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Recap written by Christine

At Society, Amanda and Devon waited for Nate. Devon wasn’t sure Nate would come, since he’d been pretty annoyed with Devon. Amanda thought they needed to take Nate at his word when he said he wanted to work this out. She felt they should have this meeting out of the office, because the guys would be less likely to get heated in public. Just then, Nate came in yelling at someone on the phone and refusing to give a comment. The call ended and Nate apologized to Devon and Amanda. The reporters had been hounding Nate, Ashland’s best man, to comment on his death. It wasn’t public knowledge that Nate and Ashland fell out, and Nate was glad, because he didn’t want everyone to know that Ashland played him for a fool and made him an unwitting accomplice. He guessed it was good he left medicine, since no one would ever trust him to make a diagnosis again. Devon said Nate wasn’t Ashland’s doctor. Nate thought the whole situation with Ashland made his judgment look bad. He was afraid it’d reflect poorly on Chancellor Winters if it ever got out. Amanda said The Grinning Soul already exposed Ashland’s cancer lie, and since it was a Chancellor Winters podcast, they’d never mention Nate’s name. She thought that right now, all anyone cared about was how Ashland died. Devon knew Ashland’s death must come as a shock, and he offered to let Nate take some personal time. Nate didn’t need it. He was sorry Harrison lost his father, and as a physician, he valued all human life, but he didn’t mourn Ashland. Nate just wanted to get past the disagreement with Devon.

It seemed that Lily and Billy were crushing it in LA. Amanda said that when you were brashly overconfident, like Billy, you could get into every room and meet with big companies. Devon and Nate were happy about how things were going. Amanda was glad Devon and Nate were on the same page. She asked if Nate had a chance to talk to Newman Legal about Elena’s contract. Nate said when he talked to Imani earlier, she said she forwarded the files to Amanda. Amanda didn’t realize Nate was in touch with Imani about this.

Amanda had assumed Nate was going to reach out to Newman Media, not her sister. She said she could call her sister herself. Nate explained that he and Imani were already in touch about Naya’s rehab, and then they discussed Elena’s contract. Devon said the rehab facility was nice. Amanda thanked Nate for recommending it, and she said she’d look at the documents Imani sent her. Devon shifted gears and asked what the PR team was doing about the double booking issue. Nate said they were taking care of it. Devon stated that the purpose of this meeting was to discuss exactly how the problem was being fixed and what Nate was going to do to make sure it never happened again.

Nate bristled at being micromanaged. Devon didn’t think asking a question was micromanaging. Amanda decided to leave them to hash out their issue. Devon asked if Nate had a problem. Nate said he was just trying to do the job Devon hired him to do. Devon asked why he couldn’t ask questions about the job he hired Nate to do. Nate said Devon delegated the authority to handle this double booking to him. Devon asked if Nate never asked another doctor about their patients. Nate said he did so all the time, but he didn’t pester them or jump into the middle of their surgery. Devon said this was the first time he asked Nate about this. Devon said that if there was a problem, he could help Nate fix it. Nate was offended Devon said he needed help, and maybe even a mentor. Devon noted that he didn’t bring up the mentor. He didn’t understand why Nate was taking this so personally.

Devon suggested that Nate was overreacting because he was second guessing his career change. Nate said he wasn’t insecure about his decision to switch careers – he was a surgeon who couldn’t perform surgery anymore, and he needed a change. Devon thought Nate was being sensitive. Nate said he knew what it meant when people said he needed a watchdog to look over his shoulder. Devon didn’t think Nate needed a watchdog, but this was a crucial time, and they needed to be sharp. Nate knew. Devon had a lot invested in the company. Nate stated that he had a lot invested too. Devon said it was different for him. Nate knew Devon had a lot of money in this. Nate was trying to add value to the company. Devon said Nate was new to the business world, and he was out of his element, and it took time and learning. Devon knew the feeling of making a sharp turn in a career – he did the same thing with music, but he found his path, and he was trying to do the same thing for Nate. Nate felt stifled. He said Devon was used to calling the shots, and it seemed like he wanted it to stay that way. Devon was sorry Nate felt that way. Devon also didn’t think it would be a bad thing for Nate to have a mentor, or at least get some media training. Nate scoffed and said he was going to go home and spend time with Elena.

Devon went back to work and told Amanda that Nate was being too sensitive to talk to. She wondered if the dynamic between them would ever be fixed. He said it was a good question, and he didn’t know. He thought maybe he pulled Nate into the business world too fast for his own good. Maybe it was a mistake to give Nate such a high level position. Amanda said that Nate was chief of surgery, so Devon had to offer him a senior position to make it worth his while. Devon said this was such a big career change, and he should’ve known there would be issues in the beginning. Amanda suggested Nate needed a little guidance. Devon said Nate didn’t think he needed it, and Devon didn’t have time to guide Nate. Devon had been lucky enough to have Neil, but Nate didn’t have anyone like that. Amanda thought this was just a learning curve, and despite what Nate said, she thought Ashland’s death rattled him. Devon said things weren’t exactly smooth before Ashland died. Devon wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t know if Chancellor Winters would ever turn into the cohesive family working environment it was meant to be.

