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Recap written by Christine

At Chancellor Winters, Imani sent Amanda a text asking about their mom. Elena walked in and asked about Naya, adding that if Imani ever needed a sounding board while navigating her mom’s treatment plan, she shouldn’t hesitate to ask. Imani seized the opportunity to say she was glad Nate was around, because he was helpful, and she felt so taken care of. Imani assumed Elena came to see Nate, and she said he was at lunch with Devon. Elena got back in the elevator. Imani thought it was funny that she knew more about Nate’s coming and goings than Elena did.

Devon and Nate were at Society. Nate was irritated, because the restaurant was out of the dessert he wanted, but they hadn’t taken it off the menu. Devon likened it to Nate getting up on stage and announcing that Chancellor Winters was about to release fifty podcasts, when that wasn’t true. Nate was confused, because he’d talked to the content team beforehand, and they’d said fifty podcasts were in the pipeline. Devon said that number consisted of projects they were interested in buying to shows that were being produced etc. There were not fifty podcasts ready to go, and now the company was scrambling.

Devon said his job was to make sure Nate could do his job effectively. He advised Nate to get up to speed on how things worked. Nate was trying to do so – he already met with all the department heads, and he’d been sitting in on planning meetings. He was sorry he jumped the gun on the announcement. Devon said he was mostly busting Nate’s chops, because he knew there was a learning curve. Elena came up and overheard Devon asking if Nate had any podcast ideas. Elena had an idea for a medical mysteries podcast. Devon thought that was a really good idea.

Nate didn’t think Elena could do the podcast, because she was the face of AskMDNow. Elena said that things were hectic at Newman, and they kept taking AskMDNow on and off hiatus. She thought a podcast was a better way to reach people these days. She also and an idea about another podcast for caregivers. Devon loved that idea too. Nate asked what about Elena’s contract. Devon was sure Amanda or Imani could figure that out. Nate asked if Elena had time to commit to this. Devon left to take a call. Elena knew Nate was actually asking if she had time to fit this into their relationship. She said they’d been so busy lately, and she missed him. He missed her too. She thought that if she did the podcast, she’d be joining him at his new venture. She said she’d even take a step back at the clinic. He said this was everything he wanted. She loved the idea of being part of the family business and supporting him in this new world. They kissed. Devon returned, and Elena told him she was excited to be part of the Chancellor Winters team. He welcomed her aboard.

Phyllis asked the hotel clerk to get housekeeping to remove the half bottle of wine and dirty glasses outside her suite. She claimed she had no idea who put them there. Amanda came up and teased Phyllis about leaving town before the launch party, then never calling. They hugged. Phyllis said she apologized to Jack for what she did and for letting her insecurities to take over. Amanda recalled advising Phyllis to do that from the start. Phyllis said Jack called her insincere. She said she called a truce with Diane, because Summer begged her to do it, even though it went against every fiber of her being to make nice with that bitch. Amanda admired Phyllis for putting her daughter first. Phyllis said there was nothing she wouldn’t do for Summer – that was what moms did. Amanda got choked up.

Amanda explained that Naya had a stroke. She’d lost movement on half of her body, and she couldn’t talk. It was heartbreaking. Phyllis asked if there was anything she could do, and Amanda said there wasn’t. Amanda had gone for a visit, but the hospital was only allowing one person at a time, so Naya’s husband was going to stay. It was too soon know the prognosis. Amanda said she and Imani would have to juggle seeing their mother with all the work at Chancellor Winters. Amanda was happy Imani encouraged her to visit first. Amanda said she’d lost so much time with Naya. She knew she had to prepare Imani for seeing their mother in this position. Phyllis said her problems were nothing in comparison to Amanda’s. Amanda assured Phyllis that it was not a competition. Phyllis asked what Amanda needed. Amanda was okay. Devon had been so supportive. Phyllis said Amanda was so lucky to have a supportive man by her side. Phyllis wished she’d done more to support that in her life. She said she didn’t know what she was saying. Amanda thought Phyllis was saying she loved Jack.

