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Chad sits in the living room of John and Marlena’s, having just told his kids about Abigail’s death. Marlena comes home and sits next to him, noting that Belle just told her that he told the kids.

Rafe sits in his office, going over photos from the crime scene of Abigail’s murder. Nicole arrives and says she’s sorry to interrupt but she was wondering if he had any luck on Abigail’s case and she brought him some food. Rafe thanks her but says he’s just pouring over the photos again, trying to see if he’s missed anything but so far he hasn’t been able to zero in on a suspect.

Lucas sits in his room at the Salem Inn, thinking back to Sami telling him there’s no way she would stay married to a man who lied about kidnapping her. Kate arrives and questions what the hell happened in the room.

EJ and Belle kiss in the DiMera Mansion. They start to head upstairs when the doorbell rings. Belle tells him to ignore it but EJ says it could be the police about Abigail’s investigation. EJ then answers the door, shocked to see Sami.

Kate remarks that Lucas’s room looks like his room in high school. Kate assumes he was looking for something. Lucas explains that he learned that Abigail’s killer may have taken some jewelry from her room and he hoped it wasn’t here, but he couldn’t find it anywhere so now he’s thinking and hoping maybe he didn’t do it. Kate wishes they could base that on more than an absence of jewelry. Kate asks if he can’t remember anything from that night. Lucas says he can’t but the rumor is that whoever killed Abigail took the jewelry and he doesn’t have it, so he’s thinking it was somebody else. Lucas says he has to stay positive through this in order to stay sane. Lucas then shows Kate his engagement ring and announces he’s finally going to propose to Sami.

Sami tells EJ that she needs to talk to him and walks in. Sami is surprised to see Belle inside and questions what she’s doing there. EJ explains that Belle is his attorney and they were just discussing some legal matters. Sami asks what kind of trouble EJ has gotten himself in to this time. Belle clarifies that EJ hasn’t done anything. Sami asks if she’s kidding and argues that nobody just has their lawyer hanging around for no reason. Sami feels since she’s still EJ’s wife, she has a right to know what mess he’s gotten himself in to this time. Belle assures that he hasn’t and reveals to Sami that the truth is, she’s staying at the DiMera Mansion.

Lucas informs Kate that Sami just got back in to town and went to see EJ to get him to sign the divorce papers. Kate questions why he didn’t stop her. Lucas says he tried to tell her to let the lawyers handle it but she wouldn’t listen and wanted EJ to sign the papers today. Lucas is not happy with EJ and Sami being alone together but if it means she’s finally through with him once and for all then he’s good. Kate says that’s assuming EJ signs the divorce papers and he’s never done anything to benefit Lucas. Kate asks what if EJ is instead going to try to convince Sami that he’s innocent and point the finger at Lucas.

Belle informs Sami about her and Shawn being separated and Shawn having Jan Spears’ baby. Sami understands why she doesn’t want to stay with Shawn but questions her not staying with Marlena. Belle explains that she was until Marlena decided to be Jan’s therapist, so she couldn’t really stay there anymore. Sami questions there not being any room at a hotel in town and that bunking with her client was her only option. EJ then declares that Belle is actually more than just his attorney.

Roman sits with Eric in his room and asks about Eric having a lot on his mind. Roman feels this has something to do with Nicole. Roman brings up what Kate said and apologizes for her putting him on the spot. Roman will never understand why Kate loves stirring up trouble and wishes she had a better hobby. Roman states that Eric is his son, so he does think he’s justified in wanting to know what’s going on with Eric and Nicole. Roman asks if he cares to share.

Nicole says it must be so hard for Rafe to work on this case while he’s still grieving Abigail. Rafe admits that it is, but whoever did this left two children without a mother, so he’s more than motivated to make them pay. Rafe declares he won’t be able to live with himself unless he gets this maniac off the streets. Nicole encourages that he will and she has faith in him. Rafe asks about Nicole’s day and what’s going on at Basic Black. Nicole responds that she actually didn’t come from the office. Rafe asks if she had a meeting. Nicole reveals that she was actually lucky enough to attend Abe’s impromptu wedding, so she got to spend the day celebrating life and love.

