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Abe joins Paulina in the town square. Paulina orders him a martini. Abe jokingly asks if she’s trying to get him drunk. Paulina says that’s exactly what she is trying to do.

Chad sits at the bar of the Brady Pub, drinking. His phone rings with a call from Sarah but he ignores it and continues drinking. Chad calls for another drink. Eric comes out and comments that Chad has had enough.

Sarah is at the Kiriakis Mansion, leaving a voicemail for Chad to call her back as it’s important. Sarah hangs up as Sonny walks in and calls it a surprise to see her. Sarah says she just came to tell Maggie some good news. Sonny comments that it’s been awhile since he heard any good news, so he asks what it is. Sarah informs him that there’s been a break in the case.

Rafe and Jada work at the police station. Rafe gives Nicole’s statement to Jada, noting he got it from her at home this morning. Jada asks how Nicole is doing. Rafe says she’s doing better with the pain but she hates the crutches. Jada talks about going over Abigail’s file one last time and says she thinks they are pretty close to closing the case. Xander storms in and says like hell they are. Rafe warns Xander to take it easy. Xander orders Rafe to get Jada to stop harassing Sarah. Jada complains that she’s just doing her job. Xander declares that Sarah is innocent and they can prove it.

Jack is at home, finishing a work call. Jack declares that he is not leaving Salem until he finds out who killed his daughter. Jack then answers the door to see Gwen. Gwen imagines he’s not too surprised to see her. Jack confirms that he heard about her pardon. Gwen apologizes for showing up unannounced. Jack says it’s alright as Jennifer, Julie, and Doug took the kids out for pizza. Gwen brings up how she used to do that but Jack cuts her off and asks why she is here. Gwen says there is something she wants him to know.

Sarah tells Sonny about how Rex can vouch for where she was at the time of the murder. Sonny calls that great and mentions Maggie being really worried about her. Sonny adds that he never thought she did it, no matter what kind of drugs Gwen pumped in to her because it’s not in her nature to hurt anyone, especially not Abigail. Sarah thanks him and admits there were times that she couldn’t remember what happened that night so she kept thinking what if the drugs made her. Sonny encourages that she doesn’t have to think about that anymore because Rex will testify and she can put this whole thing behind her. Sarah doesn’t know since the police don’t have to believe Rex.

Jada and Rafe question Xander saying he can prove Sarah’s innocence. Xander states that Sarah couldn’t have killed Abigail and repeats his wish for Jada to back off before she is charged with harassment. Jada argues that questioning a suspect is not harassment. Xander argues that Sarah isn’t a suspect and if she was doing her job, she would’ve found out that Sarah has an alibi. Jada asks how if Sarah doesn’t remember where she was that night. Xander reveals that Marlena hypnotized Sarah and she remembered being with Rex, who can and will confirm it. Xander offers Jada a pen and tells her to cross Sarah off the list of suspects. Jada responds that she can’t do that, so Xander questions why the hell not.

Eric decides Chad is done drinking as he’s had enough. Chad responds that he’s going to have quite a few more because Eric is not the boss of him. Eric argues that he’s legally bound to refuse service to anyone who is clearly over their limit. Chad asks if he’s having a good time. Eric says he knows Chad is not. Chad remarks that priests think they are God on earth. Eric thinks Chad is just hurting. Chad rambles about his wife being stabbed to death by her hopped up cousin. Eric decides that he’s calling him a cab but Chad orders Eric to get him his drink and declares that he’s not leaving until he gets it.

Xander repeats that Sarah is not a suspect anymore because she has an alibi. Jada mocks the idea of Sarah’s colleague hypnotizing her and her memory suddenly coming back and it’s only confirmed by her ex husband. Rafe tells Jada to dial it down. Jada complains about Xander accusing her of harassing Sarah. Xander points out that she blew up her wedding. Jada questions Xander ordering her to stop the investigation because of some out of the blue alibi. Jada reminds Xander that Lucas swears he saw Sarah at the scene of the crime on the night of the crime. Xander calls Lucas a drunk and a liar, only pointing his finger at Sarah to save his own skin. Jada points out that Lucas was also hypnotized by Marlena and he remembers being at the mansion that night where he saw Sarah walking down the stairs. Xander argues that Lucas was faking it and just pretending to be hypnotized. Jada questions if that means he fooled Marlena and if it’s possible that Marlena was also fooled by Sarah. Xander says maybe but Sarah has an alibi as Rex Brady was in his room with Sarah on the night of the murder. Jada questions Rex visiting his ex-wife in a hotel room alone. Xander admits that Rex never really got over her which makes Jada believe that Rex is just covering for her murder charge. Xander insists that Rex wouldn’t lie about this and that Rafe knows he wouldn’t. Jada admits this is a troublesome case and says she’s dealt with he said she sad but this is her first she remembers, he remembers. Xander argues that this isn’t funny. Rafe tells Xander that they will follow up on what he said and they will talk to Rex. Jada warns that Sarah is not yet off the hook. Xander calls them both idiots and walks out of the station. Rafe remarks that Jada just told Xander everything she knows about the case and suggests she might want to work on that. Jada apologizes as Rafe walks away.

