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Recap written by Christine

At Newman Enterprises, Nick told Victoria it was bad enough that she was defending Ashland, but now she was running away with him. Victoria said she wasn’t running away. She told her parents and brothers that she was doing what she needed to do to be happy. Victor contended that Ashland would ruin Victoria’s life. Nikki wanted to know why Victoria, who’d previously maintained that she had feelings for Ashland, but no future with him, had changed her mind. Nick surmised that Ashland played on Victoria’s sympathies with a sob story about losing access to Harrison. He asked how she could fall for this again. Adam suggested they give Victoria a chance to explain. She saw no point since no one would listen, and besides, she didn’t have to defend her decision to forgive Ashland. Furthermore, Ashland wasn’t the only reason she was leaving Genoa City. Victor asked Victoria if she couldn’t see that Ashland was a fraudster who was toying with her.

Nikki wanted everyone to step back and stop saying things they’d regret. Victor wanted to know where Ashland and Victoria intended to go. Victoria said they hadn’t decided, not that she’d tell Victor if she had. Nikki was horrified Victoria would just disappear. Victoria brushed aside Nikki’s concerns. She wished her mother had faith in her ability to take care of herself. Nick told Victoria not to blow off their concerns. He said they stood by her when Ashland put her through hell. He asked her to think about what her family went through when they thought she was flying to Italy to Ashland or the night she got in the car accident. Victoria pointed out that Ashland saved her life. Nick accused Victoria of missing the point. Victoria thought that the family thought she owed them for exposing Ashland’s lies, paying him off, comforting her and punishing him. “You think that you have the right to tell me what to believe and how to live my life,” she contended. She told them that wasn’t going to work for her.

Victor said Victoria was blinded by love. Victoria didn’t see it that way. She knew they thought she was crazy to believe Ashland still loved her, but she didn’t care. Nikki wanted Victoria to give this some time, instead of leaving town now and giving up the career she spent a lifetime building. Victoria declared that life was too short to subject Ashland or herself to this family’s judgment. Nick said that if Ashland really cared about Victoria, eh wouldn’t ask her to give up her job. Victoria reiterated that Ashland wasn’t the only reason she was leaving. She revealed that it was her idea to leave, not Ashland’s. Victor thought Ashland had cleverly convinced Victoria that this was her idea, like he did with the merger. Victoria felt that Victor didn’t think she was capable of coming up with an idea on her own. She said that Ash land had his own doubts about this. Nick suggested that Ashland’s reluctance could be a con. “Oh come on, Nicholas. Do you really think that I’m that gullible?,” Victoria asked. She asked if they really thought they were all so much smarter than her. She reminded them that they all believed Ashland had cancer, just like she did.

Victor claimed he’d been suspicious of Ashland from the day he came into Victoria’s life. That was why he had Ashland investigated. Victoria accused Victor of rewriting history. She reminded him that he’d approved more of Ashland than he had of any other man she’d ever loved. Victor screamed that Ashland was a fraud. Victor had tolerated Ashland’s nonsense for awhile, because he made Victoria happy, but once Ashland miraculously recovered from this terminal illness, Victor knew something was off. Victoria said Victor was right – Ashland did something very terrible, and he regretted it, but he was still the perfect man for her. Victor told Victoria that she couldn’t be more wrong. Frustrated, he called her stubborn. Victoria snapped that this attitude was the reason she was leaving and never coming back. She said he thought she couldn’t survive without him telling her what to do. She was tired of trying to win his approval, and she was done. Victor told Victoria to own her decision and not to blame anyone else in this room. He snarled that he’d done nothing but protect her and promote her to be the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world. He said if she did this, it’d be the biggest mistake she ever made. Victoria angrily left.

Victor lamented that if Victoria and Nikki had come home from Switzerland a day later, Ashland would’ve been gone for good. Nikki said Victoria was determined to come home when she did. Nick said they all did everything they could to get through to Victoria, but she didn’t want to hear it. Adam wasn’t surprised, but he felt for everyone, and he said to let him know if there was anything he could do. He left. Nikki wondered if Ashland was trying to go after Victoria because he still wanted the company. She suggested that Ashland might leave Victoria now that she’d decided to quit her job. Nick said that if Ashland left Victoria, he’d do it in the cruelest way possible, after she’d alienated herself from the family and left the city. Nikki couldn’t bear the thought of that. Nick worried that Victoria was so stubborn she wouldn’t accept Ashland was bad news until after he tried to destroy her life again. Victor refused to let that happen. He said he wouldn’t give up on Victoria.

Victoria went to Ashland’s suite, and he could tell things with her family didn’t go well. She’d expected it to be this way. He hated that she had to go through this and that he was the cause. She said she tried to get her family to see that this wasn’t about whether she and Ashland were together – it was about whether she got to run her own life. She said that she’d been accused of being blinded by love and ungrateful. It was clear to her that her family had very little respect for her. Ashland thought that her family couldn’t fathom that someone who had so much to offer would settle for someone like him. Victoria said her family understood forgiveness – they just wanted to be the ones to decide who was worthy of it. Ashland said Victor wouldn’t let Victoria go without a fight. He told her they’d have to be prepared for whatever came next.