Phyllis said it didn’t matter if she did or didn’t love Jack, since this was done. Amanda said that wasn’t the Phyllis she knew. Phyllis said she wasn’t going to live in a fantasy. She stated that she and Jack weren’t meant for each other, especially when Diane was in town. Phyllis began to rage about Diane, and Amanda told her to tone it down. Amanda said that if Phyllis did anything out of revenge, Jack wasn’t going to like it. Phyllis said Jack made it abundantly clear that she coulnd’t control her destructive tendencies, and he said she was only happy when she was chasing happiness. Amanda thought Phyllis should be patient with Jack instead of letting what he said in a moment of hurt determine the fate of their relationship.

Later, Phyllis returned to talk to Amanda, after dealing with a hotel issue. Amanda thought Phyllis was fabricating hotel emergencies so that she could avoid having this discussion. Imani walked up. Phyllis congratulated Imani on the launch, said she was sorry about Naya and left. The sisters talked about their mom. Imani appreciated Amanda keeping her up to date. Imani was glad she wasn’t an only child anymore. Amanda said Imani’s dad had been great at keeping Amanda up to speed. Imani asked what it was like seeing their mom in the hospital. Amanda admitted it almost broke her to see Naya with all those machines hooked up to her. Imani asked if Naya was happy to see Amanda. Naya wasn’t really communicating right now, so Amanda couldn’t tell how she felt, but she was getting great care, and Imani’s father was so attentive. Amanda said Naya was lucky to have Imani and her dad. Imani said she hadn’t done anything for their mom. Amanda said she’d take over work so Imani could go visit. Amanda thought Naya needed to see that Imani was okay. Amanda was sorry if she frightened Imani. Imani asked why she’d be scared. Amanda said the woman who raised Imani – the strongest woman Imani knew, had a stroke. Amanda was sorry she couldn’t give Imani the answers she wanted. Imani asked if Amanda had been afraid to see Naya. Amanda said of course. It had been so difficult to walk into the hospital, but she was so happy she did. She felt so much better seeing Naya in person and seeing how stable she was and seeing her excellent medical team in action. Amanda said Imani had to go, because if, God forbid, something happened, Imani wouldn’t be able to forgive herself.

At Chancellor Winters, Nate told Imani she was just the person he wanted to see. She wanted to talk to him too. He went first and asked about getting Elena out of her contract. He told her about the podcast idea. Imani thought she heard Imani was going out of town. Nate said Elena was going to a conference in Hawaii. He wanted Elena free of Newman obligations so she could sign contracts with Chancellor Winters as soon as she got back. Imani gave an excuse about the legal team being swamped with work. He asked her to speed this along as a personal favor to him. He said Devon had been giving him a hard time about jumping the gun at the launch party, and this podcast might smooth things over. Imani said she’d find a way, for Nate. She asked how long Elena would be in Hawaii.

Diane brought Harrison home and sent him to get a snack from Mrs. Martinez. Jack commented that Diane and Harrison seemed to be bonding. She said that when she had Kyle, she never imagined she would spend so much time away from him. She had all this love left to give, and she was directing it at Harrison. She mentioned that Allie was at the park with Noah. Jack was happy that Allie was making new friends in Genoa City, because that increased the chances that she would stay. Diane reiterated that she was the one who brought Jack and Allie together. Jack smiled at Diane and said she’d never let him forget that. “Jack Abbott, are you actually smiling at me?,” Diane remarked as she returned his grin.

Jack told Diane not to read into his smile, because his needle had barely moved from deeply suspicious of her to cautiously trusting. She took that small amount of movement as a win. She said this was a promising day so far – first Phyllis had promised to be on her best behavior, and now he cautiously trusted her. He said she was tenacious in her drive to turn things around. She asked if he forgot that when she wanted something, she relentlessly pursued it. She thought she may have pushed too far too soon with Kyle, and she wanted Jack’s advice on fixing it.

Diane said she asked Kyle to help her find a job. Jack asked what about Diane’s life in LA. She said there was nothing there she couldn’t walk away from. She wanted to pivot into a career in public relations. She regretted asking for Kyle’s help the minute the words came out of her mouth. She felt like she put Kyle on the spot and that he had enough to deal with. She asked if Kyle mentioned any of this to Jack. Jack hadn’t heard from Kyle about this, but he admitted that he wouldn’t tell Diane if he had. He refused to intervene on Diane’s behalf. He supported Kyle taking this job at Marchetti because he needed to run something on his own. He wasn’t going to tell Kyle what to do. Diane said Jack would probably tell Kyle not to help her. He said this was between her and Kyle.

