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Johnny is at the DiMera Mansion and calls Wendy Shin, leaving her a message to call back when she gets it because he has something important to talk about. The doorbell rings and it’s Tripp. Johnny didn’t know he was in town and invites him in. Tripp explains that he came back because of Kayla being seriously ill. Johnny mentions Marlena also being sick and asks how Kayla is. Tripp informs him that Kayla and Marlena are on the mend which Johnny calls great news and says he’ll have to give Marlena a call later. Tripp tells Johnny that he just came here to visit his mom but Johnny informs him that Ava left town. Tripp is surprised and asks why. Johnny reveals that EJ forced her to leave.

Wendy goes to see Gabi in her and Li’s room at the Salem Inn. Gabi greets her and mentions not knowing she was in town. Wendy is surprised Li didn’t tell her. Gabi says they have a lot going on. Wendy informs Gabi that she asked Li for a job at DiMera Headquarters but he shot her down. Wendy adds that she came here to try and convince him but points out that since Gabi is CEO, maybe she could overrule him. Gabi responds that she’s sorry but she’s not going to be able to do that because she’s not CEO anymore.

EJ trashes Gabi’s nameplate from the desk at the DiMera Office. Li questions that being necessary while EJ calls it enjoyable. EJ reminds Li that he said being engaged to Gabi wouldn’t be an issue which he confirms. EJ declares that now that he’s returned to his rightful position on top of DiMera, no unnecessary distractions will be tolerated. EJ states that his sole focus is running his empire. Li points out that it’s their empire as he wouldn’t have this position if not for him. EJ declares that he is CEO now and tells Li to be clear where he’s loyal since he knows what he did to Stefan.

Johnny informs Tripp that Ava and Jake were never really married and how EJ was ready to send Ava to prison for fraud but he made a deal to not press charges if Ava left Salem for good. Tripp can’t believe it and guesses Ava was ashamed to tell him. Johnny says he’s sorry and that he tried to talk EJ out of it since he really likes Ava. Tripp questions him feeling that way even after she tried to scam his family. Johnny responds that none of that mattered to him as much as Ava did. Tripp questions what that means. Johnny explains that he and Ava got really close after she moved in. Tripp questions how close they got.

Gabi informs Wendy that she was voted out as CEO this morning. Wendy questions who is in charge. Gabi informs her that it’s EJ DiMera and that he’s been wanting to get rid of her and anyone who supports her since he came back to town. Wendy guesses that means Li is out too but Gabi reveals that Li is staying on as EJ’s number two.

Stefan joins EJ and Li in the DiMera Office. EJ tells Stefan that he’s happy to have Li on board but it doesn’t change the fact that he took Stefan’s position. Stefan says they all want what’s best for the company. Li remarks that he wouldn’t have stepped in to the role if his father didn’t have doubts about Stefan. EJ argues that it’s obvious that Stefan is competent and once they prove that he’s capable of taking his rightful place as co-CEO, it’s only a matter of time before that happens.

Gwen has a dream about Xander coming back to her and saying he still loved her and wanted to get back together. Gwen then is woken up by Jack arriving.

Xander joins Sarah at the Kiriakis Mansion and greets her along with Maggie. Sarah talks about having a long night after an entire high school football team came in to the hospital with food poisoning. Xander reveals to her that he’s been upstairs because he swallowed his pride and asked Victor if they could move back in.

Tripp questions Johnny about how close he and his mom got. Johnny talks about how Ava was going through a really hard time after Jake died while he was bummed about Chanel leaving him for his sister, so they kind of leaned on each other. Tripp asks how. Johnny says they just gave each other a shoulder to cry on and that was it other than the time they saw each other naked but that’s not what he thinks. Johnny adds that there was also the time when EJ caught them in bed, so Tripp then punches Johnny.

