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Joss? What are you doing here? I’m taking a seminar. Are you taking it, too? Hell, no. No, I’m here trying to withdraw from the classes that I signed up for next semester. I doubt that, uh, pcu has a remote learning platform for students in spring ridge. Come in! Hi. You busy? I’m never too busy for you. Come on in.

[ Sighs ] Is everything okay? Yes, um, I’m fine. Uh, I’m here about curtis. Did something happen with curtis? No, no. I’m sorry. Really, I-it’s about marshall. It’s good to see you. This is a surprise. Did you use those P.I. Skills to track me down? Aunt stella told me where you were staying. Well, it’s, uh — it’s not very fancy. But it’ll do until I find a place of my own. Wait. You’re looking to find an apartment in town? Yeah, thought I’d stay and, uh, get to know my family. Tj and you and… does your coming here mean that that’s a possibility? Hmm. Aunt alexis? You looking for someone? Uh, yeah. Professor khan. I’ve signed up for the sociology of crime seminar. Me, too. I don’t get it. Why are you taking a class on crime? Well, I’m interested in the sociology aspect, and since I can’t practice law anymore, I was sort of toying with the idea of mediation or conflict resolution. Something law-adjacent. Well, that’s great. We could sit together. Cool. Did you use me, nina? Listen, I had no idea that scott was trying to find a way to get you on the stand, or that he even knew that you knew something. You have to believe me. I believe this is exactly what you wanted. This is what I wanted? The whole world to know about my relationship with mike in nixon falls? Are you crazy? I begged you to not say anything. See, scott — scott blindsided my father and the D.A. To inflict maximum damage by calling willow. You managed to evade the law and hurt my family at the same time. I wasn’t the one bent on revenge, michael. If you hadn’t pressed the llantano D.A. To arrest me, then none of this would have come out, and my relationship with so– mike… would have stayed a secret. Sonny: Carly, wait! Let me explain, okay?

[ Sighs ] Can you just listen to me? Listen to who? Sonny? Mike? Or someone else entirely? I’m your husband. Please tell me you’re not still sleeping with nina. Please. No, I didn’t sleep with nina, ever! Because you remembered your family before you could? Is that it? I remembered my family, and I came home, to you, where I belong! You fell in love with someone else. Where does that leave me?

So you think you can just… show up here and plant roots, just like that? Well, I, uh — I just started looking. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take. So you intend to play house here in port charles… after all this time. Where have you been? Everywhere and nowhere. I never stayed in one place very long. That’s it? That’s all you got for me? Curtis. Curtis, we keep going over this thing. I — I can’t give you an explanation that will satisfy you. All I can say is how ashamed I am of all the time I lost with you. That’s why I’m here. That’s why I’m staying. I want us to get to know each other. Oh, you want to get to know me now? Well, guess what. That works both ways. All those years that — that — t-that tommy and I grew up without a father, where were you? So, what’s involved in becoming a mediator? Do you have to go back to school or…? Well, that’s what I’m trying to figure out. Mm. So I thought if I just take a short three-week seminar during winter break, it might help me decide if I’m ready to be a student again. That’s valid. What about you, joss? Why are you taking classes on your winter break? Well, um, we’re reading professor khan’s book in my intro to sociology class, and it’s pretty great. So when I saw that she was giving a seminar, I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. Have you ever explored this concept I like to call “leisure”? I used to be pretty good at it before my dad fell under ava’s spell and my life turned into a complete dumpster fire. Okay! Everybody, take your seats. We have a lot to cover in very little time. I am professor khan, and this is sociology of crime. I am now passing around a sign-in sheet. Please make sure you sign it and get it back to me, otherwise you will not get credit for this lesson. Is there a problem? No, no. There’s no problem. Sorry, professor. Just sit. And be quiet. Maybe you might actually learn something. Don’t you dare try to turn this back on us! Michael didn’t come after you for revenge, nina. He wanted justice! What you did to his father was criminal! And, what’s worse, you came and went, in and out of our lives the whole time! You stood by and watched sonny’s family grieve him for months! That’s not just criminal, nina. It is cruel and selfish. I realize what I did to sonny’s family and to you was horrible. I’ve said it a million times. That’s why I stayed quiet, willow. Because I realized that sonny wasn’t telling anyone about our re– about mike and my relationship. Okay? It was over! The only reason it came out is because you overheard a private conversation, and I’m not gonna apologize for that! Hey. Not now! Not now, scott! You know, you miscalculated using willow like that. Threatening her on the stand and badgering her the way that you did? I will not forget that. I was defending my client. Oh, come on. You and I both know there’s no legal defense for the hell that nina put my family through. Well, you must have missed the part where the judge called your father back to the stand and he testified that he was not nina’s victim. So, you know… don’t blame me if dada was having a good time in nixon falls and he didn’t want to come home to his family.

