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Recap written by Christine

Nick was at Sally’s office, where Sally and Chloe pitched the idea to do talk shows aimed at an international audience. Nick liked what he heard, and he thought Sally and Chloe made a strong team. He asked about their process. Chloe said they both brought their own ideas to the table, but Sally was the fearless leader. Nick asked to speak to Sally alone, so Chloe left. Nick said Victoria told him about Adam trying to get Sally to publish an article on Ashland’s death. Sally said she knew the truth, and she understood why Nick was so sick over it. Nick said that Sally was burdened with that secret, thanks to Adam. Sally promised she’d never tell anyone about it. He said she’d proven she could be trusted. She was sorry things were so difficult. He said he was protecting his sister. She said that if everyone found out what happened, they’d probably give Nick the key to the city. He wasn’t so sure. She said brave people were usually modest. She said the Newmans could be intimidating, but they really went to the mat for each other. The more time she spent with the Newmans, the less she understood Adam’s attitude toward his family. Nick was genuinely appreciative Sally turned Adam down and gave Victoria a head’s up. Sally said that the Newmans should be on guard about Adam, because he was in pursuit of one thing – revenge.

Nick appreciated the warning, but this wasn’t the first time Adam tried to get revenge on their family. Nick had hoped Adam would turn the corner after he gave Faith a kidney, but he was wrong. Sally thought that was sad. Nick said it was reality. Nick assumed Sally had only seen Adam at his best, but he and his family had dealt with Adam at his best and worst. He hated to say this, because he knew she cared about Adam, but he thought Sally was better off not being in a relationship with Adam. As many times as Sally told herself things were over with Adam and that it was for the best, but part of her still had feelings for him. She said she could relate to the bad parts of Adam, because she’d lived in his shoes – she’d felt burned by people and determined to make them regret it. Nick was aware of some of Sally’s stunts, and he’d like to think she’d left that behind. Sally liked to believe that too, but she did sometimes feel the urge to deliver a dose of payback to those who wronged her. He thought they’d all been there, some more than others. She said that she hadn’t acted on those impulses for a long time, and the tide may have turned because people, like Nick, had faith in her and gave her a chance. He wanted to believe Adam could change, so he could have a brother that he could bond with, but unfortunately, Adam had proved his turnarounds didn’t last very long.

Sally was worried about Adam, and that was why she couldn’t keep quiet about him. Nick said he and Victoria were grateful. Sally thought it was best for everyone, including Adam, that people knew what he was doing. Sally never wanted to go down the road of seeking revenge again. Nick thought Sally had come a long way.

At the park, Chelsea and Adam had a chipper discussion about the text he got earlier. He said it was good news. They both quickly admitted they were too tired to keep up the cheery act and just tell each other what was going on. She said she recorded her final podcast episode with Billy. Adam thought Chelsea should to get a co-host who wasn’t a jerk. She said Billy wasn’t a jerk, and he’d suggested she do the same thing. Chelsea had decided against that, and she didn’t understand why she couldn’t find a job that she could handle and something that wouldn’t get yanked away from her. Adam knew the feeling – he’d had the perfect job at Newman dangled in front of him, then yanked away. Chelsea had seen Adam in this state before, and she said it was pure rage.

Adam said Chelsea knew rage was his baseline emotion. Right now he was at a 2, and it could get worse. That was what Chelsea was afraid of. She saw him walking around all calm, but she knew something was burning under the surface. She knew the side of him that wanted vengeance was back. She thought he gave her good advice earlier, so she asked if there was any way she could talk him off the ledge. He thanked her, but he said she couldn’t help – this was between him and his dad. He said he let Victor use him yet again and toss him aside. Chelsea said that tossing Adam aside for Victoria was wrong, but classic Victor. Adam told Chelsea the truth about Ashland’s death. Chelsea realized that was why Victoria was so tense when they saw each other the other day. Adam grumbled that Victor covered it up. Chelsea saw the parallels between Ashland’s death and AJ Montalvo’s. Adam griped about it, and Chelsea said she thought Adam made peace with that. Adam wasn’t sure how to make peace with finding out he’d killed someone as a child, and no one told him. Adam tried to stuff it down but it never went away. His voice broke and he said hiding this information from him did him more harm than good. Chelsea thought Victor was trying to protect Adam, the same way Adam would go to extremes to protect Connor, and maybe he’d even protect Chelsea the same way, even though they weren’t together anymore.

