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Stefan and Chloe walk through the town square and head to the Bakery but find it’s closed. Chloe mentions that one of the owners was just arrested for murder. Stefan guesses they should’ve had dessert at the restaurant. Chloe says even without dessert, she had a really good time. Stefan calls it their second first date and says he wanted it to be perfect. Chloe tells him that it was. They kiss as Gabi walks up and sees them.

Li is in his hotel room, wondering what Wendy is up to, why she is in Jakarta and why she’s not answering his calls. Li then gets a call from Wendy’s phone and answers, saying it’s about time she called but it’s Dr. Rolf, who informs him that this is not his sister. Li questions what the hell he is doing with his sister’s phone. Dr. Rolf responds that he received his message, warning him about his sister’s arrival, but it was too late.

Xander repeats to Sarah that he has something to tell her as she got distracted by thinking she saw a roach in the room and says she’s getting paranoid. Xander has flashbacks to kidnapping Susan and says he knows that feeling. Sarah guesses that something has happened and it’s bad. Xander confirms it’s something terrible and he did it.

Rafe is at the airstrip and calls in an APB on Ava Vitali, noting that Susan Banks may be in her car so he wants all units to proceed with caution because Ava is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Ava’s vision of Charlie appears in her car and informs her that EJ is right behind her and since EJ used to drive race cars, it’s only a matter of time before he catches up to her. Charlie asks what Ava’s plan is when he does.

EJ declares that Ava has nowhere to go now but prison or Hell and when he catches up to her, he will get to decide.

Ava’s vision of Charlie asks if she’s going to drive all the way to Seattle when she knows the DiMeras will hunt her to the ends of the Earth. Ava tells him to shut up because she’s trying to think. Susan argues that she didn’t say anything but then says she will shut up. Susan warns Ava to keep her eyes on the road because it would be terrible to get in an accident. Charlie complains that Ava is scared when EJ should be, but she let him get the upper hand and now he’s chasing her while she runs away. Charlie declares that Vitalis don’t run away and she should’ve shot him when she had the chance. Ava says she’s not scared while Charlie points out she’s crying like a baby. Ava shouts that’s because she lost everything. Charlie argues that Steve and Rafe didn’t want her, Jake is dead, and Tripp abandoned her to move across the country, but she still has him and they can be together like he always wanted. Charlie says she can still win this and hurt EJ but she knows what she has to do. Ava then swerves the car off the road, causing EJ in the car behind her to question what the hell she is doing. EJ comes to a stop as Ava’s car goes flipping off a cliff.

Gabi interrupts Stefan and Chloe, exclaiming that she’s so glad she ran in to them because she just got her wedding invites. Gabi hands them invitations. Stefan questions her wanting him at her wedding. Gabi confirms that she wouldn’t want him to miss the celebration.

Li questions why Dr. Rolf has his sister’s phone. Rolf responds that he saw all the calls that he made to her and he was right to be worried as she was on a fishing expedition. Li asks what happened. Dr. Rolf explains that Wendy pretended that Li sent her to him and that she knew about Li having him erase Stefan’s feelings for Gabi. Li asks if he told her that she was wrong. Dr. Rolf says unfortunately, he hadn’t received his warning yet. Li questions Wendy knowing and asks where she is now. Dr. Rolf responds that at the moment, she is somewhat indisposed. Wendy and Johnny both lie unconscious in hospital beds inside of Dr Rolf’s lab.

Sarah tells Xander that he’s starting to scare her. Sarah says to just tell her what he’s done and they can figure out how to handle it. Xander thinks back to telling Susan that Sarah would never forgive him if she found out what he did. Xander then informs Sarah that he broke his word to her. Sarah doesn’t understand and asks what he means. Xander thinks back to Susan promising not to tell what he did. Xander tells Sarah that he hates to tell her this, but reveals that he quit his job.

EJ runs to the edge of the cliff and screams for his mom.

Gabi tells Stefan and Chloe to cancel their New Year’s Eve plans because this party is going to be better than anything they could dream of. Chloe informs her that they are probably going out of town to somewhere like Miami. Gabi brings up that Chloe is working for Li now and she’s pretty sure he would want her at his wedding. Stefan gives one of wedding invitations back and says they won’t need it because Chloe will be his plus one. Gabi calls that nice. Stefan remarks that it is nice when fate brings two people together.

