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Tripp walks Allie to work at the Bakery. They joke together and kiss. Tripp tells her that he loves her. Allie says she loves hearing that. Tripp tells her that she will be hearing it for the rest of her life as they continue kissing.

T.R. sits in the town square on the phone, commenting on Salem having a charm. He says he’s beginning to think they can shoot the whole movie on location and suggests maybe he can even get the real Marlena Evans to do an unbilled cameo. He asks what could be better than shooting “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story” where it actually happened. TR declares that he isn’t leaving this won any time soon.

Paulina goes to Lani’s and stops outside the door, saying she cannot blow this as she’s been working her whole life to make sure Lani doesn’t go anywhere near Ray Coates and now he’s here in Salem. Paulina tells herself to go in there and do whatever it takes to make sure he never finds out he has a daughter. Inside, Lani is gathering up the twins’ winter clothes. Paulina then knocks on the door so Lani answers. Paulina tells Lani to pack her bags because they are done freezing and are going south for the winter.

Jake and Gabi eat together at the Brady Pub. Jake comments on Gabi being quiet this morning. Gabi says she’s worried about Rafe. Jake calls Rafe one of the most honest guys he knows and says the charges won’t stick. Gabi hopes he’s right. Gabi’s phone goes off so Jake comments on Gabi’s phone blowing up and asks who it is. Gabi tells him that it’s Johnny, who wants her to go over to his place so they can talk, which annoys Jake.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny goes downstairs without a shirt on, texting Gabi to invite her to work out with him. Chanel then shows up at the door. Johnny asks if she came to beg him to take her back. Chanel says she wouldn’t lower herself to do a thing like that. Johnny asks what she wants then. Chanel then hands him an envelope.

Ben picks up a package at his door and finds the cross he hung outside, now upside down. Ben turns the cross back to it’s proper position, but when he heads back inside, the cross turns upside down again.

Johnny asks Chanel if she’s serving him with divorce papers. Chanel says she beat him to it. Chanel notes that her lawyer said she didn’t have to deliver them herself but she wanted the pleasure of telling him that he’s been served. Johnny opens the envelope and questions her thinking that she’s going to get that much money from him. Chanel calls it spousal support. Johnny argues that they were married for like two days. Chanel points out that he has DiMera Enterprises while she has the Bakery and he didn’t make her sign a pre-nup, so her lawyer said she can take him for a lot. Johnny argues that EJ was right that she married him for his money. Chanel says she married him for love and he knows it but he treated her like dirt. Chanel declares that Johnny had his fun, but now it’s going to cost him. Chanel then walks away, leaving Johnny upset.

Jake asks Gabi for her phone since there’s no secrets between them. Gabi hands her phone to him. Jake laughs at Johnny texting with emojis. Jake comments on Johnny’s last text about his workout. Gabi tells Jake that she’s going to close the deal with Johnny but it doesn’t mean what he thinks. Jake argues that if Johnny gets what he wants, he’s going to get Gabi in bed and she’ll be running Titan, then with EJ in jail, Johnny just has to freeze Chad out so he can run DiMera himself, leaving Jake with nothing. Gabi tells him to stop pouting and assures that Johnny is not going to get his way. Gabi kisses Jake and then exits the Pub.

Tripp tells Allie that he can’t wait to get off work, so they can pick up where they left off. Allie says she’s been feeling guilty lately like she’s been distracted when they’re together and not connecting with him as much as usual. Tripp says he hasn’t noticed but sometimes senses that she has her mind on work or what happened between Chanel and Johnny, but he doesn’t expect her to be focused on him all the time. Allie talks about Tripp always being there for her. Tripp calls her and Henry the most important people in his life. Allie says he’s important to them too and talks about how Henry lights up when Tripp walks in the room. Allie calls Tripp the kindest and most caring person she’s ever known and says she’s grateful to have him in her life. Tripp acknowledges that he’s not Henry’s dad but he loves him so much and looks forward to raising him. Allie calls him a great dad to Henry. Tripp hopes Henry thinks of him that way. Allie assures that he does. Allie says they will be waiting for him. They kiss goodbye as Tripp then heads to work. Allie goes to head in to the bakery when TR approaches and says it’s important that he speak with Chanel.

Lani asks Paulina what she’s talking about. Paulina says this is her first winter up north in a long time and she’s sick of it. Paulina questions why stay in Salem when she has a huge house empty in Miami. Paulina reveals that she’s already bought clothes for the twins which Lani questions. Lani then says she knows what she’s doing. Paulina claims not to know what she means. Lani tells her not to play dumb and acknowledges that they had a moment. Paulina brings up Lani calling her mom and saving her life. Lani says now she’s trying to get them all to go to Florida with her. Lani asks about Eli and her job. Paulina says they can figure that all out. Lani tells her no because it’s too soon. Lani says if they are going to have a real relationship, there has to be less style and a lot more substance. Lani adds that Paulina needs to be patient and present. Paulina agrees and says she wants to do whatever it takes to be a good mother to her. Lani is open to giving her that chance. Lani appreciates her offer but says they are not going to Florida with her. Paulina responds that yes, they are.

