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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis was at the hotel. She made a phone call instructing someone to get more customers to buy spa packages. Diane walked in, and Phyllis ended the call. In light of their truce, Diane was hoping she’d get full access to The Grand Phoenix gym and spa. Phyllis believed that the GCAC’s equipment was adequate. Diane figured she could be honest, now that they were family – she felt Phyllis’s equipment was a cut above. In addition, Diane loved Astrid, the masseuse at The Grand Phoenix. Phyllis said the two hotels had an agreement not to poach each other’s clients, and the spa was booked. Diane thought she heard Phyllis saying she was desperate for more clients. Phyllis claimed Diane misunderstood. Phyllis added that she had the right to refuse service to anyone. Diane said she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Phyllis noted that Diane had been escorted off the premises before. Diane countered that this happened back when they were bitter rivals. If that ban still held, it meant the truce wasn’t real. Diane said she knew people would be disappointed by that. “Are you gonna tattle on me if I don’t give you an appointment at my hotel?,” Phyllis asked. Summer walked up. Diane explained that she wanted to spend money at Phyllis’s hotel, since Phyllis had been generous enough to declare a truce. Summer told Phyllis that was a nice gesture. Phyllis changed her tune and welcomed Diane with open arms.

Summer was impressed the truce was off to a promising start. Diane said she’d do anything for Kyle. Phyllis replied that she’d also do anything for her children. She added that she’d done things for Kyle when he didn’t have a mom around. Diane said that since she would be working so closely at Marchetti, it was imperative that they got along. Phyllis pretended there was a cancellation, which meant there was suddenly room at the spa for Diane. She said she’d gift Diane a very special resurrection spa treatment. Diane replied that she was dying to hear more. Phyllis said people described it as feeling like coming back from the dead. Diane thought that sounded too expensive, but she was worth it. Diane called Summer her good luck charm, since a spa appointment just happened to open up when Summer arrived. Phyllis welcomed Diane to the spa, and Diane left for her appointment.

Summer asked Phyllis what that was. Phyllis said she was trying her best to keep the peace, while Diane was being passive-aggressive, acting like an angel. “What I heard was Diane not taking the bait from you,” Summer replied. Summer knew this wasn’t easy, but she loved that Phyllis was trying. Summer said she and Kyle were counting on Phyllis to take the high road. Phyllis suggested it wasn’t a good idea to trust Diane to work at Marchetti. Summer asked if Phyllis was trying to make trouble. Phyllis insisted that she was just trying to protect Summer. Phyllis stated that Summer was too young to remember what Diane was like and what she’d done to Phyllis. Summer thought Diane was just eager to get back to work. Summer explained that she and Kyle were just trying to set Diane up for success. Phyllis was stunned that Summer had accepted Diane as an accepted member of this family. She assumed Kyle and Jack had accepted Diane too.

Summer said the question wasn’t whether they’d all accepted Diane – it was about why Phyllis felt the need to plant seeds of doubt. Phyllis said she was trying to be the voice of reason, but Summer thought Phyllis was doing this because of something that happened recently. Summer wanted to know why Phyllis and Jack broke up. Summer knew it had something to do with Diane. Phyllis said what was done was done. Summer said she wouldn’t judge if Phyllis made a mistake and did something to push Jack away. “I find it very interesting that you think I was the one who was wrong,” Phyllis replied. Summer reminded Phyllis that she’d previously admitted to Summer that she screwed up. Summer asked what happened. Phyllis said to ask Jack. Summer had, and he told her there was nothing to tell. Summer wasn’t going to accept that, because she saw that Phyllis and Jack were both hurting. Phyllis couldn’t accept that Jack let Diane back into the family after everything that bitch had done to Phyllis. Phyllis was sorry about what happened, and she felt bad. Summer implored Phyllis to open up about what happened.

At the Abbott house, Allie told Jack that she wanted to take the internship at Jabot. He was delighted, and he was sure Ashley would be too. Allie didn’t want anyone to think that she was trying to take advantage of the Abbott family. She wanted to be sure that he wasn’t offering her this internship because of her DNA. She wanted this opportunity to be based purely on merit and not out of guilt he felt for missing out on years with her dad. It never crossed his mind that she came her for mercenary reasons. He thought Jabot was lucky ot have someone with her graduate education in that position. He said there were discussions that she might get bored. She was sure that wouldn’t happen, because she loved the Jabot lab. He was thrilled she was interested in learning the family business and sticking around for awhile. She felt like she was starting to find her footing. Noah dropped by, and Jack left for a meeting.

