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Sarah searches her motel room for more roaches and ends up tossing the can of bug spray across the room right as Xander comes home.

Kristen puts a photo of her and Brady on the mantle at John and Marlena’s. Brady walks in and accuses her of being behind Chloe quitting her job at Basic Black to go to DiMera Headquarters.

Stefan walks in to the DiMera office as Wendy finishes her phone call with Johnny. Wendy says she didn’t hear him come in. Stefan responds that he heard her say his name and questions who she is. Wendy introduces herself as Li’s sister and says it’s nice to meet him. Stefan questions who she was talking to about him and why.

At the DiMera Mansion, Susan tells EJ that Johnny told her something that he didn’t want her to tell him and claims she is the most honest person and she doesn’t like to keep secrets between them so she’s going to tell EJ what Johnny said. Johnny tells her to go ahead and get it over with. Susan claims that Johnny is just sick from everything that has been going on the past week. Susan blames it on Johnny missing Ava.

Ava hides out in the DiMera Crypt with a bag, rope, a gun, chloroform and a rag. Ava puts the rope in to the bag and then gets a text from Tripp, asking if she’s sure she doesn’t want to come to Seattle. Tripp then sends another text saying he’s worried about her and asks where she’s staying and if she has enough money. Ava ignores it and puts the towel and bottle in the bag, then gets a third text from Tripp, pointing out that she said there was nothing left for her in Salem, so he doesn’t get why she’s still there. Ava then picks up the gun when she gets another text from Tripp, saying he hopes that she’s not doing something she’s going to regret. Ava holds the gun in one hand and her phone in the other as Tripp sends another text, offering to buy her a plane ticket to Seattle. Ava then puts the gun down and starts to respond to Tripp, but her dead son Charlie reappears and tells her to not even think about it.

Xander tells Sarah that he’ll get some more roach spray when he goes out and hopes it will be the last can they need. Sarah asks if that means the job interview went well. Xander responds that he did connect with one prospect that seems promising which excites Sarah, who says she can’t wait to hear all about it.

Kristen claims to Brady that she doesn’t keep up with Chloe anymore. Brady questions her having no idea that Li offered Chloe a job at DiMera. Kristen claims she doesn’t and questions if he thinks Li is lying to him. Brady says he feels when Chloe has a sudden change, that Kristen orchestrated it. Kristen claims to barely know Li Shin and questions why he would take orders from her. Kristen says that Li reports to EJ and EJ fired her. Brady questions her expecting him to believe that she just stopped pulling the strings because she’s living here now. Brady argues that Kristen is the only one that benefits from Chloe quitting Basic Black. Kristen suggests that Chloe could have decided a job at DiMera was a step up and suggests Brady could be supportive. Brady remarks that he’s surprised Li would offer Chloe any sort of position since her personnel file would be full of bad reviews from Kristen. Kristen says maybe Li doesn’t care about her opinion or he thought that Chloe would do a better job if she wasn’t so distracted by Brady. Brady remarks that he moved Kristen in but he hasn’t moved on because he loves Chloe more than he ever has. Kristen comments that he’ll get some perspective now. Kristen claims she didn’t get Chloe the job, but she does think it’s a very positive change for all three of them.

Stefan questions Wendy again as to why she said his name. Wendy claims that she was updating their electronic records and his file jumped out at her as problematic because according to their HR records, he is dead. Stefan says he’s been running in to that a lot lately. Wendy asks what it feels like to be him and says it must be weird to wake up and suddenly realized you missed four years of your life. Stefan responds that it’s good to be alive but admits that it hasn’t been easy. Wendy says she can imagine since his wife has his job and is engaged to her brother. Stefan responds that Gabi doesn’t have that job anymore and as far as he’s concerned, Li can have her. Wendy calls Gabi interesting to her and says it’s impressive that she has a prison record but became CEO of DiMera. Wendy guesses Gabi must be really smart and notes that she’s also beautiful. Stefan admits that Gabi used to impress him too, but not anymore. Stefan adds that he kind of hates to think about their time together. Wendy states that she would hate to see her brother get hurt. Wendy asks if Stefan would mind telling her what happened to make him hate her. Wendy points out that he must have loved Gabi once and asks if he’s sure he will never love her again.

