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Chad returns home while on the phone with Jennifer, thanking her for taking the kids to get ice cream. Chad asks how they seem and if they are asking about the funeral. Chad tells Jennifer that he’s fine and just needs some time to himself but if the kids ask for him, he’ll come over right away. Chad thanks her and hangs up. Chad stands in his bedroom, holding the program from Abigail’s funeral.

At the Brady Pub, Clyde tells Rafe that he doesn’t mean to be rude but he and Nancy were having a private conversation. Nancy reveals to Rafe that she just asked Clyde to move in with her. Rafe says he’s sorry to interrupt but he needs to know where Nancy got the bracelet. Nancy informs him that it was a gift. Rafe asks who from. Nancy looks to Clyde.

Ben asks Marlena to be baby Bo’s Godmother which surprises her. Ben says unless it would be weird because she’s his therapist but he thinks of her as family at this point. Marlena asks if Ciara would be on board. Ben asks why she wouldn’t be. Marlena jokes that she did try to steal their baby.

Jan tells Evan that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Evan explains that he knows she gave birth to his baby, Shawn Christian. Jan argues that he’s confused but Evan assures that he’s crystal clear on what happened. Evan brings up when she seduced him, hoping he would knock her up so she could pass off the kid as Shawn Brady’s which is exactly what she is doing.

Ben argues that Marlena didn’t try to take their baby, the Devil did. Marlena could still see how Ciara might feel uncomfortable with her being Bo’s Godmother. Ben assures that Ciara loves the idea and pointed out that she beat Satan twice. Ben doesn’t think another person in the world could be a better spiritual mentor for their son. Marlena then agrees if they are both sure and says she would love to as she thanks him.

Shawn tells Ciara that he’s going to get Jan a burger and asks her to keep Jan company while he’s gone. Ciara asks if she really needs a babysitter. Shawn explains that Jan is a little bummed out today because she knows as soon as the baby is released, she has to go back to prison. Ciara remarks that’s exactly where she belongs. Shawn tells Ciara to imagine having to leave her baby after two weeks. Ciara argues that she’s not a psycho. Shawn explains that their son doesn’t know Jan’s history, just that he needs her. Ciara doesn’t like Shawn being all concerned about Jan. Shawn says he’s concerned about his son. Shawn tells Ciara if she wants to say something then say it. Ciara then asks if he is starting to have feelings for Jan.

Jan tells Evan that there’s no denying that they shared a hot and steamy encounter in prison but he’s mistaken. Evan tells her to be honest. Jan claims that she has no idea why he thinks he fathered her child. Evan reveals that his father, Orpheus, told him the truth. Jan is shocked to learn that Orpheus is Evan’s father and questions why he didn’t tell her. Evan explains that Orpheus didn’t tell him until recently that she had his baby and that he switched the paternity tests for her. Jan remarks that you really can’t trust anyone in prison. Jan asks if they are in cahoots now. Evan clarifies that Orpheus doesn’t know he’s calling her but the jig is up. Evan declares that he knows Shawn Christian is his son and he wants her to bring him to him, right now.

Chad hangs up Abigail’s dresses as he holds back tears and comments on still smelling her perfume.

Leo finishes having drinks alone in the town square and pulls out his stolen cash to pay for it. Will approaches and calls this interesting as he last he heard, Leo had no job, sugar daddy, or other source of income. Will questions where Leo got all that cash.

Rafe asks Nancy again who gave her the bracelet. Nancy then claims it was from Chloe. Rafe asks what the occasion was. Nancy says that Chloe just saw it and thought of her. Rafe asks when that was. Nancy says it was a couple weeks ago. Clyde asks what’s with all the questions. Nancy asks if Rafe is looking for a gift for Nicole and congratulates him on tying the knot. Rafe says his interest is related to a police investigation which Nancy questions. Rafe reveals that he has reason to believe the bracelet is stolen.

