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Johnny sits in the town square holding a coffee cup. Someone walks by with the wrong idea and drops some change in to his cup right as Chanel walks by, causing her to question if Johnny is now homeless.

EJ has a drink at home while sending Ava text messages, asking if she has thought any more about his offer to move back in.

Ava and Gabi work at the DiMera Enterprises office. Ava’s phone goes off but she ignores it. Gabi comments on how quickly she checks when her phone goes off. Ava responds that she knows who it is and she doesn’t want to deal with it. Gabi says now she has to tell her. Ava then informs Gabi that EJ made her an offer. Gabi tells Ava to refuse and asks what the offer is.. Ava then reveals that EJ wants her to move back in.

Jada works at the police station until Rafe interrupts and tells her it’s time to go home because she has plans tonight with him. Rafe jokes that he hopes that’s not going to make her boyfriend jealous.

Eric is at Basic Black, finishing a phone call with Roman and says he’ll be praying for them as he hangs up. Nicole comes over and asks Eric what’s wrong. Eric responds that it’s his mom.

Chanel complains about Allie kicking Johnny out before he had a place and questions him sleeping on the street. Chanel says she’s not okay with this and Allie wouldn’t be either, so she’s going to talk to her about it and they will fix this. Johnny stops her and assures that he’s not homeless and that the woman just mistakenly ruined his coffee. Johnny informs Chanel that he has two offers on places to live but he’s just undecided.

Gabi can’t believe Ava would even consider moving back in to the DiMera Mansion. Gabi talks about how EJ tried to steal Ava’s shares and make her out to be a mentally unstable ghost whisperer. Ava informs her that EJ actually apologized for that and acknowledged that she wasn’t hallucinating, but just seeing Stefan instead of Jake. Gabi questions Ava accepting EJ’s apology. Ava says he seemed very sincere. Gabi argues that no one can fake sincerity like EJ and calls him a psychopath. Gabi decides that if Ava is still undecided then she’s going to answer for her as she then grabs Ava’s phone.

Will goes to see Allie. Will notes Allie’s disappointment so she says she just thought he was Chanel. Will says she’s about to be even more disappointed as he informs her that he’s leaving town and going back to LA. Allie questions him leaving with Marlena and Kate both sick in the hospital. Will adds that Sonny is just getting out too and he knows the timing is the worst but he doesn’t have many options as he has to go to meetings and a project is going in to pre production. Allie questions Sonny not going with him. Will wishes but says Sonny is staying and he’s not thrilled about being long distance but they know their relationship can withstand it. Allie wishes she had that kind of confidence.

Stefan enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and questions him not brimming with confidence when they are so close to achieving their goals with the company. EJ complains that they are not close enough as they are still a crucial vote short. EJ says they need either Ava or Johnny or ideally both on their side, so he went out of his way to offer them sincere apologies and invite them back to the mansion. Stefan asks where they are then. EJ says they are thinking about it but they haven’t responded to his texts. Stefan worries that’s not a good sign. EJ points out that they haven’t said no, so he’s remaining optimistic. EJ adds that if they refuse his offer, he’ll come up with more incentives for them to move back in. EJ declares that he will do whatever it takes as he needs their votes and then they can finally kick Gabi’s ass out of the CEO’s chair. EJ then remarks that it would be kicking Gabi’s perfect, sexy ass.

Ava takes her phone back and tells Gabi that she will make her own decisions. Gabi argues about how hard it was to get Ava her voting rights back. Gabi says if Ava moves back in to the DiMera Mansion, she’ll be under constant pressure to vote EJ’s way. Gabi adds that if she gets voted out, Ava will be next. Ava questions Gabi thinking that she’s that easily manipulated and that she’ll just crack under pressure. Gabi knows she’s savvy and strong but not as much as EJ. Ava declares that now she wants to move back in just to prove Gabi wrong. Ava warns that Gabi’s job is still at risk since EJ is also courting Johnny and invited him to move back in too. Gabi questions why she didn’t tell her that in the first place and orders Ava to tell EJ that she’s moving back in now.

Jada asks Rafe if he’s joking since he has to know that Eric wouldn’t be jealous of them grabbing a bite to eat or whatever. Rafe confirms that he was joking. Jada asks what their plans are. Rafe calls it a reward because now they have two dangerous perps off the streets and behind bars thanks to Jada’s hard work and incredible detective skills. Rafe invites her to eat with him unless she has plans with Eric. Jada says she does not as Eric is burning the midnight oil at his new job. Rafe asks how that’s going. Jada questions if Nicole hasn’t brought it up to him at all. Rafe says that Nicole just said she was thankful to be able to give Eric the opportunity and that he can be back doing something he loves. Jada calls Eric a very talented photographer. Rafe then suggests they surprise Eric and Nicole by bringing food over to Basic Black which Jada agrees to.

