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Johnny and Chanel start kissing in the town square right as Allie walks up and sees them. Allie turns to walk away but Chanel sees her and calls out to her, saying she’s so sorry she had to see that but Johnny says he’s not.

Abe goes to Paulina’s and they greet each other with a kiss. Paulina asks how his day was. Abe says it’s a lot better now and questions the dinner setup in the room. Paulina informs him that they are having a surprise guest.

Chloe goes to Shawn’s with a baby gift. Shawn allows Chloe to hold the baby. Shawn opens the gift and it’s a Velcro pacifier holder which he thanks her for. Chloe says she knows what it’s like to be a single parent and it’s not easy. Chloe encourages that he’s not alone as he has her and he has Belle. Shawn guesses she didn’t get the memo that Belle doesn’t want anything to do with the baby and now that she’s sleeping with EJ, she doesn’t want anything to do with him either.

Belle goes to John and Marlena’s to see Brady. Brady is interrupted by a call from prison. Brady answers and asks Kristen what she wants. Kristen reminds him that he said he’d think about bringing Rachel to see her when she got settled in. Kristen says she misses their daughter so much and really needs to see her.

Orpheus complains about Evan pacing in prison. Evan complains that he’s already lost one son and Jan tried to make off with his other one, so he can’t blame him for being upset. Evan is thankful they stopped Jan and questions if he’s just supposed to sit by and let Shawn Brady raise his kid. Evan declares that he has to get out of here. Orpheus assures him that he will. Evan asks when since he said it could take weeks or months. Orpheus reveals that it could be today.

Abe asks Paulina who the special guest is. Paulina says no spoilers, so he’ll just have to wait and see. Paulina informs him that they are having bacon-wrapped pork loin so Abe says it must be some special guest. Governor Mitchell then arrives as their special guest and says when Paulina Price calls, he answers. Abe questions them knowing each other. Paulina says they have crossed paths a time or two and they are old friends. Paulina reveals that she asked him to come for Abe. Paulina explains that the Governor is retiring at the end of his term and his endorsement would go a long way in deciding the next election. Paulina hoped that the governor would endorse Abe. He didn’t realize that Abe was interested in running for governor. Abe responds that neither did he.

Chanel tries to explain to Allie but Johnny blurts out that he was proposing to the woman he loves which Allie questions. Johnny explains that he told Chanel that he doesn’t want to hide how he feels anymore, that he loves her, and wants to marry her. Allie then punches Johnny in the stomach.

Chloe tells Shawn that Belle isn’t sleeping with EJ anymore. Shawn argues that’s only because Sami found out and couldn’t wait to tell her the news. Chloe knows Belle wanted to tell him herself. Shawn says it doesn’t matter how he found out, but his wife cheated on him again and this time, he thinks it’s over.

Brady tells Kristen that he can’t bring Rachel to see her right now. Kristen questions why not. Brady informs her that Rachel is in California with Tate and Theresa. Kristen can’t believe Brady left her without talking to her first. Brady argues that Theresa is a good mom. Kristen asks if he’s saying she’s not. Kristen complains about Theresa taking care of Rachel while she’s in prison. Brady argues that it’s not their fault that Kristen is in prison. Kristen argues that he can’t keep her daughter away from her. Brady decides he’s not going to do this and will talk to her later as he hangs up. Belle then asks how Kristen is.

Kristen hangs up and punches the wall, which Orpheus and Evan hear on the other side. Orpheus tells Evan to relax as things are falling in to place for them. Orpheus says before Jan went swimming with the fishes, she came through with the password to the Salem PD main frame, so his guys have been digging and finally hit pay dirt. Orpheus assures Evan that he’ll be out of here soon and tells him to go do his shift and play it cool without doing anything that could jeopardize his release. Evan calls that great news as he leaves the room. Orpheus then reaches in to his sock and pulls out a cell phone.

Evan goes to the prison infirmary where Kristen is complaining about looking for the doctor after punching the wall. Evan offers to get her some ice which Kristen mocks as that passing for medical attention. Evan says it’s all he can do for her for now since the average wait time here is 2-3 weeks. Evan asks who Kristen hit. Kristen admits it was the wall and asks what it is to him. Evan says they heard the commotion and thought the girls were fighting over the remote again. Evan goes to leave but Kristen stops him and says she was upset as she misses her daughter and doesn’t know when she’s ever going to see her again. Evan says he’s sorry to hear that as he knows exactly how she feels.

