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Recap written by Christine

Nikki and Nick hugged. They’d run into each other at Crimson Lights after she got back from her trip. He asked about Victoria. She was sorry to report that his sister still felt as conflicted as ever. He wondered what they could do to convince Victoria that Ashland was toxic. They got a table and lamented that Victoria was shutting them out when she needed them most. Nikki said Victoria was grown, and she’d been through some incredibly tough times. Nikki said Victoria could’ve shut down after JT, but she’d pulled herself together. Nick added that Billy came along, and then that fell apart. Nikki said Victoria opened her heart again, and Ashland entered. Nikki said Victoria liked to portray a tough persona, but she was lead by her emotions just like the rest of them. Nick stated that hatred was an emotion, and Victoria should hold onto it when it came to Ashland. Nikki understood that, but she pointed out that Nick had forgiven Phyllis and Sharon, and Nikki did the same with Victor. “Letting go of love is one of the most difficult things anyone can do,” she said. Nick asked what they were supposed to do – just hope Ashland didn’t hurt Victoria anymore? Nikki wasn’t sure what else they could do. She was concerned because she hadn’t heard from Victoria.

At Newman Media, Victor told Adam that the restraining order didn’t do the trick – Ashland was still in town. Adam asked which way Victoria’s heart was leaning. Victor didn’t think that was important right now. He said they needed to focus on getting rid of Ashland. Victor maintained that there was no reason for Locke to be here. Adam said Ashland had a reason – his love for Victoria.

Victoria woke up in Ashland’s bed at the hotel. He was already awake and dressed, and he had coffee for her. He asked her not to open her eyes – he’d been trying to figure out a way to prolong this night as long as possible, because he was worried that she’d change her mind about taking him back. She assured him that she still felt the same way. She appreciated him for agreeing to taking things slowly. He told her to take all the time she needed. She said she still loved him, but her family, especially her father, thought she was incapable of making up her own mind. She felt that her family would continue to judge her and try to control her unless she let them know in no uncertain terms that it ended now. “I choose you,” Victoria told Ashland. Victoria thought that if she told her family her decision, they’d try and drive her and Ashland apart. He said they wouldn’t let that happen. She was sick and tired of her family trying to control her. She felt suffocated. Nikki called, and Victoria declined it. She was sure Nikki was wondering if she was doing anything impetuous, or human or enjoyable. She wished he’d seen her family trying to convince her to stay at the ranch last night. He was sure they were worried she’d find her way back to him. She thought it was childish and ridiculous. She thought that it was inexcusable that her father used his power and influence to keep Ashland from his son.

When Victor called, Victoria declined his call too. She was sure he was just calling to make sure she was dutifully accepting what he’d done for her own good and for the good of the family. She didn’t want to hear it. “It’s all been lies,” she contended. She wanted to start over, away from Newman and away from all the people. She took his hands and they smiled. Victoria knew Ashland fell deeply in love with her and that it wasn’t part of his original plan. She knew he never expected it, just like she never expected to forgive him for lying to her. “The love that I have for you is undeniable and it is so strong,” Victoria said. She knew his quirks, flaws and even a few of his triggers. She loved all of him. He said acceptance of one thing, but wanting to run away with him was another.

Victoria wanted to run away with Ashland, away from the constraints and burden of her family. She knew he probably questioned her sincerity, since she lied to him about this before, to get him to take the payoff. She said she meant it this time. He said he wouldn’t make any grand sweeping promises – he’d let his actions and love speak for itself, but he wanted her to consider all the consequences. She conceded it wouldn’t be easy to leave the company she loved, but she thought it was worth it. He clarified that he was talking about her children – Billy wouldn’t be happy. She knew that Billy would never keep her away from the kids. He countered that Victor orchestrated a restraining order against him, and Kyle went along with it. He asked if she was sure Billy would be okay with Ashland spending time with his kids. She stroked his hair and told him not to worry about Billy. He asked what about her parents and Nick. She’d decided not to try and convince them of her choices anymore – either they’d accept it or they wouldn’t. He thought that was wise. She grinned and said of course it was wise – she was the smartest woman he knew. Ashland suggested that Victoria didn’t bring him up when she declared her independence from her family. He said that his name might trigger a reaction from her family that she was unprepared for.

Back at Newman Media, Victor agreed when Adam said there was nothing they could do to stop Ashland’s drive to be with Victoria. Adam had a strong suspicion that Victoria wanted Ashland to stay. Victor thought Adam was only saying this because he wanted Victoria’s job. Adam contended that Victor was refusing to see what was in front of his face – that Victoria loved Ashland. He thought Victor needed to prepare for Victoria to go back to Ashland. Victor maintained that Victoria was too smart and strong for that. Victor got a text from Victoria saying she wanted to meet, and she said to bring Adam. At Crimson Lights, Nikki and Nick got the text too, and Nikki was worried.