[ Grunts ] Carly, we belo ng together.You know that, right? You fell — you fell in love with nina. I can’t believe I’m saying that. That w– that was nixon falls. I had amnesia. I wasn’t myself. Really? Yeah. Did you forget about your life as mike when you remembered you were sonny? No. No. Then why didn’t you tell me about nina? I-I was gonna tell you. Then jason died. I didn’t think it was the right time. I knew something was off. I knew something was wrong. And I thought it was me, sonny. I blamed myself because of everything that happened with jason. But you were lying to me! When I found out that nina knew you were alive — not from you, but from maxie — what did you do? “Let it go, carly. Just let it go.” Now I know why! You’re protecting nina! I didn’t want to lose you over a war with nina. I didn’t want to waste any more time with her. Nixon falls is done! It’s over! How can you stand there and say that to me? Because it’s the truth. Then you’re not just lying to me. You’re lying to yourself.

You can track the changes in society by tracking how the laws change in that society while it develops. Take, for instance, united states vs. Porter. Now, in this case, arthur porter was charged with assault for beating a man who broke into his home. And despite putting that man into the hospital, he was found not guilty because he was defending his property. This is — well, uh — excuse me? Nothing. Sorry. Carry on. Thank you. This is an example of property being valued over people. Mm. Not really. What, you — you know this case? Actually, I do. Uh, porter was defending his wife and child, so I could argue that porter was concerned for their well-being and safety, which was the deciding factor. Oh. You could. Are you telling me that marshall has an ulterior motive for getting back into curtis’ life?

[ Sighs ] I really don’t know. I-I hadn’t seen marshall in years, so I have no idea what kind of man he is now. Well, what kind of man

was he? Were you unhappy with him marrying your sister? No. No. Irene and marshall loved each other. That much, I do know. But marshall wasn’t always the easiest person to deal with. Running off from his family and letting them believe that he’s been dead for decades? That certainly fits with that description. But what concerns me is how curtis is dealing with it. I was with him earlier, and he told me something I never knew — how he and tommy would make up heroic stories about their dad when they were kids. Mm. So he painted his father as a hero. That’s not uncommon. And now that childhood fantasy is back from the dead. You know, stella, I get the sense that even with all curtis’ misgivings, he really does want to know his father. I know. But I’m worried the reality will crush curtis. Curtis, I know everything I say you think is lip service… but I am truly sorry that my sons — my sons — had to grow up without me.

Hhou s ce, or lack thereoatt means. Look, as far as kn, d itashe f (swords clashing) -had enough? -No… arthritis. Here. Aspercreme arthritis. Fu ll prescription-strength?Reduces inflammation? Thank the gods. Don’t thank them too soon.

Kick pain in the aspercreme. Most bladder leak pads were similar. Until always discreet invented a pad that protects differently. With two rapiddry layers. For strong protection, that’s always discreet. Question your protection. Try always discreet. This was a mistake. Son, don’t go. Let me tell you something. I don’t like carrying around all this anger any more than I liked growing up without a father. It’s like — but — y-you just don’t get it. I grew up lost. I didn’t have a man in my life to show me how to be a man, much less the man I wanted to be. But here you are. Yeah, but through a lot of hard knocks and stumbles along the way. But through the grace of god, I am here, no thanks to you. Curtis, don’t go. Curtis, please. Plea– I can’t change the past, man, but can you give me a chance to make things up to you now? Not unless you tell me where you’ve been all these years and what was more important than your family.

[ Exhales deeply ] Look, all I’m asking for are answers — clear answers with facts and dates. But if you can’t give that to me… don’t bother staying in port charles. Michael. Wait. Are you alright?

[ Sighs ] Scott’s threatening to file a complaint for assault. Did you actually punch him? Right in the face.

[ Sighs ] Michael. I know, I know, I know. It was — it was wildly inappropriate. I just let scott get under my skin, and I lost it. I ta– I talked to diane, and she already contacted him and cut a deal, citing harassment and provocation. Well, that’s one less thing to worry about. Oh, willow, I’m — I’m sorry D.A. Sheridan opened the door for scott by putting you on the stand. Wait. [ Exhales sharply ] Are you apologizing to me? No, I’m the one who kept nina’s secret. If I had told you what I heard between nina and your father, none of this would have happened. Okay. It’s — it’s not your fault. Okay? Nina manipulated you. I was trying to protect your parents’ marriage. I didn’t want to be the one to mess up things. And now I did anyway. Hey, hey, hey. Don’t — don’t — don’t blame yourself. This is all on scott and nina. I just hope the judge didn’t buy his tactics.