Shawn questions how Ciara could even ask him that, assuring that he does not have feelings for Jan and is in love with Belle. Shawn says he’ll never stop loving Belle but Jan is the mother of his son, so whether he likes it or not, they are permanently connected. Ciara warns that Jan is very willing to exploit that connection so he has to watch out for her. Shawn knows that Jan is devious, manipulative, and violent. Shawn argues that the baby is his son. Ciara argues that the baby only exists because she teamed up with the Devil to trick him in to sleeping with her. Shawn questions the point of reminding him of that. Ciara worries that Shawn is going to get caught up in the good of having the baby and that he’ll forget that Jan’s reasoning is to try to replace Belle. Ciara brings up Jan trying to come between Shawn and Belle so many times and now this is the closest she’s ever been. Ciara adds that Jan tried to kill Belle multiple times. Shawn knows Jan’s feelings for him are sick and twisted but her feelings for their son is pure and sincere. Ciara says Jan needs to go back to prison. Shawn agrees as a cop and citizen, but as a father, he knows how heartbreaking that’s going to be for her and it’s not going to be good for the baby either to not have it’s mother.

Jan tells Evan that prison is no place for a baby. Evan argues that he’s his father and wants to see him. Jan asks how to explain that to Shawn. Evan suggests telling him the truth that the baby isn’t his. Jan argues that would completely ruin her life. Evan warns that if Jan doesn’t bring him his baby in the next 30 minutes, then his next call will be to Shawn and hangs up. Jan tells herself to relax as there’s a solution to every problem and she just has to find it. Jan suggests she can reason with Evan and convince him to keep his mouth shut. Jan imagines bringing the baby to see Evan in prison only for him to proclaim he wants to be a family and proposing to her. Jan declares there’s no way as she is destined to become Mrs. Jan Brady, but if Shawn finds out the baby isn’t his then she will lose him forever and she can’t let that happen. Ciara then enters and asks what she can’t let happen.

Ben reminds Marlena of when she came to Bayview to evaluate him and see if he was fit to return to society. Ben says nobody wanted him in Salem for good reason. Ben recalls Chad giving him cash and driving him to the edge of town to leave. Ben says he was lost and overwhelmed but that’s when he found Ciara after she crashed her bike and that’s when his life began again. Ben can’t believe how lucky he was. Marlena insists that it wasn’t luck as he worked very hard to prove he deserves a second chance. Ben says that chance wouldn’t be possible without him as her guidance and support made him the man he is today with a job, a wife, and a baby. Ben tells Marlena that he owes everything to her and doesn’t know if he will ever be able to repay her.

Will asks Leo where he got all the money. Leo tells him to get a life and stop obsessing over him. Will wonders if he went back to prostitution and calls him washed up. Leo calls him a bitch and warns him to walk away before he throws his last drink on him. Leo asks why Will is dressed up like he’s going to a funeral. Will reveals that he just came from one as they buried his cousin Abigail today. Leo says he didn’t realize. Will remarks that Leo doesn’t give a damn as he walks away.

Chad throws Abigail’s lockbox in frustration and begins pulling out clothes from a drawer as he says he has to get out of here.

Nancy tells Rafe that there must be some mistake as her daughter would never steal a bracelet. Rafe suggests maybe she bought it from someone who stole it. Nancy argues that Chloe wouldn’t get her a gift from a disreputable source as that’s not something you do to someone you care about. Rafe asks if Chloe told her where she got it. Nancy says she didn’t ask. Rafe calls it a pretty distinguished piece and matches the picture they got from Chad. Nancy questions what that has to do with her bracelet. Rafe responds that they have reason to believe that the person murdered Abigail also stole some of her jewelery, including that bracelet. Rafe decides he will call Chloe to come to the police station. Nancy turns to Clyde. Clyde then tells Rafe that there’s no need to do that, admitting that Chloe didn’t give her the bracelet as he did. Rafe questions why Nancy said Chloe gave her the bracelet then. Clyde says that’s his fault. Nancy claims that Clyde’s a very private person. Rafe doesn’t understand. Clyde explains that he bought the bracelet with money he made from a legit job but people are going to doubt that because of his past and he didn’t want Nancy to deal with the suspicion and snide comments, so he told her to say she got it from someone else. Clyde argues that what he does with his money is his business and nobody else’s. Rafe says except when it ties him to a murder case. Nancy argues that Clyde would never kill Abigail. Rafe asks where Clyde got the bracelet then. Clyde admits he bought it off a guy, so Rafe asks what guy.

