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Sarah joins Maggie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Sarah apologizes for having to miss her anniversary dinner, so she brought her a last minute gift of a steel picture frame and suggests they could take a photo for it later tonight. Maggie calls it lovely but Sarah asks her what’s wrong. Maggie responds that Justin is terribly worried about Bonnie and so is she.

Justin and Alex rush in to the gardening shed and are shocked to find Bonnie tied up. Justin and Alex untie her. Justin asks who did this to her. Bonnie responds that it was the evilest clown you’d ever seen.

Xander in his clown mask drives with Susan tied up in the backseat. Susan questions where they are going. Xander remarks that she’s supposed to be psychic. Susan argues that it doesn’t work that way and calls him a sorry excuse for a clown. Susan complains that he’s rude and boring. Xander tells her to just sit back, be quiet, and enjoy the ride in silence.

Tony joins EJ in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and tells him that Anna is resting as it’s all been too much for them. Tony is relieved that EJ and Ava have made an agreement. EJ says he just wants it all to be over and as much as it pains him, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the safe return of his mother.

In the DiMera Crypt, Ava’s vision of Charlie urges her to kill Susan. Ava argues that’s not the deal she made with EJ. Charlie questions when EJ upholds deals and reminds her that he kidnapped her son, so she can’t let EJ win and needs to make him lose. Ava reminds him that she just upped the ransom and he’s about to lose $30 million dollars. Charlie says it’s not about the money. Charlie brings up how EJ treated Ava and insists that she needs to make him suffer. Charlie declares that they both know this ends in true revenge, so EJ’s mother has to die.

Xander continues driving while Susan questions this being a clown car. Xander complains about her never shutting up. Susan tells him to answer her questions or she’s going to start singing Elvis songs. Xander then admits it’s not a clown car and reveals it’s a rental. Susan talks about wearing her lucky hat in order to prepare for the weather. Xander remarks that it doesn’t seem lucky to him. Susan insists that as long as she has the hat, everything’s going to be alright. Susan questions him about not having any clown friends and brings up his wife but Xander tells her not to start that again.

Sarah mentions to Maggie that Xander said Bonnie had texted about going to visit Mimi but didn’t say why. Maggie informs her that Justin just spoke to Mimi and it’s clear that the text didn’t come from Bonnie as she never went to Chicago. Sarah understands why they are all so worried then. Sarah asks where Bonnie went. Maggie says they don’t know as last they saw her, she was going to the gardening shed.

Bonnie tells Justin about being tied up by someone in a clown mask. Justin goes over how Bonnie came to the shed for lanterns. Alex asks if the clown was waiting when she got there. Bonnie then reveals that he found her here after she found Susan Banks.

Charlie argues that EJ could have killed Tripp but Ava points out that he didn’t and Tripp is safe now. Ava adds that they made a deal and EJ agreed. Charlie questions it being about the money. He admits that $30 million is a big pay day but argues that destroying somebody would make her who she is meant to be. Charlie urges her to make EJ realize what happens when he messes with Ava Vitali and put him in his place. Charlie declares that the best way to do that is to put his mother in the crypt.

EJ informs Tony that the necessary funds are in place. Tony thought it was going to be a non-electronic transaction. EJ responds that it is but there’s one more thing he has to deal with and that’s Ava Vitali as he removes his gun from the safe.

Ava tells her vision of Charlie that Susan may be insufferable but she’s innocent and has done nothing wrong. Charlie argues that it’s why it would hurt EJ even more and she would get the payback she deserves. Charlie remarks that EJ would be devastated but the rest of the world would breathe a sigh of relief when Susan finally shuts up forever.

Susan asks Xander again where they are going as he continues driving. Susan asks if he’s not getting bored with kidnapping. Xander admits they are on the same page with that and he might be even more ready than her for this to be over. Xander then tells Susan that he’s taking her home.

