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Nancy is surprised and excited to run in to Mike Horton in the town square. Mike is less enthused as Nancy says it’s nice to see him again. Mike then questions if she wants to pretend that she didn’t do the things that she did. Mike tells Nancy that he’s here for Jennifer and doesn’t have time for old enemies.

Jack and Jennifer sit at home waiting for Mike. Jennifer talks about wanting to get to rehab and start over again. Jack understands and says he’s packed all of their things for her. Jack tells Jennifer that he’s going with her but she says she doesn’t want him to.

Leo tells Gwen on the phone that he gets now that Jack is nobody’s sugar daddy. Leo complains about having nobody to pay for his pesky legal bills as Craig then approaches. Leo hangs up and tells Craig that he’s glad he ran in to him because he owes him an apology.

Brady brings Rachel in to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn where Chloe has set up a tea party for her. Chloe says she made her favorites but Rachel says she hates it and throws a piece of food at Chloe.

Rex and John talk at the hospital. John talks about Marlena losing her appetite. Rex talks about how there hasn’t been one case of the disease that Roman had 25 years ago since then. They talk about how the only cure was from the orchid in the amazon jungle. John then announces that he and Steve are flying down there this afternoon but Rex tells him to cancel that flight.

Kristen visits Marlena in the hospital.

Leo apologizes to Craig for accusing him of murder. Leo offers to buy him a beer. Craig recalls Leo always ordering champagne when he was paying the bill. Leo insists on Craig having a beer with him which he agrees to.

Nancy apologizes to Mike if he still thinks of her as his enemy. Mike responds that he hasn’t thought of her in years, but she did pop in his head about 30 minutes ago because he was looking at Abigail’s grave and thinking about the man that put her there which led to thinking of Nancy. Mike brings up how Nancy was Craig’s partner in crime. Mike asks if Nancy and Clyde were in on this together.

Brady tells Rachel that she was way out of line. Rachel doesn’t care and doesn’t want to have a tea party with Chloe. Rachel complains that she hates Chloe because she’s the reason she can’t see her mom.

Marlena questions what Kristen is doing here. Kristen responds that she came to see how she was doing since John blurted out in court that she might be dying. Kristen claims she was concerned. Marlena says it was thoughtful of her to come by but she’s fine and alive. Kristen says it boggles her mind that Orpheus did this to her with the illness that Roman had 25 years ago. Marlena questions how she knew about that.

John asks Rex why they would cancel their flight and insists he and Steve are going to get the orchid in person. Rex is afraid he has some bad news. John argues that it cured Roman. Rex then reveals that the orchid no longer exists.

Jack questions Jennifer not wanting him to go with her. Jennifer doesn’t think he should come now since she’ll be in the early stages of treatment and they won’t get to see each other much. Jennifer says she wants him to come eventually, depending on how long she has to be there. Jennifer reminds Jack that he has Gwen and she needs him. Jack tells Jennifer that he loves her and hugs her. Jack says even if he won’t be on the plane with her today, he will always be in her heart.

Brady tells Rachel that the judge said Kristen needs some time away before taking care of her again. Rachel complains that she can’t even see her and she knows why. Rachel then reveals a note that was in her lunchbox that says “It’s Chloe’s fault, your mommy can’t see you.”

Marlena tells Kristen that no one knows the details of this illness and the doctors are still trying to figure it out. Marlena questions how Kristen found out. Kristen thinks back to Dr. Rolf telling her but then claims that she just overheard doctors at the nurse’s station. Kristen doesn’t understand why it’s such a secret. Kristen remarks that it must be a relief to know what’s wrong so now they can cure her. Marlena responds that’s as long as they can find the orchid.

John tells Rex that if the orchid is gone, he knows Dr. Rolf doesn’t throw anything away especially a life saving cure. John believes if they find Dr. Rolf, they can get the cure from him. Rex mentions that Dr. Rolf was pardoned but they have no idea where he could be. John responds that he can think of someone who does.

Jennifer wonders what’s keeping Mike. Jack encourages that there is still time. Jennifer thinks that she should’ve gone to rehab the first time she started taking pills. Jack points out that she did get off of them. Jennifer said she was going to meetings then and she had her mom, who was her rock and always there for her, but now she’s gone. Jennifer cries that she doesn’t want to let Abigail down. Jack feels too much has been asked of her. Jack says that Gwen put Jennifer and Abigail through Hell and then when they thought it was over and things would be normal, they lost Abigail. Jack doesn’t think Jennifer should judge herself for things she did when her world fell apart. Jack declares that now they are going to put that world back together because that’s what they always do. Jack hugs her as she cries.