Allie tells TR that Chanel is usually here by now, so she doesn’t know what’s keeping with her, but she works with her and is her best friend, so she asks if she can help. TR says it’s not about the bakery. Chanel then arrives, complaining about Johnny, as Allie directs her to TR being there to see her. Chanel asks why. TR introduces himself to her. She asks how she can help him and argues that she doesn’t even know him. TR says he’s here to talk to her about her role in “Possessed” because he’s producing it and made the deal with Johnny DiMera.

Jake goes to see Ben at his new apartment. Jake points out that Ben’s cross is upside down. Ben wonders why it keeps doing that and fixes it again. Jake says he didn’t know Ben and Ciara were religious. Ben calls it a house warming gift from Julie. Jake guesses they can’t be too careful since The Devil was after their baby. Ben thanks God that’s all over now. Jake asks how Ciara is doing. Ben says she’s good and the morning sickness is over. Jake says they deserve some happiness. Ben thanks him and asks how things are with him. Jake says they could be better as a pushy little creep is after Gabi.

Johnny talks to the portrait of Stefano and comments that he was married like a million times, wondering how much alimony he was paying. Johnny says he and Stefano are alike in that when it comes to beautiful women, they can’t say no. Gabi walks in and asks if they are talking about her. Gabi questions if Johnny’s workout was talking with his dead grandfather. Johnny asks if she knew him well. Gabi responds that they crossed paths a few times and he didn’t give off a warm and fuzzy vibe around here. Gabi adds that she did admire how he sold himself as a businessman with a heart of a mob boss. Johnny is sure that he would return the admiration but Gabi doubts it. Johnny assumes she’s here to talk about his DiMera shares. Gabi informs him that Maggie is representing Victor in all of this and she and Jake have a deal with her. Johnny asks what the terms are. Gabi says they vote Victor onto the board at DiMera and then he makes her CEO of Titan. Johnny sees what she and Victor get, but questions what’s in it for him.

Jake compliments Ben’s new apartment. Ben says they have a baby coming and now they have room for a nursery. Jake offers to help paint and fix the place up which Ben says he was already counting on. Ben asks Jake for more on the creep that’s going after Gabi. Jake informs him that it’s Johnny DiMera. Ben mentions just meeting him yesterday and questions Johnny going after Gabi. Jake responds that he knows that he is since he already dumped his wife.

Chanel tells TR that she doesn’t think Johnny still wants her in his movie. Allie asks why she would want to be in it. TR asks if they even know Johnny. Allie reveals that he is her twin brother. TR acknowledges her and brings up her playing Sami but Allie says not anymore. TR is glad she’s there so he doesn’t have to make the same pitch twice. TR reveals that they are both under contract to his production company, so if they don’t fulfill their obligations, he will sue them and win. Allie tells him to go for it. Chanel adds that there is no way either of them are doing that movie.

Tripp goes to the Brady Pub and asks Roman if he’s heard from Allie’s parents. Roman says he hasn’t but wouldn’t expect to. Tripp asks if they are together. Roman thinks they are lying low after what Sami went through and asks if there’s a problem. Tripp says no but he likes to do things by the book and admits he’s a little scared of Sami. Tripp adds that Sami doesn’t like to be left out of things. Roman asks what things he is talking about. Tripp then reveals to Roman that he’s going to ask Allie to marry him. Roman says he’s surprised. Tripp thinks he fell in love with Allie the first time he ever saw her in London. Tripp talks about all they have been through and how he never stopped loving her. Tripp talks about loving Henry too and says there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for them. Tripp wants to take care of Allie and Henry for the rest of his life. Roman says he’s told him a lot about how he feels, but asks how Allie feels. Tripp responds that Allie says she loves him and acts like she does. Roman warns him to be sure about that before he starts talking marriage because he doesn’t want to see them make a big mistake.

TR tells Chanel that he heard from Paulina that Johnny broke her heart. Chanel questions how he knows her. TR responds that he and Paulina go way back. TR tells her that he’s sorry about her father. Chanel asks if he knew him too. TR says he never had the pleasure. Chanel mentions that she misses him. TR then comments that he met her cousin, Lani Grant. Chanel then corrects him, saying he got the wrong information and reveals that Lani is not her cousin, she is her sister.

Lani asks if Paulina is telling her what to do. Paulina says it’s not about her, but about her mom. Paulina says Olivia hasn’t been feeling well, but she thinks she’s just lonely so she’d love to see Lani and the babies. Paulina encourages taking them there for a couple weeks but Lani says she cannot leave town because she promised Chanel that she would be there for her. Lani states that Chanel’s heart is broken, so she needs someone to talk to until her life is back together and that someone is going to be her.