Chloe knows Shawn is hurt and angry. Shawn doesn’t want to hear that it wasn’t cheating because they were separated when he didn’t want to be separated in the first place. Chloe suggests he try to understand Belle’s side of this. Shawn argues that he was assaulted and Belle is acting like he cheated on her. Chloe explains that Belle understands that but what was in Shawn’s control was letting her know that he had sex with Jan, so he could’ve controlled the reaction to Jan having his baby but instead he helped Jan get out of prison and moved her in. Shawn argues that Belle had already moved out. Chloe says it was temporary and then Jan asked him to keep Belle away from her. Shawn argues that he was looking out for his baby’s health. Chloe questions what about looking out for his marriage.

Belle tells Brady that she’s sorry as it’s so hard when a child is involved. Brady states that all that matters is what’s best for Rachel as she’s getting older and developing anxieties. Brady doesn’t think prison is the right place for a kid and that Rachel can’t handle it. Belle encourages that he’ll figure it out. Brady says he’s exhausted and asks how Belle is doing and what she came to talk about. Belle goes over her husband having a son with a low life criminal and they are separated while she and EJ are through and she’s staying with Brady’s girlfriend which she’s sure he greatly appreciates. Brady assumes it didn’t go well when Belle told Shawn about her and EJ. Belle clarifies that she didn’t tell Shawn as Sami beat her to it and took great pleasure in spilling the beans as if things between them weren’t bad enough already. Brady asks if Belle wants to work things out with Shawn or not.

Johnny asks Allie what her problem is. Allie complains that Chanel asked them to back off, so he snuck behind her back with an engagement ring. Johnny argues that Allie was coming to see Chanel too. Allie argues that she didn’t have an engagement ring and was just coming to see her best friend because she just got some really upsetting news. Chanel asks her what happened. Allie reveals that she just found out that her grandma Kate knew that Lucas kidnapped Sami. Johnny can’t believe that Kate covered for Lucas and then he turned around and killed Abigail. Allie shouts that she doesn’t think Lucas did that as Marlena hypnotized him and he uncovered a memory that might clear him. Chanel says that’s great but Johnny shouts that he still kidnapped their mom and admitted it to them all but had the nerve to plead not guilty. Allie asks if Johnny wants her dad to go to prison to ruin her life more. Chanel yells at them to both stop.

Governor Mitchell questions Abe not being the one who had Paulina reach out to him about an endorsement, which Abe confirms he did not. Paulina explains that Abe is so humble so she knew he’d need a little push and to just imagine what Abe could do for the state. The Governor jokes about Abe having quite the representative. Governor Mitchell then gets a call from Orpheus. He tells Orpheus that he doesn’t know how he got his number, but he’s hanging up. Orpheus reveals that he got his number from his personnel file and warns that he might want to hear what he has to say.

Chanel complains that she said she needed time and instead of honoring that, they are acting like contestants on The Bachelorette. Johnny argues that Chanel just told him that she loves him. Chanel says that’s not news but she loves Allie too. Allie asks how much time she needs because it’s been weeks and they’re trying to be patient but they can’t go on like this. Johnny agrees and declares that Chanel needs to make a choice now.

Shawn tells Chloe that Belle doesn’t want to raise Jan’s son and can’t separate him from everything. Shawn admits he didn’t think he could either but then he saw the baby and he’s his boy. Shawn adds that Steve and Kayla keep offering to babysit, but he doesn’t want to be separated from him especially after almost losing him. Chloe guarantees that when Belle holds the baby, her heart will melt. Shawn says that will be kinda difficult considering Belle can’t be in the same room as the baby. Chloe says that Belle is just upset and she knows Shawn is too. Chloe says she saw them fall in love all those years ago and always believed they are meant to be together.

Belle tells Brady that she does want to work things out with Shawn as he’s the love of her life and she knows now that sleeping with EJ was a huge mistake. Brady is proud of her for figuring that out on her own. Belle states that their problems started way before EJ was in the picture. Belle knows it’s not the baby’s fault and she wishes she could just forget he belongs to Jan and Shawn, but she doesn’t think she can do that.