Li questions Dr. Rolf having Wendy and Johnny restrained. Dr. Rolf explains that they arrived together and that Johnny was recording his conversation with Wendy, so he had to detain them. Li questions how Wendy got on to this and how Johnny got involved. Dr. Rolf says all he knows is what’s on the recording and he could destroy it but that won’t solve everything. Li asks how to stop Wendy and Johnny from going straight to Gabi with what they know when they get back to Salem. Dr. Rolf informs him that he hasn’t been idle since being sent to Jakarta as he’s been working on an exciting robotics program. Dr. Rolf adds that to complete it, he needs a set of human vocal chords and two would be even better. Li questions Rolf wanting to remove their vocal chords and says he has a much better idea.

Johnny wakes up tied to the hospital bed. Johnny calls out to Wendy and she wakes up, asking what happened. Wendy says the last thing she heard was feedback from her mic and Dr. Rolf was coming at her with a needle. Johnny explains that he found her out cold and then Dr. Rolf came at him with another needle. Wendy remembers Dr. Rolf spilling his guts. Johnny points out that they still don’t know EJ’s involvement and complains about Dr. Rolf figuring out what they are up to. Wendy points out that Dr. Rolf is not stupid and they agree that he won’t be letting them off with just a warning. Johnny doesn’t think they can count on the local cops to come to their rescue so they have to find a way out.

Rafe calls the FBI about Susan Banks being kidnapped and calls it a high profile case. Rafe adds that the kidnapper is Ava Vitali. Rafe explains being at the Salem airstrip because Tony told him that EJ would be there to pay the ransom but it looks like things didn’t go as planned and Ava may have taken off with Susan. Rafe says he has every one of his men out looking for them now. Rafe then gets a call from one of his men and switches over. Rafe asks how bad it is and asks for the exact location of the crash. Rafe hangs up and storms off.

Sarah questions Xander quitting his job when he just started and said it was such a great opportunity. Xander knows it’s a shock but says he had no choice. Sarah still doesn’t understand. Xander tells her that the job wasn’t what he was told it would be. Xander thinks back to Ava changing the plan and ordering him to kill Susan. Xander then tells Sarah that his boss asked him to do something that he knew was wrong and he thought of Sarah, so he couldn’t go through with it.

EJ continues screaming for his mother as Rafe arrives and stops EJ from trying to go down the cliff. EJ screams about Susan being down there. Rafe tells him that he knows as Tony told him everything. EJ complains that Ava deliberately drove off the road and yells at Rafe to get his hands off of him. Rafe tells EJ to get a hold of himself as the rescue squad is on their way and they have a much better chance of getting to Susan than he does getting down the cliff. EJ questions doing nothing when his mother is down there in the car. EJ and Rafe then look over the cliff as Ava’s car explodes.

Sarah brings up that Xander told her this company was legit so she questions his boss asking him to do something dicey. Xander says that she made the job out to be something it wasn’t, so he doesn’t work there anymore. Sarah asks Xander what she wanted him to do. Xander would rather not talk about it. Sarah says she’s just trying to understand what he didn’t want to do and asks if it was unethical or worse than that. Sarah asks if it was like cooking the books or something. Xander claims it was like that. Sarah says if that’s the case, he did the right thing and she’s really proud of him as she hugs him.

EJ and Rafe stagger back to their after being knocked down by the explosion. EJ tells Rafe not to try to stop him from saving his mother. Rafe tells him he can’t go down there but EJ says he’s not going to sit there and watch his mother burn. EJ then begins climbing down the cliff and Rafe reluctantly follows after him.

Stefan brings Chloe to the DiMera Mansion for dessert. Stefan hopes it helps them forget their run in with Gabi. Chloe asks why Stefan said they wouldn’t miss Gabi’s wedding. Stefan says he knows Chloe wasn’t at his and Gabi’s wedding, but that she used him and as soon as they exchanged vows, she turned on him and kicked him out of the house, so he can’t wait to see what she has in store for Li. Chloe asks if he thinks she’s going to do the same thing to him. Stefan says he doesn’t know, but he knows Gabi doesn’t love him yet she’s making a big deal about the wedding, so he can’t wait to find out why.

Li asks Dr. Rolf if he’s clear on what he wants and if they are on the same page. Gabi comes home to the room as Li tells Dr. Rolf that when Wendy comes home, she better be emptyhanded. Li then quickly hangs up and says he didn’t hear Gabi come in. Gabi questions what’s wrong with Wendy.

