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Sloan informs Paulina that she has information about a scandal involving her daughter which Paulina questions. Paulina argues that they both know she’s only here to stir up trouble and says it’s not going to work because it’s a matter of public record that Lani killed Ray Coates and she doesn’t back away from that. Paulina adds that she’s committed to exposing domestic abuse while she will never condone vigilante justice. Paulina argues that Lani owned up to it and is now serving her time so justice was served and it’s not a scandal but a tragedy. Sloan then reveals that she wasn’t talking about Lani, but about Paulina’s other daughter, Chanel.

Alex is at Allie and Chanel’s apartment having wine. Allie thinks back to suggesting the threesome to Chanel. Chanel says she hopes they aren’t keeping Alex from anything important. They talk about Sonny being out of the hospital. Alex then asks why they called him over. Allie says they’d love to tell him but then calls on Chanel. Chanel reminds Allie that she came up with the idea in the first place. Alex asks again what the idea is. Allie then informs him that they would like to take Alex up on his offer.

Chad and Stephanie kiss outside of Julie’s Place until Stephanie stops and says she knows he said he was trying to move on from Abigail, but questions if this is too soon. Chad thinks they should get out of here. Stephanie invites him to his place. Chad says that sounds perfect but notes that he drank too much to drive. Stephanie relates to being over the limit so they decide to call a ride as they then continue kissing.

EJ accuses Ava of never being married to Jake and says the marriage certificate is a total fraud. Johnny questions taking EJ’s word for that. EJ reveals they have a hell of a lot more than his word since his handwriting experts all concluded that Ava’s signature was real but Jake’s was forged. Johnny argues that EJ could’ve hired a team to conclude that. EJ notes that he has one prepared to testify which Johnny mocks. EJ warns him to be careful. Johnny says he should’ve known because it’s always a warning sign when EJ starts acting like a human being. Johnny asks if EJ did all this just to pull the rug out from under Ava over a stupid signature. EJ responds that it’s over a hell of a lot more than that. Johnny asks what the rest of it is then. EJ informs him that his team of detectives finally tracked down the person at City Hall who entered the marriage in to the system and it was long after Jake’s passing. Johnny argues that Ava already explained that. EJ says the funny thing is all the documents were generated after Jake was already dead, including the application for the license. EJ assures Johnny that Jake was already dead at the moment of his so called blessed union with Ava. Johnny then turns to Ava and asks if this is true as he questions if she was married to Jake or not. Ava then admits that she was not married to Jake.

Chad and Stephanie go back to Steve and Kayla’s. Chad questions if she’s sure this is okay. Stephanie tells him that Steve is staying with Kayla at the hospital so they have the place all to themselves. Stephanie calls for a nightcap and tells Chad to get comfortable.

Alex asks Allie and Chanel what his offer was again. Allie reminds him what they talked about before that he said the three of them could do together. Alex thinks she’s talking about taking a drive to Wisconsin. Chanel questions Allie going along with that being the idea and mocks it. Alex realizes they aren’t talking about that. Chanel asks if Allie isn’t quite ready for a threesome. Alex then gets excited upon realizing that’s the offer.

Ava confirms that she and Jake were not married and that’s not his signature on the certificate. EJ tells Johnny to think about it and let it sink in that Jake wasn’t even cold before she sprung in to action. EJ adds that Ava mourned Jake’s passing by devising a way to steal his family inheritance. Johnny questions it all being a lie. Ava assures that she loved Jake and he did ask her to marry him on the day that he died. Ava says Jake wanted to prove what they had was real so when she finally said yes, he got her the beautiful ring and the wedding bands. EJ asks if Ava set this up while seeing Jake lying there dead. Johnny asks Ava what it was like then. Ava then reveals that it was Gabi’s idea and she just did what Gabi told her to do.

Paulina asks Sloan if this is about Chanel being bisexual and says the days of that being a scandal are long over. Sloan assures it has nothing to do with Chanel’s relationship with Allie or her marriage to Johnny and she’s not here because of who Chanel associates with, but because of something she did.