Victoria thought Victor resented it when one of his kids wanted to strike out on their own. She predicted Victor would direct most of his anger at Ashland. She suggested they leave now before her dad had the chance to do anything. Ashland reminded Victoria that she’d wanted to take things slow. He assured her he could handle whatever Victor threw at him. He didn’t want her to rush into this and regret it. She was sure she wanted to go now, and she was excited. He’d go wherever she wanted. She suggested NY, since he had roots there, and they could create their own unstoppable empire. He was ready to go whenever she was. She just had to pack a quick bag and do one more thing before they left.

Victoria went to Billy’s office and asked to talk. He was busy with the launch party and asked if they could talk later. She told him she was moving. He was shocked. She congratulated him – all the advice he gave her about getting out from under her father’s thumb, and she was finally doing it. He found it hard to believe her epiphany had anything to do with him. He decided to put his work aside and make time to talk to Victoria about this. He wanted to know her reason for leaving. She explained that she was tired of people weighing in on the nature and quality of her decisions. He understood that but he said they were raising children together, so he had a vested interest. She said that was why she was coming to him. She said she was cutting ties and leaving the company and town. Billy asked what Victor did now. She said she just lost hope that Victor would ever stop trying to run her life. She was sure Billy would say this was a couple decades too late. Billy said if this was really about Victoria breaking free and living life on her own terms, he applauded that, but if this had anything to do with Ashland, they were going to have a serious problem.

Back at Newman Enterprises, Victoria wasn’t answering Nikki’s calls, and Nikki was panicked thinking she may have already left. Victor said there was nowhere on earth Ashland could hide from him. Nikki said they had to be careful if they talked to Victoria again because she was taking everything the wrong way. Nikki blamed Ashland for that. Nikki felt that Ashland was playing on Victoria’s insecurities. According to Nikki, Victoria always needed Victor to be proud of her. Victor said he always was proud of Victoria. He adored his girl and put her in charge of his legacy – he’d paid that bastard five hundred million dollars to get away from her. Nikki was worried Ashalnd would convince Victoria to completely cut them out of her life. “The hell he will,” Victor snapped, and he left.

Ashland wasn’t surprised when Victor showed up at the hotel. “So you think it’s gonna be that easy? You’re gonna walk away with everything you want? Think again,” Victor said.

Adam went to his office. Sally came running in asking what was with his cryptic text. He said he told Victor that Victoria was going to go back to Ashland. Victor had told Adam to knock it off with the wishful thinking. Sally worried that Victor knew about Adam and Sally’s plan. Adam was sure Victor didn’t know. Adam said Victoria had just declared her undying love for that creep. Sally was thrilled their plan worked. Adam wasn’t sure it their plan had anything to do with it, but he crowed that they were getting exactly what they wanted. Adam told Sally how Victoria went off on the family. Sally suggested that Victoria was going back to Locke to rebel against her parents. Adam admitted that Victoria’s explosion was pretty badass. Sally asked if Victor lost it. “It was beautiful. I wish you could’ve been there,” Adam said.

Sally and Adam marveled at how things worked out. Yesterday, Adam and Sally had been commiserating because it seemed like their plan to reunite Ashland and Victoria wasn’t going to work, then today, Victoria waltzed into the office and blew up her whole career, saving him the trouble. He thought he should buy a lottery ticket since he was having such a great day. Sally asked if Victor would terminate Victoria’s contract. Adam said Victor wouldn’t have to because Victoria quit. Sally asked who was in charge at Newman now. Adam didn’t know, but for now he was going to sit back and see how this played out.

Tessa and Mariah hugged Sharon at Crimson Lights. Sharon was excited to hear about Paris. Tessa and Mariah had a great time. Tessa had a sore throat that she needed to get over before she went on tour, so Sharon went to make her some tea. Sharon was sorry that everyone wasn’t there to greet Mariah and Tessa. Nick had been there, but he got called away, and Faith was at school, but Noah was on his way. Mariah and Tessa brought Sharon a silk handkerchief from Paris. She loved it. Mariah said Sharon had been on their minds while they were away. She asked how Sharon was. Sharon was okay. She missed Rey, and sometimes she briefly forgot he’d died, but Noah and Nick checked in all the time, and Faith had been so sweet. Faith was going to college soon. University of Michigan. Mariah wondered if Faith had considered GCU. Sharon was okay with Faith going away to college. She didn’t want to feel like Faith was staying in town for her. “But the one thing that always lifts my spirits the most is seeing you kids thrive,” Sharon said. Tessa took Mariah’s hand and said they were doing their part. Sharon agreed.

