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Stephanie is at home on the phone, saying that Paulina has no comment and talks about believing in a person being innocent until proven guilty. She says that’s all for now and hangs up. Chad then shows up at her door and asks if she’s read The Intruder as he shows her the article titled “Another Price Daughter Arrested for Murder”. Stephanie complains that they are all sharks and they smell blood in the water.

Gwen goes to the Bakery but finds it is closed and wonders what to do now. Gwen looks at her phone and complains about trying to reach out for comment but the bakery is closed. Gwen questions how she is supposed to do a cover story on this if she can’t get in contact. Sonny then walks through the town square so Gwen approaches and introduces herself. Sonny responds that he knows who she is. Gwen brings up that his sister in law’s girlfriend was arrested for murder and unidentified sources say there is some sort of cover up going on. Gwen questions Sonny as to what Allie knows.

Allie calls Rafe and leaves a message, saying she needs to see Chanel but they say Melinda is not allowing visitors. Allie says to call her back if there’s anything he can do. Allie hangs up and then Alex shows up at her door. Alex says he heard about Chanel and thought she could use a friend. Allie hugs him.

Paulina is in her office on the phone with Belle. Paulina argues that she doesn’t care what Melinda says, she’s coming to see her daughter and remarks that she’s the Governor-elect, questioning if Melinda is going to arrest her. Belle understands where she’s coming from, but asks her to stay away as Chanel’s attorney since she and Abe need to avoid the press.

Melinda enters the interrogation room and asks Chanel if she’s ready to chat after a long night in lockup. Melinda questions if Chanel is ready to confess to murder.

Alex asks if Allie is okay. Allie says she not and complains about not being able to see Chanel after watching her get taken in to a cell last night. Allie talks about her son Henry asking about Chanel and knowing something was wrong. Allie adds that she didn’t get any sleep last night. Alex says he’s sorry. Allie doesn’t even know what this is about and questions where they could have got evidence from. Alex reveals that he knows where they got it from.

Sonny questions when Gwen became a reporter for the Spectator. Gwen responds that she’s asking the questions and asks Sonny when Will found out that his sister is dating a murderer. Sonny says no comment, especially after everything Gwen did to Chad and Abigail. Sonny remarks that she has no right to accuse anyone of anything and walks away. Gwen shouts that she’s still going to write about this. Sloan then approaches and says that maybe Sonny won’t answer Gwen’s questions, but she will.

Stephanie tells Chad that she tried to squash the story but The Intruder aren’t big on facts, integrity, or the truth. Chad says he’s well aware. Stephanie worries that their readers will believe this trash and lies. Chad acknowledges that he was a target before as The Intruder went after his one night stand with Gwen and then his alleged affair with Leo Stark, who he calls a lying rat.

Leo goes to Paulina’s office with her schedule and coffee. Paulina informs Leo that he’s fired. Leo argues that he’s the only one standing between her and the reporters outside. Paulina responds that she’ll take her chances with the press but declares that Leo is the vulture she needs to get rid of, because he’s the reason that her daughter was arrested for murder.

Melinda warns Chanel that it’s just a matter of time, so it will be better if she just confesses. Belle enters and questions what the hell is going on. Belle reminds Melinda that she can’t question her client without her present. Melinda says she was just greeting her, but says she is ready to question Chanel since Belle finally showed up. Melinda assumes Belle looked over the file of evidence they have. Belle confirms that she has and that’s why she is here to insist that she drop all the charges.

Gwen questions why she would believe a single word from Sloan. Sloan suggests she might have some insights that could be valuable to her. Gwen says no chance and brings up Sloan coaxing Leo in to lying to the police and how that obstruction of justice led to her being arrested. Sloan responds that there is no proof that she had any knowledge of her client’s true intentions and that she acted in his best interests with what she knew. Sloan adds that she is currently available for counsel. Gwen tells her to go to Hell. Sloan then reveals to Gwen that she is the one who gave the police the dirt on Chanel.

Alex informs Allie that Sloan is the one who had the evidence on Chanel and says he doesn’t know where she got it. Alex adds that Sloan is no longer his friend or anything else. Alex talks about Sloan blackmailing Paulina for some mystery client. Alex mentions having no clue about that when he stole the file from Sloan’s apartment. Allie thanks him but Alex says that Sloan somehow got the file back and gave it to Melinda.