Alex admits he’s a little taken aback. Chanel asks why since it was his idea. Alex asks if they are all on the same page. Allie assures unless he’s no longer interested. Alex remembers saying they could explore other things together but they told him that Hell would freeze over before they took him up on it, so he questions what made them change their mind.

Stephanie and Chad have another drink together and toast to where the night takes them. Chad says he’s sorry but Stephanie tells him not to be as they continue kissing.

EJ remarks that he’s not surprised that Gabi put Ava up to it. Johnny doesn’t understand. Ava explains that she was at the hospital and Kayla had just told her that Jake had died, so she went to try and say goodbye which is when Gabi came in. Johnny tells her to go on. Ava says that Gabi told her that EJ was coming to get his hands on Jake’s shares. EJ calls them vultures. Ava argues that she was in shock and grieving while EJ points out that Gabi wasn’t as she was calculating. Ava agrees that Gabi was cold-hearted and just trying to get Jake’s money, remarking that it reminds her of EJ. Ava adds that Gabi convinced her as she was scared and alone. Ava says that Jake wanted to marry her and the rings were in his pocket so she put them on their fingers, then Gabi said she would take care of the rest.

Sloan reveals to Paulina that she’s talking about an incident that happened while Chanel was in college. Sloan presents a folder to refresh her memory.

Chanel asks Allie what changed her mind. Allie admits it was kind of her idea and Chanel confirms that she’s totally on board with it. Allie says they have recently been going through a rough patch and have been bombarded by outside stuff that has left them feeling less close. Alex questions bringing someone else in to the mix being what might fix things. Chanel calls it an adventure or something exciting that they could share. Allie says it’s not about the other person but about them sharing something together. Alex jokes that’s not as flattering. Allie brings up that Alex first brought that up when they first met and she thought he was just wanted a good time. Chanel adds that they wouldn’t want to try it with someone who might want something more. Allie says that’s why they decided on him. Alex questions it being because he’s so shallow. Allie points out that Alex is also single so there’s no one to get jealous. Chanel adds that is unless he has something going on with Stephanie.

Chad and Stephanie kiss and begin to undress until Chad stops and says he’s sorry but he can’t do this.

Paulina asks what Sloan wants. Sloan says it’s not what she wants but about what her client was. Sloan adds that if the contents of this file become public, Paulina’s campaign would be over and she’d have absolutely no chance of becoming Governor. Paulina asks who her client is. Sloan says she doesn’t need to know that and offers to make a financial arrangement. Paulina accuses her of blackmail and questions what it’s like at the bottom of the barrel.

Chanel and Allie ask if anything has changed with Alex and Stephanie. Alex assures that nothing has changed, especially after he just went to Julie’s Place and saw Stephanie practically on Chad’s lap. Alex says it looks like Chad and Stephanie are going to make a night of it, so if they want to take him up on his offer, he says hell yeah to doing it.

Chad apologizes to Stephanie and says he wanted to come but now he can’t go through with it. Stephanie says it’s okay. Chad hopes she understands it has absolutely nothing to do with her as he really enjoyed hanging out with her but he just can’t do it. Stephanie understands they are both in bad places as Chad is missing Abigail and she’s worried about Kayla. Stephanie says being with Chad is great but she also doesn’t want to have sex just to forget being scared about her mom. They agree that it was a very bad idea.

