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Recap written by Christine

Adam was at his office, which was still filled with the holiday decorations Sally put up. He flashed back to last night with Sally and smiled. Chloe arrived and said it sounded like someone broke in and had a party. Adam said he was just working late. Chloe didn’t believe Adam was working, because she spotted vodka and caviar sitting on the desk. Adam said he didn’t have to explain himself to her. He asked why she was here. She was here to save him from making a huge mistake that could destroy everything he built. She’d tried, unsuccessfully, to get Sally and Chelsea to stay away from Adam, so now she was here to try and persuade him. She urged him to leave the women alone for his own good. Chloe stated that Sally and Chelsea were ticking time bombs, and if Adam took up with one of them, the other would blow up and destroy his life, and his new fashion platform would implode. He thought that was a threat, but she said it was a fact. If this job turned into a love triangle, Chloe wouldn’t be able to keep the women from each other’s throats. She said that she wanted to see Newman Fashion succeed, and he’d be a fool not to, since they were one of his most profitable divisions. She said it wouldn’t look good if Newman Fashion crashed and burned because he couldn’t keep his personal and professional life separate. She left.

Chelsea ran into Sally at Crimson Lights and asked if she rang in the new year with anyone special. Sally said she spent New Year’s with Adam talking about Newman Fashion, and it was all above board. Chelsea said Adam told her he had zero romantic interest in Sally, so Sally didn’t need to explain herself. Chelsea was just happy Sally wasn’t alone on New Year’s like she was on Christmas. Chelsea guessed Adam took pity on Sally, and Sally said that was indeed what happened. Chelsea wanted to hear the business ideas Sally and Adam discussed. Sally threw some ideas out there, but Chelsea wasn’t keen on any of them, and she rolled her eyes when Sally brought up the success of her wedding dress design again. Sally’s other idea was to pair makeup with outfits for a feature on the site. They could pair lipsticks and lingerie, or do an article called “Does this Eyeshadow Make my Dress Look Fab.” Chelsea thought the headlines sounded too cutesy, and she felt that Newman Fashion should work on doing fashion well before branching into makeup. Sally thought Chelsea was being a little too limited in her thinking. Sally stated that the content she created so far was what made the platform a success, so she thought she knew what it needed, especially if she was going to be the face of the brand.

Chloe showed up because she got Chelsea’s text about meeting for coffee. She didn’t realize Sally would be here. Chelsea said this was an impromptu company meeting. Sally stated that Chelsea shot down all her ideas, including the lipstick pairings. Sally noted that she’d previously run the lipstick idea by Chloe, and she’d loved it. Chloe said they’d try to incorporate Chelsea’s input into the idea. Chelsea decided to leave. After she was gone, Sally said Chelsea was jealous of her, professionally and personally. Chloe reminded Sally that she promised not to cross the line with Adam. Sally said she didn’t. Sally revealed that she did spend some time with Adam last night. Sally told Chelsea about it, because she got the feeling that Chelsea already knew. Chloe was frustrated because Sally promised to stop chasing Adam and focus on her work.

Sally promised nothing happened with Adam last night. Chloe saw the vodka and caviar in Adam’s office when she went by to tell him that he was playing with fire when it came to Sally and Chelsea. Chloe was at her wits end with everyone. She wondered if she was going to regret trying to make things work with Sally and Chelsea. Sally thought Chloe was overreacting, and she didn’t think this would affect their job. Chloe asked if Sally had feelings for Adam that she couldn’t let go of. “This is not high school. I am not trying to steal your BFF’s boyfriend,” Sally said. She thought they should put the personal stuff aside and focus on the business.

