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Chanel wakes up with a hangover, wondering what she did last night. Chanel then remembers kissing Tripp. Tripp then shows up at her door with a coffee. Chanel informs him that she was just thinking about him.

Devil Allie has Ben and Johnny chained up in the DiMera Crypt, creating a note from Ben. The Devil warns Johnny to worry about what’s going on with Chanel and Tripp because it looks like they had a rocking time last night, so it sucks to be him. Devil Allie then exits the crypt. Johnny calls out to Ben to wake him up. Ben freaks out realizing he is chained to the wall, questioning what’s going on and where he is.

Ciara wakes up and goes looking for Ben around their apartment. She sees the mug on the table and thinks back to the tea that Allie gave her and then she went straight to bed. Ciara then sees two other mugs next to it.

Shawn asks what Jan wants him to do. Jan argues that he’s an officer of the law so he can pull some strings or call in a favor to get her released. Shawn argues that they won’t let a nutjob with her record out of prison just because she’s pregnant. Jan argues that they are options other than letting her free, like house arrest. Shawn asks whose house, so Jan suggests his. Shawn says she cannot be serious but Jan assures that she is and she wants him to take her home with him.

Eric comes out of the Brady Pub and runs in to Belle. Belle hugs him and mentions that Marlena told her that he was in town. Belle says she’s excited and it’s good to see him. Eric says the same and mentions that Nicole is having breakfast with Rafe inside as they are together now. Belle mentions that she knew and guesses that’s why Eric is outside which he admits. Belle is glad to spend more time with him. Eric apologizes for not being there for her before when she was possessed.

Shawn tells Jan that this is not a simple request since she committed some serious crimes and tried to kill people. Shawn asks if she really thinks a sane judge is going to release her out in to the world to do more damage. Jan argues that she wouldn’t be released out in to the world, but in to the custody of her baby daddy. Shawn tells her not to call him that. Jan insists that if everyone knows she’s living with him, they will know that he’s taking extra special care of her and their baby. Jan argues that Shawn is a detective and was police commissioner, so if anyone can guarantee that she won’t be a danger to the public, it’s him. Shawn tells her it’s not going to happen as she is exactly where she belongs. Jan reminds him that the doctor said she needs to be on total bed rest. Shawn tells her to stay in bed then. Jan asks how that’s possible when every prisoner has to be up by six, in the cafeteria by seven, and back to their cells by eight. Shawn is sure they will make accommodations for her. Shawn offers to talk to the warden about her staying in the infirmary until the baby is born. Jan complains about the amount of diseases flying around the prison and admits she’s not exactly everyone’s favorite prisoner so she doesn’t trust these creeps to take care of her baby. Jan worries that she will end up back in her cell and asks if Shawn really wants to take that kind of a chance with his child’s life.

Belle tells Eric that it all happened really fast and is kind of still a blur, so she’s just grateful that John knew what to do. Belle mentions that she did a lot of terrible things like trying to break up Chad and Abigail plus Gabi and Jake. Eric assures that she is not responsible for any of that. Belle feels that she is but finds it strange that she doesn’t remember doing any of it. Belle says one minute she was at the DiMera Mansion talking to Johnny and then she was upstairs, tied to a bed, and everyone told her she had been possessed. Eric brings up that Marlena said after she was possessed, she had gaps in her memory. Belle says that’s what is strange because she didn’t lose any time at all.

Tripp and Chanel complain about their hangovers. Tripp presents Chanel with an electrolyte replacement drink as a hangover cure. Chanel is hesitant but Tripp insists that she drink it and it will help her forget last night ever happened.

Johnny explains to Ben that Allie is now possessed by the Devil and that Jake was right that Johnny was possessed since Christmas. Johnny adds that he doesn’t remember anything from Marlena’s exorcism until the Devil left him. Ben asks how the hell he got free. Johnny informs him that Allie saved him as she was talking to him, trying to reach out and telling him to fight the Devil so he did and he was winning, but then the Devil must have jumped from him in to his sister. Ben questions what the Devil would want with Allie. Johnny responds that he doesn’t think the Devil is interested in Allie at all as he thinks he wants what he always wanted. Ben realizes that’s Ciara and their baby.

Ciara questions the other tea mugs and wonders why she can’t remember if they were there last night. Allie then shows up at her door and says she brought breakfast, figuring her and Ben would still be tired. Ciara thanks her but notes that Ben is not here and she doesn’t know where he is as he wasn’t there when she woke up. Allie calls that weird. Ciara last remembers Ben taking her to bed after they drank tea. Ciara asks if Allie knows what happened after that. Allie recalls Ben putting Ciara to bed and then they had some tea while they talked about parenting and then she headed out soon after. Ciara calls it weird as she doesn’t remember Ben coming to bed. Allie notes that she was very tired but Ciara says she always wakes up when Ben comes to bed and gets out of bed. Ciara decides to call Ben but it goes straight to voicemail.

