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Ben and Ciara sit at home, debating whether or not to open an envelope they received.

At the hospital, Paulina points out that Lani called out to her when the chandelier started to fall. Paulina notes that in that moment, Lani called her “mom”. Paulina says it happened fast but she’s pretty sure that’s what she heard. Lani guesses she did. Paulina asks her why. Tripp then comes in to the room and says it must have been some wedding reception as he heard Paulina banged up her ankle. Tripp asks what happened. Paulina goes off on what Johnny did to Chanel and mentions the chandelier almost falling on her which Tripp questions. Lani calls it a long story. Tripp asks what Johnny did to Chanel. Paulina responds that he broke her heart.

Chanel tells Allie that she doesn’t know what she would do without her as she’s so wrecked that she can hardly stand. Allie says that’s what they do for each other and always have since London, they hold each other up when they are feeling down. Chanel says it’s them against the world. Chanel then kisses Allie. Allie pulls away and says she can’t do this.

Susan questions Johnny calling her grandma when they both know that he’s not her grandson. Johnny asks if she’s sure she is feeling okay. Susan reveals that she knows he’s not her Johnny because he would never do that to Chanel. Johnny asks what she means. Susan declares that Johnny is the Devil and she’s going to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all. Johnny thinks she should go lie down. Susan warns him not to touch her as he’s the one who isn’t himself. Johnny tells her not to be afraid of him. Susan says she’s not afraid because she has God on her side. Johnny argues that she’s being ridiculous. Susan claims she can smell the brimstone on his breath. Johnny says she’s not making sense. Susan insists that she feels it in her bones that the Devil jumped out of Marlena to Johnny during the exorcism and says he can’t fool her anymore. The Devil then takes over Johnny and guesses Susan isn’t as dumb as she looks since she figured it out. The Devil then asks what she’s going to do about it.

Tripp questions Johnny dumping Chanel at their wedding reception in front of everyone. Paulina thought nothing could be worse than her wedding to Abe but says this was way worse. Tripp asks what Chanel did. Paulina and Lani inform him that Chanel ran out in tears and Allie went to find her. Tripp guesses that’s why Allie hasn’t returned his call. Paulina says Allie is a good friend and probably consoling her. Tripp decides to go order her x-ray and then he’ll give Allie another call to check on her and Chanel. Paulina asks Tripp not to tell Chanel anything about her injuries as she has enough to worry about. Tripp then exits.

Allie tells Chanel that she’s so sorry. Chanel asks if she’s sorry for kissing her or for pulling away. Allie responds that she’s sorry about what Johnny did to her, but she’s committed to Tripp. Allie then runs out of the room. Allie gathers her things and grabs her phone as Tripp calls again. Tripp says he just heard what happened at the reception and asks if Chanel is okay. Allie responds that she’s furious and heartbroken but she’ll be alright. Tripp asks if she’s with her now. Allie says she just put her to bed at her mom’s and she’s heading home now. Tripp says he has to get back to work and to tell Chanel that he’s thinking about her. Allie tells him that she loves him and hangs up. Chanel then comes out from her room and asks Allie not to bail on her like her brother did.

Ben suggests going over the pros and cons of opening the envelope. Ciara decides they should just open it but then changes her mind and admits she’s unsure. There’s a knock at the door so they decide to ask whoever it is. Ben answers the door and it’s Shawn. Ciara asks him yes or not but Shawn wants to know the question first. Shawn asks what’s going on and how their doctor’s appointment was. Ciara says it was perfect. Shawn asks if there’s any news. Ben reveals that the doctor was able to determine the sex of the baby. Shawn asks if he’s going to have a niece or nephew but Ciara admits they have no idea.

Chanel apologizes for comparing Allie to her brother. Allie knows how bad Johnny hurt her. Chanel cries that they may be twins but they are nothing alike as Allie is kind, thoughtful, and would never humiliate the person she claims to love. Allie hugs Chanel as she cries. Allie tells her that Johnny isn’t worth her tears. Chanel knows she took it too far before but asks Allie to just stay as friends because she doesn’t want to be alone tonight.

