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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis, I didn’t know you were in town,” Diane said. Phyllis replied that she didn’t know Diane was alive. Diane assumed that Jack and Phyllis were together again. Phyllis wasn’t surprised Diane was still focused on Jack’s love life. Jack stated that he and Phyllis were here to talk about Kyle. Diane was relieved Jack was back. She honestly didn’t think she’d ever see him again. Phyllis yelled that Diane was being patronizing. Diane asked if Jack was going to help her connect with Kyle. Phyllis snapped that Diane didn’t deserve Kyle and never did. Diane asked if Phyllis flew out here just to ruin things between Diane and her son. Jack said he was planning to forget he ever saw Diane, and he only returned to the house because of Phyllis.

Diane was glad Jack returned, whatever the reason. Jack said Phyllis convinced him to tell Kyle the truth. Diane appreciated that. Phyllis clarified that she didn’t do it for Diane. Jack insisted on talking to Kyle first. He didn’t want Diane blindsiding him. Diane said something that made Jack and Phyllis suspect she’d already contacted Kyle. Diane said she hadn’t, but there was so much negative emotion surrounding this that it might taint Kyle’s reaction to the news. She wondered if she should stop being a coward and contact Kyle herself. “Making threats. Very very Diane of you,” Phyllis said. Diane thought it would be best for Kyle if the news came from Jack, but she revealed that she’d obtained Kyle’s phone number. Phyllis decided to back off because she didn’t want to watch Diane jerk Jack around. Diane could see Phyllis cared about Jack. Phyllis cared about Kyle too. Diane was aware that Kyle was Phyllis’s son in law.

Diane remembered little Kyle and Summer spending a Christmas together. She told Phyllis she was glad their kids were happy together. “We’re grandparents, Jack” Diane marveled. Jack said Diane wasn’t a nothing because she gave that right up when she left Kyle. Diane admitted she’d missed many special moments. Diane read about Phyllis’s success in Genoa City. Phyllis said she was flourishing, there was no toxicity in her life, and she’d learned form her mistakes and matured. She assumed Diane couldn’t relate. Diane understood Phyllis and Jack doubted her. Diane didn’t reach out earlier because she was scared of how people would react, and she still was afraid, but Kyle was worth taking risks for. Jack didn’t think the anonymous texts were the height of bravery. Diane noted that Jack wouldn’t have known about Allie if not for her texts. Diane was surprised that Jack wasn’t being more forgiving after what she’d done for him. She’d expected more from him.

Jack didn’t intend to ever forgive Diane. He told her how he’d had to hold Kyle while he sobbed – the kind of cries that tore a parent’s heart out. Diane wanted to make up for that. Jack said that wound could never be healed. “The minute Kyle knows you’re alive, he will know that he grieved for nothing!,” Jack bellowed. Diane conceded that she might not be able to fix what she broke, but she owed it to Kyle to try. She wanted Jack’s help. Phyllis interjected that Jack was the only one who could smooth the way for Diane. She told Diane to stop threatening to go to Kyle on her own. Diane denied saying that as a threat. Jack told Diane to stay away from Allie. He said she complicated Allie’s life while she was grieving for her father. At this point, he wouldn’t be surprised if Allie wanted nothing to do with the Abbotts. Diane said that, no matter what, she was the reason Jack knew Allie existed. She said she gave him a chance he didn’t have with Keemo – the same chance she wanted to have with Kyle. Phyllis accused Diane of using Keemo’s death to emotionally blackmail Jack. Jack was grateful to know about Keemo and Allie, and he’d repay Diane by telling Kyle about her. He ordered her to walk away if Kyle rejected her. “But isn’t that what you did with Keemo? He turned his back on you and you let him. Was that the right decision, Jack?” Diane replied. Jack seethed with rage, and Phyllis grabbed his arm and told him it was time to leave. Diane thanked Phyllis for getting through to Jack and said she hoped Jack and Phyllis’s relationship worked out this time. Phyllis sent Jack out the door and turned back to glare at Diane, who broadly smiled at her.

Jack and Phyllis went to the outdoor cafe, where she grappled with the news that Diane was alive. Jack said actually seeing Diane boggled the mind. Phyllis said Diane hadn’t changed – she was just better at hiding things. He asked if she still thought he should tell Kyle. She was sure that he should do that before Diane did. It went against Jack’s instincts to set Kyle up for that kind of pain. “This is gonna change [Kyle] forever and I’m partly to blame,” Jack said. Phyllis told Jack that he wasn’t doing anything to Kyle, except preparing him for the shock of his life. Jack kept wondering what he could’ve done to stop Diane from faking her death. Phyllis was sure there was nothing Jack could’ve done. Jack revealed that Diane came to him just before she “died” looking for money, but he didn’t hear her out. Phyllis said that if Jack had given Diane money, she would’ve taken Kyle. Phyllis said even if Diane didn’t fake her own death, she would’ve probably gone to prison, then Kyle would’ve had to deal with that. Jack said Kyle would’ve known Diane was alive. In Phyllis’s opinion, all Diane did was use Kyle as a pawn to get what she wanted and who she wanted. Phyllis said Kyle was an adult who could make his own decisions about Diane. Jack knew this would change Kyle’s opinion of his mother. Jack said Kyle loved his mother, but he loved the version of Diane that the adults around him let him remember. This Diane was a woman who would walk away from her son. Phyllis said that Jack let Dina back in. jack said he’d felt anger and resentment. Phyllis added that Jack eventually became grateful for his time with Dina. Jack said this was different – he knew Dina was healthy when she was away, but Kyle thought his mother was murdered. Phyllis said Kyle would get through this with love and support.

