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Nicole tells EJ that his hangover smoothie is disgusting. EJ thought she was getting used to it but reminds her that she said she was feeling better which proves that it does work. Nicole acknowledges that EJ was really kind to her last night. EJ states that she needed a friend and admits he did too. Nicole is glad she could be there for him. EJ hugs her as Johnny then walks in and questions what is going on here.

Rafe goes to the Brady Pub and finds Jada at a table. Rafe says he heard she called in sick for the second day in a row, so he wanted to make sure she’s okay. Jada responds that the doctor said she could go back to work tomorrow as she confirms to Rafe that she got the abortion.

Eric questions Sloan wanting to be his lawyer. Sloan points out that he just said Belle won’t represent him. Eric responds that he has other options. Sloan says that none are better than her and suggests he hire her to find out.

Abe joins Chanel and Paulina in the interrogation room. Paulina tells Abe that she’s missing their bed but she is hanging in there. Abe asks about Chanel getting to be back at home. Chanel responds that she’s very grateful that Belle got her out on bail, but she will not be okay until Paulina is free. Chanel argues that Paulina never should’ve been arrested in the first place so they need to let her go. Paulina hopes that Abe has some good news on that front but Abe says he’s afraid not.

Belle goes to the police station and greets Shawn. Shawn tells her that Paulina, Chanel, and Abe are in the interrogation room if she needs Paulina. Belle says it will do Paulina good to spend some time with her family and will also give them a chance to talk about Eric. They talk about how they were not expecting to walk in on Eric drunk and assaulting people when they went out for a drink. Belle hated Eric’s behavior and how out of control he was. Belle says her heart is breaking for Eric as she can see how much pain he’s in. Shawn guesses she is having second thoughts about not taking his case. Belle admits she can’t get the image out of her head of Eric sitting in his cell all alone with no one in his corner…

Sloan asks Eric what he says. Eric doesn’t know if it would be such a good idea. Sloan asks if it’s because of her reputation. Eric says he tries not to judge people. Sloan gets that it’s hard when everyone is calling her an ambulance chaser but says those haters fail to mention that she tends to catch what she chases.

Rafe asks if Jada wants anything to eat but she says she’s not hungry. Rafe asks if she’s sure she is feeling okay since he couldn’t help but notice she was taking a pill. Jada says it was just for pain which is basically gone but she feels terrible about missing work. Rafe says it’s important to him that she takes care of herself. Jada assures that she’s ready to come back to work because hanging around here is the last thing she wants to do. Jada tells Rafe that if he wants to ask her something, he can as she doesn’t mind talking to him about this. Rafe brings up how on Thanksgiving, she told him that she decided not to keep the baby and he knows that Eric hoped otherwise. Jada says in the end, she had to what was best for her. Rafe says that’s her right and assumes that Eric understands that. Jada says he did but he was still unhappy that she ended the pregnancy without telling him. Rafe asks if Eric was angry. Jada says that Eric was confused and really upset. Rafe remarks that his new girlfriend must be really relieved. Jada assumes so since Nicole made it pretty clear that she did not want her to have the baby.

Johnny questions walking in on EJ and Nicole hugging on his dead grandmother’s bed. Nicole tells him that it’s not what it looks like. Johnny argues that it looks like they just got it on. EJ tells him that he doesn’t understand. Johnny complains that he gets that EJ is grieving, but shouts that it doesn’t give him the right to have sex with Rafe’s wife.

Eric tells Sloan that he does need a lawyer, but points out that Abe is like an uncle to him and Chanel is dating his niece. Sloan argues that Allie should get as far away from possible from Chanel since she killed her mother. Eric brings up Paulina saying it was an accident which Sloan calls a lie. Sloan explains that her father was Chanel’s college professor and that Chanel seduced him. Sloan claims that in a jealous rage, Chanel pushed her mother off a roof and claimed it was suicide. Eric feels that doesn’t sound like Chanel since she’s a good kid. Sloan argues that she’s just hiding her homicidal tendencies. Eric questions why Chanel wasn’t arrested years ago then. Sloan tells him that Paulina covered it up, buried the evidence, and gave the school a generous donation to make it all go away. Sloan adds that her father kept it from her for all those years until he told her the truth on his deathbed. Sloan asks Eric if he believes her. Eric says it’s just a lot to take in. Sloan talks about how her dad couldn’t bear the pain, so he started drinking and eventually drank himself to death but she loved her parents so much and now they are both gone. Sloan asks if Eric knows what it feels like to have what means most to him in the world taken away. Eric responds that he does.