Melinda questions why she would drop the charges when she has everything she needs to arrest Chanel in the file. Belle argues that they are in Salem and the incident in question happened when Chanel was living abroad in the UK, so Melinda doesn’t have jurisdiction here. Belle declares that she will find someone to uncuff Chanel and get her out of here. Chanel thanks her but Melinda warns that Chanel isn’t going anywhere. Melinda reveals that she received permission from Scotland Yard to question Chanel on their behalf. Belle laughs off the idea of a judge buying that but Melinda says she’s sure. Belle says they’ll see at the arraignment but until there’s a ruling, Chanel is not answering any more of her questions. Melinda says that’s fine and then asks if Belle saw Shawn at the station since they will need someone to haul in Paulina for questioning. Melinda declares that if Chanel won’t talk, maybe her Governor-elect mother will.

Leo asks Paulina to let him explain but she questions what the hell there is to explain. Paulina informs him that Stephanie told her everything, so now she knows that Leo is the one who let Sloan in to her safe. Leo argues that she left out that it was an accident and that he only opened the safe to execute her executive orders since she said he could have an advance on his salary to pay back Sloan. Leo adds that he didn’t want to interrupt her, so he opened the safe and took his advance from petty cash but he had no idea those documents were in there or that Sloan would snatch them from behind his back. Leo knows she probably wants to kill him right now. Paulina warns him not to give her any ideas.

Stephanie and Chad complain about The Intruder article. Stephanie suggests they stop focusing on the little details and focus on taking care of Paulina and her family. Stephanie declares that the question is how do they spin this.

Chanel asks what Melinda wants with her mom. Melinda responds that this file has evidence that Paulina was an accomplice after the fact and covered up the crime to cover Chanel’s ass which is illegal. Melinda thinks the people of the state should know who they elected as Governor. Melinda threatens to find someone on staff to make the arrest. Chanel then stops her and agrees to answer her questions. Belle tells her not to do this but Chanel declares that she will not let her mother pay for something that she did.

Stephanie tells Chad her idea to spin this as Melinda making it personal and being upset that she couldn’t get Lani, so she went after Paulina’s other daughter. Chad agrees that could work and calls her brilliant. Stephanie asks how to get this story to a media outlet that doesn’t do hatchet jobs. Chad mentions having an in with the only reputable newspaper in town in the Spectator. Chad adds that the Spectator hired a new reporter who is eager to make her mark in Gwen. Stephanie asks if he thinks Gwen will do him a favor. Chad admits he doesn’t know but says he’ll make it happen.

Gwen questions Sloan being the one who gave evidence against Chanel to Melinda which she admits. Gwen goes over how Sloan first tried to railroad her and now she’s going after the Governor’s daughter. Gwen accuses her of fabricating evidence and says she’ll never take her word for it. Sloan says she can just send her the file. Gwen questions her angle. Sloan says she’s just doing her duty as a good citizen and thinks the people deserve to know the truth that they just elected a mother of two murderers as Governor. Sloan tells Gwen to keep an eye out for her e-mail and walks away.

Alex assures Allie that he had no idea that what was in the file had anything against Chanel and if he did, he would’ve burned it right then. Allie understands he was just trying to help. Alex feels he ended up causing a colossal mess. Alex says he’s here for Allie to help her in any way he can. Allie thanks him and then gets a text from Rafe, saying he pulled some strings so she can see Chanel right now. Allie stops and questions what to do about Henry. Alex offers to babysit and reminds her that he’ll do whatever he can to help.

Melinda points out that Chanel said she doesn’t want her mother going down for something she did and questions if that’s an admission to guilt. Belle instructs Chanel not to answer that. Melinda says they’ll start with an easy one then. Melinda shows Chanel a photo and asks if she recognizes the woman and what her name is. Chanel identifies her as Martha Bedford and another photo of herself in college. Melinda then shows Chanel the copy of the incident report and asks if it is Chanel’s signature indicating that this is her sworn statement. Chanel confirms that it is, so Melinda asks if she is admitting to the murder of Martha Bedford. Belle stops her and says they are going to end this there. Melinda threatens to bring in Paulina if she needs to. Belle argues that Melinda can bring in anyone but this interview is over.

Paulina argues that she did not give Leo the OK to open her safe and since he took it upon himself, her daughter was arrested for murder. Leo asks if Chanel is innocent. Leo says he understands what she’s going through since he was falsely accused and he still has nightmares about it. Sloan then arrives and declares that Chanel is guilty as sin.