Jack thought Kyle needed to hear this in person. Phyllis said she’d fly over to Italy with Jack, and then give him time alone with Kyle, or she and Summer could be there if Jack wanted support. Jack didn’t like the idea of leaving the country with Diane running around, so he said Kyle and Summer would have to come home. Phyllis thought that was a good idea. “No one is better at getting their child through something like this than you,” Phyllis said. Jack felt that this was happening so fast. He just found out, and Diane already had Kyle’s number. Jack felt he and Kyle needed more time, but he knew he didn’t have it – Diane was a loose cannon who could just show up in Milan. He thanked Phyllis for showing up in LA. Jack said he was going to contact Kyle and lure him to Genoa City, just like Diane lured Jack to LA. Phyllis said it was different, but he wasn’t sure he agreed. Kyle agreed to come home and bring Harrison, but Summer had to work. Jack was going to tell Diane, hoping that it would keep her from doing anything drastic. Phyllis wanted to talk about Allie instead. Phyllis said Allie was very intelligent, and she had that twinkle in her eyes Jack mentioned. He knew she was trying to distract him, and he went with it. He said Allie was lovely and smart, and she felt deeply. “Just like an Abbott,” Phyllis replied.

Diane put a picture of herself, Kyle and Jack on the mantle. She had a flashback to an unhappy conversation with Jack. She felt that she was offering Jack a reasonable alternative. “No, we’re about to light into a custody battle and you’re getting a little nervous and I don’t blame you,” he replied. She didn’t understand why he was determined to think the worst of her. He replied that he’d learned from experience. She’d asked if he cared about Kyle at all. She told him that by going after full custody, he was going to force the judge to choose, and Kyle was going to be deprived of substantial relationship with one of his parents. “Something like that can leave very deep permanent scars on a child. Is that what you want for your son,” she asked. Diane had another flashback. In this one, she, Jack and Kyle were sitting by the pool. Jack was holding the toddler and letting him dip his toes in the water. Diane had her arms around Jack and said she was glad he was making memories with his son that would last forever. Phyllis walked out and saw Diane all cozied up to Jack and Kyle, like a happy family. Phyllis left without saying anything. Diane heard Phyllis leave, and she looked triumphant.

Allie showed up, pulling Diane out her trip down memory lane. As Allie looked at the photo, Diane said that things between Jack, Kyle and her weren’t always so painful. Allie said Kyle was adorable. Diane replied that he’d grown into a handsome man. Allie didn’t plan to come back – Jack didn’t want her anywhere near Diane. Allie was struck by everything Diane was doing to be with her son. Diane said she failed Kyle. She should’ve healed herself so she could look after him, and she couldn’t go back and fix that, but she could move forward and speak to him. She hoped to have the chance to hold her son again. “You love him that much. That was me and my dad,” Allie said. Diane was sorry Allie lost her dad. She asked if Allie spoke to her mother. Allie looked down. Diane could see the sadness in Allie from the moment they met. Diane knew how it felt. She asked if there was really no way to repair things between Allie and her mother. Allie was there because she wanted to hear about Kyle, Jack and the rest of the Abbott family. Diane said Allie could ask Jack. Allie wanted to hear it from Diane, an outsider.

Diane said Jack never expected to be the father of her child. Allie asked if Kyle wasn’t planned. Diane explained that she planned the pregnancy, but Jack wasn’t involved. Kyle was conceived through artificial insemination. The original plan was for another man to be Diane’s baby’s father, but there was a mix-up in the lab, and the wrong sample was used. Allie said that sounded crazy. Diane said it was, but Kyle was deeply wanted – her son meant everything to her, and he always would. Diane said Kyle was easy to love, just like Jack, but starting a family that way wasn’t the easiest path. A flashback played of Phyllis ordering Diane to take her kid and get out of town. “I don’t want to see you or your son ever again,” Phyllis said. Phyllis accused Diane of going after Jack and using her son as bait. In the next flashback, Diane tried to rattle Phyllis. “You’re Mrs. Jack Abbott, at least for the moment,” Diane told Phyllis. There were more flashbacks of the feud between Diane and Phyllis. Diane had crowed that she used to be engaged to Jack, and they’d shared a bedroom – probably the same one Jack and Phyllis now shared. In a different flashback, Diane, wearing a slinky red bikini, tried to entice Jack into taking a swim with her. Phyllis rushed out wearing a robe, and she removed it, revealing her nude body. Jack laughed and told Diane to excuse them. She went into the pool house and peeked through the blinds and saw Jack taking off his clothes.