Chad finishes going for a run in the park and stops at the bench. Leo walks by so Chad starts to walk away but Leo asks him to wait.

Marlena tells Ben that he doesn’t have to repay her. Ben doesn’t think he could ever thank her enough. Marlena says just seeing him happy and in love is all the thanks she needs as she is so proud of him. Ben thanks her and says he’s very serious about keeping up with their sessions, no matter where they are in this world as he wants to continue working on himself and making progress. Marlena is glad to hear that and says she’ll always be here for virtual visits whenever he needs. Ben thanks her and admits it won’t be the same as being in the room with her, so he will miss her a lot. Marlena says she’ll miss him too as they hug. Will walks in and then apologizes if he’s interrupting. Marlena says she was just talking to Ben as he shared some very good news.

Ciara asks what Jan was saying when she walked in. Jan claims that she was just saying she might have to go back to prison soon and she’s worried that her son will forget her which she can’t let happen. Ciara assures that Shawn understands the importance of a son having a relationship with his mother so she shouldn’t worry about it. Jan calls Shawn a saint for taking such good care of her. Ciara mentions just running in to Shawn on his way to get food for her and he told her that she should keep Jan company. Jan calls Shawn so thoughtul. Jan asks if Ciara wants to see her nephew too. Ciara says she would love to in order to say goodbye actually because she and Ben are going to sail around the world with baby Bo and they leave tomorrow. Jan assumes she’s taking the boat that Hope gave her. Ciara questions her knowing about that. Jan explains that Julie mentioned it during her visit. Ciara says it will be really good to get away for a bit and spend quality time as a family. Jan remarks that does sound perfect.

Clyde explains to Rafe that some guy came in the Pub a couple weeks ago, paying in cash, and he admired his money clip. Rafe calls that interesting as a money clip was another thing that was stolen from the crime scene. Clyde says the guy claimed his aunt had passed away and he was trying to liquidate her assets. Clyde says he bought the bracelet for Nancy, thinking it would make a nice gift, but he had no idea it was stolen. Nancy says that explains that Clyde was tricked and victimized by a crook. Rafe asks Clyde to tell him more about this guy he supposedly met and what his name was. Clyde says he didn’t ask for a name. Rafe asks him to describe him. Clyde calls him average looking but says he was looking at the bracelet, not him, and he paid in cash. Rafe argues that there’s no way he can prove that the guy actually exists. Nancy yells at Rafe to stop it as this is exactly what Clyde was talking about, people being suspicious when he has done nothing wrong. Nancy insists that Clyde is telling the truth and Rafe has to know that. Rafe responds that all he knows is that Clyde was in possession of an item that was stolen from a woman who was recently murdered and that’s all he needs to place Clyde under arrest.

Chad asks Leo what he wants. Leo says he just heard Abigail’s funeral was today and wanted to offer his condolences. Chad argues that Leo hated Abigail and blamed her for breaking up he and Craig. Leo admits he didn’t appreciate how they worked together. Chad brings up that Leo considered them enemies and vowed to get revenge. Leo says he’s done with all that as it weighs on him a lot what he did to he and Abigail. Chad brings up the interview Leo gave with all those disgusting lies and argues that he came after his wife. Leo tells him how much he regrets it. Chad says people would come up to Abigail and tell her that they thought she was clueless and harassing her in the town square. Chad says Abigail handled it with grace and dignity while he wanted to sue and kill Leo. Leo admits that when his once chance of happiness was deliberately destroyed, he was angry at a lot of people including Abigail but he didn’t want her to die. Leo says he’s really sorry that she’s gone and hopes he believes him. Chad says whatever he says. Leo insists that he’s so sorry for him and their children. Leo remarks that Thomas is such a sweet boy. Chad then questions how Leo knows his son.

Will jokingly asks if he should call Ben “Captain Weston” now after Ben tells him about their plan to sail around the world. Will hopes sleeping in tight quarters doesn’t remind him of their time as cellmates. Ben jokes that Ciara doesn’t snore like Will does. They joke about Will being Ben’s best man because he didn’t have any friends. Ben recalls being floored when Will said he considered him a friend after everything he tried to do to him. Will assures they are good and talks about how far Ben has come. Will is glad he got to meet Ben’s son before they left. Ben reminds Will that he told him that they were coming to Will and Sonny for parenting tips. Ben asks for advice when the baby isn’t sleeping. Will says that kids love stories and suggest Ben tell Bo all about his cousin Arianna and then when they come back, their kids can be friends like them. Ben agrees and they hug.