Belle sits with EJ in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Belle says she can’t believe what Johnny did to Chanel as that’s brutal even by DiMera standards. EJ points out that Johnny is half-Brady. Belle says that’s half Sami Brady. EJ asks if he was supposed to stay in a loveless marriage. Belle wishes he would’ve found a more humane way to end things or realized he wasn’t ready for marriage in the first place. EJ remarks that they all can’t be as perfect as her and Shawn. Belle questions if EJ is proud of what Johnny did since he was having drinks with his father’s portrait so maybe they were toasting to Johnny’s cruelty. EJ comments that Belle sounds like Susan with all that vampire talk and points out that Belle doesn’t seem to mind cashing her checks from DiMera. Belle asks if Chad is there since she has contracts for him to sign. EJ says he has far more pressing matters on his mind like his kidnapping trial starting tomorrow. Belle understands the evidence is pretty flimsy so she’s sure his attorney will mount a credible defense. EJ reveals he doesn’t have an attorney as he represented himself at the bail hearing, so he will continue to do so at the trial. Belle warns him against that, so EJ asks Belle to represent him.

Susan says everyone thought Lucifer was gone but she knew he hadn’t gone back to Hell where he belongs. The Devil mocks her as Susan says she wants him gone. The Devil acknowledges that Susan is more clever than one would assume but she won’t live long enough for anyone else in Salem to find out. Susan says she’s faced him before so she’s not afraid of him. Susan argues that he can do whatever he wants with her body but he can’t touch her soul. The Devil questions who would want to do anything with her body and brings up how he had to turn her in to Kristen to seduce John. The Devil calls John a stubborn man. Susan says John is strong, loving, and loyal which is everything The Devil is not. The Devil points out that he’s still here. Susan asks now what. The Devil says he could turn her back in to Kristen or a cat or a bug so he can squash her.

Tripp comes back and tells Paulina that they should have the x-ray results soon and that Allie said she’s put Chanel to bed and is now heading home. Paulina doesn’t think Chanel will sleep well and wants to be there for her. Tripp says they have to treat her ankle first. Tripp decides to go check on her x-rays and exits. Paulina tells Lani that there’s nothing she hates more than feeling helpless. Lani knows how worried she is about Chanel as she is too. Paulina recalls thinking she’d worry less when Chanel got older but a mother never stops worrying about all of her children.

Chanel tells Allie that she knows she made it weird before but swears nothing has to happen between them if she stays. Chanel repeats that she just doesn’t want to be alone right now as her whole life was ripped apart in front of everyone she cares about, so she just feels sad, humiliated, and lost. Allie would never want her to feel that way, so she agrees to stay. Chanel thanks her and says she has no idea how much this means to her. Allie says she’ll just call Nicole to let her know so she can watch Henry. Chanel thanks Allie and apologizes for what she said before. Allie knows she didn’t mean it. Chanel remarks that she sometimes can’t believe she and Johnny are twins. Allie declares that she hates Johnny for what he did and doesn’t think she will ever forgive him for it. Chanel thought Johnny loved her and they would spend the rest of their lives together. Chanel doesn’t understand how she could be so wrong about him.

Susan argues that The Devil can’t crush her spirit because she has God and John on her side. Susan declares they will stop him and save Johnny from this wicked possession. Susan tries to leave but The Devil uses her power to slam the door shut. The Devil asks about the people Susan loves. The Devil threatens to dispose of EJ. Susan tells him to stay away from EJ. The Devil says he doesn’t want to hurt EJ since he’s always been so willing to do his handy work like Stefano before him. The Devil warns that if Susan forces his hand, he will walk downstairs and rip EJ’s heart out of his chest.