Johnny argues that he knows EJ hates Rafe but he’s a good guy and doesn’t deserve this. Nicole agrees that Rafe is a good guy and says that’s why she would never cheat on him with EJ. Johnny questions what Nicole is doing here if she’s not hooking up with EJ. Nicole responds that it’s simple as she had no place to go.

Paulina questions Abe if there’s no place else to go with this. Abe confirms that he called every one of his oversees contacts but no one can make the charges disappear. Abe adds that he even called one of Shane Donovan’s contacts at the American Embassy in London but she was no help. Paulina argues that what Chanel did was an accident. Abe then gets a call from Cass, the City Council President.

Sloan asks if Eric understands the kind of pain she’s in and if he lost his parents tragically too. Eric says no as his parents are still alive and very much apart of his life. Sloan questions how he can empathize with her then. Eric then informs her that he recently learned he was going to be a father in a complicated situation where he broke up with his ex and she decided she was going to have the baby at first and they agreed to co-parent, so he was really happy, but then she decided to have an abortion and ended her pregnancy before he even knew it was done. Sloan guesses that was very painful. Eric confirms that it was and what added to it was that the woman he loves went behind his back and told his ex to end her pregnancy. Sloan tells Eric that she’s sorry. Sloan guesses something stemming from that situation is what landed him in jail which Eric confirms. Sloan says it sounds like they both got screwed and she’s not the type of person to just roll over and take it. Sloan states that if someone pushes her, she pushes back. Sloan declares that she’s a fighter and she’s willing to fight for him if he lets her.

Rafe questions what exactly Nicole said to Jada. Jada tells him that Nicole asked her why she would want to be tied to a man forever who didn’t love her and reminded her of how incredibly difficult that would be, which shocks Rafe. Jada adds that Nicole then ran down a list of reasons why being a single mom would suck and that she would fail trying to be both a single mom and a cop even with Eric’s support. Rafe cannot believe Nicole did that. Jada says that Nicole was not going to let anything stand in the way of her and Eric, not her, her own marriage, and definitely not her pregnancy.

Johnny questions Nicole and Rafe getting a divorce but EJ tells him that’s none of his concern. Johnny agrees and apologizes for prying and jumping to conclusions about what he walked in on. Nicole says it’s okay and explains that EJ was nice enough to offer her and Holly a place to stay after she blew up her life yet again and that’s all this was. Nicole decides to go shower before heading to the office. EJ questions Johnny not knocking. Johnny says he would have but just didn’t think he needed to. Johnny explains that he wanted to feel close to Susan since they spent a lot of time in this room so he thought maybe he would feel her spirit. EJ offers to move Nicole to a different room but Johnny says that Susan was all about being generous, so she would like that someone he cares about is staying here. Johnny apologizes for going off on him earlier. EJ supposes he can’t blame him for thinking the worst of him after what he learned in Jakarta. EJ asks if Johnny is going to keep quiet about that or if he’s having second thoughts.

Belle tells Shawn that there is so much bad blood between her and Sami, so she doesn’t want to be estranged from Eric too. Shawn says it sounds like she’s made up her mind. Belle says she has but it still concerns Shawn if he doesn’t want her to. Shawn assures that he would never stand in the way of her representing her brother. Belle calls him the best husband ever and kisses him. Shawn says he will go tell Eric that she has decided to take his case but Eric is then brought up by a guard and he informs them that it won’t be necessary. Eric tells Belle that she doesn’t have to defend him because he got someone else. Belle questions who. Sloan then walks in and reveals it’s her.