EJ gets a text from Ava to meet her at the airstrip in 30 minutes. Tony questions if the gun is necessary. EJ is sure there’s been more than one poor soul that made the fatal mistake of meeting Ava unarmed. EJ declares that if he left the gun, it would be a grave mistake and possibly his last.

Bonnie explains to Alex and Justin that the clown had Susan and wanted EJ to pay up to get his mother back. Alex asks where Susan is now. Bonnie says God only knows where as she hugs Justin.

Maggie tells Sarah that Justin and Alex are at the shed now, trying to figure out where Bonnie disappeared too. Sarah points out that Bonnie can be a little scattered. Maggie argues that Bonnie didn’t just get lost on the grounds. Sarah is sure she will turn up. Sarah brings up that when she left for work, Xander was here, so she asks where he is now.

Xander in his clown mask brings Susan to the DiMera Crypt. Susan complains about remembering when the Devil brought her here while Xander tells her to keep her voice down. Susan accuses him of lying about bringing her home. Xander points out that she is on the DiMera grounds. Xander then brings Susan in to the Crypt where Ava questions what the hell she’s doing there. Susan tells Ava that she has to help her and that the clown has been holding her against her will. Ava reveals that the clown did exactly what she asked him to. Susan questions if Ava is the clown’s wife. Ava clarifies that her relationship with him is strictly professional. Susan brings up how Johnny trusted Ava and stood up for her against his own dad, but now he’ll be so disappointed in her. Ava mocks her and orders her to go stand in the corner as she needs to have a word with the clown. Susan thinks she should be part of the conversation but then agrees to stand in the corner while they talk. Ava calls Xander a total moron. Xander reminds her that the place he had her at was compromised and says Ava would let him know when her son was safe. Ava responds that she just got word that Steve rescued Tripp. Xander says they can finally end this then and get their money from EJ, so he can let go of Susan. Ava reveals there’s been a change of plans. Ava informs him that she is going to get the money from EJ and declares that Xander will stay here, to kill Susan. Xander questions what she’s talking about and argues that they had a deal that no one gets hurt. Ava guesses they had a misunderstanding and claims her goal from the beginning was always to hurt EJ for what he did to her. Ava adds that it’s become clear to her that the only way to get back at EJ is to take away someone he loves. Xander argues that’s what they did and now it’s time to trade that person for a vast sum of money because he didn’t sign up for murder. Ava argues that money means nothing to EJ since he’ll always have it and get more, so they have to take away something that can’t be replaced. Ava declares that EJ needs to pay in blood. Xander comments that he knew she had a screw loose but she’s totally lost it. Xander tells Susan that he’s taking her home back to her son. Ava asks if he’s sure about that as she then removes his clown mask, revealing Xander to Susan, who recognizes him.

EJ tells Tony that he and Ava have been playing a deadly game but he has no doubt that he will best her because she’s reckless and her moves are erratic. Tony argues that’s what makes her so dangerous. Tony guesses if he can’t talk him out of this, he wants to go with him as backup. EJ informs him that Ava told him to come alone and at this point in negotiations, he’s willing to make that sacrifice. EJ says as much as he wants to end Ava tonight, his mother’s safety is the priority and assures that his gun is a last resort. EJ then exits the mansion.

Alex and Justin bring Bonnie back to the Kiriakis Mansion and have Sarah check her out. Sarah notes that she’s physically fine but she’s sure this whole ordeal was a lot for her. Bonnie says she’s just glad it’s over and comments on her hands still shaking. Maggie brings her some tea but Bonnie requests a Long Island iced tea so Alex goes to make her a drink. Justin asks if Bonnie can tell them anymore about the man who took Susan. Bonnie responds that she’s more interested in drinking and asks if they can put off talking about this. Rafe then arrives and says they can’t because the longer she waits, the more likely she is to forget something that could save Susan’s life.