Chad tells Marlena that he read a few articles about how to tell a child that their parent has died and tried to use some of that advice but it went out the window as soon as he saw them. Marlena calls Chad a fabulous dad and she’s sure he did the best he could. Chad feels he just said all the usual things like “mom had to go to Heaven” and that she’ll always be in their heart. Marlena encourages that is true and thinks he said the right thing. Chad doesn’t know and says that Thomas gets it but Charlotte just kept asking when her mom was coming back and he had to tell her that she’s not coming back. Chad doesn’t know how to expect her to understand when he doesn’t understand it himself.

Rafe tells Nicole that it’s great news that Abe and Paulina finally tied the knot. Nicole calls it spur of the moment, otherwise she would’ve asked him to be her plus one. Rafe says he couldn’t have gone anyway since he wouldn’t have felt right taking time off of work. Rafe is glad that she went to support them though. Nicole states that the ceremony was fine but the reception got cut short by Lani confessing to having shot TR. Rafe mentions that he just got the paperwork about Lani confessing to killing TR but he didn’t realize she did it in the middle of the reception. Nicole says it brought everything to a halt. Rafe guesses Nicole didn’t get to eat and invites her to join him in the food she brought for him. Nicole informs him that she actually did have lunch as she ended up at the Pub. Rafe asks if she ate by herself but Nicole reveals she was with Roman, Kate, and Eric.

Roman tells Eric that he doesn’t want to pry but Eric and Nicole obviously have history and he knows how much it hurt him when he found out Nicole slept with Xander. Roman wonders if now that some time has passed, if they will be able to work things out. Eric says Roman makes it sound so easy but Nicole has moved on with Rafe now and is apparently very much in love. Eric adds that they are engaged but Roman points out they aren’t married yet.

Lucas tells Kate that he is worried about EJ pointing the finger at him but he would’ve needed a physical barrier in the doorway to stop Sami from going. Kate questions him being unable to stop a woman on crutches from leaving. Lucas argues that she could’ve used the crutches as weapons and even if he managed to stop Sami, she would have realized that it would make him look suspicious and she’d wonder why he would care what EJ says, giving her all the more reason to think it’s true. Kate admits that she sees his point. Lucas feels that this way, Sami knows that he’s not threatened by anything EJ says and he’s just hoping that whatever he does say, she won’t take much stock in it because today he’s going to propose to her. Kate asks Lucas if he really thinks this is the right time to push the wedding.

Sami questions what EJ means by saying Belle is more than just his attorney. EJ responds that they have become friends and Belle has been a great support since coming to stay here, especially on the night of Abigail’s murder. Sami questions Belle being there when that happened. Belle confirms that she was and they tried to do everything they could. EJ adds that they got the kids to Marlena and John’s. Belle notes that’s where Chad is now as he just told the kids that their mother died.

Marlena tells Chad that she’s had a few patients over the years that have had to tell a child that a parent wasn’t coming home and says there is no right or wrong way to do it. Marlena says she would never presume to tell him how to tell his children, but she knows he is a kind man and a wonderful father. Marlena thanks God that they have him. Chad thanks God that he has them. Marlena offers to talk to the kids which Chad agrees to if she wouldn’t mind. Marlena says she’d be very glad to do anything she can to help. Chad tells her that they are in with John now as Jack and Jennifer brought over a race car track for them to play with. John comes out and says he didn’t know Marlena was home as he greets her. John confirms Thomas and Charlotte are playing with the race cars. Chad thanks Marlena as she goes to talk to the kids.

Sami says no matter how she may feel about Abigail, her heart breaks for the kids as she knows what it’s like to have to tell a kid that their parent isn’t coming home and have to face a future of raising children alone. Sami says that’s actually why she’s here. Sami then presents EJ with divorce papers and says she would like him to sign them.