Abe finishes his call with the City Council President and says he will get back to him with an answer as soon as possible. Paulina and Chanel ask what that was about. Abe reveals that the City Council are asking him to resign as mayor, effective immediately as soon as possible. Paulina questions why they are doing this. Abe says the optics are not good with the Mayor being married to the Governor-elect who has allegedly covered up a murder. Paulina argues that it’s not the truth. Chanel stands up and starts blaming herself for Abe being asked to resign and for Paulina being unable to enjoy her big win. Chanel declares that she’s sorry but she has to go and storms out despite Paulina trying to stop her.

Belle understands Eric is angry with her but tells him not to hire Sloan out of spite and to find anyone else. Belle suggests calling Justin. Sloan jokes that she was in preschool the last time Justin won a case. Belle tells her to shut up. Eric warns her not to talk to his lawyer that way. Belle argues that Eric wouldn’t be defending her if he knew how she operates. Belle asks if he knows what she’s doing to Paulina and Chanel. Sloan asks what about what they did to her. Sloan complains about Chanel murdering her mother and Paulina covering it up. Shawn urges Eric to think about what this would mean to Abe. Eric responds that as far as he knows, Abe is always up for justice. Belle argues that Sloan is only out for revenge and to inflict pain on Abe’s family. Eric declares that from what he understands, Sloan exposed a crime and cover-up, so if anyone is the victim, it’s her.

Rafe questions where the hell Nicole gets off after everything that went down, to lecture Jada about something so personal and private. Jada assures him that the abortion was 100% her decision and if she was ready to be a mother, no one would change her mind about that, especially Nicole. Rafe still feels that Nicole had no right to pressure her. Rafe says he forgot how incredibly selfish Nicole can be when she’s trying to get something she wants. Rafe then remarks that what she wants and has always wanted, is Eric. Rafe guesses now there’s one less obstacle in her way. Jada says she wouldn’t be so sure about that which Rafe questions. Jada tells Rafe that Eric was not too happy that Nicole interfered.

Johnny tells EJ that he will keep his mouth shut. EJ asks about Wendy. Johnny assures she won’t say anything either so EJ has nothing to worry about. EJ thanks him but Johnny says not to thank him because he feels horrible about keeping the secret as he feels Stefan has a right to know. Johnny argues that Dr. Rolf erasing Stefan’s feelings for Gabi is messed up. EJ reminds him that he did not become aware of the brainwashing until after the fact. Johnny remarks that it didn’t stop him from taking advantage of it and using it to take the company back. EJ won’t apologize for doing what’s necessary for his father’s company and his son’s legacy. EJ says this was about family. Johnny adds that family is the only reason that he and Wendy are keeping their mouth shut because Wendy doesn’t want to destroy her brother’s life and he doesn’t want to destroy EJ’s either. Johnny acknowledges that EJ is suffering enough after losing Susan as they all are. Johnny then exits the room.

Abe tries calling Chanel but she doesn’t answer. Abe offers to go find her but Paulina suggests giving her space to calm down. Paulina feels Abe must be asking himself if marrying her was such a good idea. Abe assures that he would never regret marrying her. Paulina asks even if it cost him his career. Abe reminds her that he already planned on stepping down as mayor to move with her to the Capitol. Paulina points out that was before Sloan dropped this bomb on them. Abe says she won’t derail their plans. Paulina complains that they are at the center of an international scandal, so even if she took office, Sloan has ruined her chances of being a successful Governor. Abe says they don’t know that. Paulina declares that there’s no reason for Abe to bow out when she will probably never even be sworn in.

Chanel goes home to her and Allie’s apartment. Johnny shows up asking if Wendy is home. Chanel responds that Wendy is probably at work, Allie is at the Bakery, and she is all alone. Johnny asks what’s going on and if she’s okay. Chanel cries that she’s not and hugs him.

Nicole enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion, where EJ is finishing a call with Melinda, saying that he no longer wishes to press charges against Eric. Nicole thanks him for doing that as she knows how hard it is to resist the urge to stick it to Eric. EJ says he promised her that he would drop the charges and he is a man of his word. Nicole decides she will get going. EJ says he looks forward to seeing her tonight for dinner with a special dessert for Holly. EJ adds that he will have Holly’s room set up right next to Nicole’s. Nicole stops him and says she’s not sure moving in is a good idea.

