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Recap written by Christine

Nick went to Victoria’s office, and she was glad to see him so they could strategize about Adam. Sally recently told Victoria that Adam tried to get a story published on Victor’s cover up of Ashland’s death. Nick said he and Victor just ran into Adam, and he was on the warpath. Victoria was worried Adam would take the story to another media outlet. Victoria didn’t have a full plan worked out yet, but she thought Sally was the key. She said they could have Sally tell Adam she was going to publish the article and make him believe she was on his side. Nick told Victoria that they were absolutely not going to use Sally as a pawn. Nick didn’t think it was fair to enlist Sally in a Newman family fight. He’d had a heart to heart with Sally earlier, and she’d been loyal to the family and the company, plus she was still dealing with her heartache from the breakup with Adam. Victoria realized Nick was right. Victoria said they had to protect Nick and Victor by making sure the truth about Ashland’s death never came out.

Nick didn’t need protecting – that was what got them here in the first place. He said all this talk about protecting him was making him start to understand Adam. Victoria wanted Nick to explain. Nick understood Adam’s frustrations with Victor’s constant interference. Victoria thought Adam took things too personally and it made him look weak, and that was why he’d never succeed at business. Nick wasn’t defending Adam, but he understood what motivated him. Nick said he didn’t want Victor’s help, but it was forced on him. He said Victoria had been in the same position. Victoria scoffed – she said she and Nick were nothing like Adam. She told him not to insinuate that this would unite them against Victor. That wasn’t what Nick meant. Nick planned to handle this very differently than Adam would. Nick didn’t agree with what Adam was doing, but he understood. Nick thought it was too bad Adam regressed, because he was starting to become cool with the new Adam. Victoria snapped that Adam tried to publish slander about their father. Nick said it wasn’t slander – it was true. Victoria said it was an accident, and the case was closed. Victor walked in and agreed that this was all over. Victor was happy Nick and Victoria were working together. Victor planned to take care of the threats from Adam. Victor wanted to celebrate putting this chapter behind them.

Chelsea and Adam went to Crimson Lights for coffee after the park. Sally apparently followed them there. Chelsea said Adam set her straight about her podcast career and managed to cheer her up a little. Adam said Chelsea made him reconsider how to handle his father and made him realize he should give more thought to Jack’s offer. Sally walked up and complimented Chelsea on the podcast, musing that Chelsea and Billy had great chemistry. Adam asked Sally what was going on. Chelsea also thought it was suspicious. Sally said she was just trying to be polite, which was apparently a foreign concept for Adam and Chelsea. She walked away. Adam apologized to Chelsea, who said Sally didn’t scare her. He smiled and recalled how tough Chelsea could be. He thanked her again for the talk at the park and left. Sally sat down at Chelsea’s booth.

Sally said Chelsea didn’t waste any time. Chelsea said Sally was acting jealous and possessive. Chelsea thought it was clear that Sally and Adam’s relationship was based on lust, given how quickly it crashed and burned. Sally said what she and Adam had was very special. Chelsea thought it was only special to Sally. “What Adam and I have has lasted for years,” Chelsea stated. She added that she and Adam had a child together, and whatever was going on between them, friendship or otherwise, was none of Sally’s business. Chelsea left. Sharon walked up and told Sally it was hard to let go.

Sally was humiliated after getting dressed down by Chelsea. She was trying so hard to let Adam go. Sharon called herself living proof that it could be done. Sally said Adam finally admitted he broke up with her so she could keep the job, but the confirmation didn’t make her feel any better. Sally said it hurt her more to know for sure that he was willing to purposely hurt her in a misguided attempt to protect her. Sharon said that was an unfortunate Newman trait. Sally said Adam hurt her so much there was no going back, and he’d also made it clear he didn’t trust her enough to take her on his new path. Sharon asked what new path. Sally said Adam was out to get his father. Sharon said Adam telling Sally he didn’t trust her could just be another way of protecting her from the nasty father/son battle. Sally said maybe Adam was looking out for her, but it didn’t matter, because she’d realized Victor would always be Adam’s primary relationship.