Summer and Phyllis went to Dive Bar. Phyllis forgot how great this place looked in the daytime. Summer told Phyllis not to get ideas about a rooftop pool for her hotel, because she couldn’t afford it. Phyllis said she had other plans for the Grand Phoenix. She changed the subject to Harrison and said Summer had to protect him from the bad press about Ashland. Phyllis was sure the media would say things about Ashland dying in shame and faking cancer, and they’d want quotes from Harrison’s parents. She said all hell would break loose.

According to Summer, the press had already been a nightmare. She hoped they’d soon stop talking about Ashland’s heir apparent, but in the meantime, the family had done a good job shielding Harrison from the press. Summer said no one was stepping forward to claim Ashland’s body, which meant she and Kyle might have to do so, for Harrison’s sake. Phyllis didn’t think Ashland deserved the respect of a proper burial. Summer agreed, but she thought it would mean a lot to Harrison when he got older. Phyllis said it would be like Diane’s funeral – not a tear was shed, and it turned out they didn’t need a funeral, because she wasn’t dead. Summer noted that Phyllis just turned this conversation to Diane. Phyllis was proud of the way Summer stepped up and became a good mom. Summer said it wasn’t easy, but she was trying her best. Harrison kept asking questions about Ashland. She and Kyle were trying to reassure Harrison, but she could tell he was really affected. Summer said they all had to be there for Harrison, including Phyllis. Phyllis didn’t think Diane should be there.

Summer brought up Phyllis seeing Jack and Diane in the park. Phyllis abruptly decided to go get a refill, and Summer called her out on trying to avoid the discussion. Summer rehashed things – Phyllis told her Jack admitted he was still in love with her, then he walked up on Phyllis yelling at Diane in the park. Phyllis said Jack acted exactly how she’d think he’d act. Summer thought that was bad timing for Phyllis. Phyllis said it was great timing for Diane. Summer didn’t think Diane set Phyllis up, since Diane had no way of knowing Phyllis would be at the park. “Maybe Diane didn’t set the trap, this time but she took advantage of the situation, knowing that Jack was there in the park,” Phyllis contended.

Summer asked what happened with Jack at the park. Phyllis didn’t want to burden Summer with her problems. She shifted gears and said she wanted to work at Marchetti. Summer said there was a traumatic situation, and she didn’t think this was the right time to broach the subject to Kyle. Phyllis understood. She noted that she was currently wearing Marchetti. She said to tell Kyle she had a tremendous work ethic. She added that Lily offered to buy The Grand Phoenix, and she was thinking of selling. Summer was surprised because she knew how much the hotel meant to Phyllis. Phyllis said Summer meant more to her.

Summer loved the idea of working with Phyllis, but she thought Kyle would object because of Diane. Phyllis said she wouldn’t let Diane jeopardize her relationship with Summer. Summer said Kyle might not see it that way, and he might even think Phyllis wanted to come work at Marchetti because of Diane. Phyllis said that was ridiculous – she didn’t even like Diane. Summer knew, but she said Kyle might be suspicious of the sudden career change. Phyllis said she’d had a lot of jobs. She added that Kyle got to work with both his parents, and the Newmans worked together, and so did the Winters. Phyllis wanted to work with her family too – she needed it. Summer noticed that Phyllis got a text. Phyllis saw it was from Ashley, wanting to meet tonight to talk about taking down Diane.

Phyllis lied to Summer and said the texts were about repairing an elevator. She wouldn’t miss those problems. Summer said they had elevators at Jabot too. Phyllis said she wouldn’t have to deal with fixing them. Summer said she’d talk to Kyle about Phyllis when the time was right. Phyllis said no hard feelings if she couldn’t work there, but it would be amazing if she could. Summer knew Phyllis would do an awesome job. Phyllis said it’d be life-changing.

Chloe walked into Sally’s office and ranted about the people. Sally hoped Chloe didn’t mean the Newmans, who signed their checks. Chloe found the Newmans annoying, but she was talking about the parasites from the press who just wanted the scoop on Ashland’s death. Sally pointed out that Newman Media was part of the press. She said the other platforms weren’t evil, they were just trying to find an angle. Chloe doubted the rest of the media would find out that Nick punched Ashland the night he died. Sally was intrigued. Chloe wasn’t privy to all the details, but she knew there was a heated situation at Victoria’s house and Nick had to step in. Chloe had gotten this from Kevin. She decided to disclose this to Sally because they worked at Newman, and there could be some blow back. Chloe told Sally that this stayed between them. Sally said Nick told her about arguing with Ashland, but he didn’t mention the fight. Chloe said if half the stories they heard about Ashland were true, it sounded like he deserved a sock in the jaw.

