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Jan reveals to Belle that she’s moving in. Belle doesn’t understand as Jan is supposed to be in prison. Jan explains that Shawn came to her rescue, convinced them to let her out and then asked her to move in with him. Shawn argues that’s not how it went down as Jan has a medical condition that requires her to be on bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. Belle questions Jan not being able to rest in prison. Jan complains that it’s not very restful there. Shawn says that the judge and warden agreed to put Jan on house arrest. Jan talks about how grateful she is to be here while the prison is full of dangerous and unsavory characters.

Devil Allie informs Evan that Ben and Ciara are having a baby. Evan mentions hearing that from Clyde. Allie says the baby is very important to her and also to Ben, but their plan for the kids future don’t really align.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ calls Johnny, leaving a message that he needs him to sign back over his DiMera shares and he also misses him, so he would like to hear from him. EJ hangs up and looks at a photo of Johnny on the table.

Ben and Johnny hear noise outside. Johnny declares that someone is outside so they are saved as someone then breaks open the door but it’s just the dead Andre DiMera, who questions all the commotion.

Ciara goes home looking for Ben. Ciara wonders where he is since he’s not at work like the note said. Jake arrives, asking if Ben is there because he needs to talk to them. Ciara informs him that Ben is not there as she just woke up this morning and he was gone. Ciara says she’s been looking everywhere but it’s like Ben disappeared in to thin air, so she’s starting to think something really bad happened to him.

Ben thinks Andre is Tony and tries to get him to save them but Johnny tells him to save his breath. Ben complains about Ciara needing him. Johnny then reveals to Ben that it’s not Tony, but Andre.

Belle questions why Shawn would move Jan Spears in to their home. Shawn says it was the only way to get her out and he could keep an eye on her. Jan says she can’t get in to trouble with the ankle monitor on and being on bed rest. Belle questions Shawn not thinking to run this by her before moving her in. Shawn points out that Belle hadn’t been living here. Belle argues that she didn’t move out and was staying with her parents. Shawn argues that Belle said she didn’t want to come home. Belle says she obviously changed her mind. Shawn questions that being why she’s back. Belle confirms that Eric convinced her to come home to try to work things out but obviously that was a huge mistake. Jan smiles as she watches on.

EJ talks on the phone to the head of security at DiMera about trying to track down Johnny. EJ warns that he’s going to be CEO again soon and then he will fire their ass. Susan Banks walk in and tells EJ to do something about his anger. EJ is surprised that Susan is back in town. Susan tells EJ to direct her to Johnny now. EJ says he’s not here and asks what is so urgent. Susan worries that Johnny is in danger.

Ben argues that Andre DiMera is dead after Abigail smashed his head with an urn. Ben asks if Andre is a ghost. Johnny thinks Andre has been summoned by the Devil to do his dirty work. Johnny informs Ben that Andre visited before to use his blood to forge a note, making it seem like he left town. Andre confirms that it worked like a charm. Ben asks why Andre is here this time and what the hell the Devil wants with them now.

Ciara shows Jake the note from Ben that Allie found but Ben wasn’t at the garage and Clyde hasn’t seen him either. Ciara worries about if Ben got in a car accident on his way to work. Ciara talks about the tea that Allie brought over so she worries that Ben could have got in an accident and be lying in a ditch somewhere. Ciara decides she’s calling the police.

Evan doesn’t get what Allie wants with Ben and Ciara’s baby. Allie asks if it matters. Evan argues that he’s a father, so as much as he hates Ben and Ciara, he would never do anything to harm a child. Allie insists that she’s very invested in the baby which is why she wants to get rid of Ben because he could screw everything up. Evan asks if she thinks Ben would be a bad influence on his kid. Allie says it’s something like that so she needs Ben out of the picture and that’s where Evan comes in. Evan asks to be clear if she is asking him to kill Ben Weston.

Shawn asks Belle not to go. Belle asks if she’s supposed to stick around and play three’s company with them. Belle argues that Jan is loving every second of this since she wants him all to herself. Belle declares that’s fine by her.

