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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, a supportive Sharon asked Tessa how the adoption process was going. Sharon was eager to help, if she could. Tessa said that there was nothing Sharon could help with at the moment. Tessa and Mariah were going to an adoption seminar tomorrow to learn about all the different types of adoption, and they’d joined an online support group. Sharon thought that joining a community was great. Tessa zoned out, and Sharon asked why she was distracted. Reasoning that word would get out eventually, Tessa said that Abby and Chance gave Devon shared custody of the baby, and it hit Mariah pretty hard. Tessa knew Mariah never would’ve tried to get custody, though. Sharon knew that had to be hard for Mariah to hear. Mariah arrived and pulled Tessa aside for a talk alone.

Mariah lead Tessa to the darkened patio and asked if she remembered their first date. Tessa did – the movie at the Athletic Club. Mariah had Tessa open her eyes, and when she did, she saw that the patio had star shaped lights on the ceiling. “A movie under the stars,” Tessa marveled at Mariah’s recreation of the evening. Mariah said that night was the first time they told each other how they really felt. Mariah had been so scared because she didn’t know if Tessa felt the same way. Tessa said it had been like that for her too. Mariah brought up a night when they drove out of the city and stargazed in a field for hours. They’d named constellations and made up stories about themselves in the stars. Mariah had imagined Tessa with a winged helmet and a breastplate, like a Valkyrie. Tessa recalled that Mariah’s constallation was on a massive bike, chasing a cult leader to the ends of the universe. Mariah said they were stories about overcoming everything and not letting people get them down. “It became our story. Written in the stars,” Mariah said. When Mariah went for a walk earlier, she thought about how Tessa was ready to embark on this journey, no matter how hard it might be. Mariah got down on one knee and presented Tessa with a ring box. Tessa cried as Mariah proposed. She said yes, and they kissed. Noah came up to the patio doors and he somberly watched Mariah slipping the ring on Tessa’s finger.

After the couple kissed, Sharon went out to the patio to celebrate with them. She was sorry for peeking, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away. Mariah saw Noah leaving, and she yelled for him to come inside. Everyone sat down at a table. Sharon wanted to throw an engagement party. Mariah and Tessa appreciated the offer, but that wasn’t their style. Noah noted that they’d had two proposals. “It’s very you. Very teriah,” he said. Sharon thought that was cute, and Noah said it was what Tessa’s fans called the couple online. He saw it when he was doing research for the album. Sharon suggested a wedding theme. Mariah loved Sharon and her excitement, but she didn’t think she and Tessa wanted a theme.

Noah suggested that Mariah and Tessa have a listening party for Tessa’s album instead of an engagement party. Tessa said that would be about her, and not about them as a couple. Noah pointed out that every track on the album was about Tessa’s love for Mariah, and the album cover photo captured Tessa thinking about Mariah. Tessa agreed the album was just one long love poem. Mariah and Tessa loved the suggestion. Mariah asked if Noah had any other creative ideas, but he said that he had to leave because he was getting drinks with friends. Sharon looked concerned as she watched Noah leave. Sharon was excited about the party and wedding, but Mariah didn’t want her to go overboard. Tessa agreed saying that whatever the wedding they had, it wouldn’t be at the Palazzo in Italy. Tessa and Mariah started talking Italian food, and they realized they missed dinner, so Tessa went to get some takeout from Society.

Tessa ran into Noah at the restaurant. He was drinking alone. He teased her about being away from Mariah. She thought he was meeting friends. He said he guessed they must’ve bailed on him. He was drunk, and she wanted to give him a ride home, but he said it wasn’t a good idea. Tessa didn’t want to leave Noah like this. He said he’d get a car. She asked if he’d be okay. “Why wouldn’t I be okay? When you love someone, you want them to be happy,” he replied. Tessa’s mouth fell open. “And I love my sister, so yeah, I’m fine,” he said. He walked away.

At the penthouse, Devon played jazz for Dominic and bounced him around. Amanda joined him. Devon said he didn’t mean to call himself Devon’s daddy in front of Abby and Chance. Having his son with him felt natural. Amanda loved seeing Devon filled with so much joy. She appreciated being part of this night. He thanked her for making this happen. She said they had to thank Abby and Chance for sending everything Dominic needed and writing out his whole schedule. She noted that it was Dominic’s bedtime.

At their place, Abby paced back and forth while Chance read a book. She said she was driving herself crazy – she was so used to her day being structured around Dominic, and now that she had a free evening, she didn’t know what to do with herself. She said they had to tell everyone about the arrangement. “What if someone sees Devon with our son? I mean they might have some questions,” she said. She realized she was rambling, and he gave her a pep talk. Her phone rang, and she didn’t want to deal with anyone, but then Chance showed her that it was Devon on a video chat with Dominic. Abby asked questions about how the baby was settling in, and Devon assured her all was well, thanks to Abby giving them everything they needed to make the visit go smoothly. Chance thanked Devon for the call. Abby recited a poem to the baby, then the call ended. Abby looked upset and curled against Chance’s chest.