Eric tells Nicole about the mysterious disease that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla have being similar to what Roman had 25 years ago and it’s all tied to Orpheus. Nicole says she’s so sorry but points out that Roman was cured. Eric explains that there was a serum from a rare orchid that is apparently extinct now. Nicole asks what else can be done. Eric says at this point, no one knows. Eric informs her that Rex came in to town, so he and John went to see Dr. Rolf as a last resort but he told them that there’s nothing he can do. Nicole questions if Eric is saying that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla might not make it. Eric admits they don’t know. Nicole questions what Eric is doing here then and tells him that he should be with his mom. Nicole adds that she should be with him because he shouldn’t be alone. Eric assures that’s where he wants to be but John said it’s best that everyone stay home tonight since Marlena needs her rest. Nicole can’t imagine what they must be going through. Nicole encourages that they can solve the problem with the orchid and have a cure around the corner. Eric says that’s what he’s praying for. Eric thanks her for telling him what he needed to hear. Nicole says one thing she knows for sure is that Eric being there for them is a big help. Nicole tells Eric that he has a gift for comforting people and giving them strength and hope just by being himself. Eric then hugs Nicole as Rafe and Jada walk in with food.

Will asks Allie if something is going on with her and Chanel. Allie says she doesn’t know but they had a couple of fights and the last one was about Johnny sleeping on their couch for two days. Allie notes that Johnny is gone now but the fight kind of continues. Allie talks about Chanel and Johnny having this connection. Will points out that Chanel rejected Johnny and chose Allie. Allie admits maybe she overreacted. Will encourages Allie to tell Chanel that and make up. Allie says they did so Will questions what the problem is. Allie shows Will the note that Chanel left and complains about how she only wrote that she’s glad they made up as a “PS”. Will worries that Allie is just a little insecure. Allie admits maybe she is as she’s very new to being bisexual. Allie knows she’s still attracted to men, so she knows Chanel definitely is, so she worries that Chanel wants something that she can’t give her.

Johnny tells Chanel that Ava invited him to live with her platonically at the Salem Inn but before he could answer, EJ barged in and invited them both to live back at the DiMera Mansion. Chanel questions what Johnny is doing here on the bench. Johnny repeats that he’s undecided and so is Ava. Chanel questions turning down going back to a mansion. Johnny says he can’t speak for Ava but he doesn’t want to go back unless she does. Chanel gets that he wants to keep his options open but he’s not giving up on Ava which Johnny confirms.

Ava questions Gabi telling her that she should move back in with EJ now. Gabi points out that Johnny has a huge crush on Ava so if he moves back in without her, he will feel rejected. Ava points out that she already rejected him as they are wrong for each other for all the reasons she already explained. Gabi questions why she’s having such a hard time deciding whether to move in with him then. Ava talks about all the positives of the DiMera Mansion and then wonders why she’s debating this. Gabi then wonders if Ava isn’t interested in Johnny because she’d prefer EJ.

Nicole says she didn’t know Rafe and Jada were coming. Eric and Nicole explain that Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are very sick. Eric adds that Nicole was trying to calm him down because he can’t be with his mom tonight and now he’s feeling better. Rafe says he’s sorry. Jada asks Eric what’s wrong with his mom. Eric doesn’t want to get in to it and says he’s gotten control of his emotions thanks to Nicole. Rafe assures that they understand and should’ve called, but they wanted to surprise them. Nicole says they appreciate it. Eric says he’s lost his appetite so he’s going to get out of here. Jada offers to go with him. Eric thanks her and accepts as they then exit together. Rafe comments that Eric looked so depressed and that it’s a good thing Nicole was there for him. Nicole responds that Eric is lucky to have Jada as he shouldn’t be alone tonight.

Will asks Allie if this is about Chanel missing guys in general or just one guy in specific, reminding her that she chose her. Allie complains that it took Chanel long enough and she used to be married to Johnny. Allie knows she’s all over the place but she’s really confused. Will then asks if Allie is missing being with guys too. Allie says maybe and she doesn’t know. Allie admits she thinks about Tripp sometimes and how great that was for awhile. Allie assures that she loves Chanel and that’s who she wants to be with, so she wants to make her happy and satisfied. Allie says that’s why she has been thinking more and more about something Alex Kiriakis mentioned which Will questions. Allie informs Will that they were hanging out and Alex threw it out there that they should have a threesome. Will is surprised but asks how they reacted to the suggestion. Allie talks about how she could tell that Chanel was interested, so she doesn’t want her to feel like she’s missing out on something. Allie wonders if the threesome is exactly what Chanel needs since they’d still be doing it together as a couple but Chanel could be with a guy. Will admits there’s logic in there somewhere. Allie then asks Will if he and Sonny ever had a threesome.

Ava questions Gabi pushing her to be with Johnny and then asking her about EJ. Gabi says they have talked about her and EJ before. Gabi talks about having an amazing sexual tension meter. Ava suggests she’s just projecting out of frustration which Gabi questions. Ava talks about Gabi getting engaged to a guy and then suddenly the real love of her life comes back and says he can’t stand the sight of her.