Belle knows Eric is going through a hard time after spending the night in jail which is where sharks like Sloan search for vulnerable people. Belle is sure Sloan gave Eric her pitch as the best but tells him not to fall for that. Eric asks why she’s making such a big deal of it and points out that he accepted Sloan’s offer because his own sister refused him. Shawn tells Eric that Belle changed her mind and wants to take his case. Eric calls it a little too late. Sloan declares that it’s settled then and says she will take Eric to see about getting the charges dropped. Shawn then gets a call from Melinda. Shawn hangs up and informs them that EJ declined to press charges against Eric. Sloan declares that means there is no case unless Shawn wants to be responsible for prosecuting his brother in law. Shawn responds that it’s not that simple because Melinda is going after Eric for assaulting a police officer, whether he wants her to or not.

EJ thought Nicole wanted to move in. Nicole responds that she did, but now Johnny is accusing them of having an affair which EJ laughs off. Nicole asks if that doesn’t bother him. EJ calls it a misunderstanding. Nicole asks how long it will be before the rest of his family and the entire town start gossiping about them. Nicole says her life is a hot mess right now and she doesn’t want to deal with this. EJ questions since when Nicole gives a rat’s ass about what anyone in Salem thinks. Nicole says she has a young daughter now and she doesn’t want to expose Holly to her getting dirty looks in town. EJ argues that she wouldn’t be doing anything wrong by living here and would be choosing the best possible situation for her family. EJ declares that it’s settled that Nicole and Holly are going to move in and stay for as long as they want and anyone who has an opinion on that can shove it.

Rafe is glad that Jada decided to eat. Jada thanks him for looking out for her. Rafe assures that he will always have her back, on and off the job. Jada appreciates that and says she hopes she didn’t come off petty earlier because no matter how she feels about Nicole, she’s still Rafe’s wife. Rafe says not for much longer. Jada still feels she shouldn’t have gone there. Rafe asks why not and says she has every right to be upset since Nicole basically ruined Jada’s relationship with Eric from day one. Jada then brings up all the times Nicole would drop by and when she offered Eric a job and then the comforting hugs. Rafe jokes about how many times he had to walk in on those. Rafe and Jada mock Eric and Nicole saying they were just friends. Jada declares that she’s never met someone so passive aggressive and selfish. Jada stops and says she’s doing it again. Rafe encourages her to let it all out. Jada admits she loves ripping Nicole but it won’t do any good. Rafe points out that it will feel good. Jada decides if she wants to get past this, she has to rise above. Rafe asks what she means. Jada explains that she had to ask herself what she really wanted and she decided it wasn’t being a single mother under these circumstances. Jada calls it the hardest decision she’s ever made, but she made it and needs to honor her decision by focusing her energy on what she wants so she needs to put any trash talking or negativity aside and be the bigger person like her dad taught her. Rafe calls her dad a wise man. Jada declares that Nicole can have Eric since she obviously wasn’t up to the task. Rafe encourages her not to sell herself short since the fix was in. Jada wishes she knew. Rafe says he did know but he chose to ignore it and looked right past the fact that when you get involved with Nicole or Eric, you choose to end up like all the rest before, just a speedbump on their never ending road to bliss. They joke about finding the next exit. Rafe then gets a call and thanks them for letting him know. Rafe hangs up and informs Jada that Eric spent the night in lockup which shocks Jada.

Eric asks why Shawn can’t just refuse to cooperate with the prosecution. Shawn explains that Melinda has other witnesses from the bar that night and if this goes to trial, she will call him and he will have no choice but to testify. Sloan calls this outrageous. Sloan then steps aside and pulls out her phone to call Melinda. Sloan says she’s calling about her new client, Eric Brady. Sloan reminds Melinda that she just handed her two career making cases and that she owes her which she can make up by putting an end to this witch hunt against Eric. Sloan hangs up and announces that Melinda agreed to drop all charges, so Eric is free to go. Eric is then removed from his handcuffs and tells Sloan that he doesn’t know how to repay her. Sloan jokes that he can use a check, PayPal, or Venmo. Eric asks if they can start with breakfast which Sloan agrees to. Belle argues that Eric can’t just leave as they need to talk. Eric tells her there’s nothing left to say as he then exits the station with Sloan.

