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Xander brings in room service for he and Sarah and calls it the first day of married life. Sarah asks if he doesn’t think it’s over the top. Xander feels it’s the opposite since they are finally married after all the false starts, so he thinks that’s cause for celebration. Xander pours them champagne and says it’s just the beginning.

Eric gets out of the shower and Nicole shows up at his door which he calls a surprise. Nicole tells him that she needs to talk to him about something and asks if she can come in.

Steve, Roman, and John get a video call from Orpheus, saying he hears the women they love are under the weather. Orpheus is sure they’ve figured out by now that he’s behind what’s happening to them. Orpheus declares that he doesn’t want to keep them in suspense about what’s in store for them and notes that it sounds ominous. Orpheus guesses they are getting sick of him but warns that the ladies are going to get a lot sicker.

Xander and Sarah talk about staying in bed all day as they kiss. They talk about being very happy. Xander can’t believe they are really married and finally at the happily ever after part of their story. Sarah says yesterday, she woke up with a sense of dread about what would ruin the wedding this time. Sarah mentions getting scared when Gwen showed up. Xander assures that Gwen is in the past and there’s nothing more she can do to hurt them. Sarah talks about not knowing who else would show up since Xander was engaged to Gwen and married to Chanel while she was gone. Sarah remarks that she doesn’t know who else claimed his heart while she was otherwise engaged. Xander then thinks back to having sex with Nicole. Sarah asks if she hit a nerve but Xander claims he was thinking about something totally unrelated and gets up to get coffee. Sarah tells him that he better tell her or she’s going to assume the worst. Sarah guesses there was someone else. Xander then admits that there was, but it was just a one night stand.

Eric asks if Nicole had another dream about him. Nicole says no, then thinks back to Rafe telling her about his nightmare. Nicole tells Eric that she needs to speak with him and would rather not do it out in the hallway, so Eric invites her in but then stops and decides he’ll get dressed and meet her downstairs. Nicole admits she probably should have called first. Eric says he just needs a few minutes and shuts the door.

Rafe tells Jada that Nicole said she offered Eric a job at Basic Black, but Jada notes that Eric didn’t say anything to her about it.

Orpheus regrets having to resort to this one-way video communication because he would like to see the looks on their faces but he’ll just have to rely on his imagination. Orpheus imagines Steve having his arm around Kayla, John’s scowl, and Roman’s look. Orpheus says the reason for this video is to reassure them that what he’s infected the ladies with is not contagious so the men will remain perfectly healthy so they can watch the women die. Orpheus mocks them as men of action and says this is a medical deal so there’s nothing they can do. Orpheus says he has effectively sidelined the ladies’ knights and their heroics isn’t worth squat. Orpheus knows they don’t want to watch anymore but they can’t risk it. Orpheus guesses they realized the whole kidnapping, puzzle solving, and bomb was an elaborate ruse and misdirection to cover up the real reason he needed the women isolated and unconscious. Orpheus says he was less than candid but he did leave clues along the way like he always has. Orpheus guesses they are hoping he still will and that they can discern a hidden message because it would be unbearable that he’s making them listen to all of this simply because he enjoys torturing them.

Xander tells Sarah that the one night stand was meaningless and just sex. Sarah demands to know who it was. Xander doesn’t think it matters but Sarah insists on knowing. Xander reminds Sarah that he thought she had left him. Sarah understands that but says when they decided to get married, she thought she knew everything that had happened while she was gone and had time to process it. Sarah tells Xander that she needs to know who it was.

Jada questions Rafe about when Nicole offered Eric this job. Rafe says it was the other day when she went to Eric’s. They get interrupted by Rafe getting a phone call, so he steps away to answer it. Jada thinks back to talking to Eric about his photography. Jada says to herself that if Eric had a job offer, he would’ve said something. Jada then wonders why Nicole is lying to her husband.

Nicole sits at a table at the Brady Pub and calls Chloe to tell her that she’s going to be late coming to the office because she has to talk to Eric. Nicole explains that she decided to talk to Eric because Jada decided to tell Rafe about her visit and now she has to do damage control because Rafe had a nightmare about her and Eric. Nicole complains that Jada must have really spun things to make Rafe have a nightmare like that, so she needs to talk to Eric and get him to back her up. Nicole then reveals that when Rafe was so upset, she told him that she went to offer Eric a job, so now she’s here to make that lie the truth. Eric then appears at her table, so Nicole hangs up. Eric questions what she meant about making that lie the truth. Nicole then tells him about how Kristen is trying to break up Brady and Chloe, even getting Gabi to put her in charge of Basic Black and is trying to get Chloe fired but she’s not going to let that happen. Eric asks why she would want to make these lies the truth and questions if she wants to expose Kristen. Nicole responds that chloe knows what she means and that’s all that matters. Nicole then says she’s running a little behind so she wants to get to why she came. Nicole claims that she thinks she mentioned the other day that Basic Black is looking for a photographer but Eric quickly points out that she didn’t. Nicole says they are and asks what he thinks about coming to work for them. Eric can’t believe she’s saying this because he was just telling Jada that he was thinking about going back to his photography. Nicole says here they are thinking the same thing on the same day. Eric adds that they also dreamed about each other on the same day. Eric then thinks back to his sex dream about Nicole.