Wendy questions Gabi about EJ naming Li as his second in command. Wendy then thinks back to Johnny’s theory that EJ and Li could be working together. Wendy tells Gabi that she didn’t realize EJ and Li had that kind of relationship. Gabi says they don’t and explains that Wei Shin and the board had doubts about Stefan. Wendy comments that it must have been a shock to Gabi when Stefan showed up. Gabi calls that an understatement. Gabi says when she lost Stefan, she thought her life was over and prayed for a miracle. Wendy points out that she got one but Gabi says he’s not the same man that he was. Wendy questions what she means. Gabi says it’s like a switch was flipped in his brain and now he hates her. Wendy asks if she has any idea why. Gabi doesn’t know how to explain it. Gabi brings up Dr. Rolf and says she feels like somehow in the process, he turned Stefan against her. Wendy asks why he would do that. Gabi responds that Dr. Rolf never liked her but admits going through that much trouble just to make her miserable doesn’t make sense. Wendy asks if it wouldn’t be out of spite. Gabi says there is always a larger purpose behind Dr. Rolf’s experiments.

EJ suggests getting down to business as he, Li, and Stefan sit at the desk. EJ declares that they must make sure they never lose control of the company again. EJ adds that they need to agree that everything discussed here remains confidential. EJ talks about Gabi being extremely dangerous so they don’t want to give her opening. Li assures he will keep his personal life separate from DiMera, so he has nothing to worry about. EJ doesn’t know why Li doesn’t get rid of Gabi altogether. EJ remarks that Gabi may dress nice but she’s a feral cat who used their family business to give herself respectability. EJ calls Gabi trash and argues that she did nothing for the company but taint it’s name. Stefan then interrupts and shouts that’s enough.

Tripp apologizes for hitting Johnny. Johnny understands that Tripp thought he was bragging about sleeping with his mother but clarifies that nothing happened. Johnny admits he would’ve done the same thing if he thought Tripp slept with his mother. Tripp guesses he’s sensitive when it comes to DiMeras because of how EJ treated Ava. Johnny doesn’t blame him and admits EJ was a total ass. Johnny adds that he really does care about Ava and thinks she got a rotten deal. Tripp asks if he has any idea where she went but he doesn’t. Tripp decides to see if he can track her down. Johnny wishes him luck in finding Ava as Tripp then exits the mansion.

Wendy tells Gabi that she’s kind of bummed not to be working for her anymore since she thought a female CEO at DiMera gave her hope about moving up in the company. Gabi says she was so impressed by her and was really looking forward to working with her. Wendy points out that they’ll still be seeing a lot of each other since Gabi is going to be her sister in law. Wendy asks when the wedding day is. Gabi says they haven’t set one yet but they will soon. Gabi tells Wendy that she will likely be the first to know. Wendy decides to get going. Gabi says it was nice to see her and she will let Li know that she stopped by. Wendy tells Gabi that for what it’s worth, she deserves better about the job as she then exits.

EJ questions Stefan if there’s a problem as he thought he couldn’t stand Gabi. Stefan responds that his personal feelings about Gabi have no bearing on his reaction but he just believes that speaking of ill about Li’s fiancée to his face is uncouth. EJ asks if he’d prefer he do it behind his back. Stefan then asks to be excused as he just remembered a pressing errand he has to run and exits the office. Li questions why EJ is pushing Stefan about Gabi and if he’s testing Dr. Rolf’s conditioning. EJ confirms that he is because he needs to make sure it’s working and given his behavior, he’s not sure it is. Li argues that Stefan only defended Gabi because of him but EJ doesn’t believe it. Li questions what they do if Stefan’s feelings for Gabi are starting to resurface. EJ suggests sending Stefan back to Dr. Rolf for a tune up. Li says that Dr. Rolf will just assure him he’s just fine. EJ argues that he’s wrong as Stefan might have cracked after another insult towards Gabi. Li accuses EJ of finding this amusing and enjoying it. EJ remarks that Li obviously doesn’t. Li decides he’s leaving. EJ questions what his problem is. Li complains about EJ’s total disrespect for him and the woman he plans to marry. EJ reminds Li that he just said he is loyal first to the company. Li tells EJ that he doesn’t appreciate him badmouthing his fiancée for any reason. EJ questions what exactly Li is going to do about it.