Billy was in his living room looking pensive. Lily came downstairs and blew a party horn from New Year’s Eve. She knew what he was thinking about – Victoria was on to his plan, and she’d made demands. Billy set this plan in motion to get vindication, to get Victor and Adam to admit they set him up. That would mean getting Victor and Adam to admit that the allegations about Ashland’s past were true. And Victoria would never allow that. Billy said he wouldn’t get his opportunity to expose Victor and Adam as the criminals they were. Lily suggested that Billy forget about the revenge plot, so they could move on to their lives. Just then, Victoria texted Billy and told him and Lily to meet her at The Grand Phoenix so they could set the next part of their plan in motion.

Lily wondered what was so important that they had to meet Victoria on New Year’s Day. Lily didn’t appreciate being ordered around. Billy didn’t like that clearing his name was now in Victoria’s hands, but he was swallowing his pride and thinking about the bigger picture. He said he could still be vindicated if Adam went after him, Billy sued for libel, crushing Newman Media, Victoria bought it and let him run it. Lily wasn’t convinced Victoria would hold up her end of the bargain. Lily didn’t think Ashland would be too keen on Billy running Newman Media. Billy felt like he knew Victoria well enough to trust that she wouldn’t betray him that way. Billy had weighed the options, and this was the best one. Lily brought up working with her at Chancellor, again. Billy felt he needed to earn that job. Right now his reputation was in shambles, and if he went to work with Lily, it’d feel like a hand me down. He also couldn’t stomach the fact that Adam and Victor were getting off scot free. He was meeting with Victoria, and he hoped Lily would go with him.

Phyllis was at the Grand Phoenix, and she grumbled about the champagne cork someone left on the floor after the celebration last night, instead of cleaning it up. Victoria arrived and said she hoped Phyllis had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. Phyllis said it was spectacular. Victoria was surprised, since Phyllis wasn’t with Nick anymore, and New Year’s Eve was his birthday. Phyllis stated that she was resilient. Victoria wondered who Phyllis spent the evening with. She knew it wasn’t Jack, because he was out of town. Smirking, Victoria theorized that Lauren and Michael let Phyllis be a third wheel. Phyllis said she meant the hotel had a spectacular evening; they got great feedback, and it made her realize her hard work paid off. Phyllis wasn’t there, because she was having a fabulous dinner, but the hotel was packed, and a number of women enjoyed the escape club. Victoria understood why some women would want to usher out a bad year with an escape fantasy, but she wasn’t one of them, because 2021 turned out pretty well for her. “You can’t be serious,” Phyllis said, while laughing. She pointed out that Victoria had found out secrets about her dream man, Ashland. Victoria narrowed her eyes, and Phyllis dropped the subject. Phyllis wondered why Victoria was here bright and early on January 1st, if she was really so deliriously happy. Victoria ordered a carafe of coffee and three cups, then she went to the lounge.

Phyllis followed Victoria and asked if she could get anything else for Victoria and her imaginary friends. At that point, Lily and Billy arrived, so Victoria put an end to the snippy conversation with Phyllis. Phyllis left the area. Victoria had received word that Adam was having a meeting here today, so she thought it was time to kick the plot into overdrive. Victoria felt that it was time to stop focusing on Billy going off the rails – Adam wasn’t taking that bait because it was old news. She believed they should pinpoint Adam’s vulnerabilities to get him to retaliate. Billy knew how to do that, and he sometimes enjoyed it, but he didn’t think he’d have to do it here and now. Lily expressed annoyance that Victoria was involved. Victoria said that when Adam got here, she’d set the stage. She was going to go off on Billy for missing an event with the kids, before they went to boarding school, then Billy could tell Adam that he knew what it was like to be a bad dad. Lily asked why Victoria thought she was in charge now. “Because I am,” Victoria replied.