John talks with Chad about going through a similar situation when he lost his wife Isabella right after getting married and they had just had Brady when they found out she had cancer. John recalls Isabella dying in his arms. Chad asks how he goes on. John says initially, he just knew he had to be there for Brady and slowly his life started to fill up with Belle, Marlena, and her kids. John says now when he remembers Isabella, he just thinks about how lucky he was to have her before he had to say goodbye. Chad declares the difference is that John got to say goodbye while he never did.

EJ tells Sami that it’s not that he can wait to sever their marital bonds but there’s a lot going on right now with Abigail’s death and the birth of Shawn’s baby. Sami questions what Shawn’s baby has to do with whether or not he signs the papers. EJ says his point is that it’s obvious he has a lot on his plate and there’s no pressing need to finalize the divorce right now. Sami then reveals that there actually is because she and Lucas are getting married again.

Lucas asks if Kate is saying he shouldn’t ask Sami to marry him. Kate clarifies that she’s just saying he has a lot going on right now and he might not be able to focus on the wedding when he’s worried about whether or not his bride is going to find out that he was behind her kidnapping. Lucas questions if she’s suggesting he tell Sami the truth. Kate says no and suggests he get rid of this stress since he’s already blown his sobriety. Lucas declares that as soon as he marries Sami, the stress will be gone. Kate argues that he knows better than to pin his emotional well being on Sami Brady. Kate brings up Philip and how he got consumed with his feelings for Chloe and it didn’t make him happy or relieve his stress, it just released a terrible stream of dark impulses. Lucas asks if she thinks he’s going to snap and end up in a mental institution like Philip. Kate complains that Philip didn’t snap, he just had issues that he needed help for. Kate cries that she’s just worried. Lucas tells her to stop and shouts that she has no reason to be worried. Lucas cries that he would never do anything to Abigail as she’s his niece and he would never hurt her like that. Lucas says he respects and loves her and she was a great mother. Lucas declares that if he had anything to do with Abigail’s death then he couldn’t go on. Kate hugs Lucas as they both cry. Kate knows how hard this is for him. Lucas cries that he feels ashamed about what he did and horrible about kidnapping Sami. Lucas insists that Sami will never find out and this will be a whole new chapter in their lives. Lucas declares that he can’t take it back but he can promise to be the best husband he could possibly be to make it up to her. Kate assures that she wants that for him as his happiness means everything to her. Lucas responds that Sami means everything to him. Lucas asks if that means he has Kate’s blessing. Kate gives her blessing and her undying support. Kate tells Lucas that she loves him so much as she hugs him. Kate tells Lucas to take care of himself as she then exits the room.

EJ questions Sami wanting to spend the rest of her days married to her very own kidnapper. Sami argues that she’s divorcing him. EJ reminds her that his conviction was overturned. Sami says that doesn’t prove his innocence. EJ asks when she’s going to wake up and see what’s staring her in the face. Sami complains about EJ’s crazy conspiracy theories about Lucas and says he’s just doing that to deflect from his own guilt. Sami calls EJ the psychopath who kidnapped her and lied to her about it. Belle intervenes and says she thinks Sami is wrong. Sami argues that Belle is his lawyer who got him off on the charges. Belle points out that EJ was framed by a very powerful force. Sami remarks that was just making sure a guilty man was sentenced to prison. EJ says Sami has to see reason. Sami responds that no one will ever change her mind that EJ was the one who kidnapped her.

Eric tells Roman that he’s not about to meddle with Nicole’s relationship. Roman says no one is saying he should and just that he should make a decision. Eric argues that he’s already made his decision. Roman asks if he’s sure because he can tell he’s still thinking things over. Roman brings up how nothing stands in between Sami and what she wants. Roman says he likes Rafe a lot and he’s a really good guy and friend, but that doesn’t mean he is who Nicole is supposed to be with. Eric says he and Nicole had their chance and they saw how that ended up. Roman argues that Nicole and Rafe had their chance to get married too but they didn’t and postponed the wedding since Rafe is leading the investigation in to Abigail’s death. Eric feels that means Rafe has his priorities in order. Roman feels it also means that if Eric still has feelings for Nicole, he’s got time to do something about it. Roman adds that he wouldn’t want to miss the chance to say something or talk to her about it, so that he doesn’t regret it down the road.