EJ remarks that Gabi sure did take care of everything to her and Ava’s benefit. Ava says she can’t defend what she did but if she was going to have second thoughts, that went away when EJ showed up at the hospital ready to be CEO and proclaim that he was in charge. EJ points out that Ava was there ahead of him but she had to know that she couldn’t keep up this scam forever and that the truth would finally catch up to her. EJ declares that today is that day. Ava agrees that it’s time she pays the piper. Ava apologizes to Johnny for lying to him. Johnny responds that he doesn’t care as it doesn’t matter to him. EJ questions that as Johnny tells him to shut up and argues that Ava hasn’t done anything close to what EJ has pulled. Johnny asks why Ava shouldn’t get some of Jake’s money since the DiMeras have so much. Johnny says he could see how upset Ava was about Jake and how much she loved him. Johnny adds that Ava let him believe that she was married to Jake but never lied about anything else which is a rare thing in this house. EJ remarks that all good things must come to an end. EJ then announces he is calling the cops about Ava’s identity fraud and corporate fraud, so she will be going away for a very long time. Johnny stops EJ and tells him no.

Paulina tells Sloan that she doesn’t like being threatened. Sloan claims she isn’t threatening her and is just explaining her options. Paulina tells her to take her options and shove them where the sun don’t shine. Paulina declares that if the voters can’t understand that her daughter’s actions don’t reflect her then maybe she is not the right candidate for the job. Sloan adds that this isn’t just about her and warns her about what could happen to Chanel and her freedom if this information becomes public.

Alex, Chanel, and Allie drink shots and toast to one of the best nights of their lives. Alex thinks this will be incredible which means it will have to be repeated. Alex says that once they do this once, they’re going to want to do it again. Chanel asks how they start. Alex then kisses Chanel and then kisses Allie. Alex asks if that was okay which they both say it was. Allie and Chanel the begin kissing each other.

Johnny tells EJ not to do this as Ava made a mistake while she was grieving. EJ tells him not to get emotional about this. Johnny declares that if EJ loves him, he will put the phone down. EJ then agrees not to send Ava to prison but only if she leaves Salem immediately and never returns. EJ adds that Ava’s bags are in the foyer because he told Harold not to unpack them since he knew she wouldn’t be staying. Johnny calls this ridiculous and says EJ doesn’t have the right to just send her away. Ava says it’s okay and agrees to go. EJ decides to let them say goodbye as he then exits the room.

Paulina questions Sloan bringing up Chanel’s freedom. Sloan points out that it’s not exactly legal and advises her to take a closer look at the folder and leaves the copy with her. Sloan suggests she take the night to think about it and then get back to her as she then exits.

Chad decides to call another ride since Jack is watching the kids and he should check on them. Stephanie decides it’s probably best that they didn’t sleep together on the day she hired him. Chad asks if they are okay. Stephanie assures they got all the awkwardness out tonight so there is nowhere to go but up. Chad says he’ll see her at work tomorrow then and they shake hands as Chad then exits.

Allie and Chanel take Alex to the bedroom. Allie and Chanel kiss, then Alex kisses Chanel as they remove Alex’s clothes and the three of them continue their threesome, kissing on the bed. After they finish, they lay in bed as Alex says that was hot and he’s dehydrated. Alex gets up to go get drinks and calls for round two. Allie asks if Chanel is okay. Chanel says she’s better than okay. Allie tells Chanel that she loves her and Chanel says she loves her too.

Chad returns home to the Horton House and sees the photo of Abigail on the mantle.

Stephanie talks to Steve on the phone and says to tell Kayla she loves her and advises him to try to sleep as she hangs up. Stephanie then puts her phone down and misses a call from Paulina.

Paulina leaves a message for Stephanie to call her because she needs to see her as soon as possible since they have a big problem.

Johnny tells Ava that this is crazy and that EJ can’t just drive her out of town. Ava worries that EJ won’t have any problem talking to the police commissioner, who isn’t her biggest fan. Ava states that there’s almost nothing left for her here anyways. Ava is sorry they’ll never find out what could’ve been. Johnny suggests he go with her. Ava says that’s sweet of him but it’s best that they part ways here with nothing but good memories. Ava kisses Johnny on the cheek and then exits the DiMera Mansion with her bags packed. EJ comes downstairs and remarks that Ava has slithered off to find a new nest. Johnny bets he’s pretty pleased but vows to make EJ pay for this if it’s the last thing he does.

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