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Nicole is at home with her tablet, reading an article titled “Father Saves Mother” about Eric saving Marlena. Nicole remarks that if anyone could do it, it’s him. Eric then shows up at her door.

Jack brings Maggie in to the Horton home to see Jennifer. Jennifer tells her how much they missed her on Christmas. Maggie is sorry but she wanted to stay close to Victor. Jennifer understands and asks if there’s any word on Philip. Maggie says no but they are doing their best to stay positive. Maggie notices they already took down the Christmas tree. Jennifer says they were up early so they decided to just pack it up for next year. Jennifer and Jack show Maggie the Angel that belonged to Laura’s and how they gave it to Julie which Maggie calls a loving gesture. Jennifer talks about being glad that Marlena is okay. Jennifer wants to get Maggie something to eat but Maggie says she’s not here for that. Maggie asks to talk to Jack about Gwen.

Gwen lays in bed with Xander as he sleeps. Gwen thinks back to trying to get Xander out of town but Xander saying he couldn’t leave because he had to find Sarah to find out why she lied to him. Gwen remarks to herself that poor Sarah is stuck on a deserted island somewhere but she can’t let Xander find out because she would lose him.

Chad joins Abigail in the living room of the DiMera Mansion and talk about the kids being on a play date. Chad talks about it being peaceful since EJ landed in jail on Christmas Eve and mocks EJ’s accent. EJ then walks in and questions Chad not liking his accent.

Sami goes to the Brady Pub and tells Lucas that they need to talk. Lucas asks about Marlena. Sami says she is fine and devil-free. Sami informs Lucas that she went to the police station to see Jason. Lucas then imagines Sami finding out that he was the one who kidnapped her and telling him that she hates him. Sami calls his name and he snaps out of it. Sami questions where Lucas just went as she told him that she went to see Jason and he totally checked out on her.

Chad questions what EJ is doing home. EJ responds that he lives here. Chad thought he was arrested for kidnapping. Abigail asks if Sami dropped the charges. EJ explains that the courts were backed up during the holidays and the judge finally got around to granting him bail. Chad questions why any judge would grant him bail and asks if he bribed them. EJ responds that he was set free because he’s innocent as the charges are bogus and he was framed. Chad asks who would frame him. EJ responds that there’s a long list of suspects and at the top of it, is Chad. Abigail calls that a ridiculous accusation and asks why Chad would set him up. EJ says it’s so he could run DiMera. Chad points out that he already runs DiMera. EJ says that they run it together which Chad detests so putting him in prison would pave the way for him to have the position all to himself. Chad argues that he doesn’t need to cook up an illegal scheme to do it, he’ll just keep doing his job better than him. EJ suggests it’s more personal then since Chad wasn’t too pleased that EJ cast himself opposite Abigail in Johnny’s movie. Abigail points out that the movie might not even happen after everything Marlena just went through. Chad asks if EJ has any more stupid theories. EJ complains that somebody set him up and there’s no shortage of other suspects like Jake, Rafe, and Lucas.

Lucas tells Sami that he just spaced out thinking about Philip. Sami asks if there’s been any sign of him. Lucas says not since they found his prosthetic leg. Lucas asks Sami about going to see Jason. Sami thought Jason wouldn’t be able to lie to her face but he stuck to his story. Lucas remarks that EJ has been known to make irrational decisions from time to time. Lucas asks if this changes the way Sami feels about EJ or if she’s ready to give up on him now.

Nicole greets Eric as “Father”. Eric is sure she wasn’t expecting this. Nicole says she just read about it and it looks like he took his vows just in time. Eric is just glad he could be there for Marlena when she needed him most. Nicole is glad Marlena is okay. Nicole admits she’s not surprised by Eric’s return to the priesthood because it is his true calling. Eric talks about debating if it was the right choice, but after making it, he felt at peace with it, not that their marriage was the wrong choice. Nicole says their problems were not because of his devotion to God. Nicole jokes that she takes comfort that she ruined him for all other women.