Ben tries to break his chains but Johnny warns that he’s going to hurt himself. Ben says he has to get to Ciara. Johnny says he’s tried but the chains are unbreakable. Ben complains about the Devil being after the woman he loves and his baby. Johnny complains that before that, the Devil went after the woman he loves and used him to do that. Ben asks if he’s talking about how he dumped her at a party. Johnny insists it wasn’t him, it was the Devil, and he wanted to make it stick so he called her and taunted her about it and now she hates him. Johnny understands he hurt Chanel in the worst way possible and now she’s off with Tripp. Ben asks how he knows that. Johnny explains that Devil Allie gave him his own private screening of Chanel and Tripp drinking together at the bar. Ben guesses Chanel was drowning her sorrows. Johnny assures that they did a lot more than that and could have even spent the night together.

Tripp informs Chanel that he came to apologize for last night. Chanel asks why and what he did. Tripp says he got drunk, kissed her, and took her home hoping to get her in bed. Chanel reminds him that she was drunk too and is pretty sure she was down to party. Chanel recalls that she led the idea and thinks they only didn’t go through with it because her mom stopped them. Tripp admits he’s kind of glad that she did because if they had gone through with it, they’d be doing it for all the wrong reasons like revenge. Tripp adds that he’s not even sure Johnny and Allie would care.

Eric questions Belle not remembering any of the things she did while possessed. Belle confirms that she only knows what people told her but she doesn’t feel like she lost her memory. Eric doesn’t understand. Belle talks about not having the same experience that Marlena described. Eric wonders if maybe the Devil didn’t have control yet. Belle says he would have had to in order to morph in to EJ or Jake. Belle adds that she never realized she was missing time. Eric wonders if the Devil was making her unaware it was happening and says all that matters is that she’s safe now. Eric hopes that she can put that chapter behind her and move on with her life. Belle wishes she could pretend none of this happened and just move on, but the Devil did so much damage and hurt so many people that it can’t be forgotten or repaired that easily, especially the relationships he wrecked and none more than her own marriage.

Jan tells Shawn that she’s not delusional as she knows how he feels about her, but she can live with that. Jan says no matter how much Shawn dislikes her, he would never take that out on an innocent child, especially not his own because that’s not who he is. Jan calls Shawn a good man and says that’s why she knows he would never want any harm to come to the child. Jan says being a mother made something in her switch because for the first time in her life, somebody is depending on her so she feels like she has purpose and she wants to do everything she can to protect the baby. Jan declares that if something happened in prison, she couldn’t live with that and asks if Shawn could. Jan asks Shawn to talk to the warden for their baby.

Eric tells Belle that Marlena told her about Shawn and Jan. Belle tells Eric that she’s staying with Marlena and John but Shawn wants her to go home. Belle admits she thought about it but they started discussing it and Jan called, so she left. Belle is sure Shawn went to the prison to talk to Jan. Belle thinks Eric will say that it’s Shawn’s baby so she should accept it because she loves him. Eric clarifies that he was going to say if Shawn has to be there for Jan because of the baby, it’s not because he loves her. Belle assures that she knows that but Jan being the mother of his child means Jan will be in their lives forever. Belle asks how to deal with that and how a marriage survives that.

Ben informs Johnny that Allie was in their apartment last night and brought over some tea. Ben recalls putting Ciara in bed and realizes that Allie drugged them both. Johnny confirms Ben was pretty out of it when Allie brought him in. Ben worries that Ciara must have woken up this morning wondering where she could have gone.

Ciara leaves a message for Ben to call her back when he gets it. Allie suggests he must just be busy. Ciara hopes so and decides she’s going to check the garage. Ciara thanks Allie for stopping by. Allie then pulls out the note that the Devil made and claims it must have fallen on the floor. She reads it to Ciara, saying it’s from Ben and that he woke up early and didn’t want to wake her and to have a good time with Allie. Ciara questions how Ben knew Allie would be there. Allie claims she told Ben last night that she would check on her. Allie then remembers that she has something else for her. Ciara says she didn’t have to bring her anything. Allie gives her a baby tuxedo that was Henry’s and mentions having a lot of clothes that he has outgrown, plus toys and bottles that she can have. Ciara calls that very thoughtful of her. Allie guesses she should’ve asked first and worries that she made it awkward but Ciara reassures her. Allie talks about her pregnancy being overwhelming and how she didn’t want to be a mom at first. Allie says seeing Ciara and Ben’s joy lets her see what she missed out on so she just wants to be part of it. Ciara tells Allie that she loves that she wants to be a part of it and they will be grateful for her to join them on this journey as they hug.

Chanel tells Tripp that she is the one who should be apologizing to him for stealing his girlfriend. Chanel says she was supposed to be his friend and broke the bro code. Chanel says regardless of how she felt about Allie, she was his girlfriend and she’s sorry for the way it happened. Chanel talks about how she was hurting because of what Johnny did to her and she’s ashamed that she wasn’t thinking about how hurt Tripp would be. Chanel says she knows now that was so wrong and she’s really sorry. Tripp says at the end of the day, Allie is the one who cheated on him. Tripp thanks Chanel for saying that though and says it means a lot.

