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Abigail questions Kristen saying that Sarah is pining after someone other than Xander. Abigail asks if it’s Rex or Eric but Kristen says no. Abigail worries that Kristen pumped Sarah so full of drugs. Kristen argues that she wouldn’t have if Abigail didn’t leave a full syringe in the DiMera Dungeon. Abigail gets that it’s her fault and says she already feels terrible about it. Kristen says she’s just stating facts. Abigail asks who it is if not Rex or Eric. Abigail then guesses it’s Chad and that Kristen made Sarah be fixated on her husband. Kristen says no, it’s even better than that as she is fixated on a DiMera of seniority. Abigail then realizes it’s Tony.

Steve questions Sarah being in love with Tony DiMera. Sarah says they have had their ups and downs but Tony is the love of her life. Steve wonders if she thinks she’s Anna but Sarah questions how he could confuse her with that scheming bitch. Kayla asks who Sarah is then. Sarah responds that she is the one and only, Renee DuMonde. Kayla says that can’t be because Renee DuMonde is dead.

Lani searches T.R. Coates on her laptop to find out what he’s been up to since she was born. Lani finds out that he is referred to as a Hollywood Heavyweight in an article about him producing Johnny’s movie about Marlena’s possession. Eli comes home. Lani hugs him and welcomes him home. Lani asks how his visit with his mom went. Eli says it was good but he’s glad to be back home. Lani tells him how glad she is to have him home. Eli guesses the kids were a handful but Lani says it wasn’t just that. Eli asks what happened.

Paulina sits at home on the phone, saying she knows her name is not on the lease but Eli and Lani are her family so she wants to make sure T.R. Coates does not get in to that building again. Paulina offers to pay them off but they hang up on her. The doorbell rings so Paulina expects Lani but answers the door to see T.R., who refers to himself as Lani’s dear old dad. TR says this is ridicuous as he just wants to talk to her. Paulina remarks that she’ll end up with a black eye or a fat lip. TR insists that he’s changed and asks if she wants the neighbors to hear their business, so she lets him in.

Abigail questions Kristen expecting her to believe that Sarah is moping around this island because of Tony DiMera when she barely knows him. Kristen says she knows him intimately now which Abigail questions. Kristen explains that Sarah didn’t actually fall for Tony, Renee did. Abigail asks who the hell is Renee.

Sarah tells Kayla that she’s worrying her since she is Renee and alive and well. Steve tells Sarah that she is a doctor which she laughs off. Sarah talks as if she’s Renee and that Sarah is a toddler. Sarah says Kayla doesn’t know what she’s talking about because she knows she is Renee DuMonde. Steve asks Kayla to bring him up to speed on Renee. Kayla guesses she better because it looks like they are stuck with her.

Abigail goes over Kristen having Sarah believing that she is Stefano’s dead, illegitimate daughter, who is in love with Tony and was murdered by a serial killer. Abigail asks how Kristen made Sarah believe that she was Renee. Kristen responds that it wasn’t really hard since she had lost her grip when she first got here. Abigail understands since she made the trip in a suitcase. Kristen talks about the challenge and keeping her focused. Kristen adds that she just gave Sarah a bunch of books to read and one happened to be Renee’s diary, then when she was finished, she was convinced that she was Renee DuMonde and there was nothing she could do about it.

Kayla informs Steve that Renee was murdered by the Salem Slasher, Andre DiMera. Steve wonders why Sarah thinks she is Renee. Kayla suggests she was brainwashed or she just snapped. Steve asks what to do. Kayla decides they should just humor her for now. Sarah asks what they are whispering about. Kayla claims they were talking about how much they want to get out of this place. Sarah says she does too as she wants to get home to Tony. Sarah talks about their plan to use the kayak. Sarah brings up Renee drilling a hole in the boat that Anna was on, then asks if Anna was a friend of Steve and Kayla’s.

Anna sits with Tony at the DiMera Mansion as Tony fills her in on their theory that someone paid Ned Grainger to kidnap Abigail. Anna asks how soon he has to leave. Tony says that Chad is at the airfield now, so he has to pack a bag and meet him there. Tony adds that Chad hopes he can convince Ned to tell them where he took Abigail. Anna wants to go too. Tony says they don’t know what they are walking in to. Anna argues that Ned would never hurt her. Tony thinks it’s best that he and Chad go alone as he exits the room.

Lani informs Eli about Ray showing up and scaring her. Eli asks why she didn’t tell him. Lani didn’t want to break it to him over the phone. Eli questions how he even knew how to find her. Lani explains that he’s in town on a film production as he’s producing Johnny’s film about Marlena. Eli guesses that means he’ll be here for awhile then. Lani confirms he has a room at the Salem Inn. Eli feels Lani should’ve called him and he would’ve cut his trip short. Lani tells him that nothing happened and he was minding his manners. Lani states that she met her biological father for the first time but other than that, it wasn’t a big deal. Eli asks if she’s sure as she seems a little shaky.

