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Recap written by Christine

Nick and Abby chatted at Society. He mentioned that his call to Chance went to voicemail, and she said it was probably because Chance got called into work. She told him about Dominic’s mini birthday party. He was disappointed she didn’t invite Dom’s favorite uncle. She promised they’d have a larger party with the whole family once things calmed down. He said she was crazy if she thought things would ever calm down with the Newmans. Her face fell, and he asked if she was okay.

Abby was okay, but she was worried about Nick. He said he was okay. She said that sounded a lot like the assurances Chance used to make when he came home from Spain, when he claimed he was fine, but he was having a hard time. Nick admitted things were weighing on him. She said he was justified in protecting their sister. He knew, but it was hard knowing he took a man’s life. Abby said Nick was a good person who did what he had to do. It made her angry that Ashland was still tormenting them from beyond the grave. He said their dad didn’t seem tortured with regret. She said that Victor didn’t second guess his decisions. She shared that Chance was struggling.

Abby said she’d hoped Chance would be able to put the guilt behind him, but it was still haunting him. Nick hated to hear that. Abby was trying hard to be supportive – Chance was all about integrity, but she saw integrity in what Chance did. She saw the value in family, but Chance saw it as a conflict of interest. She said Chance had to leave for work while they were hashing things out. That was probably good since things were getting tense. She said that it was clear to her that Chance did a good thing by standing by his family, but every time she brought it up, it hit a nerve. Nick suggested that Abby stop bringing it up. Abby didn’t understand why Chance didn’t see things her way. She worried about what would happen if Chance kept regretting this, or worse, if he reopened the case. Nick said he’d talk to Chance and try to ease his mind. She didn’t want him pressuring Chance. He said he wouldn’t. He understood where Abby was coming from. He and Phyllis had clashed whenever he showed loyalty to the family, especially Victor. He told Abby not to let this come between her and Chance. That was what worried her. He assured her it’d be okay, and they hugged.

Later, Abby handed Nick a bag of the Cuban shortbread cookies Christian liked. She thanked him for listening to her when he had so much on his plate. He talked about Victoria’s ambitious plans for Newman. Abby remembered what it was like working with their sister. That was why Abby liked running the restaurant so much. Nick said he was always there for Abby, day or night.

At the rooftop bar, Chelsea told Connor by phone that she loved and missed him. Once the call ended, she couldn’t hold back her tears. Chance walked up and checked on her. She dabbed at her eyes, and they admitted neither of them were good at hiding their emotions. He said that Abby always saw right through him. Chelsea thought Chance and Abby were lucky to have each other. The person Chance was there to see wasn’t here, so he asked to sit with Chelsea, and she said yes.

Chelsea said she’d get past this moment. She thought people made assumptions about her because she was in mental hospital once. Chance promised he wasn’t judging – he just noticed she seemed distressed, which happened to everyone. He was seeing a therapist for his own mental health issues. He said he got pushed into seeking mental help. She said she did too. He was glad he did because the therapist was really helping. She said her therapist had only been so-so. She was eager to hear some words of wisdom from Chance. He said things didn’t always work out the way you thought they should, even if you played by the rules. He added that you could either waste time and energy getting upset or accept that it was life and move on. It was easier said than done, he conceded. She said people kept telling her to put one foot in front of the other, but once she chose a path, it got cut off before she could travel down it. He understood and he said that once you’d started down the path, you couldn’t reverse course, because the way back was blocked. He looked for the tiny moments in life that gave you hope. Usually, it was something about his son. That was true for her too.

Chance admitted he didn’t have all the answers. Chelsea was impressed by how open Chance was about his struggles. She was going to get the next round of drinks, but the guy he was meeting showed up, so he excused himself. A curious Chelsea kept glancing over at Chance’s table. Later, the man left, and Chance went back to Chelsea. She couldn’t help asking if the guy was an informant. He wouldn’t go into detail, but he said that as of today, he’d close all of Rey’s cases. He said he could tell his buddy that he did it. Chelsea got choked up – she thought it was a special tribute to Rey. They both missed Rey.

Chelsea went home to her hotel suite and cried.

Chance went to Sharon at Crimson Lights to tell her he’d closed Rey’s cases. She thanked him. He said it was an honor to work with her husband and finish what Rey started. He considered Rey a role model. Sharon said Rey had a lot of respect for Chance and he’d been happy to work with someone so honorable. They got a booth and reminisced about Rey. Sharon talked about getting to know Rey when she worked at the police station as a victim’s advocate. Every morning when she got to work, Rey was sharpening pencils. Chance was also aware of that part of Rey’s morning routine.

Allie and Noah basked in the afterglow in her bed. She told him that moving to Genoa City had more upsides than she ever expected. He asked if that included him, and she said yes. He stopped himself from making a lame joke because his attempts at humor almost tanked their relationship. She told him she’d acquired the taste for his sense of humor. He tickled her, and they went in for round two. Later, he held her, and she playfully told him she didn’t want to hear his lame joke anymore. He said that was good, so she wouldn’t lose respect for him. She asked if he killed his last relationship with one too many bad puns. Then she apologized. He said it was fine. She wanted to hear about his ex. He said he didn’t want to be the kind of guy who’d trash an ex to her. She understood, but she was still curious. He said he’d been really confused during his last relationship because he couldn’t ever predict how his ex would react to things. Sometimes topics that were fine one day would make his ex get angry the next day. Their relationship turned into a giant guessing game, and he never knew where he stood. Allie thought that sounded exhausting. Noah said things were really good in the beginning, but in the end, he felt like he was walking on eggshells. Allie asked if Noah loved this other woman. He’d thought he did, but in hindsight, it was a toxic relationship – one that you didn’t know how to handle, but you also didn’t know how to let it go. Allie said she hadn’t dated that many guys and the relationships she’d been in had mostly been awkward. Noah had awkward relationships too, that didn’t have a spark or passion. Allie said this relationship with Noah wasn’t like that. Noah wanted to focus on the future instead of the past. They kissed.