Sharon admired the photos of Paris, then Mariah and Tessa thanked her for the trip. Sharon said Nick made the arrangements, so she couldn’t take credit. That turned to a discussion on how he was. Sharon confided that he was worried about Victoria, because she and Ashland separated. Tessa and Mariah were shocked. It hadn’t even been a year. Tessa said she sang at the wedding. Sharon said it happened awhile ago, but she didn’t mention it because she didn’t want to bring down Mariah and Tessa ahead of their own wedding. Mariah said it wouldn’t have been possible to bring her and Tessa down about their wedding. Mariah hoped Victoria and Ashland could work things out. Sharon didn’t think that would happen, because Ashland had revealed he couldn’t be trusted, but she was sure Victoria would be fine since she had her family to get her through this.

Noah and Allie ran into each other in the park. She was in a great mood because she just toured the Jabot lab. Most chemistry labs were drab, but the Jabot lab was dazzling. Ashley spent over an hour with Allie, giving her an in depth tour. Allie felt honored. Noah guessed the lab smelled nice, since they made perfumes. Allie had gotten a sample. She extended her wrist to Noah, who leaned in and inhaled the scent. Allie laughed at herself for being such a nerd, geeking out over a lab, but Noah thought it was nice to see Allie so happy. He said her happiness was just a beaker away. He noted that she wasn’t groaning over his joke, like she usually did. She assured him she didn’t mean anything by that. It was her defense mechanism that came out around new people. She said she was surrounded by new people at her grandfather’s house, and it was a lot, but she was getting used to it. He asked if her dad never even gave her a hint about his family. She said he didn’t, and she’d never get the chance to ask why. She wondered if he’d planned on saying something at some point, or if he never wanted her to know about the Abbotts. The latter would be really hard for her, because the Abbotts had been incredibly kind. She liked all her relatives so much; she just wished Keemo had brought them into her life earlier. She kind of felt bad for finding fault in her dad.

A self-depreciating Allie assumed Noah thought she was being melodramatic for worrying about betraying her father by trying to get to know his father. That wasn’t what Noah felt. He said he knew what it was like to have your father and grandfather be on the outs. Nick had even once turned Victor in to the feds for some shady business dealings, and Victor nearly went to prison. Noah said Nick never kept the kids from seeing their grandfather. He suggested that her father would have the same attitude. She wondered if Noah thought her dad would be okay with her coming here. Noah didn’t know her dad, but he thought Keemo would be glad the Abbotts had been so welcoming to Allie. Allie appreciated Noah saying that. Noah mentioned he was going to go see the newlyweds, back from their honeymoon. He invited her to come along, and she accepted. She took his arm as they left the park.

Noah and Allie went to Crimson Lights. He introduced her to Mariah and Tessa as the wedding crasher. Allie playfully smacked Noah and pointed out that Summer invited her. Mariah and Tessa said they were glad Allie was at the wedding. Noah told Allie that Mariah worked at Jabot, but not at the cool part. They talked about the lab. Mariah thought that a tour of the lab would be great for a social media post. Tessa said that just like that, vacation was over, and Mariah was back to work. Noah offered to get everyone drinks. Mariah teased Noah by giving him a very complicated order, and Noah told only-child Allie that this was what it was like having siblings. Mariah wanted to get to know Allie better. Later, Noah showed Allie a photography book, which she enjoyed. The she left for the Abbott’s house. Nick came in. Mariah and Tessa got him a beret. They also got something for Christian. Mariah said she and her wife were going upstairs to rest. Noah had some work to do for New Hope. Nick would be there after he talked to Sharon.

Once they were alone, Sharon wanted to know what happened at the family meeting. Nick brought her up to speed. He said it was like a bizarre reverse intervention where Victoria gathered them together to say she was resuming her addiction. He said Ashland brainwashed Victoria into turning her back on the people who loved her most in the world. Sharon felt bad for Nikki, who must be heartbroken. Nick said Victor was too. Nick said that they were all really scared for Victoria. Nick didn’t understand how a savvy person like Victoria was taken in by the story that her love changed Ashland overnight. Sharon was shocked Victoria was going to quit her job. Sharon recalled that Victoria had been focused on work even when she got stabbed.

Nick asked for Sharon’s advice on how to talk to Victoria without making her more angry. Sharon said that Victoria made her decision and Nick wouldn’t be able to talk her out of it. She also thought that Nick shouldn’t badmouth Ashland to Victoria, even though he deserved it. Sharon thought Nick was justifiably upset, but when someone was digging their heels in, there was seldom anything anyone could do to help. Sharon said Nick should let Victoria know he was there for her if things went wrong and that she didn’t need to be embarrassed to come to him.

Mariah and Tessa were back upstairs. Mariah got Tessa tea for her throat. Tessa didn’t know how she was going to get used to not being around Mariah all the time when they were on tour. Mariah said they’d write love letters and video chat, and Mariah would visit. Mariah said they had so much to look forward to. They were going to adopt a little person. Tessa said she loved Mariah. Mariah kissed Tessa’s hand.

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