TR tells Paulina that he wants to talk about Lani because she is his daughter too. Paulina argues that he gave up any rights that he had to her when he started knocking her around. TR argues that he would never hurt Lani and he’s a different man now, so he has a right to know his daughter and grandchildren. Paulina disagrees and orders him to get out now before she calls the cops. TR agrees to go but warns that they will be seeing each other again as he then exits. Paulina grabs her phone and calls someone, saying she needs to see them right away as it’s an emergency.

Steve questions Sarah about Renee drilling a hole in the boat that Anna was on. Sarah says she didn’t know Tony was on it too, but luckily David got there just in time. Kayla informs Steve that David was Julie’s son and Eli’s father. Sarah continues that David saved Anna and Tony’s lives but not the baby that Anna was carrying.

Tony tells Anna that he will call her when they land. Anna guesses that will have to be enough. Tony tells her to keep an eye on Charlotte and Thomas as they know something is up with their mom. Anna agrees to and asks Tony to be careful. Tony kisses her and then exits the mansion. Anna starts to walk away but the doorbell rings and TR arrives. Anna asks if she can help him. TR says he certainly hopes so.

Abe goes to see Paulina and asks about her emergency. Paulina says it’s about Lani. Abe asks if she’s alright. Paulina says she’s okay for now, but her bastard of a biological father is in Salem.

TR informs Anna that he’s here to see Johnny DiMera. Anna informs him that Johnny is out right now and asks if she can take a message. TR introduces himself and informs her that he’s producing Johnny’s film about Marlena. Anna then invites him in so they go to the living room. Anna explains that Johnny is her nephew and that she and Tony almost invested in the movie, but EJ didn’t think it was such a good idea. Anna offers TR a drink but he declines. Anna talks about being excited for the movie and suggests Tony should play himself, even though it was Andre pretending to be Tony. TR decides he will take a club soda. Anna thinks she has the perfect casting choice to play Andre’s wife and adopted sister, Kristen. TR asks who that would be. Anna says it’s herself of course.

Kristen tells Abigail this was her fault. Abigail says she might have left the syringe in the basement, but Kristen injected Sarah and decided to kidnap her in a suitcase, keeping her prisoner here for months. Abigail tells Kristen that she won’t give up until she can take Sarah home to her family. Kristen suggests asking Sarah which family she wants to be taken home to, the Hortons or the DiMeras?

Abe questions Paulina about Ray being in his town. Paulina informs him that Ray calls himself T.R. and he’s a Hollywood big shot now, teaming up with Johnny DiMera to produce his movie. Abe asks how they keep him away from Lani. Paulina reveals that it’s too late as they already met.

Eli tells Lani that he should’ve been there so she didn’t have to deal with TR alone. Lani informs him that Paulina was right behind him in mama lioness mode and got rid of him before she could even process it. Lani says it’s not that she didn’t know TR was abusive towards Paulina, but Paulina went on about the things he did to her in detail, so now she has a way better understanding of why Paulina was so afraid of TR, that she wouldn’t even tell him that Lani existed and gave her to her sister to keep her away from him. Eli admits it makes him feel sorry for Paulina. Lani says it does her too. Lani declares that now that she knows the truth, she has to admit that she is curious about Ray Coates. Lani shows Eli that she did a search on him. Eli asks if it makes her feel guilty to want to know more about him. Lani says after everything he did to Paulina, it does. Eli understands since he grew up wanting to know everything about his dad. Lani points out that David didn’t abuse Eli’s mother while TR Coates beat her mom on a regular basis and now wants to be a part of her life. Lani asks Eli what she’s supposed to do.

TR reminds Anna that the movie takes place 25 years ago and Allie is set to play her own mother as she’s in her 20s. Anna suggests using a filter and asks who is better than Tony’s real wife to play Tony’s real wife. TR informs her that he actually has another actress in mind for the part, but he will keep her mind for some of his other projects. Anna questions him having other projects. TR informs her that he produces 2-3 films a year. Anna says they definitely need to talk then. Anna says after “Possessed”, he could do a sequel about her and Tony’s epic romance called “Bewitched: The Anna DiMera Story”. Anna remarks how Renee DuMonte would be the best movie villian since Darth Vader as she tried to ruin her life.

Sarah tells Steve and Kayla about Tony being Renee’s one true love and how they were forced apart because of Stefano but they are meant to be together. Kayla informs her that the problem is that Tony’s already married. Sarah questions to who. Steve warns that she’s not going to like this but it’s Anna. Sarah demands they get her off this island, so she can tear Anna limb from limb. Sarah declares that Tony will just annul his marriage so they can have an enormous wedding at St. Luke’s. Sarah tells them they have to get a move on if they are going to get out of here. Steve says they want to get back to Salem just as much, but they have to deal with Kristen first. Sarah worries that Kristen will never let her leave as she said there is a serial killer in Salem. Kayla remarks that it wouldn’t be the first time. Sarah brings up the Salem Strangler trying to kill Renee more than once. Kayla tells Steve she’ll fill him in later. Steve gives Sarah his word that he won’t let Kristen stop them from leaving the island.