Devil Allie says Evan is asking an interesting question. Evan asks if that’s what she wants. Allie remarks that it would be kind of fun to watch Ben die but it’d be much more satisfying to torment him for the rest of his life. Evan asks how to do that. Allie brings up when Evan held Ciara captive and made her think Ben die would a fake newspaper article and everything. Evan points out that she didn’t buy it. Allie says that’s because he didn’t have a partner to sell it, so this time they will be much more convincing. Evan feels it will be difficult since he’s stuck in prison. Allie then reveals that she is breaking him out.

Ciara finishes a call with Rafe and informs Jake that he said it’s technically to early to hire a missing persons report but he will get the cops on it as a favor. Jake hopes she hears something soon. Jake decides he will get out of her hair but Ciara asks him to stay or else she will go crazy sitting here alone waiting for him. Ciara brings up that Jake said he had something important to talk to them about. Jake says it can wait but Ciara wants the distraction. Jake says it will sound a little batty as he brings up how they thought Johnny was possessed by the Devil. Jake reveals he’s beginning to think they were right.

EJ asks Susan why she thinks Johnny is in trouble. Susan says she had a strong premonition of Johnny in peril and pain. EJ says he hasn’t seen Johnny in months since by the time he was released from prison, he was gone to Italy. Susan questions Johnny leaving the country without saying goodbye. EJ says his note said that he needed to go find himself. EJ shows Susan the note. Susan shouts that EJ has been deceived as Johnny did not write this.

Ben tells Andre that he’s not writing a letter to trick Ciara in to thinking he left town and that she wouldn’t believe it anyway. Andre points out that Ciara fell for this morning’s note which bought them time to put all the pieces in place, so it’s all coming together. Ben tries to convince Andre to let them go and offers to do anything. Andre then claims he’s here to offer him a deal. Andre offers to grant Ben his freedom on the condition that he kills Johnny.

EJ tells Susan that he knows Johnny’s handwriting and his signature. Susan assures that Johnny did not write the letter. EJ asks how she can tell. Susan says she’s getting electric vibrations from the letter and that someone else definitely wrote it with dark energy. EJ asks who it was. Susan says she’s seeing his face and believes that it was Tony. EJ doubts that since Tony has had his hands full dealing with Anna and Sarah. EJ says it doesn’t make sense for Tony to fake a letter from Johnny. Susan tries again and reveals that it was Andre DiMera. EJ calls that impossible since Andre is dead. Susan guesses somebody forgot to tell him that.

Andre asks Ben if they have a deal. Ben refuses to kill anyone. Andre points out that Ben has done it before and claims this time it’s for a good cause as it’s the chance to reunite with Ciara and their unborn child. Ben is sure there is another way. Andre declares that’s the deal and the terms are not negotiable. Johnny asks why the Devil wants him dead. Andre says the Devil likes to clean up after himself and he’s done with Johnny, but just getting started with Ben. Ben refuses to be a murderer again. Andre says he can see Ben thinking that he could save Johnny by taking his own life but they’ve already dealt with that and calls it the Susan Banks Clause. Ben calls this insane. Andre tells Ben that if he wants to be with Ciara, he just has to kill Johnny in his home and the weapon is up to him. Johnny asks why the Devil doesn’t just kill him, himself. Andre explains that the Devil can’t because Allie puts up too much of a fight but says she is just postponing the inevitable. Andre declares that it will be so entertaining to watch Ben end Johnny’s life. Ben refuses to do it. Johnny thanks Ben. Andre offers Ben a taste of freedom and releases the chains. Ben tries to run out the door but Andre says it’s only a taste of freedom. Ben takes a swing at Andre but he teleports. Andre tells Ben to save his energy to finish off Johnny. Andre then offers Ben a necktie as his weapon of choice but Ben says no. Andre tells Ben that all he has to do is wrap the tie around Johnny’s neck and squeeze, then he will be free to go home to Ciara.