Devon couldn’t get Dominic to sleep, and it made him wonder if the baby had picked up on the tension between all the adults during the custody exchange. Amanda suggested that Devon was overthinking things and that Dominic was just being a regular baby. Eventually, Dominic went to sleep, and Devon and Amanda watched him. They talked about how lucky Dom was to have so much love, and Devon said he wanted Dom to be raised in a stable environment. Just as they talked about going to get some sleep, Lily dropped by to visit the baby, and it woke him up.

Lily asked if she should call Devon dad or pops. Devon said she could take it easy on that. He wished Dominic met his Grandpa Neil. “I’m sure Mom and Dad are looking down at us, smiling,” Lily replied. Just as the baby drifted off to sleep, Moses and Faith arrived, laughing loudly. They’d just celebrated their four month anniversary. Dominic cried, and Moses apologized. He didn’t realize Dominic would be here. Devon said that this was Dominic’s second home now. Moses was surprised to hear about the shared custody. Devon didn’t mention it before, because he didn’t know how things would work out. Faith had heard Mariah and Tessa talking about it. Amanda mentioned that it’d take awhile for the paperwork to be finalized. Devon said it would just be one overnight a week. Faith asked if they could see Dominic, and Devon said of course.

While the others were crowded around the playpen, Lily went over to Amanda to ask how she felt about having a baby in the mix. Amanda loved it – there was something wonderful about seeing Devon with his child. She was happy she was able to help get things to this point without taking it in front of a judge. Amanda was glad Devon and Dom got a chance to bond. Lily said Amanda would bond with Dom too. Amanda was sure she would. Devon said he had to get Dom to bed. Lily gave Faith a ride to Crimson Lights.

Devon picked the baby up, and he started crying. “Daddy’s gonna tuck you in,” Devon said. Amanda watched him carry the baby upstairs. Devon returned, and he and Amanda had wine and enjoyed their quiet time alone. He gave her credit for making the visit possible, but she said it was his love, friendship and strength of character that got Abby and Chance to come around. She was proud of the maturity and patience he’d shown in handling this delicate situation. He was grateful for her support, and he found it attractive that she welcomed Dominic into the house with open arms. Dom cried, and Amanda was going to go help Devon, but he said that he had this. She found it attractive that he did.

Faith went to the coffee house. Sharon asked about the date, and Faith said it was good. She explained that she left the penthouse early because Dominic was there. She added that her little cousin would be staying with Devon part time. Mariah noted that Sharon wasn’t surprised. Sharon said Tessa told her earlier. She asked if Mariah was okay. Mariah admitted she felt a pang at first, but she’d thought about it, and she’d made a mental shift. She thought this arrangement was for the best, given Chance’s struggles. She said Devon would make a great bonus dad, and she and Tessa would have their own child.

Back at the Chancellor house, Chance said he felt better after the video chat. Abby said she wouldn’t have been able to share custody with Devon if she didn’t think he was capable, but it was a strange feeling not having Dom to plan her evening around. Typically, she was on red alert, listening for his cries, putting him to bed for the night. Now she had to get used to days and nights without their son. Chance wanted to show Abby that this could be something special, and not something they just had to endure. He dimmed the lights and gave her a massage while telling her that she didn’t have to carry all this by herself anymore. She said she needed this, and she needed him. He wanted to make time for them as a couple, as often as he could, and show her how much she meant to him. She liked the sound of that. She’d been so stressed, and she thanked him for reminding her slow down. This gave her hope that they could thrive as a couple and family. He was amazed at how hard she fought to hold them together. He said it was because of her that he was back in town, alive and well. He vowed to be the father and husband he was supposed to be, and they kissed.

Later, Chance got out of bed and came downstairs. He went through the mail and found a letter that shook him up. Abby came down to check on him and found him with tears in his eyes. The letter was from the wife of Justin, one of his fallen colleagues. She thanked Chance for sending money for the funeral and for his moral support. Abby didn’t realize Chance had reached out to this woman. Chance said he’d tried to contact the families everyone who was with him in Spain. He felt that he had to do something because he was fortunate enough to come home to Abby, and his colleagues didn’t. Abby asked to hear the letter. It meant a lot to this woman to hear that the perpetrators were convicted and sent to prison. She asked Chance to stop feeling guilty for having survived and to stop second guessing his actions over there, because none of this was his fault. She asked him to be as generous with himself as he’d been to her and her little girl. She said her husband thought the world of Chance, and he’d want him to find peace and be happy. Abby hoped that Chance would take this lady’s words to heart. Chance noted that this woman was widowed, and a little girl didn’t have a father. He asked how he was supposed to let that go. He understood no one blamed him, but he blamed himself. It made him sick that he failed his team and the mission. Abby comforted him and promised they’d find what he needed to help him heal. He said all he needed was her, and they kissed.

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