call was about family issues. Allie said things were complicated. Taylor said all families were, but if this family member was someone Allie could lean on, wasn’t that what she needed?

Phyllis and Jack were at Society, and he thought it was obvious she coerced him to come here as a distraction. Phyllis changed topics and said Summer told her Harrison knew more Italian than Summer. Jack was proud of his little grandson. Phyllis added that Summer found someone to replace Phyllis at Marchetti. Jack said no one could replace Phyllis. He asked if she regretted not taking the job. She was glad she stayed in Genoa City, because if she’d left, she wouldn’t have been able to go on the trip with him to LA. He was glad she went with him. He told her again how grateful he was, and she repeated that she didn’t need thanks.

Back in LA, Allie told Taylor about some quirks of the house, like a wonky faucet. Allie was going to show Taylor how to work it, but Taylor said she needed a moment alone to respond to a text. Taylor was revealed to be the anonymous texter. She sent Jack a response. “Doing what I can to help. I think Allie might be more receptive soon.”

Jack and Phyllis were back at the hotel. He’d read the latest text, and Phyllis was on edge because she didn’t know why the texter was hellbent on staying anonymous. Jack wanted Phyllis to take it easy. He saw the text as a step in the right direction. Phyllis was suspicious of the texter. She didn’t understand why this person had a vested interest in helping Jack. Jack wasn’t going to question the texer’s motives – he wouldn’t know he had a granddaughter if this man or woman didn’t text him and tell him to come to California. Phyllis could tell from the tone of the texts that it was a woman. Jack didn’t want to pry and tick the texter off, because then she might stop helping him with Allie. Phyllis thought the texter was in LA. She said she could put a tracker on all the phone towers in the city. Jack did not want to expose the texter’s identity. His concern was Allie.

Allie and Taylor were back in the living room after looking at the faucet. Allie asked when Taylor would move in. Taylor wasn’t sure. She had a few family issues of her own to deal with, and that would determine her next move. Allie was curious. Taylor stated that this house was kind of a safety net for her. Taylor told Allie not to ever underestimate the importance of having a place to land. Taylor offered Allie some kind parting words and encouraged her to reach out to the people who cared about her. Allie said thanks and left Taylor in her new home. On the porch, Allie called Jack and accepted his invitation to coffee. Taylor was listening at the door, and she looked happy.

Chelsea and Nate were at the penthouse she just moved out of. He was glad to hear she was starting a new fashion line. She felt a little uncomfortable being back here, but she understood why he wanted to meet in this location. He was considering moving back in. Her other buyer fell through, so she was appreciated Nate being willing to buy an apartment from a former poisoner. Nate said Chelsea owned up to what she did, and Rey didn’t hold it against her, so Nate wouldn’t either, even though Rey was a former patient. Chelsea said Nate was pretty special. Devon was walking through, and he popped in because he heard Nate. Chelsea left. Nate explained that his house had a lot of problems, and the contractor was constantly there doing repairs. So he was thinking of moving. He knew Devon had been upset he’d sold the penthouse, which he’d inherited from Neil. Devon was over that. He asked if the move had anything to do with that bad judgment call Nate mentioned earlier. Nate said there could be consequences down the road, but he had to move forward with his life. Devon was there if Nate wanted to talk. Nate didn’t want to drag Devon into it. Nate asked if there was really a place for him at this merged company.

When Billy got home, Lily excitedly said she had news, and she wanted him to guess it. He guessed a bunch of silly ideas, and she groaned that he wasn’t trying. He just wanted to know the news so he could kiss her and celebrate. She said the first episode of his podcast got overwhelmingly good feedback. He thought she and Traci were the only ones who listened. Lily clarified that a lot of people downloaded it. She showed him the download data, and he was surprised. She said clearly his honesty about trying to get over the pain of losing his daughter struck a chord. There were a few negative reviews, but that was to be expected. He hoped the podcast could help someone. Lily thought Billy should capitalize on this and post episode 2. he wasn’t sure he had anything else to say.

Billy said a lot of his pent up pain went away after the first podcast. He asked what else he had to say. Lily thought Billy had so much more to share – he kept her fascinated. She said the had many more stories to share – the good, the bad, lessons learned. She told him not to give up so easily. She thought that the podcast had a positive effect on him – he was in a better mood, more focused at work, and more energized. She’d love more of this good thing. She kissed him. Devon and Nate showed up.

Devon wanted to talk about how the merger would work and about where Nate would fit into it. Lily thought she had a plan they could all agree on. Lily said that Chancellor Winters needed a two fold focus. The entertainment and media division would stay under Hamilton Winters. Chancellor would cover merchandise, commercial real estate like hotels, and venues. Devon approved. He thought it was a corporate match made in heaven. Billy said Lily was the most brilliant CEO he knew. Lily said Devon could handle the entertainment side, and she’d handle merchandise and hospitality divisions. She said they’d interact and share resources, but maintain autonomy. Devon loved that, but he said he’d be open to her opinions. Devon asked how Jill and the rest of the board would feel about this. Lily already got Jill’s approval, and Jill thought he board would support it too. Lily asked Nate how he felt about being part of all of this. He was ready for a clean slate, but he asked where he’d fit in this. “Want to be my COO?,” Devon asked. Nate thought Devon had too much faith in his business skills. Devon said Nate studied business and ran the entire surgical department, and he was already on the board at Hamilton Winters. Nate wasn’t sure about this, but Devon and Lily both thought Nate would do great.

Elena was at Society, on the phone with a contractor about the house, and it wasn’t going well. She got a text from Nate saying he had a surprise. Elena met Nate at Chelsea’s old penthouse, and he told her that, if she wanted to, they could move back into this building. He said they had great neighbors, and it’d be easy to do family dinners with Devon and Amanda across the hall. Nate asked if Elena didn’t want to move in. He understood if it was too awkward for her to live across the hall from the apartment she once shared with Devon. Elena said she’d been working on rebuilding her friendships with Devon and Amanda. Nate said he spoke to Devon, who said he’d love to be neighbors. Nate said Elena needed to feel comfortable in her own home, so if shse didn’t like it, they wouldn’t live here. She loved the idea of living here, putting the construction nightmare behind them, and get on with living their lives together. Elena asked Nate if he really wanted this or if it had something to do with what was going on. He was determined to move past the Ashland situation, and this was part of it. He wanted a clean slate, and this could be what he needed to hit the reset button. It felt right to reclaim an inheritance he never should’ve given up in the first place. She asked what the second surprise was, and he told her he was the COO.

Lily and Billy were home alone. She was excited things were coming together. All the family she had in Genoa City would be working together. She knew Billy had taken that for granted and rebelled against it, because he’d always had Jabot in his life. This meant a lot for her. Billy said if his siblings were easy to get along with, like Devon and Nate, he may never have left the business. She said that her family had difficult moments. Billy said her family handled things like adults, while his family was petty and stubborn. Lily said she’d ask Billy to draw on his Jabot experience when the disagreements turned personal. He said he’d always be on her side, because he loved her, and because, after working together, he realized she was always right. She thanked him for having so much faith in her. They kissed.

Devon went home and looked at Neil’s picture. Devon had a feeling Neil had a big hand in making this merger happen. He said the family was finally coming together the way Neil always dreamed.

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