Rafe thinks it’s great that Abe and Paulina got married when they could because with Lani confessing, you never know when life could change in an instant. Nicole says that their situation is nothing like Abe and Paulina’s, so she doesn’t want Rafe to feel like he has to make big plans for their wedding since he’s under enough pressure with the investigation. Rafe assures he’s not feeling the pressure about that and asks if this is about something else. Nicole thinks back to Kate questioning Eric about his feelings for Nicole. Rafe then asks Nicole if she’s avoiding making wedding plans because she doesn’t want to get married.

Chad talks to John about how he never got to take Abigail to all the places he wanted to because either they couldn’t get away or the kids were in school, so they always just put it off and thought they had all this time. Chad says their last conversation was about taking the kids to a movie and taking a trip to Boston to surprise Jack for his birthday. Chad recalls that Abigail wanted to go that night but it seemed so last minute and he thought it would’ve been too much work to get the kids together and go to the airport, so they agreed to go the following morning. Chad cries that a day made all the difference in the world. Chad tells John that if they had just gone to Boston that night, Abigail would still be alive. Chad says he took the kids to the movie and left Abigail alone. John assures there’s no way Chad could have known what was going to happen. John asks what the last thing Chad and Abigail said to each other before he left for the movies. Chad cries that Abigail told him that she loved him and he said he loved her too. Chad says it melts his heart and feels he took her for granted. Chad says if he had only known, he wouldn’t have wasted so much time on anything but loving her and letting her know that she was his everything. John encourages that she knew as Chad cries.

EJ tells Sami that if she wants to be an idiot, she can be his guest. EJ then quickly signs the divorce papers and asks if she’s satisfied. Sami confirms that she is as that’s exactly what she wanted. Sami warns Belle not to get chained up in the basement if she plans on staying in this house any longer. Sami then exits the mansion.

Marlena comes back in and hopes she’s not interrupting. Chad asks if she talked to the kids. Marlena confirms that she did and that Thomas is pretty focused on the race car set but Charlotte asked if it was true that her mom had died which she confirmed. Marlena admits that Charlotte cried but a moment later she was in denial and said she knew her mom would be coming home. Chad decides he should go get them. Marlena says they are playing so well and distracted while it’s nearly their bedtime, so she suggests letting the kids stay one more night. Chad asks if she’s sure. John assures that they love the kids. Chad thanks them. Marlena adds that she thinks Chad should stay as well. Chad doesn’t want to impose but they insist they would love to have him. Chad tearfully thanks them and admits that would be good.

Eric gets dressed up and goes to Nicole’s. He prepares to knock on the door when Nicole then comes home and asks what he’s doing here. Eric says he came to ask her something. Nicole asks if it can wait since now’s not a really good time. Eric asks if everything is okay. Rafe arrives with champagne. Eric comments that it looks like they are going to celebrate. Rafe confirms they are as Nicole then announces that they just got married at the courthouse. Eric is shocked but says that’s great and congratulates them. Eric decides he will leave them alone to celebrate their wedding night and quickly walks away. Rafe and Nicole then kiss.

Sami returns to Lucas at the Salem Inn, who asks how it went. Sami calls it a success as EJ signed the papers which Lucas calls perfect. Lucas says he had a whole speech planned but figured he would just cut to the chase. Lucas then gets down on one knee and proposes to Sami. Sami says yes to marrying him again. Lucas puts the ring on her finger and says it fits perfectly. Sami says just like him as they kiss and hug.

EJ tells Belle that now that he’s signed the divorce papers, all that’s left is for Sami to file them and then he’ll be divorced and she will be Lucas’s problem. EJ asks Belle where they were as he wants to continue where they left off but Belle stops him and questions what he’s doing.

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