Stefan tells EJ that he’s a little surprised by his comment about Gabi’s physical appearance. Stefan feels the look on EJ’s face was as if he was challenging him to agree with him. EJ asks how he couldn’t and says some things are not up for debate even if he despises Gabi. EJ argues that Stefan can’t tell him that he doesn’t think Gabi is a stunning woman with a killer body. Stefan acknowledges that Gabi is a beautiful woman but says he is absolutely not attracted to her and he’s physically repulsed by the idea of being with her. EJ calls that strange. Stefan says not to him and he finds it strange that he ever could have been in love with Gabi or married to her. EJ then questions why Stefan is still wearing his wedding ring if he’s so disgusted by her. Stefan admits he doesn’t know. Stefan says after spending four years on ice, he woke up and it was there so it still is. Stefan calls it quite an adjustment to being resurrected after four years, so he hadn’t given much thought to the ring. EJ says he wasn’t trying to put him on the spot and was just curious. EJ questions if there’s some subconscious, unresolved feelings there. EJ notes that Stefan says he’s completely over Gabi, but before he died, the general consensus was they were soulmates madly in love. EJ questions if Stefan believes himself. EJ then suggests Stefan take off his ring if he’s so disgusted by Gabi.

Gabi asks Ava if it was really necessary to throw Stefan in her face like that. Ava complains that Gabi is throwing her personal life around just to keep her top spot at DiMera. Gabi argues that Stefan was the person she thought she would spend her life with and now he’s back and she disgusts him. Gabi complains that whatever Ava and Johnny have does not compare to what she and Stefan had. Ava agrees and apologizes. Gabi states that it doesn’t make sense and then suggests that Dr. Rolf must have done something to Stefan’s brain and heart, but she can’t find Dr. Rolf to beat the truth out of him. Ava questions why the truth is so important to her since she’s engaged to another man now. Gabi says she really does love Li, but now that Stefan’s back, it just feels unresolved and incomplete. Gabi doesn’t know how to move on without closure. Gabi says she needs to focus on her future at DiMera. Gabi thinks she deserves an answer after everything she’s done for Ava, so she asks if Ava is going to move in to the DiMera Mansion or not.

Johnny tells Chanel that he couldn’t help but notice that things got weird when the topic turned to Ava. Chanel calls it none of her business. Johnny tells her to say whatever she’s holding back. Chanel says it seems like the universe put he and Ava in a room together and they could’ve leapt at the chance and hormones, but she didn’t. Chanel thinks Johnny already has his answer but it’s not the one he wants.

Allie asks Will again if he and Sonny ever had a threesome. Will says he’s not comfortable discussing that without Sonny present because it wouldn’t feel right. Allie asks if he can at least tell her if he thinks threesomes are wrong. Will says no as long as everyone is consenting. Will adds that he doesn’t think she should do it just for Chanel and it has to be something she wants too. Allie admits she doesn’t know what she wants. Will encourages her to give herself some time to figure it out. Will says he has to go or else he’ll miss his flight. Allie says talking to him helped a lot. Allie adds that she’ll keep him updated on Marlena, Kate, and Sonny. They say I love you to each other as Will then exits.

Rafe and Nicole eat together at Basic Black. Nicole thanks him for bringing the food. Rafe says it turned out not to be a great night for a party but he prefers to be alone with her anyway as he then kisses her. Rafe points out that they are back at the Basic Black table where it all started.

Jada sits with Eric in his room. Eric brings up what she saw when she walked in. Jada assures that it’s okay and she’s glad that Nicole could be there to comfort him and calm him down. Jada admits that she’d like to be that person and she wants Eric to be able to confide in her and count on her. Jada assures that she’s here for him. Eric thanks her and insists that he knows that as they kiss.

Ava goes to the Salem Inn where Johnny greets her outside. Ava asks if EJ has been texting Johnny all day like he has with her. Johnny confirms that and announces he’s decided to move back in to the DiMera Mansion. Ava asks how he made that decision. Johnny says a friend gave him some good advice. Ava responds that she did the same and a friend helped her decide too.

Gabi talks on the phone about trying to find Dr. Rolf, complaining that she needs to find him ASAP. Gabi hangs up and declares that Dr. Rolf did something to Stefan so she’s going to figure out what. Stefan then walks in to the office. Gabi tells him that she was just thinking about him and asks why he’s here. Stefan informs her that he was reminded again that he’s still wearing his wedding ring and he decided that she should have it back because he doesn’t want any more reminders of their marriage or her. Stefan leaves the ring on her desk and walks out.

Chanel goes home and tells Allie that she ran in to Johnny at the town square. Allie questions if they hung out. Chanel says they talked a bit and says Johnny is all about Ava. Chanel adds that she told Johnny that she thinks he can do better. Allie looks on annoyed as Chanel continues on. Chanel then asks Allie if she agrees and asks what she thinks. Allie responds by announcing that she thinks they should have a threesome with Alex Kiriakis which catches Chanel by surprise.

EJ finishes a phone call, saying he’s very grateful as this is exactly what he needed. EJ hangs up as the doorbell rings and Johnny arrives. Johnny tells EJ that he thought about his apology and his offer, so he’s decided this is where he belongs. EJ says he couldn’t be happier and invites him in. EJ asks if Johnny has heard from Ava. Ava then walks up with Johnny so Johnny confirms to him that Ava is moving in too.

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