Ciara comments that Jan seems a little nervous. Jan claims she’s just hungry. Shawn then returns with her chili cheese burger and asks if everything is okay. Jan says Ciara was just telling her about her plans to travel the world. Jan comments that baby Shawn will miss her aunt, uncle, and cousin. Jan suggests Shawn take Ciara to go see the baby. Ciara says she can just sneak a peek on the way out. Jan points out that if Shawn takes her then she can actually hold him so Ciara agrees. Shawn says they will be back then. Shawn and Ciara exit so Jan puts the burger down and steals Ciara’s boat key from her purse. Jan declares that she’s sorry to hijack Ciara’s plans but she needs this getaway more than she does. Jan adds that the only people who will be “Living in Cin” is her, Shawn, and their baby. Jan then eats her burger as Ciara and Shawn return to the room. Ciara calls the baby adorable as Shawn sends her the pictures they took. Jan comments on the baby looking so much like Shawn but Ciara notes that she doesn’t see it. Ciara says she has to get going, so Shawn walks her out. Jan then grabs her purse and Ciara’s boat key and escapes from her room.

Ben decides he should get baby Bo home as they have a big day tomorrow with his Christening and then their big sendoff from the docks. Will wishes Ben luck with everything. Ben thanks him as they hug. Ben tells Marlena that he will see her tomorrow and exits.

Leo tells Chad that obviously he doesn’t know Thomas personally and that they’ve never met but claims that Gwen told him stories from when she was their nanny. Chad remarks that Thomas is a lot like his mom. Leo asks if the police have any leads on Abigail’s killer. Chad says not yet. Leo hopes they bring whoever did this to justice and repeats that he’s sorry for his loss. Chad thanks him and walks away.

Nancy argues that Rafe can’t be serious as Clyde is innocent. Rafe says they should have nothing to worry about then. Clyde asks Rafe to hold off on arresting him until they are outside as it wouldn’t be so great for Roman if his patrons saw him hauled off in cuffs. Rafe agrees and tells Nancy that he will need the bracelet which she hands over. Nancy tells Clyde that this can’t be happening. Clyde is sorry he got her mixed up in this but swears he did not kill Abigail. Nancy asks what she can do. Clyde tells her not to worry as he will have this cleared up in no time. Nancy tells him to call if he needs her. Clyde thanks her and says he will as he then exits the Pub with Rafe.

Evan paces in prison, complaining that Jan should’ve been there by now and wonders where the hell she is.

Shawn returns to Jan’s hospital room to find that she is gone, so he wonders where she went. Shawn then discovers Jan’s ankle monitor in the trash can.

Jan sneaks in to the nursery, dressed as a nurse. She picks up her baby and declares that they are going on an adventure far away from Salem.

Ciara and Ben eat Chinese food at home. Ciara can’t believe this is their last night in Salem. Ciara asks if they are crazy for doing this, picking up their entire life and leaving with a newborn. Ben says it’s what she wanted to do. Ciara says it is but worries that they are being too impulsive and if it will end up being a really bad decision. Ben decides there’s only one way to find out and opens his fortune cookie. Ben reads the fortune which says “Tomorrow, the adventure of a lifetime begins.” Ciara guesses she can’t argue with that as they kiss.

Will tells Marlena that it really is crazy that he and Ben are friends. Marlena calls their friendship a testament to how people can change. Will says not all people as he ran in to Leo Stark earlier. Marlena asks if they had words. Will says it wasn’t too bad but he has a distinct feeling that Leo is up to something.

Nancy runs in to Leo outside of the Pub. Leo asks what her rush is. Nancy cries that her boyfriend just got arrested.

Rafe handcuffs Clyde in the interrogation room and says he’ll be back to take his statement. Rafe exits the interrogation room. Chad arrives and tells Rafe that he got his call so he asks if it’s about Abigail’s case. Rafe responds that it’s good news as he thinks they caught their first real break.

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