Dr. Rolf finishes his call and goes back in to his lab where he sees Johnny and Wendy are both awake. Wendy warns Dr. Rolf to let them go before Li finds out what he’s done. Dr. Rolf says he wouldn’t be so sure about that happening and adds that he doesn’t take too well when people come to him under false pretenses and then secretly record his conversations. Johnny mocks him. Dr. Rolf declares that no one will ever get to hear his recording as he burns it and trashes it. Wendy demands to speak to Li. Dr. Rolf responds that she just missed him as they had a fruitful conversation on her phone. Dr. Rolf informs them that Li gave him strict orders to ensure that they never tell anyone what they heard today. Dr. Rolf prepares his syringe and says it will take a few seconds so they can sit tight.

Chloe questions why Stefan thinks Gabi doesn’t love Li. Stefan responds that he doesn’t think Gabi is capable of loving anyone as she’s too obsessed with money and power. Stefan points out Gabi ending up with Li when his father is chairman of the board, who can help her climb back to the top of DiMera. Stefan asks why Gabi didn’t just go after Li’s father himself. Chloe points out that he’s married. Stefan jokes that it’s never stopped Gabi and guesses she figured that Li would be more helpful in clawing her way back to the top. Chloe questions why Gabi is so anxious to have Stefan at her wedding. Stefan says he doesn’t know. Chloe thinks she does and it has to do with him, not money or power.

Li claims to Gabi that he was on the phone with the maintenance crew of the DiMera Jet because they suspected Wendy was playing hooky and it turns out that she did it in style as she and Johnny commandeered the DiMera Jet to Indonesia. Gabi questions why and what’s in Indonesia. Li remarks that he would tell her if she’d return his calls but claims he has no idea why she went, adding that they were never that close. Gabi questions why Li was telling them to make sure Wendy came back emptyhanded and asks what he’s afraid of her bringing back.

Wendy asks if Dr. Rolf has a soul or feelings. Wendy tells him that they are here because of Gabi because they think she got a raw deal from Li and EJ. Dr. Rolf questions them coming all this way and putting themselves in grave danger for someone who means nothing to them. Wendy argues that Gabi just found out Stefan was alive and he was the love of her life. Johnny adds that now Stefan wants nothing to do with her. Wendy asks if there was ever someone in Dr. Rolf’s life that meant everything to him. Johnny asks what if love happened and someone like him messed it up. Wendy questions it not bothering Dr. Rolf to messing with the natural order of things. Johnny tells Dr. Rolf to just let them go and they will let Gabi know the truth. Dr. Rolf remarks that Gabi does know the truth, only she’s forgotten thanks to his syringe which they will find just as effective on their memories from today. Johnny questions what’s in the syringe. Dr. Rolf calls it CRS-17 and jokes that it stands for Can’t Remember Stuff. Dr. Rolf declares that they will return to Salem, believing that they came here for nothing and asks if that’s so horrible.

Sarah asks why Xander said that quitting his job was such a terrible thing. Xander talks about how much he wanted to find a good paying job and he really thought he got it sorted to take care of her. Xander says it’s killing him to walk away from the job as he feels like he let her down again. Sarah knows he wants to be the provider but says it means more to her that he wants to make an honest living and that he quit upon finding the job wasn’t on the up and up. Sarah says she admires that and loves him so much. Xander says he loves her and doesn’t know what he’d do without her as they kiss.

Rafe and EJ sit at the scene as one of the firefighters comes over and informs them that the fire is almost out. EJ asks about his mother. He responds that he’s sorry but no one could survive that blast.

Chloe tells Stefan that even the most ambitious people are capable of falling in love. Stefan talks about how many times he’s told Gabi that there’s no chance for them. Chloe points out that Gabi doesn’t take no for an answer. Stefan argues that Gabi’s stubbornness is based in greed, not love. Chloe points out that she saw Gabi’s face after she saw them kissing and she was upset. Stefan questions why she would react by waving her wedding invitations in their faces then. Chloe doesn’t know but is sure that she wishes she wouldn’t have done that. Stefan feels that Gabi will regret it even more on the day of the wedding when he and Chloe are holding hands front and center. Chloe questions why Stefan wants to hurt Gabi. Stefan responds that it’s not about that, he just wants to get through to her and that’s it. Stefan states that he doesn’t care about Gabi enough to want to hurt her and he doesn’t care who she marries because he only cares about Chloe as they then kiss.

Li tells Gabi that coming back empty handed was just a figure of speech as he doesn’t want her shopping for souvenirs, he wants her back in Salem because he needs people he can count on, not flighty girls who take off with guys on a whim and go halfway around the world. Gabi asks what he’s going to do when Wendy gets back. Li declares that he’s going to fire her. Gabi encourages him to give Wendy a break and mentions that she and Johnny are kind of cute together which Li questions. Gabi talks about running in to them in the town square a couple days ago and they had an energy between them, so she was curious and Johnny admitted that he has a crush on Wendy. Li argues that he can take her out to dinner then, not to Indonesia on his dad’s jet. Li angrily calls Johnny a spoiled little brat. Gabi comments on Li being angry. Li admits that he’s really angry. Gabi suggests he just let them enjoy their romantic getaway.