Ben is surprised to learn that Johnny had a wife. Jake says he did for about two days and then kicked her to the curb and started sniffing around Gabi. Ben questions how that happened. Jake explains how after he got booted out of DiMera, he and Gabi went to Titan but both got fired so they got sick of sitting on the sidelines. Jake explains that Gabi thinks she still has pull with Victor, so they are hoping to vote Victor onto the DiMera Board. Ben laughs at that idea. Jake says that Gabi thinks it would benefit both of them as Gabi could be in charge of Titan, while he runs DiMera. Jake adds that they don’t have enough votes unless they get Johnny to vote their way since he has EJ’s shares as well. Ben mentions hearing that EJ is in prison. Jake says that Johnny has what Gabi needs and he’s made it very clear what he wants in return. Ben asks what Gabi is going to do. Jake says that Gabi is convinced that she can use that to make Johnny do what they want. Ben asks if Jake is convinced.

Johnny approaches Gabi, but she says not in front of Stefano’s portrait. Johnny points out that there are no pictures upstairs. Gabi thought he was smart enough to play the long game. Johnny says he’ll play any game she wants. Gabi doesn’t want to be pressured in to doing things that she doesn’t want to do. Johnny asks if that’s really the case because he thinks Gabi is keeping from doing things she wants to do. Gabi reminds him that she and Jake are exclusive. Johnny asks why. Johnny argues that Stefano and EJ raised him to take over DiMera Enterprises while Jake was raised to be a grease monkey. Johnny calls Jake dead weight. Gabi asks what that makes her. Johnny says Gabi has brains and drive, so he questions what she needs Jake for.

Jake informs Ben that Gabi is at the DiMera Mansion talking to Johnny now. Ben questions Jake not being there. Jake doesn’t like this plan. Jake says he and Gabi have worked so hard together to get everything they have. Jake doesn’t trust Johnny. Ben says screw Johnny as all that matters is that Jake can trust Gabi.

Gabi reminds Johnny that Jake has his own shares. Johnny suggests she use her assets to get Jake to turn his shares over to her. Gabi questions him thinking divide and conquer will work. Johnny guesses this whole scheme was Jake’s idea because he can’t stop obsessing over being booted out of a family that he was never good enough to be a part of. Johnny remarks that Jake doesn’t care about Titan and probably doesn’t care about Gabi. Gabi warns him not to say that. Johnny argues that Jake is just trying to worm his way back in to DiMera and is using Gabi to do that, so once he’s done, he won’t need her anymore. Gabi argues that Johnny is too spoiled to understand what she and Jake have as they aren’t entitled like he is, as they know what it feels like to come from nothing and they have a future. Johnny declares that he’s not the only one that wants to screw her but warns her to start watching her back.

Tripp tells Roman that he would never push Allie in to marrying him. Roman talks about how Allie, Johnny, and Sydney were on their own way too soon because Sami devoted herself to EJ. Roman brings up that Johnny thought he wanted to get married too and he saw what he ended up doing to poor Chanel. Tripp responds that he’s not like Johnny. Roman says he knows but feels it’s never a good idea to rush in to anything.

TR questions Chanel about Lani being her sister. Chanel confirms she is her half-sister and that Paulina is Lani’s mother. TR says he had no idea. Chanel mentions just finding out herself. TR thinks back to Paulina telling him that Chanel was her only daughter. Allie asks what TR this has to do with whether or not they do the movie.

Lani explains to Paulina that she promised Chanel that she could come over every night while Eli is away and help her with the kids, watch TV, drink wine and talk. Paulina says it means so much to her that Lani wants to be a real sister to Chanel. Lani asks if she understands then why she can’t go to Florida with her. Paulina talks about how Chanel is doing a lot better and says she’s fixing to give the Devil his due as Johnny is going to pay for all the pain and suffering he caused her. Lani insists that she can’t leave Chanel here all alone. Paulina offers to talk to her about Allie running the Bakery and taking Chanel with them. Lani decides she can ask for time off and agrees to go if she gets the time off. Paulina is thrilled and hugs her. Paulina tells her how much this will mean to Olivia. Lani recalls the last time she let Paulina drag her down there, she almost got shot. Paulina remarks that she’ll be safer there than she is here. Lani asks what that means. Paulina says Olivia will just get even if she doesn’t get what she wants. Paulina encourages Lani to go pack while she goes to tell Chanel the plan and then they will all be headed off to the airport. Paulina exits the apartment and tells herself that by the time they get back, Ray Coates will be gone and Lani will never have to know anything about him.

