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Nicole is in the town square on the phone with Rafe. Nicole says she understands this is how it has to be and given the circumstances, it’s best to call off the wedding. Eric walks by and overhears her.

Lani is at the police station, on the phone with Julie. Lani tells Julie to give Jack and Jennifer her love and to tell them how terribly sorry she and Eli are. Lani declares that whoever took Abigail’s life, they will bring them to justice. Lani hangs up and imagines TR, appearing in front of her, asking what about justice for the person who murdered her father.

Chanel is at home on the phone, complaining about Paulina being locked up for weeks now. Chanel argues against what Paulina did and threatens to find her a better lawyer. Chanel then hangs up as Paulina returns home. Chanel asks if she’s dreaming. Paulina announces that she’s home as they embrace.

Xander returns to Sarah in his room at the Salem Inn and brings her prescription to her. Xander wishes she told him that she was still having hallucinations. Sarah didn’t know if that’s what they were at first. Sarah guesses Kristen is still in her subconscious and she didn’t want to worry him. Xander says he gets more worried when he doesn’t know what’s going on. Sarah promises not to keep it from him as they kiss. Sarah then tells Xander that she went to see Gwen in prison.

Ava goes to see Gwen at prison and says she just heard about Abigail. Gwen questions Ava coming all this way to give her condolences. Ava clarifies that she came to ask Gwen if she killed her sister.

Chanel asks Paulina if they dropped the charges. Paulina says not yet, but she finally made bail thanks to Justin getting through to the judge. Chanel wonders if she should call Justin and apologize for the nasty voicemail she just left. Paulina tells her that she doesn’t owe Justin anything. Chanel points out that he got her out of jail. Paulina says she can save the apology until she’s permanently free. Chanel asks if she thinks they could send her back. Paulina doesn’t know but declares that TR was an evil man so she’s not sorry that they will never see him again…

Lani tries to get her vision of TR out of her head. He taunts her about what she did to him while Lani tells herself that he is not real. Lani screams that TR tried to kill Eli, so she had to try to stop him from hurting anyone else. Her vision of TR screams that she shot him in cold blood, so she’s the one who needs to pay. Lani yells at him to go away and not come back. Eli rushes up and asks Lani what’s going on and what’s wrong.

Xander questions why Sarah would put herself going to prison. Sarah says she wanted to see Gwen face to face since she’s the reason for her side effects. Xander asks what the point of her visit was. Sarah says after everything Gwen put her through, it was very satisfying to see her behind bars where she can never hurt anyone again…

Gwen questions Ava coming to accuse her of murder. Ava calls it not that far fetched since the resentment of her sister has been a driving force for most of her adult life. Gwen admits she had motive but not means and opportunity. Ava is not sure about the means but says she certainly had opportunity. Gwen says she was locked up here when the murder happened but Ava reveals that they both know that’s not true.

Eli asks Lani what’s wrong as she is shaking. Lani tells him about seeing TR. Lani asks Eli how she’s supposed to live with herself and what Abe is going to think when he finds out what she did and that Paulina is going to prison for her. Eli hugs Lani as she cries.

Abe visits Julie at her home and says it’s a terrible tragedy what happened to Abigail. Julie talks about it not seeming real and her heart breaks for the children and Chad. Abe asks if Jack and Jennifer are around. Julie says they are resting, but before they went upstairs, she heard Jack saying he was going to see Gwen in prison. Abe acknowledges that Gwen is Jack’s daughter and he’s sure she’s upset about Abigail. Julie reminds Abe what Gwen did to Abigail and Sarah. Julie calls Gwen a despicable person. Julie wishes that Gwen would disappear out of their lives forever.

Sarah admits to Xander that she really enjoyed telling Gwen that they were back together. Xander thanks God that they are back together and kisses her. Xander reminds her that they have a lot of lost time to catch up on. Sarah points out that she was the one stranded on the island with Kristen DiMera, while Xander had a fiancée and a lovely young wife.

Chanel tells Paulina that it made her sick to think about her being in jail. Paulina says she told her that everything would be fine. Chanel worries about Paulina still having to go to trial. Paulina encourages her to have faith. Chanel asks if Justin is confident that he will convince the jury she’s innocent. Paulina says she’s confident enough for the both of them but right now she’s just happy to be home with her daughter as she hugs Chanel.