Kristen realizes who Evan is and that he had a son that Rafe was raising for awhile. Evan says that his sister took his son halfway around the world and he doesn’t know when he’s going to see him again, but he has another newborn son and he’s going to be with him very soon. Kristen thought the policy was no visitors under the age of 2. Evan clarifies that he didn’t say that. Kristen asks if he’s saying he is getting out. Evan claims that he’s up for parole in a couple of weeks. Kristen doesn’t believe him since he has a rap sheet almost as long as hers and he just got back after a prison break, so she’s well aware of those consequences. Evan questions how she knows so much about him. Kristen guesses he doesn’t know who he’s talking to and introduces herself, saying she knows all and makes a point to find out what she doesn’t know. Kristen then questions how Evan is getting out to see his son.

Governor Mitchell questions how Orpheus got access to confidential records. Orpheus says he may have thought he buried the Anderson file deep but he’s afraid it looks like he’s sunk. Orpheus warns that he knows everything the Governor did. He asks what Orpheus wants. Orpheus says that’s exactly what he wanted to hear.

Brady encourages that Belle is a very good person and while Shawn Christian is Jan’s baby, he’s also Shawn’s baby. Brady adds that Shawn found a way to step up and be a parent, so Belle probably can too, especially now that Jan is out of the picture. Belle argues that they don’t know that Jan is gone since she’s been gone before. Brady points out that she’s never been at the bottom of a river. Belle argues that even if she was going to try, she slept with EJ so Shawn won’t even talk to her. Brady says that they know Shawn loves her but he’s stubborn. Brady feels that Belle can get through to him and suggests she talk to him. Brady says she won’t get anywhere unless they let each other know how they feel.

Shawn tells Chloe that if Belle has something to say to him, she can say it herself. Chloe knows he’s mad and she’s not making excuses but Belle knows that what happened with EJ was a mistake. Shawn argues that he could think of several other words for it. Chloe is sure Belle would have choice words for him too since it’s not like nothing happened between he and Jan the last few months. Shawn argues that he didn’t sleep with Jan. Chloe brings up seeing him kiss her. Shawn clarifies that Jan kissed him. Chloe points out that Shawn was running out to get her cheeseburgers and rubbing her aching back while she was pregnant and gushing over their beautiful child together. Chloe says a baby bonds people and she knows he felt that which wasn’t easy for Belle to see. Chloe says the baby wasn’t the problem, it was always Jan. Chloe declares that Jan and EJ are out of their lives now, so the only people standing between he and Belle are he and Belle. Shawn says it’s not that simple. Chloe feels it’s only as complicated as he wants to make it. Chloe encourages Shawn to call Belle, talk to her, and try to figure their way back to each other because she knows if two people could do it, it’s them.

Governor Mitchell apologizes to Paulina and says he has to go as there has been an emergency. Paulina argues that she just took dinner out of the oven. He apologizes and calls for a rain check. Paulina hopes he takes what they discussed under advisement since Abe would be his most worthy successor. The Governor says he will and rushes out. Abe then tells Paulina that she has some explaining to do.

Evan tells Kristen that he never said he was getting out. Kristen calls him a terrible liar and says this would be so much simpler if he just told her everything. Evan responds that he can’t. Kristen asks if his dad is threatening him as she knows Orpheus can be so scary. Kristen promises Evan that she’s scarier as she then grabs Evan in a chokehold and threatens to stab him with a pencil unless he tells her how he’s going to break out. Evan says he never said he was going to break out. Kristen reminds him that the wait for medical attention is 2-3 weeks as she holds the pencil at his eye. Evan then agrees to tell her. Evan reveals to Kristen what Orpheus is up to, which she calls impressive. Evan tells her that she can’t tell Orpheus that he told her. Kristen says she won’t say a word, but he will. Kristen orders him to get a piece of paper because she has a new job for him as a delivery boy.

Governor Mitchell meets Orpheus in prison and says he had to make up a story to the warden about wanting to see his prison reforms in action. Orpheus argues that all he’s done in office is line the pockets like the rest of the suits. The Governor says there must be something he can do for him and offers a prison transfer. Orpheus says he’s not negotiating and says he’s been working on a plan to get out since he got here and here the Governor is. He responds that can’t be done. Orpheus warns that a smart guy would see the power has shifted. Orpheus says he wouldn’t know that but right now his only choice is to do precisely what he says or else his shiny legacy of public service will be flushed down the toilet and he can say goodbye to his blissful retirement and lucrative consulting deals that he has lined up as he will end up in prison. Governor Mitchell argues that he can’t possibly justify this to the people. Orpheus says he’s a politician so he can do what he does best and lie.