Kristen tells Marlena that it’s too bad John and Steve have to go all the way to South America to find another orchid. Kristen then thinks back to Dr. Rolf showing her that he has the cure. Marlena says she has faith in John and Steve finding the flower to make the medicine that cures them all. Kristen calls it good that she sounds confident. Marlena tells her that she’s tired. Kristen claims she just wanted to come by to wish her well. Marlena calls that new. Kristen knows they’ve had their differences. Marlena says that would be a colossal understatement. Marlena reminds Kristen that she was leaving. Kristen hoped that Marlena could do her a favor before she leaves.

Rex and John talk about Kristen getting Dr. Rolf pardoned so she must know where he is. John notes that Kristen won’t tell him anything but someone else might. John brings up that Stefan DiMera has been going around town telling everyone that Dr. Rolf brought him back from the dead which Rex questions. John explains that Dr. Rolf apparently kept Stefan on ice in one of his labs, so he bet he could tell them where to find him. Rex decides that he will go track down Stefan to see what he can tell them.

Nancy says she can’t expect to have Mike change how he feels about her, but she swears that she had no idea that Clyde did the things that he did. Nancy talks about not being in great shape when she first met Clyde and only saw what she wanted to see despite people telling her exactly who Clyde was. Nancy admits that she was a fool. Mike thanks her for sharing. Nancy assures Mike that she has paid and is paying for the things she’s done. Nancy cries that her entire life has been nothing but a lie.

Craig sits with Leo in the Brady Pub and asks about his apology. Leo explains that he really did believe Craig framed him and he was desperate to pin the crime on someone else. Craig laughs off Leo actually thinking he did it. Leo admits he may have been indulging himself and that he convinced himself that Craig was so desperate over losing him that he had a psychotic break. Craig reminds him that he dumped him. Leo says he’s trying to apologize and then says he’s sorry for doubting the man he loves and for thinking he was capable of doing this. Leo tells Craig that he still loves him and he doesn’t think Craig would have come in with him if he didn’t still have feelings for him too. Craig then admits that he does. Craig acknowledges that Leo is the first man he ever fell in love with, so what they had will always be special to him in a way. Craig then reveals he was outside and heard what he said to Gwen on the phone.

Mike sits with Nancy and tells her that he had no idea that she and Craig split because of Craig being gay. Mike reveals that there was a time as a teenager, he thought he might be gay but he’s not. Mike admits that back then, he was terrified of the thought but he’s thankful times have changed. Mike notes that they were together a long time so it must have been a pretty rough break up. Mike asks how she’s doing. Nancy admits at first she was angry and just looking to make Craig pay for what he did to her, but now their whole relationship has change and she just wants him to be happy as she knows he wants the same for her. Mike says that’s what they all deserve. Mike mentions having to get to Jennifer’s. Nancy asks how long he’s staying in town. Mike reveals that he’s not staying as he’s heading back to New York this afternoon. Nancy mentions that she’s going back to New York too if he needs anything. Mike tells Nancy to give him her number and they’ll make a date. Nancy says she will look forward to it. Mike says it was good talking to her. Nancy says the same as Mike then gets up and walks away.

Brady asks Rachel who put the note in her lunchbox. Rachel responds that she doesn’t know but she knows it’s true. Brady tries to explain but Rachel refuses to listen and runs in to the bathroom. Chloe realizes that Kristen is not going to stop. Brady complains that Kristen has no regard for what she’s doing to her own daughter and putting her through. Brady is sorry that Chloe is in the middle of it and that Rachel talked to her like that. Chloe understands and relates to when she was young, angry, and lost. Chloe thinks they just have to face the fact that Rachel hates her and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Marlena laughs at the idea of Kristen asking her for a favor and calls her self-absorbed. Kristen argues that she’s just thinking of Rachel and she doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to be completely cut off from her mother which is what Brady is doing. Kristen asks Marlena to talk to Brady because he would listen to her. Marlena argues that Brady has full custody, so he will decide what’s best for that child. Kristen questions her not helping her then. Marlena says she thought this was about Rachel. Kristen decides to leave her be then and wishes her luck with the orchid because it would be a shame to the people she loves if she died. Kristen then exits the room.

Leo questions Craig hearing what he said to Gwen. Craig goes over that he heard him say something about legal feels and Jack being a sugar daddy. Leo says he can explain but Craig doesn’t want to hear it. Leo admits that he is drowning in legal fees and tried to blackmail Jack but it blew up in his face. Craig then asks if Leo is wanting him to be his sugar daddy now.

Mike goes to see Jennifer, who tells him that he didn’t have to come all this way as they hug. Mike says she’s his sister so of course he did. Jack thanks Mike for everything. Mike encourages Jennifer about the work the rehab facility does. Jennifer notes that the real work is up to her. Mike says he has all the faith in the world in her. Mike points out that she admitted to needing help which is the hardest part.