Diane told Allie that once Diane was out of the picture, there was a lot less tension surrounding Kyle – he grew up with cousins, aunts and an adoring family. She said the Abbotts didn’t just let anyone in, but when they did, they’d love you forever. Diane knew she couldn’t expect love – the most she could hope for was a little understanding and forgiveness, but she had to try. Allie would need a minute to process all this information, but she’d get there. Allie asked what Diane was hoping would happen if she saw Kyle face to face. Diane was trying to keep her hopes small, so she didn’t tempt fate, but her big hope was to be Kyle’s mother in every way. She wanted to dote on Kyle’s child and have Sunday breakfasts in the Abbott dining room. “The family you’re part if is big and loving when they let you in. and there is no better place in the world. You’ll see. It’ll happen,” Diane said.

Ashley called Traci and Billy together at the Abbott mansion to talk about Keemo’s daughter. Ashley had called Jack a couple times, and he wasn’t picking up. Billy wasn’t worried – he figured Jack was just busy with Allie. Ashley thought the way Allie’s existence came to light was a little bizarre. She wondered if Allie was the texter. Even if Allie wasn’t the texter, she wondered why this mysterious person was injecting themselves into Jack and Allie’s life. It felt manipulative to Ashley, not altruistic. Traci shared some of the same concerns, but she didn’t want to jump to conclusions on Allie. She said Jack wasn’t naive, and he didn’t think Allie was the texter. Ashley suggested Jack was so excited about his granddaughter that he was ignoring red flags about her. Traci was concerned about the texter’s identity, but she said that there was something more important here – Jack found his granddaughter, and he was eager to welcome her into the family. Traci worried Allie didn’t share Jack’s enthusiasm, but if she did, Traci thought they should welcome her into the family. Billy thought it was good that Jack reached out to Allie. He though the family should stay neutral. Ashley wanted to give Allie the benefit of the doubt, but she thought Jack needed to be cautious. Ashley looked into Allie’s background.

Ashley didn’t do a deep dive into Allie’s past, just an internet search. She didn’t find anything alarming. She learned that Allie was a graduate student getting an advanced degree in chemical engineering. Billy said Allie was interested in chemistry, like her dad. Traci added that Allie was also taking after her great aunt, Ashley. Ashley assumed Jack had made that same connection and that he was moved Allie was following in his son’s footsteps. She thought Jack would offer Allie a role at Jabot at some point. Ashley suggested that Allie might be taking advantage of Jack’s role at Jabot. She said Jack was already calling Allie family. Traci noted that Allie was family. Ashley said Allie was also a stranger, and they didn’t know her motives. Billy agreed with that. He thought they should keep an eye on this because Jack had a tendency to see things through rose-colored glasses.

Billy felt for Allie a little – she was on her own, grieving her father and dealing with the bombshell that she was an Abbott. Billy kind of got it because he was late to the Abbott family table, and he had a different mother, and that had its challenges. Traci said, whatever their issues with Jill, they always loved Billy. He knew that, and he loved Traci and Ashley, but he didn’t get a lot of time with their dad, and it wasn’t always easy feeling like the outsider. Traci believed that it would healing for Jack and Allie to bond. Billy hoped that happened because Jack deserved it.

Ashley still had mixed feelings about all this. She was thinking Allie might reject Jack, just like Keemo did, and Jack would have to suffer all over again. She admitted she might be a tad cynical or overprotective. She hoped things worked out well. She admitted that she talked to Phyllis, and she didn’t see Allie as a threat. Traci said, whatever their concerns about Phyllis, she was savvy and she was protective over Jack. Billy thought they should be concerned Phyllis was this involved. Traci said Phyllis had consistently put Jack’s feelings first this time, and she’d been the perfect friend. Ashley wondered if Jack and Phyllis were more than friends. Billy wasn’t trying to figure that out. He just wanted Jack to be happy. Traci brought up the tear drop of love, that was supposed to bring true love to its owner. Traci suggested that Jack could have a relationship with Phyllis and a connection with his granddaughter.

Billy loved Traci and her knack for making things sound like they would end up as they should. Ashley said it was a gift. Ashley said her gift to her siblings was to keep her feelings about Phyllis to herself. She said it remained to be seen what Allie would be like. Traci was putting her faith in Jack, and she hoped Billy and Ashley could do the same. Ashley agreed to keep an open mind and give Allie a chance.

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