Gwen goes home to the Horton House and gets Sloan’s e-mail. Gwen calls it more lies and worries about getting a virus from opening it. Gwen then reads the e-mail which surprises her. Chad arrives and greets Gwen. Chad knows she just started at the Spectator and says he has a big story for her. Gwen responds that it’s not as big as the fish she just landed.

Leo complains that Sloan tricked him by plucking the file from Paulina’s safe while he was counting the money to pay her back. Leo accuses her of theft and tells Paulina to call the police so he can testify against her. Sloan points out that Leo just said his back was turned so he can’t testify. Leo retracts that statement and will testify against her. Sloan says she kept asking herself why Paulina would hire him but now it’s so clear. Paulina tells Leo to go because he’s done here. Leo says he’s just trying to help but Paulina says he’s just making things worse and tells him to get out. Leo warns Sloan that she has not seen the last of him and that she will regret messing with him in such a deceitful way. Leo then storms out of the office. Sloan remarks that another daughter made a mess and Paulina swooped in to clean it up, but all her power and money couldn’t stop it from blowing up in her face.

Alex plays with Henry until Stephanie shows up at the door.

Chanel cries that she doesn’t want her mother involved. Belle orders Chanel not to say another word. Melinda suggests she and Belle have a chat outside, so they exit the room. Melinda warns Belle not to test her as she will haul in Paulina. Belle argues that if she was going to, she would have done that already. Allie then arrives and declares that she’s there to see her girlfriend and no one is going to stop her.

Stephanie is surprised to see Alex. He explains that Allie went to see Chanel, so he offered to stay with Henry. Stephanie calls that nice of him and explains that she came to check on Allie as well and to make sure she knows what to say in case the press approaches her. Alex says it sounds like she’s on a PR mission for the Governor. Stephanie comments that she was only elected yesterday and already has a crisis, so she’s doing whatever she can to help. Alex relates to coming with that same plan and he ended up becoming the backup babysitter. Stephanie says it looks like he has everything under control on that front. Henry then starts crying so Alex goes back to him and assures that his mom will be back soon. Stephanie decides maybe she’s needed here after all and comes inside.

Melinda argues that the prisoner isn’t allowed any visitors but Allie reveals that Rafe says otherwise and presents her with his written authorization. Melinda decides she’ll have to have a word with Rafe. Belle points out that Rafe reports to the mayor, not her, so she sends Allie in to the interrogation room. Melinda calls the mayor Mr. Paulina Price and remarks that if Abe thinks he can sweep all of this under the rug too, then he’s in for a rude awakening.

Allie rushes in to the interrogation room and hugs Chanel.

Leo sits outside the Brady Pub as Sonny walks by and asks if he’s okay. Leo responds that he’s far from it and utterly miserable. Leo asks Sonny to console him. Sonny says he was just doing some early Christmas shopping for Arianna so he should probably get back. Leo calls him a great daddy and remarks that he wishes he had an adorable daddy buying him gifts, but this is going to be a scrooge year for him. Leo asks Sonny to sit for a few and promises he won’t keep him since unlike him, Sonny has a life, a job, a husband, a child, family, and friends. Leo questions why he would want to squander time trying to cheer him up. Sonny sits down and asks Leo what’s going on. Leo asks where to begin. Leo says he hates himself for being the most annoying person on the planet by all accounts and reveals his new career is over before it even began.

Paulina is not sure what Sloan is referring to. Sloan says to skip this part and mentions her assistant going to perjure himself. Paulina clarifies that Leo is no longer her assistant. Sloan declares that Paulina lied about the murder of T.R. Coates to protect Lani and now Melinda knows what Chanel did and how Paulina covered it up. Sloan states that’s two daughters, two crimes, and two cover ups, so now it’s only a matter of time before Paulina is arrested and led away in disgrace.

Chad tells Gwen that he will give her an SJ PR exclusive and asks if she’s ready for this. Chad notes that she’s distracted by her phone and questions if she’s listening to him. Chad argues that if she’s going to be a reporter, she’s going to have to pull herself off of her phone and focus on the news in front of her. Gwen reveals that she’s doing research on her new article. Gwen asks how the headline sounds “Damning evidence surfaces in Governor-elect’s criminal cover up. Chad questions her as Gwen reveals that she happens to have a copy of the evidence against Chanel and her mother. Chad asks how she got that. Gwen says a reporter never reveals her sources but since Chad seems so invested, she tells him that it came from Sloan. Chad questions Sloan giving her that. Gwen confirms that Sloan gave a copy to Melinda and a copy to her. Gwen notes that while Melinda is taking hers to the court, she will take it to the presses. Chad stops Gwen and says she can’t publish that. Gwen tells him to watch her.