Jack brings Gwen flowers in the hospital and congratulates her because she’s finally getting out of the hospital. Gwen is surprised to learn she’s officially being released today. Jack confirms he’s here to walk her out which Gwen says she would like very much. Gwen tells Jack that when he walked in, she was dreaming of Xander. Jack knows how much Gwen loved Xander and that those feelings don’t just go away. Gwen acknowledges that Xander is happily married to Sarah and that she said she would let him go but after her accident, he was right there and had this concern in his eyes. Gwen feels it was like Xander cared about her.

Maggie questions Xander and Sarah both wanting to move in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander admits that crawling back to Victor was not his first choice. Maggie questions if they can’t afford an apartment. Xander admits he’s racked up debt at the Salem Inn and has no way of paying it off. Maggie brings up Sarah’s salary. Sarah mentions that she’s still on probation and not full time again yet. Xander adds that living in the mansion won’t be forever and only until he gets back on his feet financially which he hopes to be soon as he just asked Jack for a job at the Spectator. Xander mentions not getting an official offer because Jack got distracted by Gwen’s accident. Xander then thinks back to Jack realizing Jennifer hit Gwen.

Jack tells Gwen that she’s right that it was obvious how concerned Xander was and that he does care about her. Gwen assures that she gets that Xander chose Sarah over her. Jack just doesn’t want to see Gwen waste her time, pining away for someone who won’t return her feelings. Jack tells Gwen that she deserves happiness too. Gwen questions if she does after how she treated Sarah and Abigail. Jack says they all make mistakes. Jack encourages Gwen to think about what she’s going to do with the rest of her life when she gets out of here and to focus on the future. Gwen questions what future since she doesn’t have a job or a home. Jack says there’s something he can do about that in the short term and invites her to come home with him.

Wendy walks through the town square and listens to Johnny’s voicemail. Johnny then approaches and says he’s been trying to get in touch with her. Wendy says she just got his message and she has something important to talk to him about too. Johnny suggests they take this somewhere more private.

EJ tells Li that he meant every word he said about Gabi and questions if he’s going to defend her. Tripp then bursts in and confronts EJ, asking who the hell he thinks he is. Tripp informs EJ that Johnny just told him everything so he knows that EJ forced his mom to leave town. EJ mocks everyone throwing temper tantrums today. EJ tells Tripp that Ava got exactly what she deserved for trying to defraud his family and company. Tripp argues that Ava was grieving and trying to keep her head above water. EJ remarks that she just made up a lie about his dead brother. Tripp complains that even if Ava and Jake weren’t married, they were engaged and they loved each other. EJ brings up Ava jumping in to bed with Johnny. Tripp tells EJ that he’s too late if he’s trying to shock him because Johnny already explained everything. EJ wants to know how Tripp reacted to that. Tripp asks if EJ wants to know and then punches EJ in the face.

Gabi sits in her room looking at her engagement ring until Stefan shows up at her door.

EJ hopes Tripp punching him was worth spending the night in jail and threatens to ruin his medical career after charging him with assault and battery. Li suggests being lenient on Tripp, pointing out that Tripp and his brother saved his sister’s life in Hong Kong earlier this summer. Li says he knows Tripp is a really good guy, who just lost his temper because he’s worried about his mom. Li adds that if EJ calls the police, this becomes a major story and asks if he’s sure he wants that kind of publicity when he just took over. EJ reluctantly agrees not to go to the authorities. EJ warns Tripp to get the hell out before he calls security to drop him off the roof. Tripp thanks Li and then exits.