Sharon once thought Sally’s relationship with Adam could survive his father, but now Adam was alone again, looking to fight Victor. Sally said she was alone again too, and she’d never been a fan. She asked how Sharon handled the loneliness. Sally realized that was insensitive and apologized. Sally had asked because she knew Rey recently died. Sharon said it was fine. She stated that there was a difference between being alone and being lonely. Sharon wasn’t in a romance, but she was surrounded by people she loved most in the world. After surviving cancer, Sharon realized she didn’t want to waste time feeling sorry for herself, and she cherished time by herself. Sally loved that outlook and said she might get there one day. Sharon said life could change in an instant, and might make one feel worried, but the people she was surrounded by made her feel safe. Sally assumed Nick was one of those people. Sharon confirmed it. Sally said it must be nice ahving an ex who wasn’t an enemy. Sharon said it hadn’t all been rosy, but Nick was a good man and she was lucky to have him in her life.

Adam called Jack and left a message that he was reconsidering Jack’s offer. Adam was outside Society, and he saw Victor, Nick and Victor inside celebrating. Victoria said the company was on track to be stronger than ever, not because Ashland was gone but because Nick had joined them. They all toasted to the Newmans. Victor said the various division heads felt confident having the company in the hands of the Newman family. He loved their family running Newman. They all drank to that. He also toasted to Ashland being history, but Nick looked uncomfortable. Adam walked in, and Victor invited him to sit, but he declined. Adam said he’d pay their bill to show there were no hard feelings. Victoria asked why Adam decided to drag the family into another fight. He said he just bought them lunch and a very expensive bottle of champagne. Someone close to Adam helped him have an epiphany on his life, and he’d decided not to seek revenge. He was going to focus on his own life, and not fall into traps usually set by their father. Adam walked away.

Victoria didn’t buy Adam’s change of heart – why would he get the police report if he wasn’t going to use it. She asked what Nick thought. Victor interjected that he was going to deal with it. After the others had gone, Nick approached Adam and asked if his epiphany was for real. Adam said he had a vision for how he wanted his life to go, and it didn’t include wreaking havoc at Newman. Nick asked if they were supposed to just take Adam’s word for it. Adam said they could believe what they wanted to. Adam didn’t have an issue with or animosity toward Nick, who’d been nothing but honest and fair since Faith’s accident. All of Adam’s problems were with Victor. Nick said that he’d get hurt if Adam weaponized what he knew about Ashland. Adam said Nick was back in the fold now, but if he made a wrong move, Victor would turn on him too. “You think I don’t know what Dad’s capable of?,” Nick asked. Nick didn’t like how Victor handled things that night. Adam asked if Nick meant the night he killed Ashland. Nick said that it was an accident – Victoria was in danger. Adam could believe Nick didn’t have a choice, and he was also glad Nick was there to protect Victoria. Nick said that it showed how far Victor would go for all of them, Adam included.

Nick wished Adam could drop some of his resentment toward Victor. Adam wished he could too, but he wasn’t sure it’d happen. Nick thought it was low for Adam to even consider using Victor’s devotion to his children against him. Nick pointed out that Adam had needed the police to look past something he did many times. Adam swore he wanted to find a new path. Nick hoped so. Adam said as much as Victor’s instinct was to protect them by covering up AJ and Ashland’s death, it prevented Adam and Nick from processing the consequence of their actions. Adam said both were accidents and self defense, but he and Nick never had to publicly face what happened, because Victor covered it up. Adam said that meant he had to bury all these feelings about killing a man in the deepest part of his psyche. Nick said Adam was just a kid. Adam knew Victor thought he was helping, but he did the opposite – what Victor essentially said was Adam did something wrong and Victor fixed it, so forget about it and move on. Adam said he suppressed what he did in Kansas for a long time, and it turned him into the man he was today. “Is that what you want, Nick?,” Adam asked. He walked out.

At the office, Victoria admitted she was feeling a little buzzed from the champagne. Victor confessed he’d felt that way at the office too sometimes. She was grateful he risked so much for her and Nick that night. She’d never forget it. They hugged. Victor adored Victoria. He wished her brothers felt the same way as she did. She thought Nick did, deep down, but she wasn’t sure what was going on with Adam. Victor said he’d do whatever he could to protect their family, even if it meant protecting them from another Newman.