Belle tells EJ that she can’t represent him since she’s DiMera’s corporate counsel, so it’d be a conflict of interest. EJ argues that they can get around that. Belle reminds him that he’s being prosecuted for kidnapping her sister. EJ thinks that’s a plus if his alleged victim’s own sister believes he’s innocent. Belle asks who says she thinks he’s innocent. Belle adds that Chad and Mr. Shin would never go for that, so she’d get fired on the spot. EJ says to leave Chad and the DiMera board to him as he will make them see that it’s in the company’s best interest to have these ridiculous charges dropped. Belle points out that the company is doing everything to distance itself from him and this case. EJ calls them cowards. Belle insists they won’t want her anywhere near it. EJ is unsure and asks what if Belle is his best chance of making this whole thing go away. Belle says even if by some miracle the board approved it, what makes him think she’d want to represent him.

Shawn asks if Ben and Ciara have any preference to boy or girl. Ciara says of course not as long as the baby is healthy. Shawn suggests just opening it and finding out.

EJ understands Belle’s reluctance to represent him as they have had their differences and honesty hasn’t always been his strong suit. EJ assures her that he did not have Sami kidnapped and someone framed him. Belle says even if she believed him, Sami thinks he’s guilty so representing him would be betraying her own sister. EJ brings up that Sami has betrayed her over and over again. Belle argues that doesn’t make it right. EJ says he’s fighting for his life here and asks Belle to do it for her niece and nephew. EJ asks if she really thinks Johnny and Sydney’s father should go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Belle laughs at his pitch being to think of the children. Belle points out that Johnny is not an innocent child which he proved here tonight.

Susan accuses the Devil of bluffing about killing EJ and says he won’t do it in the middle of the DiMera Mansion where there are witnesses downstairs. The Devil says he doesn’t care and suggests people will just think Johnny went off the deep end. Susan argues that Johnny would never hurt his dad and the second he did, people would know the Devil was still in Salem and then John, Eric, and the forces of good will come to vanquish him again.

Allie finishes her call with Nicole and says she’ll see her in the morning. Allie tells Chanel that it’s fine with Nicole for her to stay here. Chanel thanks her again. Allie reminds her that she’s her best friend and this is what they do for each other. Chanel says she’s so grateful to have her. Allie decides she’s going to sleep on the couch but she’ll be right there if she needs her. Chanel calls that dumb because there’s plenty of room in the bed. Chanel assures that she’ll stay on her side and not bother her, but knowing that she’s there will be enough. Allie then agrees. Chanel asks if she’s going to sleep in her dress. Allie guesses not so Chanel helps her unzip it as they then get in to bed to sleep on their own sides.

Tripp wraps Paulina’s ankle and says she’s lucky it’s just a sprain but he wants her to stay off of it for a few days. Paulina compliments his bedside manner and is sure he’s going to be a top notch physician. Tripp credits Kayla as his role model. Paulina is sure Kayla is proud of him like she is of her girls. Tripp says he will go get her discharge paper work and prescriptions while he will also get her a cane to steady herself while she heals. Tripp then exits. Paulina hopes Lani wasn’t offended by her referring to her as one of her girls. Lani assures that she wasn’t. Paulina reminds Lani that she asked her about calling her mom. Lani is not sure why she said it but she saw Paulina was in danger and just said it in the moment which disappoints Paulina. Lani admits she will always see Tamara as her mother, but deep down somewhere in there, she guesses she sees Paulina that way too.

The Devil admits that killing EJ would be impractical. Susan says it would be very evil too. The Devil warns that keeping their secret is essential to his plan, so he’s going to have to find another way to silence Susan permanently. Susan threatens him with the power of Christ. Susan worries that the Devil is still after Ben and Ciara’s baby.

Shawn asks Ben and Ciara if they want to know the sex of their baby or wait to be surprised. Ben doesn’t think they are going to decide tonight which Ciara agrees with. Shawn tells them to do what they have to do. Shawn says he’s going to meet Belle for a late dinner. Ciara asks Shawn to take the envelope with him until they decide if or when to open it. Ben and Ciara joke about being tempted to take a peek and agree to have Shawn take it.