Brady encourages Chloe that Rachel doesn’t hate her and that she’s just going through a hard time and taking it out on her. Chloe says they have to do what Kristen is not doing which is think about what Rachel is going through. Brady doesn’t want to let Kristen use Rachel to drive a wedge between them. Chloe points out that he can’t stop Kristen from trying and it’s only going to be more difficult for Rachel. Brady decides he should take Rachel to a friend’s house and asks if Chloe is sure she’s okay. Chloe assures that she is and calls him an amazing dad. Brady insists they will get through this and kisses her.

Rex calls Stefan and asks if he can help him track down Dr. Rolf as it’s a matter of life and death. Kristen overhears him nearby and exits the hospital.

John sits with Marlena in her hospital room and asks how she’s doing. Marlena says she’s better now that he’s here. Marlena informs John that Kristen just visited her which he questions. Marlena explains that Kristen wanted her to talk to Brady about Rachel’s custody. John calls Kristen a bitch. Marlena doesn’t think that was the only reason Kristen was there as she thinks Kristen wanted to make sure she was at death’s door. John argues that she’s nowhere near that and assures that he and Steve are working on a cure and nothing will stop them. John adds that he was just talking to Rex outside, but Marlena then passes out.

Leo questions Craig thinking he wants to get back together because he’s broke. Craig confirms that’s exactly what he thinks. Craig says Leo would use his money to pay his bills off so he wouldn’t have to get a job or make money. Craig mocks the idea of just cleaning up all of Leo’s messes but admits he could be more fun than anyone he’s ever met but that’s not enough. Craig states that Nancy was his safety while Leo is like standing on the edge of a cliff, but he needs more. Craig needs someone who is right in the middle. Craig says he can’t expect Leo to understand that. Leo responds that he actually kind of does.

Nancy goes to Chloe’s room and brings her a late birthday present. Nancy comes in and sees the tea party set up and asks if she should go. Chloe tells her the tea party is over so Nancy asks what happened. Chloe tells her that Kristen doesn’t even have to be in the room to blow everything up. Nancy asks what she did now. Chloe explains that Kristen freaked out over Brady getting full custody and started full on guerilla warfare. Nancy decides that she was going back to New York but obviously she can’t go now, because Chloe needs her here.

Brady visits Marlena in her hospital room and asks where John is. Marlena informs him that John and Steve are trying to track down the cure. Brady asks if he should leave if she’s tired but Marlena says no. Marlena informs Brady that Kristen came to see her as she wanted to talk to her about Rachel’s custody. Brady knows it would be best if he tried to work something out with her but not right now. Marlena assures him that she told her no. Brady is glad because he feels like he needs to keep Rachel away from Kristen more than ever. Marlena questions what has she done now.

John and Rex arrive at Dr. Rolf’s lab. Dr. Rolf asks what he can do for them. John responds that they need his help.

Leo asks Craig if he can look him up if he ever makes it back to New York. Craig says sure. Leo adds that social media is the best way to keep in touch which Craig agrees with. Leo jokes that maybe one day when he’s rich and famous, he’ll sweep Craig off his feet. Craig then pays for their drinks. Leo promises to get him next time. Craig tells Leo to take care of himself, hugs him, and then exits the Pub.

Jennifer returns to Jack in the living room, crying about how hard it was to say goodbye to Doug and Julie. Jack promises to take care of them while she’s gone. Jack assures that this isn’t goodbye, just see you soon as they hug. Jennifer then exits for rehab with her brother, Mike.

Nancy gives Chloe a bracelet for her birthday. Chloe thanks her but tells her that she has to go back to New York. Nancy says she can’t do that with Kristen out to get her. Chloe points out there’s nothing Nancy can do about that and she doesn’t want her to be worried about her. Chloe encourages Nancy to go back to her life in New York. Chloe says it would mean the world to her if all the bad things that happened don’t stop her. Nancy then agrees to go but wants Chloe to come see her soon. Chloe agrees to as they hug. Nancy jokes that Chloe better call first because she just might have plans.

Marlena tells Brady to document everything that Kristen does and keep a journal just to be safe. Brady doesn’t want Marlena worrying about him or Rachel. Brady tells Marlena to just take care of herself. Brady knows John will get her whatever she needs. Marlena says she has no doubt in her mind.

Dr. Rolf comments on John seeming so stressed and brings up Marlena, Kayla, and Kate being on death’s door. Dr. Rolf wonders how Orpheus got access to those rare pathogens. Rex says they are only interested in finding a cure. Dr. Rolf recalls something about an orchid. Rex tells him that orchid is now extinct which makes Dr. Rolf their only hope. Dr. Rolf laughs at that and calls it a miserable position to find themselves in. Rex asks if he has access to the orchid and offers to pay for it. Dr. Rolf thinks back to having it but then claims to them that he doesn’t think he can help them.

Kristen is now watering the orchid in her apartment.

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