Sonny tells Sarah that he will walk her out, but he gets a call from Eric, so Sarah exits while Sonny answers. Eric tells Sonny that he’s sorry to bother him, but he didn’t know who else to call as it’s about Chad. Eric informs Sonny that Chad has been drinking all afternoon at the Pub and he refuses to served him another drink, but now he won’t leave. Eric notes that he has an appointment to get to. Sonny says he’ll be right there. Eric thanks him and hangs up.

Abe tells Paulina that she doesn’t have to get him lubricated to succumb to her charms. Paulina agrees but notes that he can be downright stubborn when it comes to his career. Paulina encourages him to reach for the stars for the people of the state. Paulina brings up how many state governors went on to be President and says they need an honest man like Abe after Governor Mitchell pardoned those killers and proved himself unfit for office. Abe questions why she wanted him to grovel for his endorsement then. Paulina complains about him opposing the job. Abe spots Nicole coming by on crutches, so he calls her over. Paulina says she knows what Abe is doing but it won’t stop her. Abe invites Nicole to join them so she sits at their table. Paulina remarks that now Nicole can help her talk some sense in to him. Paulina tells Nicole to tell Abe that he should be governor. Abe suggests checking on how Nicole is doing first and asks about her ankle and how she felt after being held at gunpoint. Paulina agrees and tells Nicole to feel free to open up. Paulina relates to being robbed at gunpoint last year. Abe reminds her that they are talking about Nicole. Abe thanks God that Eric came along when he did because it sounds like he saved Nicole’s life. Nicole agrees since she thought the guy was going to shoot her but somehow, Eric talked him down. Paulina calls that so romantic and asks when Nicole and Eric are getting back together.

Eric goes to the police station. Jada thanks him for coming in and says it shouldn’t take long as she just has to ask him a few questions about the other day. Eric says it’s no problem and asks how she’s doing since he last saw her at the hospital. Jada says she’s better and thanks him for asking. Eric says everybody would understand if she wasn’t better. Jada acknowledges that it was a clean shoot but she still killed a man with a soul and that stays with you. Jada is sure Eric has dealt with a lot of people with guilt and difficult emotions as a priest, so she feels like he would understand. Eric says he does and that he’s here if she ever needs to talk. Jada thanks him and goes to get the file. Jada ends up spilling her water and then tells Eric that she’s not in a good mood. Eric mentions seeing Xander leaving on his way in and asks if he had anything to do with her mood. Jada complains about Xander leading to her getting in trouble with Rafe and calls Xander a total jerk. Jada then asks if Xander is Eric’s friend. Eric assures that he’s definitely not. Jada notes that seems kind of out of character for Eric, so she asks what Xander did. Eric reveals that for starters, Xander slept with his wife which shocks Jada.

Xander returns to his room at the Salem Inn, complaining to Sarah that Jada has her mind all made up and no facts can change it. Sarah guesses it didn’t go well which Xander says would be an understatement. Sarah suggests calling the lawyer. Xander says he thought he could handle it. Xander informs Sarah that when he told Rafe that Rex could confirm her alibi, Jada was all over the fact that Rex is Sarah’s ex husband and she took that to mean he might lie for her. Sarah says that’s not good though not as bad as Lucas’s testimony. Xander calls Lucas a lying drunk. Sarah doesn’t think you can lie under hypnosis and she knows she was in this room when Lucas says he saw her at the DiMera Mansion. Xander argues that she couldn’t be in two places at once. Sarah then reminds Xander that she was.

Gwen tells Jack that she didn’t want to just show up since Jennifer is going through enough. Jack questions what she wanted to tell him. Gwen informs him that the pardon was not her idea and that it was Kristen who intervened to get her out. Gwen says she won’t pretend that she’s not happy about it but she didn’t scheme to get it and was absolutely prepared to serve her sentence. Jack states that she didn’t have a choice. Gwen understands she deserved it and that she needs to pay for what she has done. Jack appreciates her saying that and admits he didn’t know what to think when he heard she was pardoned. Jack says he now understands that Gwen truly wants to atone for what she did to Sarah and Abigail.