[ Sighs ] Hey, did my, uh — did my parents come back yet? No. I don’t know where they are. This is it. Judge has made his decision.

[ Door opens ] I wonder if that professor’s gonna write an addendum to her book. You really schooled her. I couldn’t help myself. I-I just take exception when people don’t state all the facts. I like facts. Well, you definitely made the lecture more interactive. It felt more like a debate, and I liked it. Professor khan: Miss davis. Ruh-roh. That’s you, correct? Yep, that’s me. May I have a word?

[ Sighs ] I realize that I overstepped. I just get really passionate. So I-I’m sorry I disrupted your lecture. You’re, um, alexis davis. The defense attorney. I recognize the name. I used to be a defense attorney. Well, I read your article in the law review on jury bias. You made some very interesting points.

[ Door closes ] Thank you. So how do you have time to take this seminar, and why would you want to? Well, I’m looking at a career change. My days in the courtroom are over. Oh, well, then I’m gonna cut right to the chase. You’re wasting our time being here. You do not belong in my class. You were always with me when I didn’t know who you were. I used to see you. And I would talk to you when… times were bad. That’s because we… belong together. You know that. You kept a part of yourself from me.

[ Exhales deeply ] Were you ever gonna tell me about nina and nixon falls, ever? Yeah. I wanted to tell you so many times. Then jason died and then… brando and sasha’s baby was in crisis. I wanted to tell you, and I’d get interrupted. I think you believe that you were gonna tell me the truth someday… but I don’T. I don’T. I think that was just a story you kept telling yourself to justify the secret. Meanwhile, you locked away your time with nina in this small place in your heart, and you — you kept telling me there was nothing wrong and there was nothing coming between us. Well, y-you keep putting nina between us. You’re gonna have to let that go, carly. You dodge every single time I ask you about nina. No, I don’T. No, I don’T. Yes, you do. I just now asked you. I don’t — I just now asked you if you fell in love with nina, and instead of answering, you told me you couldn’t remember me. I didn’t say — did I say that? Yes! I don’t rememb– and that’s not an answer, sonny. Yes, it is. I would not have looked at nina… if that blond woman in my dreams had turned around… …and I would have seen that beautiful face. I love you. You said that. What you haven’t said is how you feel about nina… right here, right now today.

if you’re worried about my interrupting again, I-I promise you, I-I can con– I can try to control myself. That’s not what I’m talking about at all. You should be teaching, ms. Davis. The students could really benefit from your passion for the law. And it’s clear that you’re not shy about public speaking. Teaching? Mm-hmm. Really? Uh — I happen to know that professor cardiff is retiring, so that means there might be an opening here at pcu. Maybe you could start off as an adjunct and work your way up. I never thought about teaching. Well, think about it. It could be just what you’re looking for. I hope my auntie didn’t go into one of her embarrassing stories about me, like when I was 6, you know, losing a tooth trying to ride my bike off the apartment-building front stoop.

[ Chuckles ] No. But I’d definitely like to hear that story another day. Right. So, uh, what brings you by? I just left from talking with marshall, and I needed to see your beautiful face. How did that go? That’s not why I’m here. This court is here to interpret and uphold the law, not mediate a personal dispute. Upon review of all documents and evidence, it is the court’s determination that the commonwealth has failed to prove that ms. Reeves’ actions met the legal definition of fraud. I’m dismissing all charges against nina reeves. This case is hereby dismissed.

[ Gavel bangs ] Bailiff: This court stands adjourned. All rise. I am so sorry, michael. This isn’t over. I’m sorry. I’m also stunned by judge milford’s ruling. I wouldn’t have brought the charges if I didn’t think there was a strong case for fraud. Ah, you made a strong argument. And I assure you elq will continue to support your campaign. I appreciate that. Ms. Tait, I am so sorry for calling you to the stand. If I had had any idea baldwin was gonna ambush you, I would have left you in peace. I’m just sorry scott was able to use my testimony to his advantage. Actually, it was mr. Corinthos’ testimony that was the deciding factor. What are you talking about? Well, once he said he didn’t consider himself a victim, it follows that, in his mind at least, no crime was committed. I wasn’t in the courtroom for that. It’s an interesting question of law. I wish I would have done better with it. Nina, what’s with all this business? You’re free as a bird. How did you know about my relationship with sonny? That’s what you pay me for. No. This is not what I wanted. You don’t think I’m angry…at nina, for letting scott pull that stunt? And? What are you — wha– I don’t know what — I asked — I asked you… how you felt about nina.