Belle tells Eric that everyone keeps telling her that it’s not Shawn’s fault that he betrayed her but he lied to her for months and kept it from her. Eric says she has every right to be angry but says there’s no looking back. Eric wishes he had been more forgiving with Nicole instead of judging her so harshly as it caused him to lose her and his marriage which he doesn’t want to happen to Belle. Belle doesn’t want to lose Shawn but she doesn’t know if she’s ready to go home. Eric tells her that she can’t avoid him forever. Belle asks how to know when she’s ready. Eric tells her that she can’t find the answers by avoiding her husband, so the only way to make it through this mess is to go home and work this out together. Eric hugs Belle.

Shawn informs Jan that he just spoke to the warden and he’s not thrilled about letting a dangerous prisoner back in to the world. Jan asks if she’s really dangerous anymore. Shawn says that ultimately this would be left up to the judge who sentenced her but apparently they have extreme overcrowding. Shawn reveals that if she were to be released in to his custody, it would be solving the warden’s problem. Shawn says he guaranteed that he would be responsible for her. Jan asks if that means yes. Shawn confirms that the judge signed off so it is a yes as Jan excitedly hugs him. Shawn puts an ankle monitor on Jan and warns her that if she tries to leave the house without permission, she will be swarmed by unfriendly cops. Jan remarks that she just hopes Belle will be okay with this. Shawn informs her that she won’t have to worry about Belle because she’s staying at her mom’s. Jan asks if she moved out. Shawn says for now and confirms it’s because of her. Jan apologizes and says she knows it’s her fault and that Shawn feels guilty for not telling Belle they slept together. Shawn declares that he needs to hold himself accountable for his actions. Jan insists that she is sorry. Shawn tells her to stop pretending she cares about his marriage. Jan says she cares about him and bringing the baby in to a warm, loving environment. Jan declares that for now it will just be the three of them.

Belle agrees with Eric that she won’t solve any of her problems by running from them, so she will go get her stuff from Marlena’s. Eric tells her that he’s here for her, whatever she needs. Belle thanks him and says he always knows what to say. Belle adds that if Eric doesn’t want to deal with Nicole and Rafe, he can come help her. Eric says he will take his own advice as he and Nicole are divorced so she moved on with her life and he needs to move on with his.

Allie gives Ciara more baby clothes and talks about all the gifts the baby will get. Allie offers to help Ciara with a registry. Ciara says she’s still really worried about Ben, so she’s going to the gargage to check on him. Allie reminds her that she saw the note. Ciara knows it seems silly but she feels like she really needs to see Ben. Ciara thanks Allie for everything and goes to her room. The Devil remarks that Ciara is stubborn and won’t rest until she finds Ben, so he’ll have to do something a little more drastic.

Ben asks Johnny what if Ciara thinks he just left her and the baby because of the Devil. Ben argues that they have to do something because the Devil is after his wife and baby. Johnny says he’s sorry but he’s tried everything. Ben brings up the Crypt being on Johnny’s family property and asks if anybody ever comes back here. Johnny says sometimes they pay respects to dead relatives. Ben asks how often and when he last came in. Johnny says he came last Halloween to scout locations for his movie and it turned out that John was locked up here but he didn’t find him because the Devil stopped him. Johnny mentions hearing voices the other day and trying to yell for help but nobody heard him. Ben tries screaming for help but Johnny says he’s wasting his time. Ben asks if he has a better idea, so they try screaming together.

Shawn sets up at home when Belle comes in with her bag, surprising him. Belle tells him that she’s been thinking about everything, so she wanted to come home. Jan then comes in and says she knows she should be resting. Jan then says what a surprise to seeing Belle. Belle responds that she could say the same thing and questions what the hell Jan is doing here. Jan reveals that she’s moving in, shocking Belle.

Chanel tells Tripp that she feels cured of her hangover and now she’s hungry. Tripp says he is too so they exit together.

Ciara goes to the Brady Pub and is surprised to see Eric. They hug and talk about how good it is to see each other. Ciara says she was looking for Clyde, hoping he could tell her where Ben is. Eric asks if something is wrong. Ciara hopes not but says she woke up this morning and Ben was gone with a note that he was at work but she just drove by the garage and he was nowhere to be found.

Devil Allie goes to prison to visit Evan Frears aka Christian Maddox, the son of Orpheus, who held Ciara prisoner last year. Allie claims to be a big fan of his work. Christian asks who the hell she is. She responds that she’s his new best friend because she’s about to offer him a chance at revenge on Ben Weston. He tells her that she has his attention. She says they have so much to talk about.

Ben and Johnny continue screaming for help. Ben argues that sooner or later someone will walk by but Johnny says it’s no use. They then hear noise outside. Johnny declares that someone is outside so they are saved as someone then breaks open the door.

Devil Allie tells Christian that she is going to call him Evan because she’s not a fan of Christian. She says they have a lot in common such as being bisexual. He tells her to get to the part where she helps him get revenge on Ben. She says that’s the other thing they have in common, hating Ben. Evan declares Ben is the reason he lost everything and the reason he’s in here. Allie talks about Ben ruining Evan’s plans by rescuing Ciara, otherwise he’d be out living his best life but instead he’s in here while Ben and Ciara are happily married. She declares that now Ben is getting in her way and she just can’t have that, so that’s where he comes in.

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