Sally was interested in breaking the story on Ashland’s death. She wondered why none of the news outlets were discussing the fact that Ashland was at Victoria’s house that night. Chloe suggested that whatever went on between Ashland and the Newmans had nothing to do with the car accident. Sally thought it spoke to Locke’s state of mind – maybe he was so distracted he ended up in the ravine. Chloe said it could’ve been the windstorm, but Sally thought if that were the case, there would’ve been a lot of serious accidents last night.

Sally thought everything they knew pointed to the fact that this was more than an ordinary accident. She wondered if the Newmans convinced the police to keep quiet. Chloe said that wasn’t Chance’s style. Sally said he was married to Abby Newman, but Chloe said Chance was kind of a boy scout, and he couldn’t be pressured. Sally thought that the public had a right to know about the events leading up to the accident. Sally told Nick she’d only publish the facts, but now that they had this information, they were compelled to put it out there. Chloe said they had to be careful. Sally claimed she was always careful, and Chloe scoffed, so Sally said she was learning to be careful. After issuing her warning, Chloe left.

Sharon met Nick at the park. He told her that the office was crazy with the press hanging around outside. Sharon noticed that the press didn’t know about the confrontation at Victoria’s house before the accident. Nick felt responsible for Ashland’s car accident. She asked if he’d talked to Victor. He hadn’t, but it was driving him crazy wondering if his father was lying to his face. She wished she could tell him not to worry, but she knew it was possible that Victor was pulling strings and hiding things. She said he had been known to go to extremes for his children. Nick said there was a precedent for this situation. Sharon knew he meant when Adam killed that man as a young boy, and Victor covered it up. Adam still bore the psychological scars. Nick said he was no scared little boy and he wasn’t going to let history repeat itself.

Sharon thought Nick needed closure. Nick knew Victor well enough to know there was more going on. Sharon said Victor might mean well, but it wasn’t helpful to make Nick question his reality. Sharon suggested that Ashland really did get up, get in his car and crash into the ravine. Nick wished that were the case, but Chance was questioning the story too. Sharon theorized that this was a similar situation to Rey’s, where it took awhile to discover he’d died of a heart attack. She noted that Ashland had heart issues. Nick thought Rey’s case was unusual, and he highly doubted something like that happened again. He got a text from Sally saying she needed to talk about him punching Ashland the night he died. Nick told Sharon someone else was digging. She wanted to know more, but he didn’t want to drag her into it. She assured him she was there when he was ready to talk. He thanked her for always being there for him, and he left.

Nick went to see Sally, and she thought the fact that he immediately showed up meant there was something to this rumor. He asked where she got her information, and she kept it vague. He said he told her about his confrontation with Ashland. Sally said it was clear that there was more to it – why was Ashland at Victoria’s house, and how did Nick fit into it? Nick asked Sally to slow down. She asked if he’d rather talk to a reporter, and he said no. She wondered if he regretted convincing her to keep working there. He was starting to. He needed her to stop making assumptions. Nick said the source was right – he punched Ashland. He did it because Ashland got violent with Victoria. Sally understood that. She fantasized about having a brother to defend her. Sally asked what happened next – did Ashland leave to avoid getting into a bigger fight? Nick said not exactly. He didn’t know how the crash happened. All he knew was later that night, Ashland was found in a ravine. Sally said that Newman Media could beat everyone to the punch revealing this. Nick didn’t think that was a good idea. Sally said that ChancComm racked up huge numbers covering Ashland, and Chancellor Winters was going to do the same. She thought Newman Media could out scoop everyone and publish the real story about the final moments of Ashland’s life.

Nick understood the value of beating the competition, but he was still reeling from this. He said Ashland got violent with his sister. Sally was sorry. He said it was way harder on Victoria, and if the story followed her, the torture continued. Sally didn’t want to start her leadership this way – covering a big story on the Newmans, but if they didn’t do it, someone else would. She said it would look like Newman Media didn’t know what they were doing, or like they were covering something up, and she didn’t want to start her tenure this way either. He understood. He said the story was in her hands, and he asked what she was going to do with it.

Nate went to Crimson Lights and ordered a couple of coffees for himself and Elena. Sharon hoped Elena would stop in sometime, because it’d be nice to see her. Nate mentioned that he made the mistake of cutting his evening with Elena short to go back to work. Nate went to the condiment bar and began to fix up his and Elena’s drinks. He texted Elena that he was leaving work so he could see her. She sent back a heart. Imani called. He thanked her for sending the files to Amanda, but he said she shouldn’t be working while her mom needed her. Naya was asleep, and Imani wanted company. Nate sat down and prepared to chat, taking one coffee cup with him and leaving the other at the bar.

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