Chad remains drunk at the bar and calling for Eric. Chad says he’ll get the drink himself and tries to climb over the bar but Sonny arrives and stops him. Sonny says Eric was right that Chad needs a ride home. Chad says he just needs another drink. Sonny stops him and says no one is going to serve him. Chad decides he’ll just find another bar. Sonny tells him that it’s time to call it a day. Chad tells Sonny to move out of his way but he refuses. Chad then takes a swing at Sonny but he ducks and Chad falls to the floor.

Gwen looks at a photo of Abigail and Chad on the mantle while Rafe arrives at the house and informs Jack that he came to update him on Abigail’s case. Rafe sees Gwen and mentions hearing that she was pardoned so he guesses congratulations are in order. Jack clarifies that it was Kristen’s doing, not Gwen’s. Jack asks what Rafe learned about Abigail’s case. Rafe reveals that it turns out that Sarah may in fact have an alibi for the time of the murder as she remembers being with Rex Brady at the Salem Inn and Rex is willing to confirm it. Jack is relieved for Maggie’s sake. Gwen asks about Lucas saying he saw Sarah at the DiMera Mansion on the night that Abigail was murdered. Rafe says that’s still a question mark and Sarah won’t be completely cleared until they speak to Rex, but once they confirm with Rex then they will have to look at Lucas’s statement a lot harder. Rafe remarks that Sarah couldn’t be in two places at the same time…

Sarah reminds Xander of Kristen wearing the Sarah mask to make it seem like she was somewhere that she wasn’t. Sarah points out that Kristen loaned that mask to Gwen, so for all she knows, she still has it. Xander calls Gwen a bitch. Sarah adds that they’ve seen the lengths Gwen will go to in order to get rid of her and she’s the only person she knows that hated Abigail. Xander and Sarah realize that Gwen was wearing the Sarah mask that night and killed two birds with one stone.

Jada questions Eric about Xander sleeping with his wife. Eric clarifies that she is now his ex-wife which Jada acknowledges as Nicole, Rafe’s wife. Jada asks Eric if they got divorced because of Xander sleeping with her. Eric calls it a catalyst but admits he wasn’t much of a husband since he was out of the country most of the time and focused on his work, so he really wasn’t paying attention to his marriage or Nicole.

Paulina tells Nicole that Eric saved her life like a romance novel. Paulina says she could sense the chemistry between them at her and Abe’s wedding and that if Chanel didn’t catch the bouquet, she was sure Nicole and Eric would’ve been married next. Nicole clarifies that she was as Abe informs Paulina that Nicole is married to Rafe, which surprises her. Paulina comments that Nicole should’ve talked to her first.

Jada asks Eric if he and Nicole are still on good terms. Eric confirms they are and he only wishes her the best. Jada points out that it’s more than that since he risked his life for her. Eric says when he saw the guy holding the gun on her, he knew that he could pull the trigger at any moment. Jada guesses that Eric realized he’s still in love with Nicole. Eric tells Jada that what he realized in that moment is that he wouldn’t want to live on this earth without Nicole in it. Jada responds that thanks to his quick thinking, he doesn’t have to. Eric thinks he’s actually the reason why it happened since he should’ve called the cops when he saw the guy stealing out of the tip jar at the Brady Pub. Jada thinks he’s being hard on himself. Eric argues that if he had done something, Nicole wouldn’t have had a gun pointed at her and if he hadn’t let the guy get away, Jake wouldn’t be dead. Jada encourages that he can’t think like that. Eric admits it’s all he’s been thinking about. Jada knows all about going over things in your head but insists that the only one responsible for what that man did is that man, not her, Nicole, or Eric. Jada tells him not to blame himself for what happened. Eric thanks her as Jada reminds him to get his statement.

Paulina questions Nicole was hanging out at their wedding on her wedding day. Nicole calls it a spur of the moment decision. Paulina congratulates her. Paulina then gets a phone call from the exploratory committee as she had them set up some focus groups to see how people respond to Abe. Paulina steps away to answer the call. Abe jokes that they were hoping their marriage would bring Paulina out of her shell. Nicole acknowledges that Paulina isn’t the only one who thinks that way about her and Eric since even Rafe thinks something is going on which Abe questions. Nicole explains that after Eric scared off the gunman, he was trying to talk her down and then Rafe showed up, misread things, and freaked out on Eric. Nicole adds that once Rafe realized what was happening, he felt bad but says he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Abe asks if she’s sure.