EJ questions Johnny telling Susan that he still has feelings for Ava. Johnny claims he didn’t realize it until he was talking to Susan about it as she has a way of knowing things you don’t want to admit. Susan tells EJ that he should know by now that not much gets past her. Johnny knows he told EJ that he was over it and that Ava lying about her marriage to Jake was low. EJ points out that it was also illegal. EJ calls Ava a master manipulator and talks about how Ava and Gabi cooked up this phony marriage after Jake died. EJ adds that Ava made Johnny an ally with her sad story about her dead husband. EJ encourages Johnny that being taken in by a woman doesn’t make him weak, it makes him human. Susan adds that Johnny will get over it. EJ agrees and declares that Ava will never step foot in this town again.

Ava questions what her vision of Charlie is doing here. Charlie questions her about Tripp still wanting her to move in with him and says that’s not the life she wants. Ava responds that she misses her son. Charlie argues that he’s her son too and he’s right here. Charlie asks if Ava wants her revenge against EJ. Charlie orders Ava to put the gun in the bag and stop thinking about wimping out. Ava responds that she’s not sure she can.

Xander tells Sarah that he would hate to jinx the job by talking about it before it’s a sure thing. Sarah asks if he can’t tell her anything about it. Xander responds that it makes good use of some of his skills and it could pay really well. Sarah asks if she shouldn’t be worried about him not telling her the details. Xander insists he’s a changed man. They then get interrupted by another roach. Xander grabs Sarah’s planner book to smash it and when he does, it pops open, revealing the check that Maggie gave Sarah. Xander questions why Maggie wrote her a check.

Stefan tells Wendy that he doesn’t even know her but she’s asking him to talk about something so personal. Wendy hoped he could put her mind at ease about her brother getting hurt. Wendy mentions hearing that Stefan and Gabi were really in love, so she questions what made him change his mind about her. Stefan admits that he doesn’t remember. They sit together as Stefan assumes that she’s heard all the rumors about how and why he’s back. Wendy mentions Dr. Rolf. Stefan jokes that people don’t seem to die in his family and it’s more like they get deactivated and put in cold storage until they’re useful again. Stefan adds that Gabi was convinced that Dr. Rolf did something to erase his feelings for her, but Rolf swears that he did no such thing and Gabi bought it, so that works for him and he guesses he stopped loving her on his own. Wendy admits she’s not reassured. Stefan tells Wendy that Gabi is his past and he’s very much looking forward to his future. Wendy asks if there’s someone else. Stefan says he might say that. Chloe then walks in and Stefan declares there she is.

Brady states that he broke up with Chloe and let Kristen move in because if he hadn’t, she would’ve let Marlena, Kate, and Kayla die. Brady says that’s the kind of woman she’s always going to be. Brady adds that Kristen can fix it so that Chloe changes jobs, but she’s not going to change the way he feels because he loves Chloe and always will. Kristen points out that he used to say those same words to her. Kristen blames Victor letting her believe that her little girl was dead. Brady reminds Kristen that whatever woman he loved before, he doesn’t know if she ever existed. Kristen warns Brady that she has the means to keep Marlena, Kate, and Kayla alive. Brady responds that it’s the only reason she’s living in this house. Kristen argues that Rachel likes them being a family and she wants them to be a happy one. Brady argues that’s never going to happen and questions her not understanding that. Kristen tells him that Chloe will be better off as she’s accepted reality even though he hasn’t. Kristen adds that now Brady can focus on them. Brady complains that Kristen blackmailed her way in to the house and he’s never going to change how he feels. Rachel then walks in and questions why they are fighting again.

EJ gets a call and steps out to answer it. Johnny then thanks Susan for not telling EJ what they were really talking about. Susan complains that she doesn’t like lying to her only son, but if he did do something terrible to his brother then she thinks the truth should come out. Johnny asks if Susan has any vibes about him being on the right track. Susan says the spirits only tell her what they want her to know. Susan hopes that EJ had nothing to do with the scrambling of Stefan’s brain. Susan reminds Johnny that he’s going to have to prove it in front of God and everyone else if he did.

Sarah informs Xander that Maggie came to see her this morning and offered a little money to hold them over. Xander reminds her that he told her he would get them out of this and asks if she has any faith in him. Sarah assures that she does and offers to tell Maggie no if he doesn’t want to take the money but Xander stops her.

Charlie questions Ava’s doubts. Ava brings up that Jake hated EJ so she’s sure he wouldn’t mind her going after him, but not like this. Ava notes that Susan was Jake’s aunt. Charlie insists nothing will happen to Susan and they will just hold her for a big ransom to hit EJ’s wallet. Charlie urges Ava to be her authentic self; an evil bitch. Charlie reminds Ava that she already hired Xander, so there’s no turning back now.