Susan is shocked that Xander was the clown and questions how he could do this to her. Xander asks why the hell Ava did that. Ava responds that he brought Susan here and outed her, so she just returned the favor and now he has no choice but to do what needs to be done. Ava says she has to go meet EJ at the airstrip, so she’s going to take Xander’s car, get the money from EJ and then tell him the terrible news about his mom. Ava adds that Susan has a nice spot in the Crypt, so when EJ finds her body, he won’t have far to go to bury her. Ava then exits the Crypt, leaving Xander with Susan.

Rafe asks if Bonnie remembers anything else about the clown because any details can be incredibly helpful. Bonnie repeats that he was wearing a clown mask that he never took off and a blue business suit like Alex wears. Justin points out that Alex was here with he and Maggie. Rafe asks Bonnie about more details. Bonnie says she’s no good at describing people to the cops and brings up that the last time she did this, she identified the wrong person. Justin encourages Bonnie to think about not just what the clown looked like, but what he sounded like. Bonnie says his voice was muffled and kind of strange. Bonnie cries that she can’t do this and doesn’t know what they want from her. Justin decides that’s enough as she’s been through a lot. Rafe tells Bonnie to let him know if she remembers anything else at all. Rafe then goes to leave but Bonnie stops him and says there is something. Bonnie mentions that the guy wore a clown mask but he wasn’t very clown like since he wasn’t very funny, he was mean and creepy. Bonnie declares that this clown wouldn’t work in the circus because with his build and how he carried himself, he was more like the strongman…

Xander holds the gun while Susan pleads with him that he doesn’t have to do this. Susan argues that Ava doesn’t get to boss him around. Susan promises that if Xander lets her live, she won’t tell a soul that he was involved in any of this.

EJ arrives at the airstrip as Ava then arrives. EJ asks where Susan is as he wants to see her. Ava responds that he’ll get what he wants after she gets what she wants. EJ points out that they can’t trust each other. Ava doesn’t want his trust, just his money. Ava warns that unless she gets an alert very soon that he’s wired the $30 million dollars, she will call her associate and tell him to put a bullet in Susan’s head.

Susan pleads with Xander. Xander responds that he’s sorry but the stakes are too high and he can’t even trust Ava now. Susan questions if he’s going to murder her in cold blood. Xander states that Sarah would never understand this and things were just getting back on track, so he has to do this for her. Susan disagrees. Xander tells her no more talking as it will only make things harder for both of them. Susan says she will listen to him then. Xander talks about promising Sarah that he was a changed man but if she finds out about this, she’ll see him for what he really is. Susan argues that he doesn’t have to do this and promises not to tell. Xander says maybe she won’t, but if he doesn’t do this, Ava might just out of spite tell everyone and he cannot lose Sarah again. Xander tells Susan that he’s so sorry and raises the gun to her head.

EJ informs Ava that the money has been wired then asks where his mother is. Ava gets a notification on her phone and tells EJ that it was nice doing business with him. EJ warns that she’s not leaving here without releasing Susan. Ava responds that she will release her body to him. EJ says no but Ava says she’s afraid it’s true that his mom is dead.

Xander goes home to his hotel room and takes a shower, saying he thought it would help wash away some of the guilt but he was wrong.

Tony speaks to the portrait of Stefano about waiting for EJ to return. Tony hopes EJ keeps his cool. Rafe then bursts in and asks where the hell EJ is.

Ava tells EJ that the look on his face is worth more to her than $30 million dollars. Ava talks about how EJ thought he could take her son from her and just pay her off. EJ warns her that if his mother is dead, then she’s next, as he then pulls his gun on Ava.

Justin and Bonnie sit together. Justin is glad she is safe next to him. Bonnie calls him her hero and her love as they kiss.

Tony informs Rafe that EJ is on his way to the airstrip now to make the exchange. Rafe questions why they didn’t call him. Tony explains that EJ was going to when the call from Ava came in and at that point, the ball was already rolling so he had no choice but to act. Tony admits he’s worried about EJ but he’s sure Rafe understands they aren’t dealing with the average kidnapper. Tony declares that the rules don’t seem to apply when dealing with Ava Vitali.