Adam said he’d break any law for Connor and move a dozen bodies for him. He’d probably move a couple of bodies for Connor’s mother, too. Chelsea hoped it didn’t come to that. Adam said even when Victor did something decent it came with a price. Chelsea said, as someone who went to the mental hospital instead of jail because of Victor, she was well aware of how he operated. Adam said Victor would never apologize, and it was time someone forced his hand, here and now. Adam had the power and evidence to do it.

Chelsea had been there. She said Adam wanted justice and he’d go to dark places to get it. Adam denied that this was dark – he said he was trying to bring the truth to light. Chelsea said if Adam tried to hurt Victor, Victor would go after him. She thought Victor was like Adam in that regard. She said that Connor loved Adam and Victor, and he’d be hurt in the fallout. She told him to beat Victor by being a better dad and to stop holding grudges. “Beat Victor by letting go,” she advised. Adam said Chelsea wasn’t the first person to tell him to break the cycle with Victor. He said Jack offered him a job. She thought that would be a good fit, and she was disappointed when he told her he turned it down. He noted that they both had a history of making the wrong choices in life. She admitted that was true. She said she’d felt like she was starting fresh, and it felt good, then the podcast ended. He said they called people like them coolers at the blackjack table. She marveled that they didn’t hate each other after all they’d been through together. He rubbed her back and said he was glad they’d gotten to a place where they could support each other emotionally. She initiated a hug, and Sally walked up and saw Adam and Chelsea holding each other.

Traci noticed Jack humming to himself when he walked into the living room. She wondered what made him so happy. She wanted to scrutinize his mood, like he was a character in one of her novels. He said he wasn’t in her novel, he was her brother. He was thrilled Kyle, Summer and Harrison were back, that exciting things were happening at Jabot, and his family was at peace. They marveled that the family was at peace while Diane as in town. He was also grateful Kyle was healing.

Traci asked if Jack was in the process of forgiving Diane. He wasn’t sure that was the right word. She asked what forgiveness would look like for him and Diane. Before he could respond, Allie and Noah came in holding hands.

Allie had great news – Noah found the perfect location for his club. Noah said the Glam Club would be opening at The Grand Phoenix as soon as Chancellor Winters’s purchase was finalized. Allie said Noah pitched the idea to Lily, and she loved it. Jack decided this called for a celebration – lunch at Society.

Diane’s face fell when she walked into Society and saw Nikki. Diane went over and said hello, and she seemed caught off guard when Nikki was polite to her. Nikki said that Summer told her Diane was doing a wonderful job at Marchetti. Diane wondered where Nikki’s seemingly laissez faire attitude was coming from. Nikki said she’d decided it was easier to ignore Diane than to engage, though it was harder when Diane approached her. Diane was sure that if she’d ignored Nikki, Nikki would’ve come to her. Nikki said Diane wasn’t worth her energy – she had a full life to live. Diane made a snide comment about all the upheaval at Newman. Nikki said the company was thriving, so Diane only needed to be concerned about Marchetti. Diane said it was doing well, thanks partially to her son’s leadership. Nikki was sure her granddaughter had something to do with that too. Diane agreed that Summer was a wonderful leader. Diane appreciated that Summer kept an open mind and didn’t just accept everything Phyllis and Nikki said about Diane. Nikki was confident Diane would sabotage herself and leave town in disgrace without any help from anyone. In the beginning, Nikki felt compelled to push the process along, but now she realized it wasn’t worth her time, because she knew Diane was capable of blowing up her life on her own. Diane invited herself to sit with Nikki. She said that Phyllis also talked about letting go, but she’d taken a job at the same place Diane worked. It was clear to Diane that something was going on.