Johnny sits with Chanel and tells her that Sloan has to know what happened was an accident, but Chanel tells him that Sloan is convinced it was murder. Johnny asks if she’s talked to her to help her see things from her side. Chanel says Johnny doesn’t understand that Sloan is so angry and hellbent on revenge that she is not going to stop and has made it her life’s mission to take down her, Paulina, and now Abe. Johnny assures that Belle won’t let that happen. Chanel feels it’s already happening and that she’s destroying her parents’ lives.

Abe insists that they will get Paulina out of here and to capitol city and they will weather this storm like they have every other. Abe says that Paulina will be sworn in as Governor and he will be right there by her side as First Gentleman just like they planned. Abe adds that city council may have done him a favor. Abe then calls Cass back to give him his answer. Abe starts to give his answer but Paulina grabs the phone and tells Cass that Abe has decided not to step down now or ever.

Rafe informs Jada that Eric got drunk and assaulted EJ and Shawn. Jada can’t believe it as Eric never even raised his voice so she can’t imagine him putting his hands on anyone, especially a cop. Rafe points out that Jada hasn’t known Eric that long and it’s not the first time he’s spiraled out of control. Rafe tells Jada that she dodged a bullet and says something tells him that this is just the beginning of Saint Eric’s fall from grace.

Eric and Sloan have breakfast together in the town square. Eric talks about how the food in lockup was not great. Eric thanks her again and says he really appreciates this. Nicole approaches and says she’s glad to see he’s out and that EJ dropped the charges. Eric assures her that EJ had nothing to do with it and that it’s all thanks to his lawyer. Sloan then introduces herself to Nicole and says it’s a pleasure to meet her. Sloan adds that she knows exactly who Nicole is and brings up all her last names from her previous marriages. Sloan remarks that like her, Nicole’s reputation precedes her.

Belle tells Shawn that seeing Eric like this really scares her. Shawn assures that Eric can handle Sloan. Belle asks what about his pain and brings up the last time Eric was in a place this dark and how some really bad things happened. Shawn encourages that Eric’s come a long way since then and now he’s in a rough patch, but he will get through it. Belle prays that he’s right. Belle decides she better go since Paulina is waiting for her. Shawn offers to go with her to help explain Eric’s choice in lawyer. Belle says she’s got it and she will assure Abe that Sloan may have gotten her tentacles in to Eric but she won’t let her cause any more damage to his family.

Abe questions what Paulina is doing. Paulina tells Cass that Abe is staying put and he doesn’t have to worry about any trouble arising from Abe being married to her, because she won’t be Governor. Paulina says she knows she’s been elected but she hasn’t been sworn in yet and she has decided that she never will be.

Johnny questions why Chanel didn’t tell him any of this when they were together. Chanel says she was ashamed about having an affair with a married man and didn’t want anyone to know about it. Johnny says they never would’ve judged her. Chanel says she knows that now but she thought all of this was behind her until Sloan showed up in town and she got arrested in the middle of the town square. Johnny is sorry he wasn’t there for that and says he left Salem at the worst time because he wasn’t there for Chanel or when his grandma Susan died. Chanel is surprised to hear Susan died. Johnny questions Allie not telling her. Chanel guesses she didn’t want to lay anything else on her. Chanel tells Johnny that she’s so sorry as she knows how much Johnny loved Susan. Chanel says she’s going on about her life while Johnny must be hurting so bad. Johnny admits that he is and so is his dad.

EJ looks through his laptop for the quarterly projections and then complains of a headache. EJ looks over at a framed photo of Susan until the doorbell rings. EJ goes to answer the door and is shocked by who he sees…

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