Nicole tells Rafe that they have a lot to work out and they will. Nicole knows he has a lot on his plate so she will let him go and talk later. Nicole hangs up and then turns around to see Eric. Eric says he didn’t want to bother her and didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but he heard what she said to Rafe. Eric asks if Nicole is calling off their wedding. Nicole confirms that. Eric then asks what that means and if she and Rafe split up.

Julie tells Abe that whoever killed Abigail deserves to be locked up for the rest of their lives, unlike Paulina. Julie calls Paulina’s situation completely different and asks if he has any idea how she’s doing. Abe announces the great news that Paulina made bail and he was in court with her this morning. Julie says that’s wonderful and asks if that means what she hopes it means. Abe confirms he took her advice and told Paulina that he still loves her. Julie is glad that he took her advice. Abe jokes that he did because Julie is always right. Abe admits that it didn’t go exactly as he planned but there’s no bad time to tell the person you love, how you feel which Julie agrees with.

Paulina says enough crying about her and asks what the latest is with Chanel, now that the Devil is gone from Salem. Paulina asks where her head is at in regards to her love triangle with Allie and Johnny. Chanel tells her that they are both still in love with her. Paulina asks what she decided. Chanel responds that she hasn’t because she doesn’t want to hurt either one of them, but it’s not fair to leave them hanging either. Paulina encourages that they will wait because they know what she’s worth. Paulina then suggests maybe Chanel should just move on altogether and try to find someone who doesn’t have a history of devil possession. Chanel decides she doesn’t want to talk about herself now. Chanel tells Paulina that she missed her and she’s so happy that she’s home as they hug. Chanel wishes she told her so she could have planned a big homecoming celebration but Paulina assures that this is plenty as she’s been dreaming of being in her own bathtub, her own bed, and at her own dinner table. Chanel tells her to go rest while she plans her a homecoming celebration dinner. Chanel promises her the best welcome home ever.

Xander argues that Sarah can’t be jealous of Chanel. Sarah says she was just remarking that Xander was quite busy while she was away. Xander assures that he and Chanel’s marriage was never real and he was drunk, so there was nothing romantic. Xander jokes that Chanel was after his non-existent money while he was after her mom’s money. Sarah asks if he slept with her. Xander assures not even on their wedding night. Sarah jokes that it’s hard to imagine him passing up sex. Xander says he never would with Sarah as they kiss. Sarah decides she wants to take her medicine to prevent any hallucinations but she doesn’t want to take it on an empty stomach and says they better hurry, so Xander rushes her out to go get something to eat.

Ava tells Gwen that she was surprised to get her call yesterday as she flashes back to Gwen calling her yesterday and telling her that she needed her help, revealing that Gwen asked Ava to break her out of prison. Ava then questions Gwen asking her to break her out on the same day that her sister ended up dead.

Nicole tells Eric that she and Rafe are not splitting up, they are just postponing the wedding and not getting married this week. Eric guesses he misunderstood. Nicole explains that Rafe is leading the investigation into Abigail’s death so they didn’t feel like it was right. Eric agrees that it’s hard to imagine anyone celebrating right now and it’s hard to imagine Abigail is gone. Nicole calls Abigail such a good person and says it breaks her heart to know Charlotte and Thomas will grow up without their mother. Eric hugs Nicole until Sarah suddenly runs up and grabs Nicole, yelling at her to get off of him and calling her a conniving bitch. Xander runs up to pull to Sarah off while Sarah screams about not letting her ruin Eric’s life again. Eric and Nicole are confused, questioning what she’s talking about and what is happening. Sarah tells Xander to get out of his way. Xander stops Sarah and assures her that it’s Nicole, not Kristen. Sarah then realizes her mistake. Eric and Nicole question what is going on here. Sarah apologizes to Nicole and says she didn’t know what she was doing. Xander explains that Sarah has been having residual hallucinations since the second dose of the drug Kristen gave her. Xander encourages Sarah that it’s not her fault. Sarah responds that he’s right, it’s Gwen’s.