None of this goes anywhere without Billy and me, so I think you can dial back the orders,” Lily said. Victoria contended that this was her plan now, so Lily and Billy could just relax. Adam arrived, and Victoria was ready to get things going, but then Billy saw Traci walk in, and he said to stop. Adam continued to another section of the hotel. Billy approached Traci and asked what she was doing here. She asked if he was doing something that he didn’t want her to know about. It was a rhetorical question, because Jack told her what Billy was up to. Billy wasn’t happy about that, but Traci said Jack did it because he didn’t want her to worry that Billy was wrecking his life again. Traci was grateful that at least one of her brothers thought to include her. Traci intended to keep an eye on things and make sure they didn’t get out of control, but she wasn’t here to keep tabs on him. She had her own life, and she was here to make a massage appointment. She excused herself. Billy went back to his group and said Traci knew, because Jack told her. Victoria asked how Jack found out. Lily explained that she thought it was cruel not to tell Jack. “Oh, whereas it was fine for me to believe that you were going off the rails?,” Victoria asked. Billy said it wasn’t fine, but he didn’t know if he could trust her with the secret. She noted that he trusted Jack, who told Traci. Billy said that Traci hated lies and deception, and if he tried something in front of her, she’d call him out. Lily thought that they should scrap the entire plan. Victoria refused to throw in the towel because of one hiccup. Lily scoffed and said that Victoria had been in the plan for two seconds. Victoria said she wasn’t going anywhere, so they’d have to get used to it. She said Billy’s plan was so transparent that she saw right through it, so it was clear that they needed her to make it work. Victoria knew Billy enough to know that he wouldn’t just give up on this idea. Billy said that there was a chance Traci would blow this plan out of the water.

Traci talked with Phyllis, who said it might take some time to arrange her spa day. Phyllis departed. Adam returned, and Traci greeted him warmly. He said that the guy he was meeting didn’t show. She hoped he was well. He glanced at Billy and said he was doing pretty well compared to some people. Traci couldn’t help noticing that Adam kept glancing at her brother. He assured her he planned to stay away from Billy, and she was glad to hear that. Adam said Traci really saw the good in everyone, but unfortunately, not everyone was good. Traci hoped Adam wasn’t talking about her brother. He wasn’t. Phyllis walked up. Traci was glad Adam wasn’t referring to Billy, because Billy fought his way back from the same kind of darkness that Adam had embraced. Adam said he’d tried his best to change. Traci knew, and she thought what he did for Faith was incredible. She had a feeling Adam liked to battle too much, though. Phyllis thought Traci was right. Adam said he could say the same about Billy. Traci agreed, which was why she gave Billy the same advice. She wished the men would drop the feud. Adam felt the same way. Phyllis wanted Adam to stop bothering Traci and leave. Adam said that Traci started a conversation with him. He added that Billy brought everything that happened with Gaines on himself – he was his own worst enemy. Traci noted that people used to say the same thing about Adam. Adam agreed, which was why he worked hard to repair his reputation. He was surprised that Billy’s two champions, Traci and Phyllis, didn’t see that he was in a downward spiral.

Adam went over to the trio and wondered why Victoria was spending New Year’s day with her ex instead of her husband. Billy said they were discussing the children, totally innocuous. Billy wasn’t surprised Adam was watching for Billy to make another misstep. Adam said they were kind of hard to miss, then he left. Billy thanked Victoria for not saying anything. She said it wasn’t the right time, but she wasn’t giving up on the plan.

Traci thanked Phyllis for having her back with Adam. Traci admitted Adam was right though – Billy brought a lot of this on himself. Phyllis understood, since she and Billy were a lot alike. She said she’d tried to change, and she made mistakes. Traci said that she knew Phyllis was supposed to have Christmas Eve dinner with the Abbotts, then she didn’t show up. Traci knew that things between Phyllis and Jack were complicated, but they were good friends, and that would never change, especially not because of Jack’s nosy sisters.

Traci went over to talk with Billy, Lily and Victoria. Billy revealed that Victoria knew about the plan and supported it. He hoped Traci could see that this plan was harmless. Traci thought it had the potential to do a bunch of damage. He hoped she wouldn’t tell anyone. She felt like she might explode and say something at any moment. She was sorry, but she didn’t understand why he wanted to engage with Adam. She asked if he couldn’t just enjoy his beautiful children and amazing partner, and the blessing of a healthy relationship with the mother of his children. Billy had his reasons, and he wasn’t going to get into them. Traci implored Victoria to rethink this, for Johnny and Katie’s sake. Victoria always put her children first, and she had complete faith in Billy. She left for the office.