Allie and Noah got dressed and came downstairs kissing, and it was a little awkward because they ran into Traci. She chatted and Noah left. Allie was embarrassed. Traci said there was nothing to be embarrassed about – she said if Allie read any of her novels, she’d know it’d take more than that to make Traci blush. Traci said she thought they should have something to eat after all the strenuous activities of the day. Allie was blushing all over again, and she said Traci had a real wicked streak. Traci said she liked to keep it hidden to surprise people. Traci thought Allie and Noah were adorable, and she could see how much Allie cared about him. Allie said it was ridiculous how happy she was. Part of her wondered if it was too good to be true, because she was still in that infatuation stage. She wondered if she was setting herself up to be hurt and if it was smarter to be cautious.

Traci said Allie should enjoy every minute of this happy giddy phase. She said some lucky couples could find a way to make it last a lifetime, but for most people it moved into something deeper, and that was all the more reason to really enjoy the here and now. Traci said Allie had a difficult year – she lost her dad, sold her family home and moved across the country to live with the family she never knew she had. She thought it was so wonderful that life had evened out for Allie. Allie said she cared for Noah, she felt safe with him and it was never boring. She’d never experienced anything like this. Traci said to enjoy this for what it was, leave some room for what might become, and not to talk herself out of experiencing something rapturous in the name of caution. Allie promised to take this to heart. She said she needed to give herself permission to be happy. Traci asked if Allie was nervous because she’d had some bad relationships. Allie hadn’t dated much, and the relationships she did have were duds. Traci had known Noah from the day he was born, and she could vouch for him being an amazing young man.

Adam went to Jack’s office and accepted the co-CEO position. They talked about the contract, and Adam was happy with what he was being offered. He’d start tomorrow. Adam asked how the other Abbotts would react. He didn’t want to cause any difficulties for Jack. Jack said he’d convinced them this was a good idea. Adam commented that there were multiple people who needed convincing – he assumed it was Ashley, Kyle… Jack interjected that it was most of his relatives. He was just happy Adam didn’t take the other project, which he assumed had something to do with getting back at Victor. Adam said getting back at Victor was more of a hobby than a job. Jack thought it was past time for Adam to let go of that obsession. Billy dropped in hoping to go have a drink with his brother. He was unhappy when he realized he’d walked in on Jack hiring Adam. Billy suggested Jack could change his mind. Adam said that was true – Jack could still back out. Jack’s mind was made up.

Jack had to take a call, so Billy and Adam left the office. Billy didn’t know what Adam was planning, but he was going to be watching him. Adam didn’t know why Billy cared who Jack hired, when Billy hadn’t worked at Jabot in years. Billy said this was his family company and his father’s legacy. Billy stated that Adam destroyed everything he touched. Adam said if Jabot could survive Billy, it could survive anything. Jack walked out and said legal was drawing up the paperwork. He wanted to take Adam for a drink, and he invited Billy, who said he’d rather have a root canal.

Adam and Jack went to Society and told Abby and Nick their news. Abby congratulated Adam and asked how long this had been in the works. Jack said it took him awhile to talk Adam into this. Jack said he conducted a nationwide search to find a replacement for Kyle, and it turned out he already knew the right candidate for the job. Nick knew Summer was excited to work with her husband again. Nick asked if Adam had this position in mind when they talked earlier. Adam said no. Jack said he sprung this on Adam a few days ago, and Adam turned him down flat. Adam said he was reluctant at first, but he realized this was a beneficial move. Jack felt Jabot was lucky to have Adam. Nick said Adam would’ve had more autonomy if he’d stayed on as CEO of Newman Media. Adam asked if anyone had autonomy working under Victor Newman. Nick recalled Adam saying he’d been planning to go in a different direction. Jack said he and Adam had talked about breaking old patterns. Nick thought a move like this would be driven by rage and resentment – to give up what Adam had at Newman Media and take a lesser position at a different company. Nick meant no offense to Jack. Jack didn’t take any. He called Newman Media’s loss his gain. Nick shook his head in disapproval.

Nick went to Crimson Lights and found Chance. Sharon stepped away so they could talk. Nick said Adam apparently had a change of heart about holding the investigation over their heads, and he’d taken a job with Jack. Nick said maybe Adam was sincere. Chance hoped so. All of this was getting to him. Nick said he talked to Abby, and it didn’t seem like she knew about Adam’s vendetta. Chance saw no point in stressing Abby out about it. Nick said Abby was very worried, and Chance needed to talk to her. Chance thanked Nick for the heads up and left. Later, Noah went to Crimson Lights and saw his parents sitting together. He told them he was falling in love.

Chance went to Society and got Abby’s attention through the window. She went outside, and he told her he was sorry for how he spoke to her earlier and for just leaving. Nothing was more important to him than her and Dominic and their family. He said he’d do everything he could not to lose sight of that again. She accepted the apology and they kissed.

Jack and Adam went back to Jabot. Jack was expecting Adam’s contract to be on the desk, but it wasn’t. Jack went to legal and left Adam in the office. Adam tried out the CEO’s seat.

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