Ciara tells Jake that Johnny wasn’t possessed by the Devil, Belle was, and her own parents performed her exorcism. Jake tells Ciara that he’s been having flashes like dreams but they are happening more and more so he’s starting to think they are memories of Johnny with creepy glowing eyes. Ciara asks if he’s sure. Jake says it was the day that Johnny and Gabi pulled the power move at DiMera where he and Johnny fought and he ended up on the ground. Jake says he’s starting to piece together how he got there and he doesn’t know why his brain would make it up. Ciara suggests maybe it’s just his subconscious coming up with a reason to make Johnny the bad guy. Jake suggests Johnny was possessed and if he was, that means the Devil is still here.

Evan questions Allie planning to break him out. Allie says it will be hard to convince Ciara that he killed Ben if he’s stuck in here. Evan questions why Ciara would believe him when he already told her the same lie. Allie insists that she will take care of it. Evan agrees to be in and asks how they will pull it off. Allie says she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve. Evan points out that she hasn’t told him her name and asks who she is. Devil Allie responds that she goes by a lot of names and she’s more powerful than he could ever imagine which Evan questions. She decides to show him by snapping her fingers and turning out the lights. Evan is shocked and asks what the Hell. The Devil responds that now he’s catching on.

Shawn asks Belle if they can talk about this in private. Belle says there’s no point because he made his choice. Shawn argues that he always chooses her. Belle says it doesn’t feel that way. Shawn argues that he had to do this for the baby but they will make this work. Belle asks how when Jan Spears is living in their house. Shawn insists it’s only until the baby is born and she will be on bed rest the entire time. Belle questions trusting Jan when she tried to kill her more than once. Belle then takes her bag and storms out.

Susan insists to EJ that the letter was written by Andre and that he must have done something to Johnny. EJ assures her that Andre was dead and buried. Susan points out that the Devil owns his soul, so she thinks the Devil brought him back to hurt Johnny. EJ insists that Johnny is fine in Italy. Susan wants EJ to get him on the phone then so she can hear his voice but points out that he can’t. EJ says he left him a message right before she arrived so he will call back soon. Susan asks what if Andre has kidnapped Johnny to do Lucifer’s bidding. EJ asks if he’s a zombie. Susan continues on about her premonition but EJ feels she’s getting worked up over nothing. Susan argues that her grandson is not nothing. EJ tells her to go lie down in the guest room and when Johnny calls, he will come get her. EJ promises that Johnny is fine as he sends her upstairs.

Ciara informs Jake that Johnny is in Italy and apparently left without saying goodbye to anyone. Ciara says it’s killing her waiting around for answers. Jake asks if anyone else would know where Ben is. Ciara says she called Marlena and left a message but she hasn’t gotten back to her either. Jake suggests maybe Ben is in a session with Marlena and that’s why she hasn’t answered. Ciara says that’s possible so she will go to the hospital to check. Jake decides to stay here in case he comes back. Ciara thanks Jake. Jake assures that Ben is okay as Ciara then exits the apartment.

Andre urges Ben that the killer instinct is inside of him but Ben refuses, saying he’s not that person anymore and he can’t kill Johnny. Andre asks why not since unlike the innocent women he strangled, Johnny is arrogant and selfish like a true DiMera so some say he would deserve it. Andre tells Johnny that no one will miss him. Johnny asks Ben not to listen to Andre. Andre guarantees that a deal is a deal, even when it comes to the Devil. Johnny urges Ben not to trust him. Andre warns Ben that time is running out, so it’s now or never and Ciara’s life depends on it.

Shawn calls Belle, leaving a message that they can work this out and asking her to call him. Jan says she’s sorry but Shawn argues that Jan is loving every bit of this. Shawn says he’s going to track Belle down but Jan suggests giving her space or it will make things worse. Shawn warns Jan that she does not get to weigh in on his marriage ever. Jan says she was just trying to give him the female perspective. Jan suggests talking about something more pleasant and says the baby is craving pie, so she asks Shawn to get them some.