Stefan introduces Chloe to Wendy. Stefan asks Wendy to give them a minute so he can speak to Chloe in private, so Wendy exits. Stefan tells Chloe that he stopped by the Salem Inn to see her but she already left, so he asks what she’s doing here. Chloe reveals that Li offered her a job here and she accepted it which Stefan says is great and congratulates her. Chloe hopes it works out. Stefan admits he’s surprised since he thought she loved her job at Basic Black. Chloe responds that she does, but she can’t spend that much time with Brady anymore so she had to get out of that office.

Kristen claims to Rachel that she and Brady weren’t fighting. Rachel says it sounded like they were. Brady explains that sometimes adults just have to raise their voices when talking about important things. Rachel responds that she doesn’t like it and that it makes her tummy hurt. Rachel says it’s been hurting all day which Brady questions. Kristen checks her and notes she’s feeling kind of feverish. Kristen worries that it could be her appendix and says they should get her to the emergency room.

Xander apologizes to Sarah for being an ass. Xander says he loves Maggie but hates that she thinks he can’t take care of her. Sarah assures that Maggie was just trying to help. Xander declares that he won’t live off Maggie or Sarah but he’s just stressed about the job falling through like all the others. Sarah says she has a good feeling about it but asks if it’s anything illegal. Xander then gets a text from Ava, ordering him to meet her in the DiMera crypt now. Xander claims to Sarah that they want him back for a second interview. Sarah is excited for him and then rips up Maggie’s check to prove her faith in him. Sarah kisses Xander and tells him to go turn on the charm. Xander agrees to do his best.

Susan argues that Johnny can’t prove anything that didn’t happen. Johnny declares that if EJ did do something to Stefan, he’s going to find out what it was. Johnny then gets a text from Wendy, saying she has new info and tells him to meet her at Allie’s apartment. Johnny tells Susan that he might be onto something. Susan warns him to be careful as she is sensing some danger in the house. Johnny thanks Susan again for covering for him as he exits the mansion. EJ comes back in and asks where Johnny is. Susan responds that he had to go some place. EJ asks her if something is wrong. Susan states that somebody just knocked over someone else’s grave.

Ava tells her vision of Charlie that Xander is on his way. Charlie encourages that she’s doing the right thing.

EJ tells Susan that he’s sorry her premonitions have been worrying her. Susan says sometimes her gifts just feel like a heavy load. EJ adds that he knows when she’s not being honest with him. EJ questions if she and Johnny were really talking about Ava when he walked in on them with their heads together.

Johnny goes to see Wendy at Allie’s. Johnny tells her that first he has to tell her that Susan knows what they are doing. Johnny tells her not to worry since Susan doesn’t know anything about her and promised not to tell EJ anything. Wendy asks if he’s sure he can trust her. Johnny responds that Susan might be a little weird, but she doesn’t break a promise. Johnny asks Wendy what she got. Wendy responds that she talked to Stefan after he just walked in to the conference room and she got him talking about he and Gabi. Wendy informs Johnny that Stefan said he has no idea why he stopped loving Gabi. Johnny guesses Dr. Rolf did something to him. Wendy notes that Stefan said Gabi thought the same thing but that Dr. Rolf swore he didn’t. Johnny bets that they got rid of Rolf because Gabi started sniffing around. Wendy brings up that if Li flew Dr. Rolf out of town, he wouldn’t fly him commercial so it seemed logical that he would use the DiMera jet, but she found out that Li hasn’t booked the jet in months. Johnny asks if he came over just for her to tell him that they hit a dead end. Wendy says no and reveals that she also found out that Li requested a list of former DiMera pilots which seemed suspicious to her. Wendy then presents the list of pilots to Johnny and offers to start running background checks to see what they can find. Johnny takes a look and tells Wendy that he doesn’t think she’ll have to do that.

Brady feels Rachel is a little warm but doesn’t think she has a fever. Brady asks if she needs to throw up from too much Halloween candy. Brady suggests Rachel lie down on the couch for a bit and assures that she’ll be okay. Kristen brings up Rachel having a bone marrow transplant so she thinks she should get checked out. Brady asks if she’s questioning his parenting skills. Kristen insists that she’s not but doesn’t know what she would do if anything happened to Rachel. Brady notes that Rachel also gets motion sickness so he doesn’t want to put her in a car while she’s nauseous. Kristen wishes doctors made house calls. Brady brings up that Sarah Horton might. Kristen declares that if Sarah is willing to come, she would be forever in her debt.

Xander meets Ava in the DiMera crypt and comments on that being an interesting place to meet. Ava points out that Xander is on the DiMera property and Susan happens to be in the mansion right now. Xander questions if Ava is asking him to grab her tonight. Ava confirms that she’s asking him to grab Susan right now.