Allie tells Chanel that she was so worried about her. Chanel says she’s good now that she’s here. Chanel cries that she’s sorry for what Allie must be going through. Allie says to forget about her when Chanel is the one in here and being falsely accused. Allie tells her that she and Henry miss her so much. Chanel asks about Henry, so Allie informs her that he’s home with Alex.

Alex and Stephanie put on a puppet show for Henry where their puppets end up kissing.

Sonny points out that it’s not like Leo gave Sloan the file. Leo assures that it was an accident and he would never be in cahoots with Sloan, but Paulina wouldn’t hear it and kicked him out the door like a common criminal. Leo remarks that he’ll never have his happy ending. Sonny encourages that maybe it’s not the end of the story. Leo says even though it was an accident, it was still his fault for opening the safe without Paulina’s permission. Sonny agrees that wasn’t cool. Leo says he was really turning a corner with a decent job, eating well, cutting back on drinking, and trying to be a good person but then he blew it. Sonny points out that Leo didn’t mean to hurt anyone this time. Leo guesses that he’s so used to crossing lines that he doesn’t even see them when they are right in front of him.

Chad tells Gwen that the allegations haven’t been proven yet and that Abigail would tell her that she needs multiple reliable sources so she can’t print it until she can verify it. Gwen appreciates the crash course in journalism 101 but says she’s good and thinks the documents that Sloan sent seem legitimate if they are good enough for Melinda. Chad says he would go to Jack, but he’s focused on Jennifer right now. Chad begs Gwen not to publish this. Gwen asks for a reason why not to. Chad reminds her that Jack trusted her and gave her this chance. Chad says Gwen helping get Jennifer the help she needed shows that she’s trying to be a better person. Chad urges her to keep that going instead of doing Melinda’s dirty work. Chad adds that Gwen knows from experience that Sloan can’t be trusted, so she has to decide which side she wants to be on.

Paulina asks why Sloan is doing this. Sloan argues that she broke their deal. Paulina says she stole the file and Sloan stole it back so all is fair in love and politics, but since they were back at square one, she would’ve paid her what she wanted and now she got nothing. Paulina argues that by giving the file to Melinda, Sloan lost all her leverage. Paulina remarks that her client must be thrilled that Sloan cost them a ton of money. Sloan guesses that since everything is out in the open now, she’ll let her in on a secret that this was never about the money.

Leo complains that he had an amazing opportunity and he blew it which is what he’s best at. Leo notes that he had a job with a decent salary and access to power. Sonny tells Leo that he’s really sorry and invites Leo to join him for breakfast at the Brady Pub. Leo says he’d love to but he’s poor. Sonny points out that Leo bought him dinner last time, so he owes him one. Leo questions if Sonny really wants to be seen with the disgraced former assistant to the Governor. Sonny doesn’t care what people think and notes that Leo looks like he could use a friend. Leo questions if they are friends now. Sonny says they’ll just start with breakfast.

Alex puts Henry to sleep and tells Stephanie that their puppet show must have knocked him out. Stephanie brings up that their date the other night didn’t end the way a date is supposed to. Alex asks how that is and says they make such a good team. Alex asks what else they should possibly do. Stephanie suggests maybe they should kiss.

Gwen agrees to go with Chad’s story and not publish the file, until she can verify it’s true. Gwen adds that she hopes it’s not true, so that she can write the story she’d prefer to write, trashing Sloan and Melinda.

Sloan tells Paulina that this wasn’t about a payout and has always been about payback. Paulina questions her mystery client never wanting a check. Paulina declares no more games and questions who her client was. Paulina demands Sloan tell her now or else one of them is going to leave the room in a world of hurt. Sloan then reveals that there was no client and the one who wanted payback was her.

Belle questions why Melinda is so hellbent on punishing Chanel and why she lets her personal feelings and need to be vindicated get her like this. Melinda argues that it’s her professional obligation as she has evidence that Chanel committed murder and got away with it. Belle disagrees with the evidence. Melinda warns that Belle is just prolonging the inevitable because Chanel is going down and so is Paulina.

Allie tells Chanel that this is all so crazy as they are saying she killed someone. Allie says she knows her better than anyone and there is no way that she could do anything like that. Chanel tells Allie that she’s so sorry but she’s wrong because she did kill someone.

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