Dr. Rolf decides ladies first for the injection. Wendy tries to fight it and pleads with him not to do this and says she won’t say anything. Dr. Rolf warns that she should’ve thought about that before lying her way in to his lab. Johnny gets an arm free and grabs Dr. Rolf, demanding he take his hands off Wendy.

Xander and Sarah lay in bed together. Xander states that he needs to think about more than just money when it comes to finding a job because he wants to be proud of what he does. Sarah encourages that the right job is out there for him. Xander comments that it might be tricky explaining why he can’t ask his old boss for a reference. Sarah argues that people leave jobs on bad terms all the time. Xander decides to go shower while Sarah says she’ll be waiting for him. Sarah then turns on the TV.

Rafe tells EJ that he’s sorry and that he wishes this hadn’t happened. Rafe decides there’s no reason to stay here. Rafe offers to have an officer take EJ’s car to his place, so EJ can ride with him to headquarters. EJ questions why. Rafe points out that he will need his statement because Tony told him that Ava had kidnapped Susan but he didn’t know the rest, so he will need that from him. EJ questions why since it’s not going to bring his mother back. Rafe tells him that Ava did this, so he wants to get it all in public record. EJ responds that he’s not going to relive this nightmare for the sake of public record. EJ then gets up and declares he’s going home as he walks away.

Li tells Gabi that he’s touched that she’s standing up for his sister but asks if she would be so generous if she was still CEO and her new employee went for a joyride on the company jet. Gabi asks what’s more important, wasted jet fuel or true love? Li jokes that she’s an old softie. They kiss and Li then decides that she’s convinced him. Li notes that there will have to be consequences since she skipped out on work, but he promises not to overreact since no real harm was done.

Johnny breaks free and fights off Dr. Rolf. Johnny begins untying Wendy when Dr. Rolf comes back after him. Dr. Rolf corners Johnny but Wendy breaks free and knocks out Dr. Rolf by hitting him in the back of the head with a tray. Johnny and Wendy tell each other that they did great.

Stefan and Chloe continue kissing. Stefan remembers that he promised her dessert but they both decide they are over it. Stefan says he would hate to think they came here for no reason. Stefan then stops and asks if he’s moving too fast because she’s still not over Brady. Chloe admits that she’s not but she does want to move on with her life. Chloe says that Brady moved Kristen in 5 seconds after they broke up, so to hell with both of them. Stefan is happy to help with that transition as they continue kissing. Stefan calls this one of the best nights he’s had in a long time. Chloe feels the same. EJ then walks in looking a mess and immediately pours a drink. Chloe asks what happened while Stefan asks if EJ is okay or if he was in an accident. EJ says no, but his mother was and reveals that Susan’s dead which shocks Chloe and Stefan.

Gabi and Li look over their wedding invitations. Gabi wants to keep one to herself as a reminder that this is really happening. Li declares that by December 31st, they will be a married couple. Gabi adds that they will be bringing in the new year as husband and wife. Li says he can’t wait as they kiss.

Johnny and Wendy tie Dr. Rolf up to the hospital bed in the lab. Johnny states that Dr. Rolf may have destroyed their recording, but they can still undo everything he did and once they get back to Salem, that’s exactly what they are going to do. Wendy declares that she is going to tell Gabi personally what Dr. Rolf did to Stefan’s brain. Johnny adds that Gabi is going to come after him with more than a scalpel. Johnny and Wendy decide they are ready to go. Dr. Rolf argues that they can’t leave him like this. Johnny remarks that as a brilliant scientist, he can figure his way out. Johnny and Wendy then exit together, leaving Dr. Rolf screaming.

Xander gets out of the shower and back in bed with Sarah. Sarah tells him about watching the news bulletin on Susan’s kidnapping. Xander asks if they said who did it. Sarah says just the same thing that Bonnie told her, some guy in a clown mask. Xander asks what the bulletin was then and if Susan told them who did it. Sarah then reveals that Susan couldn’t say anything because she’s dead which shocks Xander.

Stefan stops EJ from drinking. EJ then throws a glass across the room in frustration and screams as he drops to the floor. EJ breaks down crying that his mother is gone and it’s all his fault.

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