Gwen questions why Ava is being so hostile as she thought they were friends. Ava responds that friends are honest with each other. Gwen says she simply asked Ava for a favor and she obliged. Ava points out that Gwen never told her why she wanted out as Gwen said she just wanted to be out for a few hours. Ava says she was a fool to agree without asking questions and figured Gwen might have just wanted a few hours out in the real world and didn’t really think about it. Ava says it’s now pretty obvious that Gwen was planning to commit murder.

Abe gets a call from Chanel, who informs him that Paulina is home. Abe says he knows and that’s wonderful. Abe asks how she’s doing. Chanel says Paulina is great, but she’d be even better if Abe came over. Abe asks if she’s sure Paulina doesn’t want to rest. Chanel asks when Paulina has ever rested. Chanel informs him that she’s planning an excellent dinner and tells Abe that he doesn’t have a choice but to come. Abe agrees and asks if she’s talked to Lani and Eli. Chanel says they are next on her list and that Lani will be so excited to see their mom.

Eli brings Lani in to the interrogation room. Lani complains that she can’t let Paulina suffer for something that she did. Eli argues that she’s doing the right thing for them and their family and once she makes peace with that, TR will stop haunting her. Lani argues that she could never make peace with that when she’s letting her own mother rot in a jail cell for something she did. Eli then reveals that Paulina is not in jail anymore as she made bail, so she’s free. Lani questions for how long since Paulina confessed. Eli feels a judge granting her bail is a good sign and once Justin tells the jury how much TR abused and traumatized her, they will see it wasn’t premeditated murder. Lani argues that it was still murder. Eli believes Paulina might not have to do any jail time at all. Lani says he can’t guarantee that and the only one that can is her, if she confesses. Eli tells her that they have been through this before and she cannot confess to shooting TR. Lani declares that she cannot let Paulina go to prison for her. Eli argues that even if Paulina confessed, she would still be in trouble for false confession and then Lani could lose her job, freedom, and their kids which Paulina doesn’t want. Eli then gets a call from Chanel, who asks what he, Lani, and the kids are doing tonight. Eli asks why she’s asking. Chanel informs him that she’s planning a very special dinner for Paulina and hoped they could come over to celebrate Paulina making bail as she knows she would love to see them. Eli isn’t sure that dinner tonight is a good idea. Chanel questions if something is wrong. Eli says no and claims Lani isn’t feeling well. Lani takes offense and tells Eli to stop. Eli tells Chanel that Lani is fine and just needs a quiet night at home with the kids. Eli sends their love and says they will see Paulina soon as they hang up. Lani questions why Eli did that. Lani demands Eli call Chanel back and tell her that they are going.

Xander tells Sarah that he’s not defending Gwen, but it wasn’t all her fault. Sarah asks whose fault it is then. Xander remarks that Abigail was stupid enough to leave the drug lying around. Nicole tells him not to talk about Abigail like that and asks what his problem is. Xander mocks saying something negative about Saint Abigail. Eric tells him to try being a decent human being. Xander argues that he’s just trying to be honest. Xander remarks that Sarah’s condition is due in no small part to Abigail’s carelessness so he just hopes she’s more careful next time. Nicole and Eric then realize that Xander hasn’t heard the news. Sarah asks what news. Eric then reveals to Xander and Sarah that Abigail was murdered.

Gwen asks what Ava thinks she knows. Ava says that Gwen obviously left prison, went to the DiMera Mansion, snuck up to Abigail’s bedroom without being seen and stabbed her to death, then slipped back in to prison as if she never left. Ava worries that now she’s suddenly an accessory to murder. Gwen says if Ava’s theory is correct then she would be an accessory to murder, if she busted her out of prison and if she went to Abigail’s and stabbed her to death. Ava asks if this is a confession. Gwen says no as she said if she did it. Ava asks if she’s denying it then. Gwen responds that Ava is getting worked up over nothing. Ava states that Gwen’s sister was killed and everyone knows that she ruined Gwen’s life. Gwen asks if she looks worried to her. Ava admits Gwen looks rather calm. Gwen assures that she’s not worried, so Ava shouldn’t be.