Chelsea went to the rooftop bar. She got a text from Billy with the link to the new podcast. She sighed and called Connor and said she missed him.

The park was decked out in decorations and presents for Dominic’s first birthday. Dom was on Mariah’s lap, and Tessa sat nearby. Mariah called Devon Daddy Warbucks and talked about the money this must’ve cost. Chance lightly noted that the invitation said no presents. Mariah said no one ever followed that instruction, especially not when Daddy Warbucks, Devon, was invited. Devon said he’d restrained himself, and everyone laughed. Abby walked up and said they were going to make a time capsule of memories of Dominic’s first year. She was going to have Dom open them on his first birthday. Mariah said she and Tessa were going to steal that for their future kids.

Chance wandered off into a private area and looked deep in thought. Abby asked everyone to read their memories, and Chance returned to the group. Mariah wrote about the positive pregnancy test, and Tessa discussed first seeing Dom on an ultrasound. Devon talked about the delivery. Mariah laughed and noticed Devon left out the part about the psycho who kidnapped her. Abby wrote that her favorite memory of Dominic’s first year was when Chance came home and met Dom for the first time.

Mariah and Tessa privately talked about some other things in their notes. Mariah wrote that she hoped Dominic found unconditional love. Tessa wrote that she hoped Dom found his passion. Mariah had addressed her note to Bowie. She wondered if that nickname would make sense in the future. Tessa thought so. Devon, Tessa and Mariah had to leave for work. Devon told Chance and Abby that they did a great job with the party.

Abby asked if Chance didn’t like her time capsule idea and the reminder that he missed part of Dominic’s first year. Chance said he’d done enough therapy to stop being upset about the lost time with Dominic. He really enjoyed the party. She asked why he was so quiet then. He was still worried about shutting down the investigation into Ashland’s death. She thought he had to stop second guessing himself. She said he made the right decision and her family was grateful. He was struggling to talk about this with her since she was so sure he didn’t do anything wrong. He said he couldn’t tell anyone else his father in law committed a crime and he was having trouble letting it go.

Abby said she never meant to influence Chance. She said the Newmans were her family, but they were his family too. She asked if he was having second thoughts. He told her not to worry about it. He got called into work for one of Rey’s cases. This was Rey’s final case, and once Chance closed it, he’d be done. Abby didn’t want Chance walking away in the middle of their important talk, but he said he had to do this for his partner. She asked if their family of three could get away for awhile, even if they took a weekend vacation. He said he’d think about it. Abby and Dom waved goodbye.

Later, after Dom fell asleep in his stroller, Abby dreamed of the day he’d grow up and open the notes from everyone. Devon returned – he forgot his tablet. He noticed something was bothering Abby. She said she’d hoped to have some time with Chance, just him her and Dom, but he got called away on a case. She felt like Chance was fixated on his cases lately. She knew she’d sound like a terrible person, but if someone was so consumed by work, didn’t that mean something was wrong? For her, family was first, and that was how it was in her mom’s family and her dad’s. Devon said Neil put his family first too, and Devon missed him every day. Devon thought Chance was crazy about Abby and Dom. Abby said Chance had put family first in some recent situations, but there were other times when he didn’t. Devon said Chance’s sense of right and wrong and his commitment to his job was a big part of who he was, and it might be as important to him as family. Devon said even though Chance’s priorities might shift from day to day, he still cared about both things. Abby was taught family was first and everything else came second. She said her dad always put family first, sometimes at the expense of everything else. Devon said Chance wasn’t like Victor, but he loved Abby and Dom, and they were his first priority. Abby hugged Devon.

Mariah and Tessa went to Crimson Lights after going to Marchetti. Tessa had done a few test shoots for modeling, and she’d had a lot of fun. Mariah said the best part of the day was Dominic’s birthday. It made Tessa and Mariah realize they wanted to dive back into the adoption process now. Sharon was excited for them. They had a group hug.

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