Victoria met everyone that she’d summoned to her office. She thanked them for coming. She said she knew they all had busy lives running around behind her back pulling strings to orchestrate things she’d never approve of. She said if she’d paid closer attention, she could’ve predicted Victor’s next move, since they thought a lot alike. “Not lately unfortunately,” Victor replied. Victoria was sure Michael was probably just salivating over Victor’s plan. She said Victor, who always preached about the importance of family, cut Ashland off from his son. She felt that Victor had gone too far.

Before Victoria left for vacation, she’d asked Victor to leave Ashland alone. She said Ashland had moved on and was focused on protecting his relationship with his son. Nick disagreed. He said they paid Ashland a fortune to leave, but he’d stuck around, planning God knows what. Victoria asked if Nick was okay with Ashland having his son ripped from him. Nick said Ashland practically begged Summer and Kyle to take Harrison to Milan so he wouldn’t see Ashland in the end stages of his non-existent cancer. Victoria said that Ashland loved that little boy. She contended that Victor didn’t just orchestrate the restraining order to remove Ashland’s reason for staying; he did it to hurt Ashland in the harshest and most painful way possible. An unapologetic Victor maintained that Ashland reaped what he’d sown and that the little boy was better off. Adam asked why Victoria even cared. Nikki echoed that Harrison should be protected. Victoria thought what they really meant was that she should needed protecting. Nick asked why Victoria was passionately defending Ashland like he was a victim. Victoria was tired of her family trying to control and manipulate her. She said she was leaving town to start over. Adam’s expression was one of barely-concealed delight, but everyone else looked upset.

Victor thought Victoria needed to come to her senses. “You’re not going anywhere!,” he snapped. Victoria guessed it was difficult for Victor to believe she wasn’t going to fall in line. She said she was going to live her life as she saw fit. Nikki wanted to take a step back and talk, but Victoria thought they just wanted her to follow directions. Well, she was sick and tired of playing by their rules, so they should find another puppet. Nick thought this was crazy. Victoria thought Nick, of all people, should understand her choosing freedom. Nick said she was choosing a man who used her and lied and tried to bleed the company dry. Nikki asked if Victoria was talking about leaving with Ashland. Victor asked if Ashland was coercing Victoria. Victoria stood up, using her cane for balance. Victoria said that they didn’t hear her, and even if they did hear her, they wouldn’t understand. For the first time ever, she didn’t care if they understood. “For the first time in my life, I am proclaiming my independence. I am reclaiming my life. That’s why I’m leaving,” Victoria said.

Jack, Summer and Kyle were in the Abbott living room. Kyle mentioned he saw Allie heading out for a run earlier. They all felt that Allie was settling into the household. Summer mentioned that Phyllis got on a plane to Savannah to visit Daniel. Jack hoped everything was okay. Summer had enlisted her brother Daniel’s help getting Phyllis out of town for awhile. Summer thought that Phyllis needed a diversion and that Kyle and Diane didn’t need Phyllis declaring war while they were in the fragile position of rebuilding their relationship. Kyle and Jack both appreciated Summer doing this. Diane showed up wanting to take everyone to breakfast, but Kyle said his son was down for his morning nap. Kyle ribbed Jack about getting Harrison all wound up last night. Diane said, as a fellow doting grandparent, she stood in solidarity with Jack. Jack took a rain check on breakfast because he had work. Kyle said he and Summer would go. Diane and Kyle headed out, while Summer claimed she was going to go tell the nanny they were leaving.

Summer actually wanted to check in on Jack. She saw the tension between him and her mom, and she knew there had been a fight. Though Summer didn’t know the details, Phyllis had ranted about Diane, so Summer had an idea what it was about. Summer thought Phyllis put Jack in an incredibly difficult decision. Jack said he was fine, and everything would work out the way it was supposed to. She left.

Allie came back after her run, and she talked with Jack about it. He used to run too before his knees couldn’t take it anymore. Allie shared that she used to run with her dad, until he had to give it up for the same reason. Jack was sorry his genetics messed up Allie and Keemo’s activity, though he was sure they must’ve found another way to spend time together. He advised Allie to do stretches to avoid that fate for her own knees. Allie said she had to find a backup exercise that was easier on the joints. He told her about a new Pilates place that was opening soon. She said she’d do it if someone from the family joined her. She wanted to get to know the family better. She mentioned that Ashley was going to show her around the Jabot lab this afternoon. Jack remembered the first time he took Keemo there. Allie wanted to hear more. Jack said Keemo had a very curious mind, he was especially interested in the Jabot fragrances, and it was clear early on that he had a natural ability in chemistry. Jack encouraged Ashley to hire Keemo as an assistant, and before long, Keemo quit his job at the family restaurant to work at the lab full time. Jack said Keemo had an infectious joy and enthusiasm about work. Jack was sure that Keemo would’ve said “That it wasn’t work at all,” Allie finished.