Sarah is shocked to learn that Xander slept with Nicole. Sarah argues that Nicole hates him for good reason. Xander explains that it wasn’t about loving or hating but more about need as they bumped in to each other when they had both hit rock bottom. Xander adds that he thought he lost Sarah forever and they were both very drunk while Nicole was lost and alone. Sarah questions if this was after Nicole and Eric broke up. Xander admits it wasn’t but she hadn’t seen Eric in almost a year and kept cancelling his trips home. Sarah asks if he felt sorry for Nicole. Sarah asks if Eric found out and that’s why he divorced Nicole. Xander says no because they had other issues. Sarah then questions if Eric doesn’t know but Xander assures that he does. Sarah asks how Eric found out. Xander asks if it really matters since they’ve moved on, got divorced, and Nicole is married to Rafe now. Sarah questions if Nicole told Eric and that’s why they got divorced. Sarah guesses there is more to it. Xander then admits that he told Eric, not Nicole.

Rafe returns to Jada at the police station and asks her about Eric and the job at Basic Black. Jada says she had a late night and that Eric did mention a photography job but not that Nicole offered him one. Jada adds that Eric just plays things close to the vest. Rafe gets another phone call. Rafe hangs up and informs Jada that apparently the lab has a backup and can’t get the results from the warehouse that Orpheus used until tomorrow, so he’s going to pay them a visit to see if he can convince them to change their minds.

Orpheus remarks that the bomb that John, Steve, and Roman diffused could’ve offered a much quicker death, like his wife Rebecca when Roman shot her and broke his heart. Orpheus says they could have saved them a prolonged agony by not saving them but he understands they had to be heroes. Orpheus adds that now they can do it one more time because they’ll have to do everything in their power to figure out what exactly the women have contracted. Orpheus wishes them luck with that, acknowledging that was in poor taste. Orpheus declares that no matter what they do, the prognosis is certain death. Orpheus remarks that it all began with a simple sneeze and they all fainted, so the symptoms are just the beginning but they will grow in severity and become increasingly more painful. Orpheus wishes he could stick around and see them all suffer but he will give that pleasure to Roman, Steve, and John as they stand helplessly by to watch the women they love leave them and then they will finally know what he felt when they took his Rebecca. Orpheus says he’ll see the ladies in Hell and adds that he won’t make it back to their funerals. Orpheus tells the guys that he’s sorry for their loss and says goodbye as the video ends.

Sarah questions Xander telling Eric as if it was his call and asks if he even told Nicole that he was going to tell Eric. Xander admits it’s so much worse than she can imagine. Xander then reveals that he crashed Eric and Nicole’s anniversary party and told the whole crowd. Sarah can’t believe he set out to publicly humiliate them. Sarah asks if Xander felt like a big man, bragging in front of a crowd about his conquest. Xander argues that’s not why he did it and that their marriage was a mess anyways. Sarah doesn’t think Xander is in any position to judge Eric and argues that he cannot justify what he did as it was cruel. Xander calls it business and reveals that Sami paid him a million dollars which he couldn’t refuse. Sarah tells him that he could have and should have refused. Xander complains that Sarah doesn’t know what it was like as he lost her and didn’t care about anything anymore. Sarah warns him not to put this on her, arguing that she’s not his conscience, she’s his wife. Sarah complains that it’s not just that he did it but that he thinks it’s okay and keeps making excuses for it. Sarah declares that she’s now married to a man who destroyed someone else’s marriage for money. Xander tries to get through to her but Sarah says she’s heard more than enough and storms in to the bathroom.

Nicole asks Eric what he says to her job offer, arguing that he can’t stay at the Pub, working for his dad forever. Nicole wants to know how he’s feeling about the job offer. Nicole knows it’s been awhile since he’s shot high fashion but she’s sure he’d pick it up in a heartbeat. Eric responds that he’s more worried about how Rafe would feel about them working together.