Johnny and Wendy go to Julie’s Place. Johnny goes over how they both have something important to talk about and asks who goes first. Wendy decides she will and informs him that she just got back from going to visit Li, only he wasn’t there and Gabi was. Johnny tells her that his news was the same thing; that Gabi has been ousted from DiMera, EJ is back in charge, and Li is his second in command. Wendy thinks this is exactly what they’ve been looking for. Wendy feels it’s proof that EJ and Li have been in cahoots all along. Johnny argues that it doesn’t prove they had anything to do with Stefan. Wendy mentions how Gabi said Stefan has been acting different ever since he came back, like he hates her without any reasonable explanation. Johnny asks if Gabi had any theories on why that might be. Wendy informs him that Gabi thinks Dr. Rolf might have brainwashed Stefan but also that Dr. Rolf doesn’t do anything without a purpose. Johnny wonders if EJ or Li put Dr. Rolf up to it.

Gabi questions what Stefan is doing at her room and guesses he came to gloat about voting her out. Gabi asks if he doesn’t have better things to do now that he got his shares and partnered up with EJ. Gabi questions him being here to taunt her instead of at the office with EJ. Stefan responds that he didn’t come to taunt her.

EJ wipes blood from his nose from Tripp’s punch. EJ tells Li that he hopes his sister appreciates him going to bat for her knight in shining armor. Li doubts it as they aren’t on the best terms. EJ asks why not. Li informs him that Wendy showed up in Salem yesterday and asked for a promotion at DiMera, but he said no way. EJ asks if she’s good at what she does. Li admits she’s the best, so EJ suggests he should reconsider since what’s best for DiMera is best for both of them. EJ tells Li that he should go find his sister and congratulate her on her promotion as he exits the office.

Wendy tells Johnny that maybe they need to talk to Dr. Rolf and asks how to track him down. Johnny says if EJ or Li put Dr. Rolf up to doing something to Stefan, there has to be a trail and says it’s worth looking in to. Wendy mentions that she already tried hacking in to Li’s e-mail but it’s protected. Johnny says if it’s a DiMera account, maybe he can help. Wendy says she’d need a high level DiMera password. Johnny says he doesn’t have that clearance but maybe he could get in to EJ’s. Wendy asks how since he can’t just ask him. Johnny admits EJ is paranoid but he had a severe injury a couple years ago and is still sensitive about lingering memory lapses so he writes everything down so he doesn’t forget. Johnny says if they could get in to EJ’s computer, they might not need Li’s. Johnny decides to head to the office now while Wendy decides to continue trying to hack Li’s e-mail. Johnny tells her that he will text her if he finds anything and walks away. Tripp then arrives and is surprised to see Wendy, who excitedly hugs him.

Gabi asks Stefan why he is here if not to gloat. Stefan informs her that he came here to deliver divorce papers as he imagines Li wants to get married soon, so she’ll need to be divorced first. Stefan says once Gabi signs the papers, he will file them and they can be rid of this mess of a marriage once and for all. Gabi points out that Stefan didn’t sign the papers. Stefan says he hasn’t yet. Gabi questions what he’s waiting for and tells him to go first.

Xander goes to the hospital and tells Jack that he wanted to follow up with him about bringing him on at the Spectator since he could really use a job. Xander asks if it’s looking good.

Tripp asks what Wendy is doing in Salem since he thought she lived in Alaska. Wendy responds that she thought he lived in Seattle. Tripp explains that he does and he came back because his stepmom had a health scare. Wendy says she’s sorry and asks if she’s alright. Tripp confirms that she’s fine now but he just found out that his mom disappeared.

Ava shows up in a disguise in Gwen’s hospital room and tells Gwen that she needs her help.

Johnny goes to the DiMera Enterprises office and sees that it’s empty so he begins searching through folders on the desk, believing the password has to be there somewhere. EJ then comes back in and questions what Johnny is doing there.

Stefan asks Gabi why it matters who signs the divorce papers first. Gabi questions why he didn’t sign them before he came if he hates her so much. Stefan assures that he wants this over as quick as possible, so Gabi tells him to sign. Stefan then takes the divorce papers but hesitates. Gabi questions what is stopping him from doing it. Gabi argues that she knows something in his brain is telling him to despise her, but urges him not to sign the divorce papers. Gabi knows he feels something and that something left inside of him still loves her. Li then comes home and questions what is going on in here.

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