[ Sighs ] Sonny. Okay, okay, okay. Hold on. Oh, my god. You just gotta understand, you know? What it felt like to wake up in the woods… not knowing who I am… …alone, scared. Phyllis and lenny took me in. They gave me a job, an anchor. And then nina… when I see nina… I-in “mike,” I see her as mike’s friend, his confidant. But I also see… what she did to you… …and to my kids. It’s really — carly, it’s all jumbled up in here. Nina let me believe you were dead. And you still have feelings for her after everything she did? Come on. W– let’s go home. We’ll talk — I really need some time to think about this, sonny. What do you mean, time? I need… I need some time apart.

spencer: Success. The bursar’s office was still open. I’m de-enrolled. See? Things work out. What’s going on? Nina’s preliminary hearing was today, and I haven’t heard a word from anyone. Well, no news is good news. When has that ever been true? Look, fingers crossed, the judge will throw the book at nina reeves, bind her over for trial, and revoke her bail. But you’re not vengeful or anything. I hate nina. She is the worst kind of hypocrite. Mm-hmm. She pretends to be all sweet and sympathetic when all she really cares about is herself and what she wants. Damn. Why can’t you hate ava that way? Oh, i do hate ava that way. I will never forgive her for what she’s done to morgan. However, she is avery’s mom and trina’s mentor. So I have to suck it up and I have to coexist. However, I will never buy into ava’s B.S… and I will never think that she is some gracious lady. But I choose to keep the peace. And if you had come to me before you went off on your stalking kick, I would have told you the exact same thing. Yeah, I really wish I had come to you. You probably would have shot the stalking idea down in flames, and I wouldn’t be looking at 30 days in spring ridge. You’re gonna be okay. You’re stronger than you think you are. I hope so. In the meantime, while my freedom lasts, this trip should help ease any lingering tensions between you and me and cameron and trina and esme. It should really help us get to know each other better. I certainly hope so. Okay, I will send an introductory e-mail to the chairman of the department tomorrow morning. I know it’s the break, but she’s a workaholic. Mm, or maybe she’s just passionate about what she does. Oh, good. Use that approach. Listen. [ Sighs ] I kind of… like the idea of this. I’m interested. I-I-I might like teaching at pcu. I just wonder if I have the proper qualifications. Oh, certainly, especially if you start off as an adjunct. Who knows? They may even hire you full-time with your credentials. Look. You’re cited. You’re published. With your cv, all you need to do is ace the interview and pass the routine background check. No problem. Background check. Mm-hmm. Of course. Curtis came by to see me today. I figured he would. He had questions, so I told him to come and talk to you. But you didn’t tell him, did you? I saw him a little while ago. He would have surely mentioned it. He left…dissatisfied. Curtis is not gonna stop until he gets answers.

[ Chuckles ] I’m not surprised. Is that why you’re here? To warn me? I’m worried how this is gonna affect my relationship with him. Don’t worry about this, stella. I will never, ever tell curtis that you knew I wasn’t dead. You were like a hero to my sons. I don’t want to take that away from curtis, too. Mmm! Not that I’m objecting at all…

[ Chuckles ] …But you didn’t answer my question. Well, that’s because I don’t want to talk about marshall. I want to focus on you. Okay. That’s fine with me. I hope you are ready for tomorrow night because I have big plans for us on new year’s eve. Neither of my parents are answering their phones. I hope they’re alright.

[ Sighs ] They’re just — they’re probably going through it right now. I just want to let them know that, according to the judge, nina’s actions weren’t criminal at all. Michael. What are you going to do? I don’t know. But what I’m not gonna do is sit back and let nina get away with her crimes against my family. Listen, scott, I’m not gonna stick around for the paperwork. I’ve — I’ve gotta go. Listen. You could thank me, but not with just a check. I did my job. You’re not going to prison. So…you’re welcome. I can’t even think about that. I’m too worried about sonny. Carly, you don’t need time. I want — I want you. I want our family together. You know that. I know that nina still has a hold on you. No, she doesn’T. Sonny, look me in the eye and tell me nina means nothing to you. I don’t know what you want me to say. Listen.

[ Exhales sharply ] Stop. Stop. Look. W– we could still work this out. No, we can’T. Yes, we can. Do not come home tonight.

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