Rafe returns to the station with the forensics report and goes over it with Jada. Rafe notices a very specific type of ink that Orpheus used. Jada calls it a start that maybe will lead to where Orpheus is hiding.

John and Marlena join Kate, Roman, Steve, and Kayla in Kate’s hospital room. John sees that Orpheus sent them the same video. Steve asks what the plan is.

Xander asks Sarah to at least talk to him. Xander admits now that he should’ve told her before. Xander knows it was terrible but he wants to explain. Sarah questions if Xander is going to defend what he did after all the pain that Kristen and Gwen caused them. Xander wishes he didn’t tell her now. Sarah tells him that he shouldn’t have told Eric. Sarah declares that he shouldn’t have humiliated Eric and she shouldn’t have married Xander as she then storms out of the room.

Jada worries that there’s too many ink places to check and that Orpheus would be gone by then. Rafe points out that Orpheus doesn’t do anything randomly and likes to drop clues. They then come across a place called “Rebecca’s Printing and Graphics”. Rafe points out that Rebecca was Orpheus’s late wife’s name, so they rush out of the station to get there.

Nicole claims to Eric that she and Rafe talked about it and asks why he wouldn’t be okay with it. Eric points out that they used to be married. Nicole states that Rafe knows they are just friends now and is fine with it. Sarah enters the Pub and apologizes for interrupting but says she wanted to talk to Eric. Nicole tells her it’s okay as they were almost done. Sarah then says she’s glad Nicole is there too. Eric asks if Sarah is okay as he notes that she’s shaking. Sarah says she’s just upset. Sarah sits down and says she needs to apologize to them as she just found out from her husband this morning about what he did at their anniversary party. Sarah feels so awful about it and says she’s so sorry as if it wasn’t for Xander, Eric and Nicole would still be together. Nicole tells her that it’s no secret that she hates Xander’s guts and she’ll never forgive him for what he did at their party. Nicole says as much as she wants to blame him for what happened, she can’t, as Xander didn’t break up her and Eric. Nicole adds that Xander was just the messenger and he wasn’t lying. Nicole acknowledges that she slept with Xander, so she broke their marriage up. Eric acknowledges that he played a big part in that by spending almost every day of their first year of marriage 8000 miles away. Eric thought he was doing good by just checking in on her and apologizes to her. They agree that maybe they should’ve had this conversation earlier. Nicole tells Sarah that their problems were their problems and Xander was just a symptom. Eric hopes they learn from their mistakes.

Kayla suggests they all act like they are on the job and they are going to find out what this is to treat it. Kayla says in her head, she’ll be working in the ER and calls it like an ISA case. Kayla says they will work like Orpheus lied and that there is a cure, so they can deal with their feelings later. Marlena agrees that Orpheus saying he’s won doesn’t mean he has and declares that he’s underestimated them.

Rafe and Jada catch two guards outside of the warehouse and back them off with their guns. They then burst in to find Orpheus inside. Rafe tells him that they’ve been looking for him while Jada asks if he really wants her to shoot him.

Xander complains that he couldn’t make it past day one without screwing up. Sarah then returns to the room and tells him that she just apologize to Eric and Nicole for him. Xander is relieved as he thought she was leaving him. Sarah then responds that she is and she just came back to pack. Xander asks to explain but Sarah says that will just make it worse. Sarah tells Xander that it’s over and nothing he says or does can change that.

Nicole tells Eric how that was out of the blue. Eric can’t believe Sarah actually married Xander but guesses things aren’t working out for them. Nicole jokes that the first day is the hardest. Eric worries that Sarah has been through enough. Nicole remarks that people should just not get married in Salem. Eric asks if that’s what they did wrong then apologizes for saying that. Nicole says she has to go but tells him to think about the job offer. Eric says he doesn’t have to think about it and agrees to take the job. They shake hands on the deal.

Orpheus puts his gun down and puts his hands in the air. Rafe takes his gun and arrests Orpheus for the kidnapping and attempted murder of Marlena Evans. Orpheus questions him saying attempted murder as if he failed to do what he set out to do. Orpheus warns that he’ll soon find out how wrong he is.

Roman blames himself for bringing this on to Kate. Kate tells him not to say that as he saved her from Orpheus once before and she knows he will again.

Kayla calls in test results while Steve sends Orpheus’ video to the ISA and to Rafe. Kayla says to tell them that they have to find Dr. Rolf. Kayla gets dizzy so Steve suggests giving this case to someone else so she can lay down but she refuses.

John gets Marlena back in a hospital bed and encourages her to sleep, promising to be there when she wakes up. John prays for God to help her.

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