Jack tells Rafe that if Rex was with Sarah that night then Lucas saying he saw Sarah at the DiMera Mansion that night doesn’t make any sense. Jack adds that Lucas was drinking so maybe he doesn’t know what he saw. Rafe calls that a distinct possibility. Gwen thinks back to pulling the Sarah mask from her bag. Gwen then says it’s good to know that Sarah probably didn’t have anything to do with Abigail’s murder, remarking that she would hate to have to live with the responsibility for her sister’s death.

Sonny brings Chad to the Kiriakis Mansion. Chad goes straight to the liquor in the living room. Sonny tells Chad not to do it. Chad jokes that he now has his own designated driver. Sonny asks Chad what happened today that set him off like this. Chad tries to laugh it off while Sonny tries to get him to focus and asks if this is about Sarah. Chad calls Sarah crazy and says he wouldn’t answer the call from the person who killed his wife. Sonny informs Chad that Sarah was calling to say she’s innocent as she has an alibi since she was with Rex at the time of the murder. Chad laughs at that and questions Clyde didn’t do it and then Lucas didn’t do it and now Sarah didn’t do it. Chad asks if that means Abigail stabbed herself to death. Sonny knows how hard it must be to not know who did this horrible thing. Chad declares that it doesn’t even matter because even if they find out who did it, it’s not going to bring her back as nothing will. Chad informs Sonny that the reason he went out drinking today is because Thomas didn’t want to go to the aquarium, he wanted Abigail, and Chad snapped at him because he wanted his mother. Chad says he doesn’t even want to be around his own kids because he doesn’t want to worry about causing them more pain. Sonny encourages that Thomas knows he didn’t mean to hurt him. Chad argues that he’s supposed to suck it up and make his kids feel better but he’s just causing them more pain. Sonny hugs Chad as he breaks down crying.

Jada has Eric sign his statement. Eric asks if she needs anything else. Jada notes that everything he said matches up with what Nicole said too. Eric asks if Jada found a place to stay yet or if she looked at the rooms above the Pub. Jada says she hasn’t had time but she better make time because she’s bleeding money at the Salem Inn. Eric decides that tomorrow, he will show her the rooms above the Pub. Jada offers to take him out to lunch afterwards. Eric tells her that she doesn’t have to do that but Jada clarifies that she’s asking him on a date.

Abe apologizes to Nicole for saying anything. Nicole says it’s fine and thinks people are just picking up on the fact that she will always care about Eric, but she is so happy with Rafe. Paulina returns and announces the focus groups numbers are through the roof, so they love Abe’s chances. Nicole congratulates Abe and thanks Paulina for the drink. Paulina invites her to join them for dinner but Nicole says she’s on her way to the police station. Abe offers to drive her but Nicole doesn’t want to keep him from his dinner and says with any luck, maybe she can convince Rafe to take her out on a romantic dinner of their own.

Xander goes over to Sarah that Gwen put on the mask, murdered Abigail, and then on her way out of the house, she happened to run in to Lucas. Sarah thinks if she didn’t happen to run in to Lucas, she would’ve happened to run in to somebody else because she didn’t want to just get away with it, she wanted to pin it on her. Xander feels there’s a lot of pre-meditation in that. Xander can’t believe he was about to marry someone so sick. Sarah says the hard part will be getting somebody to believe them since Gwen was in prison. Xander argues that he knows flea markets with better security than Statesville. Xander insists that they will get the police to believe them by showing them evidence and proving that Gwen has the mask. Sarah asks how to do that. Xander says by searching her room since she texted him where she is staying and wanted him to know that she’s there for him since it looked like Sarah was the killer. Xander thinks Gwen will regret sharing that bit of information. Xander and Sarah then exit together.

Chad thanks Sonny for being such a good friend to him. Sonny calls him a good friend too and a good dad. Sonny assures that he’ll always be there for him. Sonny says he’ll get Chad upstairs to sleep it off.

Jack hopes Rafe is able to clear Sarah for Maggie’s sake as he remarks that it must be hell to wonder if your daughter is capable of doing something like that…

Paulina apologizes to Abe if she put her foot in it earlier, but insists that Nicole and Eric’s chemistry was clear at their wedding. Abe jokes about her thinking about Nicole and Eric instead of him. Paulina assures she was focused on him but asks how could you not notice the sparks flying off Nicole and Eric. Paulina declares that Nicole might have ran off and married Rafe, but she has no doubt that Nicole still has feelings for Eric.

Jada apologizes to Eric for assuming he’s single. Eric assures that he’s not seeing anyone. Jada asks if he’s not interested then. Eric says he never said that and he would love to go to lunch. Jada says it’s a date then right as Nicole arrives at the station.

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