Chelsea went to Adam’s office. He was sorry about last night, and he hated having to rush out and leave her there upset. She said she was fine and that she just got emotional because it was a holiday. She thought they could take Connor to lunch, since he was leaving for school in a couple of days. He agreed. She asked about the work emergency last night, and he said not to be concerned about it. He shifted gears and said he and Jack were discussing the idea of Jabot possibly coming on board as a sponsor for the fashion platform. Chelsea tensed and said Sally pitched the same idea for a fashion/makeup tie in, and Chelsea had turned it down. Chelsea thought that Sally had been so confident about the pitch because she’d already discussed it with Adam. Adam said he and Sally discussed it briefly, but if Chelsea didn’t like the idea, he’d defer to her and Chloe. Chelsea snapped that she’d had enough mind games. “I know Sally was your “work emergency” last night,” Chelsea announced. Chelsea said Sally told her. She thought Sally was trying to mark her territory. Adam said he didn’t belong to anyone. Chelsea wished Adam had been honest with her when he left her place last night. He said he didn’t know exactly what was going on when he left, and she’d been so upset that he didn’t want to make the situation worse. She hated that he ended the year thinking she was such a mess. He said he didn’t think that. Chelsea said she had to work with Sally, so she needed to know how serious things were with him and Sally. He said that there was nothing going on, and even if there was, it was none of her business until it involved Connor. “Are you falling for Sally Spectra?,” Chelsea demanded to know. Adam said he wasn’t dating Sally, and he told Chelsea that she and Sally would have to figure out their work issues. Chelsea said she decided to sell the penthouse, and Adam said he understood.

Chelsea said Sally didn’t deserve Adam. Chelsea was familiar with go-getters like Sally, and they only cared about what was in it for them. Frankly, Chelsea was shocked Adam couldn’t see it. Chloe and Sally arrived. Chelsea said she’d see Adam for their date with Connor, then she left. Chloe followed Chelsea. Chloe felt that Sally and Chelsea kept goading each other. Chelsea maintained that she’d been pleasant with her employee and that Sally didn’t seem to realize that Chelsea was the boss. Chelsea said she shot down some of Sally’s ideas earlier, and Sally was insubordinate because she thought she had Adam on her side. Chloe said they’d straighten things out. Chelsea wanted Sally to be fired.

Back in the office, Sally took down the decorations and said Chelsea was a bit moody today. Adam told Sally to cut it out right now.

Billy and Lily went home. Billy didn’t like this any more than Lily did, but he thought Victoria was right. The idea of going after Adam as a father didn’t sit right with Billy, but he thought they could go after Adam’s relationship with his own father. Billy said that Victor kept betraying Adam and Adam kept running back to him like a scared animal. Lily was unhappy that this was suddenly Victoria’s game, and Lily and Billy were her pawns. Lily was quitting.

Traci went to Victoria’s office to say her piece. Traci felt that this plan was dangerous, and she thought that Victoria might be supporting this out of a personal agenda. If that was the case, Traci wasn’t going to stand by and do nothing. Victoria respected Traci, but this was between Victoria and Billy. Traci said that Billy was her brother, and she had an obligation to do everything in her power to protect him, even if it was from himself. Traci said that protecting Billy used to matter to Victoria too, and they’d worked together to help Billy overcome his gambling addiction. Traci hated to say it, but she thought Victoria was using Billy. Victoria accused Traci of underestimating Billy. Victoria stated that she and Billy were equal partners who both stood to benefit if they took Adam down. Traci hoped that was true, because if Billy suffered at all, it’d be on Victoria’s conscience. Traci left.

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