Noah asked how Allie felt about surprises. In general, she hated them, but she said she’d try to keep an open mind. He had an old radio mystery show for her to listen to. It wasn’t online, so he put it on an old mp3 player for her. She chuckled about the ancient technology and said she thought she’d heard of mp3 players. She told him he was full of surprises. She didn’t know how to turn the mp3 player on, so he helped her, and he gave her a set of earbuds to listen now, because he wanted to see her reaction. She didn’t want to be observed like a science experiment. She handed him an earbud so he could listen too.

Allie and Noah had a montage of moments enjoying the podcast. She said it was like stepping into a time machine back to the streets of London in 1919. She said this was way better than a movie. He said there was one thing they were missing. She said popcorn. She was a popcorn making expert, since it was simple science. They playfully argued over who got to keep the mp3 player while she made popcorn, and they eventually decided to go to the kitchen together. They returned with popcorn and debated who the killer was. Noah suggested a bet – if he was right, she’d owe him six hours of her life – they’d hang out, and she had to laugh at all his jokes. She said if she won, he’d have to go running with her, and she was considering training for a marathon. They shook on the wager and resumed the radio mystery.

Just before the end of the radio episode, Allie and Noah trash talked each other. He joked that she really was an Abbott, and she teased back that he sounded like a true Newman. They played the story again, and he was going to say something, but she rested her finger on his lips. The touch caught them both off guard, and they looked at each other, then leaned in for a kiss. Before their lips touched, the radio story got their attention again. The killer was someone out of left field that neither of them guessed. He said she was more wrong than he was, but she contended that there were no shades of wrong. She thought the mp3 player was a cute gift, and she called it an antique.

Kyle found Tessa and Mariah at Crimson Lights. He didn’t notice their somber mood, and he went on and on about scoring great seats for Summer and himself to Tessa’s upcoming concert. He said Summer had been singing all the songs. Kyle finally saw the look on Tessa’s face and asked what was wrong. Mariah said Tessa had an appointment with a specialist this morning, and she was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules. The doctor recommended surgery followed by vocal training. Tessa would have to postpone her tour indefinitely. Kyle was so sorry. Tessa said she had so much riding on this tour. She was worried about what all this time out of the spotlight would do to her career. Mariah said Tessa’s health was most important. This wasn’t ideal, Mariah conceded, but at least it wasn’t more serious. She assured Tessa that they’d do all they could to preserve Tessa’s voice and career. Tessa tried to be optimistic, but she felt like she was disappointing her fans. Kyle said the fans would rally around Tessa and support her. Kyle suggested a second opinion. Mariah said they were meeting Elena soon – her uncle Jett had something similar, and she was instrumental in his recovery.

Kyle put a positive spin on things and said this would give Tessa and Mariah more time to focus on the adoption plans. Mariah said they put that on hold for awhile to deal with this. Tessa said that Mariah thought Tessa should heal first. Mariah promised they’d meet their child. They shifted gears, and Mariah said everyone at Jabot was buzzing about Kyle being back. Tessa said no one was more excited than Mariah. Kyle broke the news that he was the new CEO of Marchetti. Tessa was excited, but Mariah didn’t want Kyle to ditch her at Jabot. He said he wasn’t ditching anyone, or leaving Jabot, he was just running the newest acquisition. It had been fun running the family business with his dad, but when Summer came to him with this proposition, he couldn’t say no. he hoped Mariah would eventually be happy for him. Mariah said Kyle being home was amazing, and he’d even made Summer likable. Kyle was glad Mariah finally liked Summer. Kyle said that Summer was the love of his life.