Maggie informs Jack that Xander asked her to put in a good word for Gwen. Maggie knows it might not matter considering everything Gwen has done. Maggie hates that Gwen caused Abigail so much pain and she’s not here to make excuses for her, but she cares about Xander and she can’t help but feel responsible for the broken heart he suffered. Jennifer asks if this is about Sarah then. Maggie states that her daughter hurt him badly and she doesn’t understand why so she can’t defend it since Sarah seemed to love Xander. Maggie says that if Gwen reconciling with Jack will make Xander happy and she can make that happen, then she would feel like she’s repaying Sarah’s debt.

Gwen asks herself how to get Xander off of the Sarah trail. Xander then wakes up and kisses her. Gwen says it’s good that he’s rested because they will probably be up late watching the ball drop and drinking champagne. Xander comments that New Year’s Day is time to let go of the old and embrace the new which Gwen agrees with. Xander asks if that’s what she meant when she said she wanted to get him off the Sarah trail. Xander guesses Gwen saying out with the old is about Sarah. Gwen claims not specifically but she doesn’t know what good can come from him chasing after Sarah after what she did to him. Xander says she can’t blame him for wanting to know if she regrets it since she didn’t stay with Rex. Gwen points out that Sarah is not here begging for his forgiveness, so clearly she doesn’t want to be with him either. Xander argues that she doesn’t have to hit him over the head with it. Gwen apologizes for hurting his feelings but reminds him that she is his girlfriend and they were heading to the airport for their first couples getaway when Rex blindsided them with that bomb, so instead of Christmas in London, she spent it in this tiny room watching him ruminate over his ex. Gwen complains that Sarah is all Xander has been thinking about the past week and she’d almost say he’s obsessed with her. Gwen says if anyone needs compassion, understanding, and reassurance, it’s her, his girlfriend.

Eric comments that Nicole making jokes means she can’t be too upset. Nicole admits she’s sad that their marriage ended, but when it did, he was free to choose whatever he wanted for his future. Nicole just wants him to know that she wants what’s best for him and if he’s happy, then she’s happy for him. Eric responds that he just wants her to be happy too. Nicole thanks him and says she appreciates that. Eric then asks if Nicole is seeing anyone. Nicole confirms that she is. Eric says she doesn’t have to tell him who it is but Nicole says she doesn’t mind. Nicole reveals it’s EJ and knows he falls a little short of Jesus as far as partners go. Eric says he’s not trying to judge but it’s hard for him to be happy for her when she’s dating the man that kidnapped his sister.

Lucas asks Sami again if this changes her mind about EJ. Sami argues that she doesn’t know for sure that EJ was behind her kidnapping. Lucas questions who else it could be and why Jason say it was EJ. Sami guesses Jason doesn’t want to go to prison for life. Lucas questions some random guy kidnapping her out of the blue. Sami asks why EJ would do that to her. Lucas suggests it could be to punish her for cheating on him. Sami argues that if EJ wanted to kidnap her, he could’ve done it when he kicked her out of the house instead of waiting.

Chad questions EJ thinking that Lucas framed him. EJ notes that Lucas made it clear he wants Sami all to himself, so setting him up for kidnapping would get him out of the way and make him look like a monster. Chad points out that would be a criminal offense. Abigail clarifies that it’s multiple offenses. Abigail insists that Lucas would never do something so awful and risk prison time. EJ disagrees. EJ points out that tomorrow is a holiday but the markets are still open so he tells Chad they should get to the office. Chad questions why the hell EJ would go anywhere near DiMera.

Xander apologizes to Gwen and says he’s been oblivious to how this whole Sarah mystery has affected her. Xander didn’t mean to hurt Gwen’s feelings and says it’s not that he wants Sarah back, he’s just concerned because something doesn’t add up. Gwen argues that it’s not that unusual. Xander points out that Maggie has been getting texts from Sarah about how happy she was with Rex. Gwen is sure there’s a logical explanation but Xander isn’t. Gwen suggests not all daughters want their mothers to know every detail about their lives. Xander argues that Sarah and Maggie have always been so close, so it doesn’t make any sense. Gwen points out that her mother died when she was small and before that, she kept lots of secrets from her. Xander argues that she had a very complicated relationship with her mom but that wasn’t the case for Sarah and Maggie .Gwen tells him not to be so sure because Maggie was an addict too, so she guesses Maggie has caused lots of damage to her relationship with Sarah. Xander questions why Gwen is down on Maggie.