Allie reminds TR that she asked him a question. TR claims he just misunderstood what Paulina told him is all. TR mentions having another appointment. Allie repeats that he can sue them, but they are not doing that movie. TR says he’s sure they will be able to work something out and quickly walks away. Allie comments to Chanel how weird that was as he was ready to sue them and then he just dropped it. Chanel thanks Allie for backing her up. Allie assures that she always will.

Tripp tells Roman that he would never treat Allie the way Johnny treated Chanel. Roman says he knows that, but Allie already has a baby that she didn’t ask for. Tripp says that is working out. Roman warns Tripp that if Allie is not ready for marriage, he needs to respect that. Tripp assures that he will and gives Roman his word that he will never hurt Allie in any way. Tripp adds that Allie has learned to trust him and has given him her heart while he has trusted her with his. Tripp says that’s what love is all about.

Jake assures Ben that he trusts Gabi as what they have goes way beyond this deal, but sometimes Gabi has a tendency to underestimate people. Ben brings up that Ciara says Johnny is a player but says Gabi is way out of his league. Jake says there’s still something about Johnny that bugs him. Jake talks about when he was in the mob, he could see if a guy’s evil came from a weakness like coming from a bad childhood or bad breaks and how they had to toughen up because they were afraid of losing what they worked so hard to get. Jake adds that there were other guys who were just mean and evil with nothing to lose and those guys scared him. Jake thinks Johnny is one of those guys. Ben points out that he is a DiMera. Jake reminds Ben that he is too. Ben states that as long as Jake and Gabi stick together, they will come out on top.

Gabi tells Johnny that she trusts Jake and believes in him. Johnny thinks Jake will give Gabi a good reason to question her trust in him. Gabi argues that he doesn’t know. Johnny says he knows Gabi and thinks they are at the beginning of a very exciting partnership. Johnny promises to vote his and EJ’s shares in favor of giving Victor Kiriakis a seat on the board. Gabi calls that great and pulls out her phone to call Jake, but Johnny takes her phone and questions why she’d want to call Jake. Gabi doesn’t think right now is a good time to have Jake questioning her being loyal to him. Johnny agrees and gives Gabi her phone back. Gabi’s phone is then suddenly dead as she notes she just charged it this morning. Johnny claims maybe it can’t hold a charge and guesses she will have to catch up with Jake later. Gabi decides she will do that after sharing the news with Maggie. Gabi promises that Johnny will not regret this. Gabi then exits the mansion. Johnny remarks that he won’t regret it but Gabi and Jake will be a different story. Johnny guesses he better get changed. Johnny says to himself that sometimes he loves his life as he heads upstairs.

Roman tells Tripp that he can’t speak for Allie’s parents, but he gives his blessing. Tripp says that’s worth a lot. Roman calls Tripp a good man. Allie walks in and thought Tripp had to be at work early. Tripp claims he remembered that he needed to ask Roman if he heard from Steve and Kayla. Tripp asks what Allie is doing here. Allie says she’s just grabbing an early lunch. Tripp says he will see her at home tonight and then exits the Pub. Allie asks Roman what that was all about. Roman goes with what Tripp said about wanting to talk about Steve and Kayla.

Paulina goes to the Bakery where Chanel is working. Paulina notes Chanel’s smile and asks what’s about. Chanel says it’s serving Johnny divorce papers and going after his money. Paulina says that’s real good and that she needs to talk to her about something. Chanel tells her to wait until she tries cookies that she came up with. Paulina tells her to pack her a dozen and then go pack a suitcase because they are all getting out of town today.

Lani packs her bags at home. TR then shows up at her door. Lani asks what he’s doing here.

Jake thanks Ben for listening. Ben hates what Chad and EJ did to him and calls it unfair. Ben hopes that Jake ends up getting back what is his. Jake hopes so and says at least he’s not going alone since he’s with someone he loves and cares about. Jake says he and Gabi make a good team. Ben agrees as Jake exits. Jake points out that the cross is upside down again and jokes that he’s going to come back and hang it up right. Ben turns the cross back around again and heads back inside.

Gabi goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Devil Johnny has transformed himself in to Jake. Gabi stops outside the living room to listen in on “Jake” talking to Maggie. “Jake” tells Maggie that he and Gabi are very close to getting Victor a spot on the DiMera Board and that Gabi is with Johnny now, nailing down his votes. Maggie says Victor will be very pleased to hear that. “Jake” asks Maggie for a guarantee in writing that he will be elected CEO of DiMera after they take over. Maggie agrees to talk to him about that. “Jake” then brings up Titan. Maggie says that Victor has very serious reservations about putting someone outside of the family in charge of his company. Maggie is afraid that making Gabi CEO of Titan may be off the table. Maggie asks if that’s a dealbreaker. Gabi says to herself that it sure as hell is, but hears “Jake” say that it absolutely isn’t, which angers her.

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