Kristen tells Abigail that once Sarah decided she was Renee, things became a lot easier for both of them as she became so obsessed with the details of Renee’s life. Kristen says she could come and go as she wanted because now all Sarah thinks about is getting back to her beloved Tony. Abigail points out that she doesn’t know where she is. Kristen assures they will find her and she has to in order to make sure Sarah doesn’t hurt herself. Kristen gives Abigail the diary of Renee DuMonde to keep her occupied as she then exits the room.

Anna continues telling TR about her life story. TR checks his watch as Anna wipes her tears. Anna talks about her and Tony being destined to be together, no matter what Renee DuMonde wanted. Anna asks what their next step is. TR tells her to write up a treatment and then they will talk. Anna starts talking about when she first came to Salem with her daughter Carrie. Anna then asks if TR has any children. TR reveals that he just found out he has a daughter. Anna says that’s wonderful. TR says it would be, but her mother has done everything she can to keep them apart. Anna encourages TR to fight like a tiger to be in his daughter’s life.

Lani tells Eli that she hopes Ray came to his senses and got the help he needed. Lani brings up their twins sharing his DNA so she worries that one of them could inherit their temper. Eli points out that genetics is just one factor in how a person turned out and they will raise their kids with love and care. Lani agrees but talks about coming face to face with Ray after hearing everything Paulina went through with him. Lani assures Paulina does not believe that Ray has changed.

Abe recalls Paulina telling him about what Ray did to her and questions why after all these years would she tell him about Lani. Paulina clarifies that she didn’t and that it was Chanel since she didn’t know who she was talking to when Ray mentioned knowing her. Paulina explains how Chanel mentioned Lani being her sister, leading to Ray putting it all together. Abe decides he will go check on Lani to see how she’s doing. Abe asks if Paulina will be okay here. Paulina assures they are survivors and tells Abe to go check on their girl. Abe then exits.

Anna admits to TR that she kept her daughter a secret from her father for the first four years of her life and it’s one of her biggest regrets. TR asks if Carrie and her dad got close. Anna confirms that they did as Roman wouldn’t let anyone keep him from being a wonderful father to Carrie. Anna encourages TR not to let anyone stand in between he and his little girl.

Abe goes to see Lani and Eli. Eli mentions that his mom Valerie sends her love. Abe hugs Lani and asks how she’s doing. Lani says she’s good but a little shaken up. Eli says now that Lani is in good hands, he’s going to go say hi to Doug and Julie. Lani sends her love as Eli exits. Abe jokes that now that Lani’s overprotective husband is gone, her overprotective father wants the tea. Abe asks how she is doing.

Abigail begins reading Renee DuMonde’s diary and admits it is kind of a page turner.

Steve, Kayla, and Sarah search for Kristen. Sarah insists that Kristen would never hurt them. Kristen then comes out and remarks that she sees Steve and Kayla have met Renee. Kayla questions what she gave Sarah and why she’s acting like this. Kayla asks if Kristen brainwashed or deprived Sarah. Kristen calls them pushy and says that Abigail is just like them. Steve and Kayla question Abigail being there and what they have done with her. Kristen responds that at the moment, she’s with a good book.

Abigail continues reading Renee’s diary where she wrote that she had to find a way to get Anna out of Tony’s life permanently. Abigail remarks that Renee really hated Anna’s guts.

Anna sits down with her laptop and doesn’t know where to start writing a treatment. Anna then begins typing up scenes of her and Tony’s life. Anna goes over when she slept with Andre, thinking he was Tony and says she’s going to make herself cry. Anna jokes about winning an oscar.

TR goes to his room at the Salem Inn. TR says to himself that Anna DiMera may be eccentric, but she’s right that he can’t stop trying to get through to Lani. Eli knocks on the door, saying it’s Salem PD. TR questions what Paulina did now as he answers the door and asks if he can help him. Eli informs him that he is Detective Grant. TR recognizes him as Lani’s husband and invites him in. TR guesses this makes him his son-in-law. Eli corrects him that Abe is his father in law and one of the most decent men he’s ever met. TR hopes that Eli thinks as well of him once they get to know each other. Eli responds that he doesn’t like what he knows so far. TR is sure that Paulina has painted an ugly picture of him. Eli notes that he didn’t help himself by barging in to his home. TR says that’s not what happened. Eli brings up TR beating up Paulina and scaring her in to keeping Lani a secret from him. TR remarks that it sounds like he’s already made up his mind about him and asks if he’s planning to help Paulina poison his daughter against him. Eli argues that Lani is a strong, smart woman and a damn good cop, so she doesn’t need him or Paulina to tell her how to feel. Eli warns TR that he has her back, so if TR messes with any Price women then he will have to answer him. TR says he understands as Eli then exits the room.

Lani tells Abe that having Ray show up at her door knocked her for a loop. Abe says if she wants to know more about Mr. Coates, he understands, but admits he’s not crazy about the idea, given what he did to Paulina. Abe advises Lani to be careful. Lani responds that she may be curious about Ray, but that’s all it is. Lani assures that Abe is her dad and always will be as they hug.


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