Maggie knows how Jack and Jennifer feel about Gwen, but repeats that she’s here for Xander with no expectations or demands. Jack says they understand. Maggie adds that Xander would also like to mend his relationship with Jack because he misses him. Jack responds that whatever friendship they had, Xander destroyed by covering for Gwen and lying to his face which hurt Abigail and that is something he can’t just forgive. Maggie says that she told Xander that she would speak to him and now she has, so what Jack does from here is entirely up to him.

Nicole tells Eric that EJ didn’t have anything to do with Sami being kidnapped. Eric questions how she knows that. Nicole says she asked him point blank and he said he was innocent, so she believes him. Eric brings up everything EJ’s done to Nicole. Eric says normally he applauds her for giving a second chance or believing someone can change. Nicole thinks God would say there is good in everyone. Eric agrees and hopes for her sake that it’s true. Nicole then asks Eric what brought him by. Eric says he wanted to see her before he left. Nicole asks if he’s going back to Africa. Eric confirms that he is going back now that Marlena is okay. Nicole asks when he’s going. Eric says he’s going to say goodbye to Roman and then he’s heading to the airport. Nicole tells him that she will miss him. Eric says he will miss her too as they hug. Nicole wipes tears and says it was good to see him. Eric says the same and repeats that he wants her to be happy with whomever that may be.

EJ asks Chad why he should stay away from DiMera. Chad points out that he was just charged with kidnapping and asks what the shareholders will think if he just goes strolling in like nothing happened. EJ says he was wrongly accused. Abigail asks what makes him think he can convince the board. Chad thinks it’s best for him to be the face of the company until all of this is resolved. EJ gets upset and questions why he should stay away from DiMera when he’s innocent. Chad points out that he just explained it but EJ refuses as he doesn’t like it. Chad tells EJ to do what’s best for the company which right now is for EJ to keep a low profile and him to be the face of DiMera.

Lucas questions if Sami is asking why EJ didn’t kidnap her sooner. Sami argues that it just doesn’t make sense since EJ already busted her for cheating and had her alone in the mansion. Lucas suggests he didn’t decide to kidnap her until after she left. Lucas asks Sami who else it could’ve been.

Gwen tells Xander that she’s just saying that before Maggie got sober, she’s sure her addiction caused plenty of trust issues between her and Sarah that could have damaged their relationship. Xander says he’s never seen anything like that as they’ve always been very close and Maggie’s been a good friend to them. Gwen asks what Maggie has done for her. Xander reminds her that Maggie agreed to put in a good word for her with Jack. Gwen guesses that was an epic fail. Xander admits Maggie never told him how that went so maybe he should go see her. Gwen figures that he’s going to ask her about Sarah. Xander says the sooner he figures out what’s going on, the sooner they can let go of the old and embrace the new. Xander kisses Gwen and then gets out of bed.

Maggie tells Jennifer and Jack that it was lovely seeing them. Jennifer hugs her and sends her best to her and Victor. Jack hugs Maggie and wishes her a Happy New Year. Maggie then exits the house. Jennifer calls that unexpected for Maggie to go to bat for Gwen. Jennifer asks Jack if it worked. Jennifer knows there’s issues with Gwen but she is Jack’s daughter so he can’t just write her off. Jack says writing her off sounds so final. Jennifer agrees with Maggie that the holidays are a time for families to come together but she also understands it’s a really big decision. Jennifer tells Jack that she supports him no matter what. Jack says the question is, will Abigail support him?

Chad asks EJ if he will do the right thing for DiMera. EJ reluctantly agrees to keep a low profile for now and work behind the scenes. Chad is glad he’s on board. EJ assures that as soon as he clears his name, he will be back behind his desk. Chad decides he has to go to the office now then to update Mr. Shin. Abigail agrees to go with him so she can stop by her parents’. Chad wishes EJ a Happy New Year as he and Abigail exit the mansion. EJ pulls out his phone.

Lucas tells Sami that EJ did this and he knows she doesn’t want to believe it, but he had the motives and the means. Sami gets a call from EJ. Lucas tells her not to answer but Sami answers the call anyways. Sami thought EJ was in jail. EJ informs her that he was just released on bail and says it’s good to hear her voice. Sami asks why he’s calling her. EJ says he needs to see her and invites her to come to the house. Sami says she’ll be right there and hangs up. Lucas questions where Sami is going, arguing that EJ is going to feed her a bunch of lies. Sami says she just wants to hear what he has to say. Sami then exits the Pub. Lucas complains that Sami doesn’t believe that EJ is guilty, so he has to put the final nail in the coffin, but questions how to do it. Lucas then gets an idea.