The Devil tells Susan that she’s being too smart for her own good. Susan warns that she won’t let him go anywhere near Ben and Ciara’s child. The Devil laughs at her and says there’s nothing she can do about it. Susan insists that he won’t get away with this as she’s going to tell EJ everything. The Devil then uses his power to swing the door open.

EJ tells Belle that he’s done terrible things in his life but he did not kidnap Sami as he still loves her and they share two incredible children who deserve better than this. Belle tells him that she’s sorry but she can’t represent him. EJ tells her to abandon him just like Sami did then. Belle offers to help him find another attorney but EJ tells her to just go. Belle asks him to tell Chad that she came by and wishes him luck tomorrow as she then exits the mansion. Susan runs in and tells EJ that she has something very important to tell him.

Tripp brings Paulina a cane and advises her to take Ibuprofen as needed. Tripp adds that he hopes Chanel is okay as he exits. Paulina thanks him and says she’ll be on her way. Lani offers to take her home but Paulina says that her driver and car are downstairs, so she tells Lani to go home to Eli and their twins. Lani tells her to tell Chanel that she’s thinking of her and will call her tomorrow. Paulina tells Lani how much it means to her that she was there for her.

Chanel asks Allie if she’s still awake. Allie asks if she’s okay. Chanel says no but she’s really glad that Allie is there. Allie wants Chanel to know that Johnny is an idiot. Allie can’t believe what Johnny is giving up as she calls Chanel the smartest, fiercest, most beautiful woman she knows. Allie adds that anyone would be lucky to be with her. Chanel asks if she really means that. Allie assures that she does. Allie then leans over and begins kissing Chanel in bed.

EJ asks Susan if something is wrong. Susan claims everything is fine and she just needs to tell him that she’s leaving Salem because Roger needs her ASAP. EJ questions her going right now. Susan says she is. EJ asks if she can’t wait until the morning. Johnny walks in and says Susan really wants to go. EJ questions Johnny knowing about this and what the emergency is. Johnny thinks back to Susan telling The Devil that she was going to tell EJ everything but The Devil used mind control to have Susan decide to leave Salem tonight. Johnny then reveals to EJ that he did know about this because he’s the one that convinced her to go.

Ben asks if Ciara thinks they made the right decision in letting Shawn take the sonogram home. Ciara is pretty sure if they hadn’t, they’d be staring at it all night. Ciara adds that there’s still plenty of time to find out the sex of the baby if they want to, but right now she’s kind of happy not knowing. Ben wants to make sure to do everything in his power to make sure they stay as happy as they are now. Ciara brings up that he brought her back from the dead and they battled The Devil together to save their child, so she’s pretty sure nothing in any world could break them apart ever again as they kiss.

EJ questions why Johnny would encourage Susan to leave Salem. Johnny claims Susan is lonely and misses Roger. Johnny mentions that he already gave her bags to the driver, who is waiting outside. EJ doesn’t see what difference one more night would make. Susan tells EJ that she’s sorry but she’s made up her mind. Susan says she loves him so much but she has to do this. EJ says he loves her too. Susan tells EJ to take care of himself as she then exits the mansion. EJ asks Johnny what just happened.

Lani tells Tripp that Paulina got home okay and she just stuck around to check on a patient from one of her cases. Lani thanks Tripp for taking such good care of Paulina. Tripp jokes that she’s something else. Lani asks him to thank Allie again for being there for Chanel which Tripp agrees to do.

Paulina goes home and is shocked to find Chanel and Allie kissing in bed. She closes the door back before they see her as they continue kissing.

Devil Johnny returns to his room and talks about getting rid of Susan and Chanel as he removes his wedding ring and crushes it into dust in his hand as the Devil breaks out in laughter.

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