Allie told Jack about The Grinning Soul podcast. He’d never heard of it. She said there was a great episode about whether you should follow your bliss or have a game plan for your life. She wondered which end of the spectrum he fell on. He thought people should find happiness and fun after they developed a really good game plan. Allie agreed with Jack. She mentioned that Noah leaned in the opposite direction. Jack guessed Allie and Noah had a vibrant conversation about it. Allie had to go to the coffeehouse now, because that was where she was meeting Ashley. Jack insinuated that Allie was hoping to run into Noah, and she got flustered.

At Society, Diane learned that Phyllis was in Savannah. Summer said Phyllis was visiting Daniel and his family. Diane recalled that Phyllis had a granddaughter, Lucy. Summer said she didn’t know anyone who spoiled kids better than her mom. Diane was ready to go all out to spoil Harrison, since she had a lot of time to make up for. Kyle said Diane might soon have more time to spoil her grandson than they thought. Jabot might purchase Marchetti, and they’d move operations to Genoa City. Diane thought that was wonderful. Kyle said it was all Summer’s brilliant idea. Summer thought that Kyle put together an exciting presentation for the board. Diane was proud of Kyle, and she she was so happy that she might get to be part of his life. She said he was so young, and he’d accomplished so much.

Diane wanted to hear all about Marchetti. Summer rehashed the story about how she came up with the idea for Jabot to buy floundering company. Diane was happy to help ease the transition back to Genoa City for them. She wished she could go back and be there for Kyle’s sports and to pick him up from school. She knew that couldn’t happen, but she vowed to be there for him now. Ashland showed up. He just wanted to say he knew Kyle wasn’t the one behind the restraining order keeping him from Harrison.

Kyle had nothing to say to Ashland. Ashland wasn’t surprised Victor would do this, but he was appalled that Kyle would risk hurting Harrison to help Victor exact revenge. Kyle leapt from his seat and said it was appalling that a father would tell his son he had a terminal illness, then push that child overseas so he didn’t witness the so-called demise. Ashland was leaving town and he wanted to say goodbye to Harrison. Kyle said no. Ashland felt Kyle wanted to punish him more than he wanted to do what was best for Harrison. Kyle vowed to always put his son’s well being first. He said that he got the restraining order because Ashland was poison, not because of Victor’s animosity. Summer got up and told Kyle that they should go. He agreed, and they left.

Diane felt sorry for Ashland. She was sure plenty of people would want to file a restraining order against her to keep her away from Kyle. She felt lucky that Kyle was independent and strong and didn’t allow other people to tell him how to act or feel. Ashland said there was a power in taking that stance, and it could come as a shock to people who were used to getting their way. He was frustrating because he had no recourse. She said he didn’t seem like the type of man who was used to hearing no. he said he wasn’t used to being helpless, so it was ironic since he’d put himself in this position by pretending to be helpless against a disease. She said he did a terrible thing to the people he called family. She knew that he told a lie people claimed was unforgivable, but she noted that Victor had done the same thing multiple times over the years. She thought Victor was unfair. Ashland used to feel contempt for people who complained that things were unfair, since no one ever said life was fair. Now he understood that feeling after being cut out of Harrison’s life. Diane wished she could help, but she couldn’t risk her relationship with Kyle. Ashland understood. He couldn’t ask her to jeopardize her own situation. She hoped they could still be friends. He said that would’ve been nice, but he was leaving town soon. She thought that was a shame, since they barely got a chance to know each other. He thought they knew each other, since they confided in each other. He also felt they were kindred spirits. She said she’d buy him a drink if he ever returned and she was still here. She was getting a fresh start, and she hoped he’d get the same chance. That was why he was leaving town. He thought it was the best decision he ever made.

Summer, Jack and Kyle were back at the house after a successful presentation to the board. Summer and Kyle had done the pitch together, like they used to, and he said they still had their same rhythm. Jack said that once Summer and Kyle left the board room, the board of directors ran out of superlatives. That was why the board voted yes. Angelina Marchetti was fully on board with the sale, once Summer had shown her the books and the state of the company. Summer was excited to work together with Kyle as a team with their friends and their family. Jack wanted them to remember this transition would mean a lot of late nights and long days. Kyle said they wouldn’t have it any other way. Summer said if she could get Diane and Phyllis to peacefully exist, things would be perfect.

Jack didn’t think that would ever happen. Summer wished someone would tell her exactly what happened in this fight involving Phyllis. Jack didn’t think the details were important. He said they should focus on their many blessings right now. He was thrilled they were relocating and that Jabot was expanding.

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