Sarah can’t believe Abigail is dead. Eric is sorry she had to find out this way. Sarah asks what happened. Nicole reveals that she was stabbed in her bedroom. Sarah asks who would do something like that. Nicole says as far as they know, the police don’t have any suspects. Xander tells them not to look at him. Nicole comments that Xander sounded awfully angry just now about Abigail leaving the syringe lying around. Xander argues that he had no idea that she just lost her life. Xander points out that Abigail was the person who brought Sarah back to him, so he’ll forever be grateful for that. Sarah agrees that if not for Abigail, she might not have made it home since she’s the only person that didn’t give up looking for her. Sarah cries that she didn’t get the chance to thank her properly or say goodbye. Xander calls it a tragedy and brings up her kids. Eric says it’s been hard for everyone. Xander reminds Sarah that they were going to get food to take her meds. Nicole asks if the meds will prevent the hallucinations. Sarah hopes so and apologizes to Nicole again. Sarah adds that her heart goes out to Chad and the kids as she and Xander walk away together.

Eli tells Lani that they cannot go to that dinner tonight. Lani asks if this is how it’s going to be in their family from now on with lies and more lies. Eli argues that telling Chanel that Lani isn’t feeling well is not a lie as she’s in no shape to be there tonight. Lani asks if that’s it or if Eli’s afraid that she’ll have a breakdown and tell everybody the truth.

Abe goes to see Paulina and hugs her, telling her how happy he is to see her. Paulina calls him a sight for sore eyes. Chanel claims she’s out of butter as a reason to leave the room so they can be alone. Abe repeats to Paulina that he’s so happy to see her here. Paulina says it’s great to be home and even better in his arms again. Abe pulls out the ring and says he’s been waiting to put it back on her finger. Paulina asks even if with her out on bail and him being the mayor. Abe declares that he really doesn’t give a damn what other people think. Paulina feels the same if he thinks now is the time. Abe then proposes to Paulina. Paulina says hell yes so Abe puts the ring on her finger and they kiss. Chanel comes back in and asks if she missed anything. Paulina shows her the ring and Chanel is thrilled that they are engaged again. Abe declares that it is going to stick this time. Chanel asks when the big day is. Paulina says they haven’t discussed it but she doesn’t want to wait too long as she wants to be married before her trial starts. Chanel reminds Paulina that she said she has faith she will be free. Paulina says she does and brings up Juneteenth being tomorrow. Abe calls that a perfect day for a family celebration or a wedding. Chanel asks if he’s saying he wants to get married tomorrow. Abe asks Paulina what she thinks. Paulina calls it a fabulous idea and agrees on tomorrow as they all hug.

Eli admits he’s worried that Lani is going to tell Abe and Chanel the truth. Lani argues that Eli doesn’t understand the guilt. Eli insists that they have to find a way to deal with it for Paulina, for him, and mostly for the kids. Lani gives in and asks him to give her a moment before they have to go home. Eli goes to get the car and exits the room. Lani then exits the room but again envisions TR, saying he’s not letting this go and that the truth needs to come out but the only question is when.

Eric tells Nicole that he was just going to check on Jack and Jennifer. Nicole sends her love and says she’s happy to help with the kids anytime. Eric stops and assumes he wasn’t on the guest list for her and Rafe’s wedding. Nicole says they didn’t get that far yet. Eric says he hopes to be invited when they do decide on a date. Nicole agrees but Eric feels she seems conflicted about that. Eric asks if they are still friends. Nicole says of course they are. Eric says there is nothing more that he wants than to see her happy as he then walks away.

Xander and Sarah sit together in the Brady Pub. Xander still can’t believe someone would murder Abigail and questions who would do that since everyone in this town loves her. Sarah points out not everyone. Xander acknowledges Gwen. Sarah talks about Gwen being obsessively jealous of Abigail and did all kinds of horrible things to ruin her life. Sarah adds that Gwen was also responsible for Laura’s death. Xander calls that an accident and says he’s not defending Gwen but she’s locked up in prison, so she couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Abigail’s death. Sarah guesses he’s right.

Ava states that she’s usually pretty good at reading people but she can’t decide if Gwen is telling the truth or not. Gwen asks why she would lie. Ava says she doesn’t want this on her conscience. Gwen brings up that Ava once told her that guilt is a waste of time. Ava says maybe it’s not her conscience but Rafe is looking for any excuse to lock her up and she’s sure as hell not going to give him one. Ava warns Gwen not to think about calling her for another favor. Ava then exits the prison.

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