Elena arrived, and Kyle went to meet his dad. Elena mentioned having a plane to catch to Hawaii. Elena sat down with Mariah and Tessa. Tessa asked if her singing career was over. After talking to Tessa’s doctor and after her experience with her uncle, Elena believed Tessa would recover. Unfortunately, there were no promises, Elena said, but she thought Tessa should be optimistic about her recovery as long as she continued to follow doctor’s recommendations. Tessa asked about Elena’s uncle. According to Elena, Jett had the surgery, and he went on tour, and he’d just released a new single. Tessa asked about a time frame. That was hard to predict, so Elena said to think of this as a detour and not to rush the recovery. Elena said Tessa’s voice was her instrument, and she should protect it. The ENT Tessa saw was a good doctor, in Elena’s view – the same one her uncle saw. Elena would give some recommendations if Tessa wanted a second opinion. Tessa said it couldn’t hurt. Elena loved this part of her job – giving people good news.

Kyle and Jack met at Society after Jack’s business meeting. Kyle asked how Jack was. Jack hoped this wasn’t another interrogation about his relationship with Phyllis. He didn’t want to talk about his romantic life with his son. Kyle didn’t want to talk about Jack’s love life either, but he needed to know if Diane had something to do with Jack and Phyllis’s breakup. Kyle said Phyllis and Jack were happy at Mariah and Tessa’s wedding, and they spent the night together, which Kyle knew because Jack admitted it. Then something went wrong. Jack said that the details were no one’s business but Jack and Phyllis’s. Kyle saw how sad Phyllis looked the other night when she saw them all with Diane. Kyle knew his mom stirred the pot by inviting Phyllis to join them. Jack said that wasn’t ideal. Kyle needed to know if this new relationship he was building with his mother would work. “Did my mother do something to sabotage what was happening between you and Phyllis?,” Kyle asked.

Jack was only telling Kyle this so he didn’t misinterpret things or blame Diane for this. Jack didn’t’ trust Diane, but it wouldn’t be fair if she got blamed for this. Jack explained that he and Phyllis had grown closer, and they were taking it slowly, and he’d thought they might take their relationship to the next level. Eventually, he learned that his relationship with Phyllis had grown physical because of Diane’s reappearance.

He’d thought he and Phyllis were in a good place – they’d agreed not to rush things. Phyllis was there when he learned about Keemo and when they found out Diane was alive. Kyle didn’t think Phyllis would intentionally use Jack – she might be reckless, but she didn’t lie about her feelings. Jack said it didn’t matter if Phyllis’s feelings were real. He said that Phyllis’s worst attributes came out to play when Diane returned. All the things Phyllis claimed she’d gotten beyond, and all the things that Jack had told Phyllis that she’d outgrown came back. Jack said it turned out he was wrong about Phyllis changing. Kyle thought it was like Jack was more willing to give Diane the benefit of the doubt than Phyllis. Jack said he had decades of history with Phyllis, and she always reverted to type. He contended that Phyllis couldn’t help herself, and he couldn’t live with the constant threat of her going back to her old self. Kyle didn’t understand what Phyllis did. Jack said Phyllis made sure Diane witnessed what he’d foolishly thought was a meaningful intimate moment between him and Phyllis.

Kyle was sorry about what happened to Jack. He was also concerned Phyllis hated his mother enough to use his father to drive her point home. He wondered if Phyllis and Diane would have a showdown. Jack had wondered the same thing. Kyle said Phyllis claimed she put the past with Diane behind her, but if she’d relapsed that easily, she could do so again. “And if our mothers go to war, what could that do to me and Summer?,” Kyle asked.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis talked to Summer. Phyllis said that things were going well between her and Jack, then she screwed up and made a mistake that the old her would’ve made. Phyllis said having Diane come into her life turned everything upside down, and she made a knee-jerk reaction because Diane pushed her buttons. Phyllis admitted she’d escalated the speed of her relationship with Jack because Diane was in town, and she rubbed Diane’s nose in it. But that didn’t make Jack less important to Phyllis. She said he didn’t seem to understand her feelings for him were real. “What was gonna happen between Jack and I was inevitable. It was gonna happen. I pushed it along. Did I stick Diane’s nose in it? Yeah, I did. And you know what? It felt good and it was a bonus. But Jack knows me well enough to know that I’m sorry,” Phyllis said. She was adamant that her feelings for Jack were real.

Diane was coming back from the spa, and she stopped to eavesdrop on the discussion. Summer didn’t judge Phyllis, but she said Jack was one of the most wonderful men she’d ever met, and he deserved better treatment than Phyllis showed him.
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