Ava tells EJ to go ahead and kill her, but they both know that she won and she beat him, so she will gladly go to her grave knowing that. Susan then suddenly rushes in and gets in between them, stopping EJ which shocks them.

Xander thinks back to Susan asking to say a prayer before he blew her brains out and Susan then prayed for God to have mercy on Xander’s soul and to forgive him because he doesn’t know what he’s done. Susan then told Xander that she was ready but he decided he couldn’t pull the trigger. Susan guesses her prayer was answered and asks what to do next, but Xander told her to just go before he changed his mind so she left the Crypt. Xander then worries that Susan is telling the whole world now what he had done.

EJ is relieved that Susan is alive. Susan tells EJ that he has to do her a favor and put the gun down because thou shall not kill. Ava then grabs Susan from behind and holds her at gunpoint. Susan questions how many times in one night she can get a gun pointed at her. Ava warns that this will be the last time unless EJ puts his gun down now. EJ lowers his gun and motions for her to give him Susan. Ava decides she and Susan are going for a ride. EJ raises his gun again but Ava questions if that’s what he wants to do and screams at him to put it down. Susan tells EJ it’s okay as Ava drags her away. EJ screams in frustration as Ava drives away with Susan.

Sarah returns home to Xander and tells him that he is not going to believe what happened. Sarah reveals that someone kidnapped Susan Banks and was holding her in the Kiriakis gardening shed of all places and then Bonnie found Susan, so the kidnapper grabbed her too. Sarah tells him not to worry as Bonnie is okay but the kidnapper took Susan and went God knows where. Sarah adds that the weirdest thing is that the kidnapper was wearing a blue suit and a clown mask which she calls crazy as Xander looks at his suit on the chair nearby. Sarah notes that he still has Susan. Xander responds that he’s sorry but he has to tell her something.

Bonnie finishes her drink as Justin declares that when he finds the clown, he’s going to be very sorry that he ever laid a finger on his wife. Bonnie assures that she’s okay but she’s just worried about Susan since she was really scared. Justin encourages that Rafe will find her and bring her home safe. Bonnie hopes that he’s right.

Rafe arrives at the air strip but finds it empty. Rafe then finds Susan’s hat on the ground.

Ava drives off with Susan. Ava warns her not to startle her when she has the gun. Susan argues that they have to go back because she lost her lucky hat but Ava warns her to keep her mouth shut.

EJ goes driving after them, saying he’s coming for his mother.

Ava’s vision of Charlie appears in her car and informs her that EJ is right behind her and since EJ used to drive race cars, it’s only a matter of time before he catches up to her. Charlie asks what Ava’s plan is when he does.

EJ declares that Ava has nowhere to go now but prison or Hell and when he catches up to her, he will get to decide.

Ava’s vision of Charlie asks if she’s going to drive all the way to Seattle when she knows the DiMeras will hunt her to the ends of the Earth. Ava tells him to shut up because she’s trying to think. Susan argues that she didn’t say anything but then says she will shut up. Susan warns Ava to keep her eyes on the road because it would be terrible to get in an accident. Charlie complains that Ava is scared when EJ should be, but she let him get the upper hand and now he’s chasing her while she runs away. Charlie declares that Vitalis don’t run away and she should’ve shot him when she had the chance. Ava says she’s not scared while Charlie points out she’s crying like a baby. Ava shouts that’s because she lost everything. Charlie argues that Steve and Rafe didn’t want her, Jake is dead, and Tripp abandoned her to move across the country, but she still has him and they can be together like he always wanted. Charlie says she can still win this and hurt EJ but she knows what she has to do. Ava then swerves the car off the road, causing EJ in the car behind her to question what the hell she is doing.

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