EJ calls Tony and says he doesn’t know why he asked because of course he didn’t write the letter. EJ adds that he knows Andre is dead but he knows how Susan gets. EJ wishes Andre luck with Anna and says to let him know if he can be of any help. EJ hangs up as Belle arrives and goes straight to pouring a drink which EJ notes is not a good sign. Belle says she’s just getting started. EJ guesses it’s Jan Spears and asks if Shawn went to visit her in prison. Belle confirms that he did and it will be his last trip to prison because he moved Jan in to her house.

Susan sneaks in to Johnny’s bedroom and finds his red suit jacket. She hugs it and thinks back to arguing with Johnny about him being The Devil. Susan tells herself that she was wrong since Belle was possessed and not Johnny.

Johnny encourages Ben that this is not him and that Andre is trying to corrupt his soul. Andre argues that Ben’s soul is already corrupted and they are all lost causes. Johnny disagrees, reminding Ben of how much progress Marlena said he had made and that he has a good heart. Johnny argues that Ben can’t repay Marlena by killing her grandson. Andre reminds Ben that his wife and child are in danger, so if he doesn’t get to them soon, he will lose them forever. Johnny insists that Andre is lying. Andre tells Ben he has to do this for Ciara or for their child. Andre hands Ben the necktie. Ben approaches Johnny as he begs him not to do this. Ben holds the tie to Johnny’s neck but declares that he can’t do this, because of his love for Ciara and since she saved him from this. Andre calls that unfortunate.

Jake has a beer at Ben and Ciara’s apartment until Evan shows up at the door. Jake asks if he can help him. Evan asks if Ciara is home. Jake says no as she just left. Evan says that’s okay and he’ll wait as he walks in. Jake doesn’t know who he is but tells him he will have to wait somewhere else. Evan claims that Ciara won’t mind as they are old friends. Jake then recognizes Evan as the punk who kept Ciara locked up, asking how he got out of prison. Evan responds that a new friend helped him out which Jake questions. Devil Allie then appears and hits Jake in the head from behind with an object, knocking him out. Allie tells Evan that it’s the second time she’s had to knock Jake out as he’s really becoming a pain in the ass. Evan asks what they are going to do with him. Allie says it wasn’t part of the plan but since he’s here, he may as well make himself useful.

Jan eats the pie that Shawn got her. Jan thinks it’s best that Belle did not stay because they both know stress is bad for the baby and that’s what they need to focus on because nothing is more important than their baby.

Belle tells EJ that she was ready to move home as she wanted to make it work. EJ says he’s so sorry but Jan knows how to get what she wants. Belle talks about Shawn still falling for it after all these years so she doesn’t understand him. EJ says he’s not saying Shawn did the right thing, but as a father, he gets why he would move heaven and earth to protect his child. Belle asks if something is going on with Johnny. EJ responds that he hasn’t heard from him since he left, so he would do anything to know he was safe and sound. Belle asks if he has a reason to believe he’s not. EJ says it’s probably nothing but Susan has it in her head that Johnny could be in danger.

Susan wonders if EJ was right about her psychic powers and decides she just needs some rest. Susan then lays down in the bed with Johnny’s coat and dreams about arguing with Johnny being the Devil where the Devil revealed himself to her and then made her lose her memory. Susan then wakes up in a panic.

Ben is chained back to the wall in the Crypt and prays for God to protect Ciara and their baby. Andre says that Ben could have done that himself but he made the wrong decision. Andre declares that since Ben refused to kill Johnny, the Devil has no need for him either. Johnny asks what he’s saying. Andre announces that since Ben decided to save Johnny’s life, he’s about to end Ben’s.

Ciara returns home and is shocked to find Evan inside. Evan claims he was just catching up with an old friend as he reveals The Devil has transformed Jake so that Ciara sees “Ben” now being unconscious on the floor. Ciara screams out for Ben.

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