Jack asks Jennifer how she thinks Abigail will feel about him reconciling with Gwen. Jennifer has no idea and says only Abigail can answer that question. Abigail then arrives and asks what Jack wanted to ask her. Jennifer gets a call and steps out to answer it. Jack then tells Abigail that his question is not an easy one. Abigail guesses it’s about Gwen which Jack confirms. Jack informs her that he’s thinking of reconciling with Gwen, but he knows how much she has hurt Abigail, so he’s not going to do anything until she tells him how she feels about it.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Maggie. Maggie is glad he’s there as she just came from talking to Jack and put that good word in like he asked. Xander thanks her. Maggie apologizes for not doing it sooner. Xander asks how he responded. Maggie suggests giving it some time. Xander says he appreciates her effort and is sure Gwen will too. Xander then tells Maggie that he’s actually here about Sarah which Maggie questions. Xander reveals that he ran in to Rex the other day and he told him they are not together anymore and that they never even left town together. Maggie is shocked and says she can’t believe this. Xander says that’s why he wanted to talk to her since Maggie was receiving texts from Sarah about how happy she was with Rex. Maggie notes that she hasn’t heard from Sarah in quite awhile and she didn’t text her on Christmas. Maggie mentions that she texted Sarah but didn’t get a reply so she assumed she was busy or without cell signal. Maggie worries that this is very strange and asks what could’ve happened and why Sarah didn’t tell her.

EJ looks in the mirror and tells himself to just tell Sami the truth and she’ll believe him because she loves him. The doorbell rings and EJ is surprised to see Nicole. Nicole guesses that he was expecting someone else. EJ says he was just surprised. Nicole says she saw on the news that he made bail, so she wanted to come by and see how he was doing. EJ says he’s very well now that he’s on the road to clearing his name. Sami then arrives and questions what the hell Nicole is doing there.

Chad goes to the office and talks to Mr. Shin on the phone. Chad tells him not to worry as he made it very clear that EJ needs to stay away from DiMera. Chad adds that EJ isn’t happy about it but he understands it’s the right thing to do. Chad mentions having a meeting with the PR team in a few minutes and promises to keep Mr. Shin updated. Chad thanks him and hangs up. Chad then gets up and exits the office. After Chad leaves, Lucas sneaks into the office.

Abigail acknowledges to Jack that Gwen did hurt her and she’d be happy if she never saw her again, but if she forbids Jack from seeing her then that hurts Jack and she doesn’t want to do that. Abigail tells Jack that if he wants to rebuild his relationship with Gwen, she won’t get in his way. Jennifer comes back and asks how it is going. Jack responds that his very gracious and understanding daughter has given her blessing to try and repair his relationship with her sister. Jennifer asks Abigail if she’s really okay with that. Abigail says they are moving in to a new year so she wants to do whatever she can to make it a really good one for all of them. Jack wants to call Gwen now but Jennifer stops him and says first, she has some really big news that is going to have a big impact on all of their lives…

Xander suggests Maggie try to call Sarah now and get to the bottom of this. Maggie says she will but notes that the last couple of weeks has just gone to voicemail. Maggie calls Sarah but gets a message that the number is no longer in service. Maggie is shocked and informs Xander that it said the number was not in service.

EJ tells Sami that Nicole just stopped by to see how he was doing. Nicole remarks that she should’ve locked the door behind her. Sami asks EJ to ask Nicole to leave. EJ states that Nicole can hear what he has to say, which is that he’s not the one who kidnapped Sami and that he was framed. Sami asks who he thinks framed him. EJ says it’s obviously Lucas.

Lucas sits at the desk at DiMera with a laptop and remarks that if Kate didn’t want him using her password, she shouldn’t have written down in her planner. Lucas declares that he has no choice but to do this as it’s the only way he can make sure that EJ goes down for Sami’s kidnapping. Chad then returns and catches Lucas, questioning what he is doing in here.

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