Paulina knows Abe’s reputation took a hit because of her crazy scheme with Price Town, so she wants to make it up to him. Abe questions pitching him for a job that he doesn’t really want. Paulina asks if he’s never seen himself in the Governor’s mansion with her on his arm. Abe says now he sees what this is all about. Paulina admits she’s being selfish and that she’d love to be first lady because she’s proud of him and proud to be his wife. Paulina calls him a decent, honorable man and says no one would make a better Governor than him.

Chanel questions Allie and Johnny deciding not to respect her wishes. Allie says they can’t anymore because the situation is driving them all crazy. Allie brings up Lucas being so obsessed with winning his mom’s love that he went off the deep end. Chanel asks if they think she’s enjoying this. Chanel says she’s not playing them against each other. Johnny says maybe not on purpose. Chanel reminds them that she’s the one who got dumped and hurt twice and had to watch them go after someone else. Chanel cries that it’s not her fault as she didn’t create this messed up situation. Johnny points out that she’s the only one who can fix it. Chanel responds that she should just tell them both to go to Hell but she won’t because they are right that she needs to make a choice.

Evan returns to Orpheus in the visiting room. Orpheus tells Evan that it’s done and all taken care of. Orpheus then questions Evan being back so soon and argues that his shift can’t be over yet. Evan then hands him the piece of paper. Orpheus reads it and then calls Evan an idiot.

Paulina talks about how Chanel would love the perks of living in the Governor’s Mansion while Abe would love running the state properly and helping the people. Paulina adds that Abe needs a distraction from Eli, Lani, and the twins being gone so he can do what he does best and give them what they need. Paulina knows it’s crossed his mind and that she just needed to push him out of his comfort zone. Paulina wishes she just had more time with the Governor to plead his case and wonders what was so important to make him rush out.

Orpheus finishes another call and tells Evan that he’s lucky the Governor is still taking his calls. Evan tries to apologize but Orpheus stops him and declares that what’s done is done. Orpheus tells Evan to just sit tight where he can see him and to keep his big mouth shut until the plan is executed.

Chloe goes to see Brady and they kiss. Brady asks if Shawn enjoyed his baby gift. Chloe thinks so and then sees Belle is inside, asking what she’s doing here. Brady responds that Belle was just ignoring his love life advice. Chloe responds that Shawn was just doing the same with her as she tried to talk sense in to him but he was not being very receptive. Belle jokes that Shawn is almost as stubborn as her. Belle then gets a call from Shawn, who hopes that they could talk and invites her to come over which she agrees to.

Chanel didn’t think it would be this hard to choose. Johnny says he’s endlessly charming, witty, and attractive as he raises her engagement ring then says he guesses Allie is too. Allie tells him to be quiet. Chanel brings up her first marriage lasting a day and her second one wasn’t much longer. Chanel declares that she wants to do it right this time, so she’s sorry but she can’t accept Johnny’s ring. Allie asks if Chanel is saying she chooses her. Chanel declares that she’s not choosing either one of them. Chanel clarifies that she will make a decision but she has to sleep on it as she can’t decide with both of them staring at her. Johnny and Allie understand that. Chanel says she will see them tomorrow and walks away. Johnny asks Allie if she will be able to accept that Chanel chooses him. Johnny wants to be cool with whatever happens with everything happening with their parents and Chanel. Johnny and Allie admit they miss each other and agree to be okay no matter what happens as they hug.

Paulina tells Abe that she’s so excited that he’s on board. Abe points out that Governor Mitchell hasn’t endorsed him yet. Paulina then gets a message that the Governor is giving a press conference right now. She excitedly turns on the TV believing that it’s happening now. They watch the news conference as Governor Mitchell announces that his term is ending and he wants to talk to everyone about Orpheus. Paulina questions who that is while Abe can’t believe it as the Governor announces he is issuing a full pardon to Orpheus and his son Christian Maddox aka Evan Friers.

Orpheus tells Evan that they did it and it should be happening as they speak. Evan declares that the first thing he’s going to do when he gets out is claim his son.

Shawn takes care of baby Shawn at home as Belle walks in.

Kristen remains in the Infirmary holding onto the valentine that Rachel made for her. Kristen says for Rachel not to worry because Mommy is coming.

Brady informs Chloe that Kristen called him about wanting to see Rachel. Chloe thinks they should make this a Kristen-free evening which Brady agrees with. Chloe turns on the TV and they find the Governor’s emergency press conference, wondering what’s going on. Governor Mitchell then announces that he is also issuing a full pardon to Kristen DiMera, shocking Brady and Chloe.

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