Summer, Kyle and Chelsea met at Crimson Lights. Chelsea said everyone at Fenmore’s was buzzing about Jabot acquiring Marchetti. Kyle was surprised because they hadn’t even gone public with that yet. Chelsea said the rumors were swirling. Summer asked Chelsea to come in and design a new line for Marchetti. Chelsea loved the idea, but she signed a contract to market her stuff exclusively at Fenmore’s. Kyle and Summer said that they already ran this by Lauren, and she agreed. Chelsea was thrilled and honored to be trusted to work with this legacy brand. She had to talk to her partner, Chloe first, but she wanted the job.

Kyle and Summer went home. Diane was going to leave, but Kyle asked her to wait. He said he talked to Summer, and they’d decided to offer Diane a job in the PR department at Marchetti. Diane said she’d just told Jack she regretted asking. Kyle thought he should’ve given Jack a head’s up. Jack said Kyle was the CEO, so he didn’t have to run hiring decisions by him. Summer said the position was open because not everyone was coming over from Italy. Kyle said Diane knew Italian, from her time in Milan, so she could help the employees who were relocating. Summer warned Diane that this wasn’t a high level job – they wanted to make sure Diane got her footing. Diane was excited and grateful. Diane said this wasn’t lost on her that Summer had a role in giving her this opportunity. Diane marveled at how well this day was going – she spent time with Harrison, Phyllis extended an olive branch, and now she had a job.

Diane invited everyone out to celebrate. Jack said he’d stay home with Harrison, but Diane said to come with them and raise a glass to Kyle taking over Marchetti. Jack decided to go. They all ended up at Society. Everyone was very optimistic about Marchetti. Phyllis walked in and saw the group. Summer waved hello. Phyllis went over and asked what was going on. Diane filled Phyllis in and invited her to join the celebration. Phyllis was there to thank Abby for taking over the party. Summer had something to discuss with Phyllis, so they stepped away.

Phyllis asked if Diane got the job Summer offered Phyllis. Summers said she wanted Phyllis to be her head of marketing, and Diane was doing a junior level PR gig. Summer said it was Kyle’s idea, and she went along with it because she was there to support him, just like Phyllis was there to support Summer. Phyllis said she’d support Summer, because she loved her. They hugged, and Phyllis looked over at the table, where Jack, Diane and Kyle were having a great time. Diane said she was impressed Phyllis didn’t pour champagne over her head, like she would’ve a week ago.

Chloe met with Chelsea after dealing with some production problems. Chelsea had exciting news to share – she’d been asked to design for Marchetti. To Chelsea’s surprise, Chloe wasn’t enthusiastic about the opportunity. Chloe said it was her job to deal with the harsh realities of the industry, while it was Chelsea’s job to be creative. Chelsea thought Chloe was oversimplifying and undercutting Chelsea’s business judgment. Chloe thought Chelsea would be spreading herself too thin if she did this, in addition to her own brand. Chelsea said she knew what she was capable of. She didn’t know why Chloe disapproved, while Lauren supported it.

Chelsea felt like Chloe was looking for problems where they didn’t exist. Chloe contended that she was being realistic. “You creations are not made by forest animals and elves. The hard work, my work, starts when you finish a sketch,” Chloe stated. “The ugly reality is that saying no is saying yes,” Chloe added. Chloe said that she was making sure their existing obligations were fulfilled and that their line succeeded. Chelsea asked why Chloe would turn down the chance at more visibility that could make an impact. Chloe said it would only be a good impact if the work was done and the clothes were made. Chelsea was frustrated. She felt like Chloe was managing and handling her and boxing her in. “Every time we disagree, you go into babysitting mode. It has got to stop. Now!,” Chelsea snapped.

Chloe felt that all she was trying to do was look out for her best friend. Chelsea said she was a creative engine, and Chloe was the break that kept them from moving forward. Chloe said she kept Chelsea from crashing and burning. Chloe wouldn’t allow Chelsea to insult and disparage her for keeping the business on track. Chloe left to pick up Bella.

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