Diane asked what Nikki and Phyllis had up their sleeves. “Diane, you deluded narcissist, not everything is about you, dear,” Nikki said in a cloying tone. Nikki asked if it ever crossed Diane’s mind that Phyllis wanted to work with Summer, just as Nikki loved working with Victoria and Nick, and Diane presumably loved working with Kyle. Diane knew Phyllis loved the hotel. Nikki said Phyllis had never been successful at holding onto anything, like careers, or men. Diane thought Nikki was insulting Phyllis to try and prove they weren’t working together. Nikki suggested all that time in hiding made Diane paranoid. Diane said Nikki was trying to put her on the defensive. Nikki said she was just concerned for Diane. Diane scoffed that Nikki being polite and considerate was the biggest red flag of all. Nikki said being civil was less exhausting, because everyone had grown bored with Diane’s drama. Diane called Nikki and Phyllis were the drama queens of Genoa City. Nikki said Diane had to accept the fact that the novelty of her return had worn off, and no one was thinking of her at all.

Jack and Traci went to Society. they saw Diane and Nikki and knew that couldn’t be good. They went over to say hello, and he asked what was going on. Nikki said she was finishing her lunch at her table for one. Jack asked Diane if everything was alright. Nikki was annoyed, and Diane smiled broadly. Noah and Allie came up outside the restaurant and were concerned to see Diane and Nikki. Allie said Jack was trapped in the middle. Noah thought his grandma would win. Allie said Diane was sneaky though, and she wouldn’t count Traci out either. Allie asked Noah to promise that no matter how hostile things got, it wouldn’t spoil their amazing day. He agreed, and they kissed.

Nikki said she was minding her own business when Diane appeared, and Nikki had been very civil. Diane agreed, adding that Nikki had been bizarrely even-keeled. Nikki was heading out when Allie and Noah came in. Noah introduced Allie to his grandmother. They greeted each other warmly, and Nikki said she hoped they could spend some time together soon. Allie agreed, and Nikki left. Jack admitted he’d jumped to the conclusion that Nikki was harassing Diane. Diane said it wasn’t a bad guess.

Diane learned about the celebration and asked what the occasion was. Allie said they were celebrating her boyfriend’s new club. Jack asked Diane to join them. Diane declined because she had to get back to work. She congratulated Noah and left. Traci gave Jack a knowing look. Later, Jack noted that the kids left as soon as they ate. He knew what it was like to be that age, though – young and in – “Lust,” Traci interjected. Jack said that was his granddaughter they were talking about. Traci laughed. She also felt Jack was prematurely putting himself and her out to pasture. She thought that they would both find someone special. He hoped they weren’t circling back to Diane. He said Diane wasn’t a special person in his life. Traci wasn’t pushing Diane and Jack together, but she thought it was interesting that Jack wanted to spend a lot of time with her when he hadn’t forgiven her.

Allie and Noah went to the Abbott house. He wanted to give her credit for helping with the pitch that landed him the spot for the club, but she said it was all him. She did love getting to be there for the meeting with Lily. They kissed passionately, and she started to pull him toward the staircase. He asked if she was sure about this. She was. They rushed up to her bedroom.

Phyllis visited Talia at her hotel room, in The Grand Phoenix. Talia didn’t realize until recently that Phyllis owned it. Phyllis said she just sold because she worked at Marchetti now. Talia didn’t think it was a coincidence that Phyllis went to work where Diane worked. Phyllis revealed that she and Nikki had a plan. Phyllis said that you had to be crafty with Diane, so Talia should stick with the cover story about doing a piece on Ashland Locke. Talia asked what was going down with Diane. Phyllis said Diane was going to get in trouble at work, not because of anything Phyllis did, but because Diane was in way over her head.

Talia asked why Phyllis was rooting for Diane to fail. Phyllis was sure Talia did her research and also read the article in Restless Style. Phyllis said that was the tip of the iceberg. That surprised Talia, because the stories in the article were out there – home-wrecking, arson, sperm stealing. Talia wanted to hear everything. Phyllis asked where Talia wanted to start – multiple blackmails, child abandonment, faking her death…

Talia couldn’t believe one person could do so much in one lifetime. Phyllis thought that if someone were to remind the world of Diane’s past deeds, she might go back to the person she was. Phyllis said it would prove to certain people that Diane hadn’t changed. Talia was open to exploring Diane’s life, but she didn’t want to report on a story that had already been done. Phyllis thought that there were things in LA that hadn’t been uncovered. Phyllis offered to give Talia some juicy details that weren’t in the Restless Style story for Talia to publish while investigating Diane’s activity in LA. Phyllis smiled as she imagined it’d be the story of the century.

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