Stefan comments that Chloe doesn’t seem too happy about her new job. Chloe admits she’s kind of miserable about it. Stefan knows it must hurt but encourages that she’s doing the right thing. Chloe knows Brady cares about her and maybe even still loves her, but she doesn’t understand moving Kristen in and she never will. Stefan tells her that he’s so sorry. Chloe brings up all the plans that they made for their future and now she knows those plans will not happen, so she decided not seeing Brady was better than seeing him under these circumstances. Stefan is glad she’s taking care of herself. Chloe cries that she just wishes it didn’t hurt so much. Stefan encourages that things are going to get better as he hugs her.

Sarah goes to check on Rachel and encourages that she just needs more fruit and vegetables and less candy. Rachel complains that she likes candy but agrees to have less. Brady notes that Rachel’s also been under a lot of stress the last couple of months which Sarah notes can also cause a stomachache. Kristen states that situation has been taken care of and handled. Brady asks if there’s no emergency. Sarah confirms it’s not her appendix. Brady thanks Sarah for coming over. Sarah says she’s always happy to see Rachel. Sarah brings Rachel a pair of sunglasses with flashing lights which she says she loves. Sarah thinks she’ll be feeling better soon. Sarah encourages trying water and then moving on to tea and other drinks. Brady thanks Sarah. Sarah exits and Kristen steps out with her, offering to pay her for her time and trouble. Sarah responds that she was happy to do it for Brady and Rachel. Kristen knows it couldn’t have been easy. Sarah admits she likes taking care of Rachel and always will. Kristen asks Sarah to send her a bill, saying it’s the least she can do. Sarah asks if she means after kidnapping her and nearly ruining her life. Sarah responds that she doesn’t want her money. Kristen points out that Xander isn’t working. Sarah tells her that Xander has a job interview right now, so they are fine, as she then walks away.

Johnny points out the name Ned Granger as one he recognizes on the list of pilots as he did a lot of under the table work for his family and Kristen used him to kidnap two women. Wendy jokes that she thought her family was weird. Johnny feels he should’ve thought of Ned before. Wendy questions why he’s not in prison. Johnny explains that Chad made a deal with him to keep him out of prison in exchange for the information on where Abigail was. Johnny feels that Li and EJ would know they could bribe Ned so they would hire him to do it.

Susan doesn’t like EJ calling her a liar. EJ says that’s not what he’s doing but Johnny is quite good at convincing people to do what he wants. EJ suspects that Johnny is still angry at him regardless of what he says. EJ questions if Johnny asked Susan to choose sides between them. Susan insists that he didn’t and if he did, she wouldn’t do it because she loves them both and wants what’s best for them.

Xander complains that Ava can’t ask him to grab Susan right now as he doesn’t have a plan or know who is in the house. Ava responds that she made the plan and she knows who is in the house and how it operates. Ava declares that this has to happen now or someone is going to get cold feet. Xander argues that there has to be an easier way to get money out of EJ than kidnapping his mother under his nose. Xander asks her to find out when Susan leaves the house. Ava doesn’t know how long Susan plans to stay and points out that they could both use that ransom money sooner than later. Ava shows Xander the bag with everything he needs. Xander questions the chloroform. Ava tells him that he knows how to use it and tells him to just not get caught. Ava then instructs Xander to be kind and not hurt Susan since she is someone’s mother and grandmother. Xander hopes soon this will all be over.

Wendy asks Johnny if he thinks Ned Granger will lead them to Dr. Rolf. Johnny hopes so because if they can find Dr. Rolf, they’ll be able to prove that EJ and Li did brainwash Stefan.

Chloe tells Stefan that she can’t stop thinking about Brady and wishes she could forget about him for just a few minutes. Stefan suggests he can help with that as he then kisses Chloe.

Rachel mentions being sort of hungry which Brady and Kristen encourage is a good thing. Rachel comments that she’s glad they aren’t fighting anymore. Kristen assures her that they both love her very much. Brady tells Rachel that she’ll never have to worry about them. Kristen then puts her hand on Brady’s as they hug Rachel.

Ava’s vision of Charlie reappears and tells her to calm down, encouraging that if anyone knows how to pull off a kidnapping, it’s her. Charlie knows he never made Ava proud but says right now, she is his pride and joy.

Xander sneaks outside while Susan and EJ talk in the living room about having dinner. EJ heads to the kitchen while Xander sneaks in as Susan talks about danger. Xander then grabs Susan with the chloroformed rag over her face. Susan grabs a glass trinket off the table but drops it and it smashes on the floor as she passes out and Xander drags her away.

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